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    Mott is my Mother's maiden name.  We are from Southern New Brunswick, Canada.  During the late 1700s this area was settled by Loyalists.  Saint John, formally called Parrtown, was the settling place for many loyalist.  Saint John is named the "Loyalist city."   Many of the loyalists received land grants along the Saint John river, this river runs into the heart of New Brunswick. 
    The Mott Loyalists also settled along the Saint John river with many of their friends from Hampstead, Long Island, New York.  They called their new found home Hampstead and to this day the name has stayed.  There is now upper, central, and lower Hampstead.  The Motts received land in Upper Hampstead.

    The names listed on bold follow my line.

    Adam Mott  1621 - 1690
He was from Saffron Walden, Essex, England.  In 1640, he arrived in Long Island, New York aboard the ship "Bevis."  He settled in the area and married Jane Hulet or Hewlet and had the following children:  Adam Jr., James (Jeams), Grace, Elizabeth, Henry, John, Joseph, and Gershom.   Jane past away and Adam remarried to Elizabeth Richbell.  They had the following children: Marry Anne, Charles, William, Adam II, and Richbell.
        Adams parents where James (1596 - 1648) and Grace Thurgar (1599 - 1626) of Saffron Walden.  James had a brother named Adam, who settled in Rhode Island, a few years before Adam settled in Long Island.  James and Adam's parents where John (1571 - ?) and Johanne Hollis, they were married in 1593.  John's parents were John (? - 1580) and Agnes Tailor, they were married in 1569.

    Charles Mott  1676 - 1741
     Charles married Elizabeth Thorpe on November 21, 1691.  They had the following children: Charles - December 22, 1693, Gershom - May 30, 1696, Jacob - August 17, 1701, Benjamin - August 2, 1704, Mary Ann - May 20, 1706, John - May 12, 1711, Adam - June 7, 1715, and Amos February 22, 1719.  Charles died in March 1741.

    Adam Mott 1715 - 1790
     Adam married Elizabeth Smith .  They had the following children: Jacob, Mary Ann, David (christened September 21, 1748 at Saint George Church, Nassaeu), and Jonathan - February 22, 1744. 

    Jonathan Mott 1744 - 1818
     Jonathan married Jane Burtis on August 17, 1773 or September 6, 1773 (I have two dates.)  They had two children Adam and Jane.  I read somewhere that they had four children, but I have not found any other children for them.  Jonathan was an Ensign 4th company 17th regiment Kings district province of New York.  He fought in the Revolutionary War and after the war boarded a ship for Halifax, Nova Scotia.  He was an United Empire Loyalist.  He moved to  Canada with many of his friends from Long Island.  His first pick for a land grant was in Nova Scotia and his second pick was in New Brunswick.  He received his second choice and headed for Parrtown, now Saint John.  (I have more information to add later)
        Jane married Amos Straight of Gagetown on December 25, 1794.

    Adam Mott 1774 - 1836
     Adam married Sarah Bulyea (this family line has been research quite far back).  Adam and Sarah had 11 children: Elizabeth, John, Sarah, Jane, Nancy, Joseph Belyea, Amos, Sussanah, William, Jacob, and Daniel.  I have some information on each child, which I will organize and add later.
        Elizabeth born February 9, 1800 married William Ackerly.
        John born June 25, 1805 married Elizabeth Clarke
        Sarah born June 25, 1805 married John McDonald
        Jane born September 26, 1809 married Charles Ackerly
        Joseph born September 26, 1809 married Susan Elizabeth Ackerly
        Nancy born February 16, 1814 married Nathan Maxon
        Amos born February 16, 1814 married Eleanor E. Clarke
        William married Althea W. Craft
        Jacob ?
        Sussanah ?
        Daniel ? read somewhere that he never married

Notice the dates of birth on many of these children.  I am not sure that she actually had three sets of twins, or that it was just when they were registered.  Quite often the birth date and the registration date are mixed-up.

    Joseph Belyea Mott 1809 -
Joseph Belyea married Susan Elizabeth Ackerly.  They had the following children: James Hammond, Eleanor Melissa, Obediah Nelson, and Joseph Alvin. 

    Obediah Nelson Mott
     Obediah married Melissa Levina Merrit.  Obediah was a very popular F.C. Baptist Minister.  He owned land in Big Cove, on the Washdamoak Lake.  The foundation of the barn and the houses still remain. I brought back a brick from his house as a keepsake.  For two years, he was the minister at a church on Cambabello Island.  He traveled back and forth by horse.  Obediah and Melissa had the following children:

The following is from a tombstone at Big Cove Baptist Cemetery, Wickham Parish:
Hannah E - died Jan. 23 1888 age 17 years; born 1871
Matilda J - died Feb. 21 1887 age 6 months; born October 1886
Jedediah N - died March 27 1890 age 3 years; born 1887

Other children include:
Palmer Joesph married Iris Rude? Flewelling
Estella G married Winifred P Hoyt
Phoebe E. married Jedidiah B Day
John Wesley
Bertha May married Gordon B Lister
Evalena Ludlow
James Robert 



I do not have a complete list of all their children.  If anyone knows how many kids they had and a list of them I would appreciate it.  My mother seems to think that they had at least 14 children.