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Signature of Edward B. Walker Genealogy of Edward B. Walker
1756-1838, Duplin County, North Carolina - Sullivan, Claiborne, Hancock Counties, Tennessee


Jacob & Louisa (Lewis) Walker/John Alexander Casada Family Bible

Jacob Walker, son of Joseph and Mary (Tussey) Walker, might have become lost if not for a fragment of a family Bible entry now in the possession of Nancy Cassada Nelson, who provided the images on this page.

The original Bible from which some of these pages were taken is not known, and many of the entries were clearly copied from another Bible or other source to the notebook paper scanned here. That lack of identification generally means that the records reproduced here are not acceptable as documentation for historical groups such as the DAR, but the information, to the extent that it can be verified through other sources such as John Alexander Casada's pension, tombstones, and court records surrounding Jacob Walker's estate, is accurate.

Most of the entries here pertain to the Casadas; Jacob Walker's only surviving child married John Alexander Casada. In some records here, the spelling used is "Cassada", a spelling variation used only later that provides further evidence that some of the records were copied much later than others.

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Jacob Walker
was born may the
27 1822

Louisa Walker
was born December
the 3 day 1824



Sallie L. Casada march the 22

Mary L. Casada oc 13 1887

Mary L. Casada was born
Oct the 13th 1887

Rachel Casada was Borned
May the 11 1891



J A Casada June 10th 1843

Mary M Casada Oct 21st 1849

Olivia A Casada Oct 2 1867

William A Casada march 30th 1869

Elizabeth Nancy Casada April 8 1871

J C Casada May 12 1873

Malissa J R Casada July 14 1875

[unreadable] March [unreadable] 1878

[unreadable] Casada July[?] 16 1880

T G Casada Aug 22 1882[?]

Sarah L Casada
born March
the 22 1885



Lucy R. Casada died
September 27th 1885 aged
five years two months and eleven days

Mary L. Casada died
December 24th 1906 aged
19 years two months and
eleven days

Mrs. Mary M. Casada died April 13th 1907 aged
fifty-seven years five
months & 22 days

Viola Kate Janeway
Died Jan. 27, 1911



John A. Casada and
Mary M. Walker was married
January 3rd 1867

Lizzie Casada and H.W. McKenzie
was maried May the 1, 1890

Ollie Casada and David
Golden was maried September
the 25th 1890

William Casada and
Sallie Griffin was
maried June the 2 1891

Sallie L. Cassada
was Borned March 22 1885

Mary L. Cassda
was Borned Oct 13. 1887

Rachel Cassada
was Borned Mary 11. 1891
Died June 24, 1929

Jacob C. Cassada
was Borned May 12 1873

Malisa Jane Cassada
was Borned July 14 1875

Viola Kate Cassada
was Borned March 20 1878

Lucy R. Cassada
was Borned July 16 1880

Thomas G Cassada
was Borned August 22 1882



John A. Casada and
Mary M. Walker was
married January 3rd 1867

Lizzie Casada and
H.W. McKenzie was married
May the 1, 1890

Ollie A. Casada and
David C. Golden was married
September 25, 1890.

William A. Casada and
Sallie Griffin was married
June the 2nd 1891.

Viola Casada and
Iassac Janeway were
married July 2

Jacob C. Casada and
Eva Bean were married

Malissa J. Casada and
J.P. Gray were married
April 21, 1901.

Thomas G. Casada and
Kate Evans were married
Aug. 9, 1904

Sallie L. Casada and
J.F. Wylie were married
July 24, 1906.


John Alexander Cassada
was Borned June 10. 1843

Mary Malvina Walker Cassada
was Borned Oct 21. 1849

Ollie Ann Cassada
was Borned Oct 2. 1867

William Alfred Cassada
was Borned March 30 1869

Nancy Elisabeth Cassada
was Borned April 8 1871

Jacon Walker was born
May 27th 1822. died 1883

Louisa Walker was born
December 3rd 1824 and
died July 26th 1908


Sallie Wylie died June 12
1918 aged 33 years 2 months
and 20 days

John A. Casada died
June 19, 1918
aged 75 years 1 weeks
and 2 days

Malissa Gray died
Aug. 25, 1919
age 44 yr. 1 mo. 11 days


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