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Signature of Edward B. Walker Genealogy of Edward B. Walker
1756-1838, Duplin County, North Carolina - Sullivan, Claiborne, Hancock Counties, Tennessee


Isaac Walker (1823-1912)

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Spouse: Alzira Rice
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Isaac Walker was born on November 1823 or perhaps in 1822, almost exactly at the same time as his first cousin Isaac, leading to some complications in sorting through Claiborne County records. He was born in Little Sycamore Valley in Claiborne County to Joseph and Mary (Tussey) Walker.

On 9 March 1848 in Claiborne County, he married Alzira Rice. Alzira was the daughter of Temperance Rice before Temperance's later marriage to Jacob Campbell. Eldridge Campbell, who married Isaac's sister Sarah, was Alzira's half brother. Alzira was born in March 1824 or perhaps 1823 in Claiborne County. The Rice and Walker families apparently had known each other since Edward B. Walker was in Sullivan County.

Isaac served in the Civil War on the Confederate side, specifically as a private in Company L of the 1st (Carter's) Tennessee Cavalry. Alzira's full brother (or at least another child of Temperance before her marriage) was Clinton Younger Rice, who was a Second Lieutenant in the same company; he was also a clerk under the Confederate goverment in Claiborne County.

Originally formed for a six-month stint, the unit was eventually required to serve for the duration of the war. According to Nancy Cassada Nelson, Isaac's service summary indicates that, in October 1864, Isaac had been absent without leave since 1 July 1864, with a second card indicating that he had been a prisoner of war paroled at Cumberland Gap by Colonel William T. Dillard of the 34th Kentucky Infantry Volunteers. Another notation indicates that he was paroled 28 April 1865 at Claiborne County, Tennessee.

After the war, like many ex-Confederates in East Tennessee, Isaac left for Texas apparently with his brother Samuel, Clinton Rice, Jacob and Temperance (Rice) Campbell, and possibly Andrew Callahan from Isaac's company and maybe others. Based on the births of children in some of those families, the group, or at least part of the group, seems to have gone first to Virginia in about 1867, to West Virginia in 1869, and then to Texas in late 1869.

Deeds in Claiborne County indicate that, in 1865 before leaving, Isaac sold his land to Henry Croxdale, which included land that had belong to his father Joseph, which Isaac apparently procurred after his brother Jacob died. According to family stories on his brother Jonathan's side, Isaac forged the signature of Sterling Walker, Jonathan's son, on one of the deeds. Per Nancy Cassada Nelson, in the 1880s, this same land, or at least part of it, was purchased by Sterling and his sister in a sheriff's sale, lending credence to the story.

Isaac finally settled in Collin County, Texas, where he appears in the Census until his death in 1912. Alzira died 4 years later. The couple had 6 known children, all presumably born in the Little Sycamore Valley and all reaching marriage age in Texas. Minerva Jane, born in November 1850, was the oldest. She was still unmarried by 1880. There are several possible marriages for her in Collin County after that, and she probably is the Minerva J. Fore buried next to Alzira, but records have not yet been found to prove that connection.

Joseph Clinton Walker, the next child, was born in February 1853 and died in 1930 probably in Stuart, Hughes County, Oklahoma. He is buried in Pryor Cemetery in Pittsburg County, Oklahoma, with his wife, Frances Jemima Burns. Frances was born 8 May 1866 in Alabama and died 2 August 1953 in Los Angeles County, California. The couple probably married about 1883, but no marriage record has been found yet. They raised 9 known children, most of whom were born in Bulcher, Cooke County, Texas.

Theodore Samuel Dubose L. Walker was the next child, born 1 March 1854. He married first a woman named Laura Emma, last name unknown, in 1881-1883. She was born 24 January 1858 and died 10 Apr 1883; she is buried in the same cemetery as Isaac and Alzira. If there were children from this marriage, they are unknown. On 30 November 1884, he was married in Collin County to Bettie S. Apollos; she was born about 1863 in Kentucky and died after 1930. They raised 6 children. Theodore, died in Los Angeles County, California, on 2 December 1949 at the age of 95. He would have been one of the rare few people who was old enough to remember the Civil War and every war through World War 2.

Mary Katherine Walker, the next child, was born in February 1856 and married William David Rolls. They apparently married 15 November 1880, presumably in Texas, and raised two children, girls named Willie B. and Alma P. Willie apparently never married, and Alma married E.A. Cox although she is buried with Willie. Whether this line continued is unknown. William died in August 1933 and Mary Katherine on 10 December 1910. They and both children are buried in Baker Cemetery in Texas County, Oklahoma.

Milton Green Walker, one of several Milton Green Walkers in this extended Walker family, was born 15 January 1860. On 16 March 1884 in Collin County, Texas, he married Malinda Luticia Campbell, daughter of Henry Campbell and Phebe Branham. Malinda was born 8 Oct 1863 probably in Claiborne County. The couple moved a bit, including to the now ghost town in Fleetwood, Oklahoma, before settling finally in Conway, Carson County, Texas. Milton died there on 26 December 1943 and Malinda on 7 January 1959. They are buried in Claude Cemetery in Armstrong County, Texas. They raised seven known children, and have a number of descendants still in the area.

The youngest child, William S. Walker, was born 1 April 1862. He never married but died 1 April 1883, on his 21st birthday, of congestion of the brain in Colorado City, Texas; his body was brought back to Collin County and buried in Cottage Hill Cemetery where his parents would later be buried.

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