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My Family History
This site is dedicated to my Grandaddy, Norman Wayne Edwards
In order to protect the privacy and safety of those involved, I have
not included information about relatives who are still living. My closest
relative who is deceased is my above mentioned Grandaddy. Thus all
info provided in these pages revolves around him.

One of my hopes in creating this site is to come into contact with rela-
tives who may supply me, not only with names and dates, but also with
stories or other info (especially photos) which will help me come to
know my ancestors.

At some point in my life, I hope to compile a book that will help others
come to know those people in my past who are so much a part of me.
I am sure that they are even more a part of me than I can possibly know.
If you have any such information, won't you please take a moment to
email me?