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1756-1838, Duplin County, North Carolina - Sullivan, Claiborne, Hancock Counties, Tennessee


Sarah Walker (ca. 1827- 1860)

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Spouse: Eldridge Campbell
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Sarah was the oldest of the two known daughters of Joseph and Mary (Tussey) Walker. Based on the 1830 Census, she may have had an older sister, or the woman listed might have been someone else. Sarah was born about 1827 in Little Sycamore Valley in Claiborne County, Tennessee.

She married Eldridge Campbell, half-brother to Alzira Rice who would marry Sarah's brother Isaac about 6 years later. Eldridge was a son of Jacob Campbell and Temperance Rice, and Eldridge and Sarah married in Claiborne County on 1 September 1842.

Although still in the Little Sycamore/Mulberry area, they probably settled in what is now Hancock County, more in Mulberry than in Little Sycamore. There they raised five known children, but Sarah died in Hancock County in January 1860 of complications of childbirth. She is probably buried in the cemetery where her parents are buried or perhaps in a Campbell family plot somewhere in the area, but her grave has not been found.

Eldridge went on to marry a woman named Joana, born in Virginia on 23 July 1835. They might have been married in Hancock County, as marriage records there for the era are lost, but they seem to have married soon after Sarah (Walker) Campbell died.

Eldridge and Joana would have seven known children themselves in addition to raising the first family. After the Civil War, they moved for a few years to Jackson County, Alabama, before settling finally in Faulkner County, Arkansas. Their seven children are not documented in this article, but there is some information in my family file on them. Both Eldridge and Joana probably died in Faulkner County, Arkansas, Eldridge on 21 September 1903 and Joana on 12 January 1905. They are buried in Faulkner County at Naylor Cemetery at the Naylor Baptist Church with several other family members.

The five known children of Eldridge Campbell and Sarah Walker were Doctor C. (his name, not a title), Timothy S., Nancy, Jacob F., and Robert G.

Doctor, born about 1843, and Timothy, born about 1846, both served in the Confederate Army during the Civil War in Company A of the 63rd Regiment of the Tennessee Infantry, also known as the 74th or Fain's. Their first cousin once removed, Jonathan Walker, served with them. Neither of the Campbells would survive the war, and Jonathan made a tremendous walk home later with typhoid.

Finding out where a company was at a given time during the Civil War is typically easy. Finding out where a specific individual was, however, is often impossible. While Doctor and Timothy were likely with their unit, at any given time they could have been on leave or on special guard duty or sick in the hospital or any number of other places. So where they died can only be guessed.

Timothy was the first to die, on 10 November 1862. At the time, his unit was either in Knoxville or had already begun a march to Cumberland Gap in heavy snow. The unit saw no significant combat at the time, so he may have died of illness or accident, like the vast majority of soldiers.

Doctor died four months later, on 15 March 1863, when his unit was still stationed at Cumberland Gap. The conditions there were horrible, and he probably also died of illness, although he could have been killed in small actions such as foraging.

The burial places of neither are known. Especially given how close they were to home, they may have been brought back and buried with their mother wherever she may be buried, but perhaps not. As far as is known, neither boy married, but marriage, perhaps in Hancock County, is possible.

The next child was Nancy, the only daughter of the couple. She was born about 1848 and lived at least until 1850. In the 1860 Census, her father is listed with all the boys but not Nancy, who was a bit too young to have married by then. As was quite common, Eldridge may have sent her to live with another family when her mother died, but given that he kept all the boys, including two younger than her, she might well have died before 1860.

Jacob F. Campbell was born in December 1852 and died sometime after 1910. He went with his father and stepmother to Alabama and then Arkansas and married first Della Harris on 22 August 1880 and then Elizabeth Brown on 27 January 1889. His only known child was a son with Elizabeth named Iley W. Campbell, who was born April 1890 probably in Faulkner County, Arkansas, and was still living in 1910. The family has not been found beyond 1910 yet.

The youngest son of Sarah Walker with Eldridge Campbell was Robert G. Campbell, born 9 August 1854, who died 3 April 1914 in Faulkner County, Arkansas. On 19 January 1879 in Faulkner County, he married Lauvinia L. Stewart, who was born 29 April 1858 in Tennessee and died 20 June 1904 probably in Faulkner County; they had five known children. He then married Elizabeth Burgain from Georgia on 13 January 1907; any children they may have had are unknown.

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