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Edgertons of Unknown Origin




The following Edgerton individuals, discovered in the course of our research and correspondence, are suspected to belong to the Richard Edgerton line; however, their connection is either uncertain or unknown at present.  Some of them have already been entered into the database (usually noted as “parentage unknown”), while others are listed only here.  Any information or assistance on these various Edgerton families would be welcome and greatly appreciated.



Abel Tracy Edgerton (1794 – 1868) of New York City, New York.  Abel Tracy Edgerton was born in Connecticut, probably in June 1794, as calculated from the age at death listed on his death certificate (New York City Department of Health, year 1868, certificate #22595).  By 1819, Abel had settled in New York City (Manhattan), where he was married to Gertrude Hardenbrook, and was subsequently listed in several city directories and census enumerations.  “Able” T. Edgerton was recorded in the 1850 Federal Census of New York City (Ward 2), New York County, New York, as a “tailer, aged 57, born in CT”.  At this time, he was recorded with his wife, Gertrude (“aged 60, born in NJ”), and six grown children – all born in New York.  The family was also recorded in the 1860 Federal Census of New York City.  It is probable that Abel Tracy Edgerton was a son of Abel and Mehitable (Tracy) Edgerton of Norwich and Tolland, Connecticut, who had a son born between 1790 – 1800 (according to the 1800 Connecticut Census).  Strong circumstantial evidence of this connection is found in the fact that Abel T. Edgerton’s middle name (as shown on his death certificate) was Tracy, presumably after the maiden name of his mother, Mehitable Tracy.  Abel Tracy Edgerton and many of his children and descendants were buried at the Greenwood Cemetery in Brooklyn, New York (Lot 761, Section 78).  Also buried in this plot was Mrs. Harriet (Edgerton) Withey (see below), who is believed to have been Abel’s younger sister.


Abigail C. Edgerton (~1826 –     ) of San Mateo County, California.  Abigail C. Edgerton was married at San Joaquin Co., California to Francis Holden Powers (1810 - 1893), a native of Abington, Massachusetts who had removed west to California just prior to the Civil War.  According to the marriage certificate, Abigail was “of San Mateo County, California.”  Francis and Abigail resided in Stockton, San Joaquin Co., California, where they were enumerated together in the 1870 Federal Census.  According to the enumeration, Abigail was aged 44, born in Vermont.  Abigail and Francis were enumeratred separately in the 1880 Federal Census of Stockton, California – Francis was residing in the household of Herman Farrington and was enumerated as “Francis Holden, aged 71, janitor of school, b. Mass., married”; and Abigail was an inmate at the Stockton Insane Asylum, where she was enumerated as “A.C. Holden, aged 56, b. Vermont, married”.  It does not appear that Francis and Abigail (Edgerton) Holden had any children together.  Francis P. Holden’s Personal Papers, 1835 – 1893 are now held at the Holt-Atherton Department of Special Collections at the University of the Pacific in Stockton, California.


Adeline Reed Edgerton (1831 – 1908) of New York City, New York.  Adeline was born in New York City on December 5, 1831; her parentage has not yet been established.  According to secondary sources, Adeline was the daughter of Oliver and Catherine Edgerton, however no primary documentation of this fact has been found, nor does there appear to be any other record in New York City of this Oliver Edgerton.  Adeline was recorded as a head of household in the 1850 Federal Census of New York City (District No. 1, 9th Ward), New York County, New York (pg. 321; dwelling #1335; family #3190; enum. September 11, 1850).  She was enumerated as “Adeline R. Edgarton, aged 19, born in New York”.  Adeline was married in New York City on December 27, 1850 to Steuben Philip Swartout, son of Steuben and Judith (Wildey) Swartout of Tarrytown, Westchester County, New York.  Steuben Philip was born in Tarrytown on August 28, 1828.  Steuben and Adeline Swartout later removed to Galesburg, Knox County, Illinois, where they died on April 10, 1919 and January 30, 1908, respectively.  They had six children:  Jane Grant, Charles Philip, Theodore Bayles, Fanny Paradise, Clarabel and Isabel.  For further reference on the family of Steuben Philip and Adeline Reed (Edgerton) Swartout consult The Swartout Chronicles 1338 – 1899 (Arthur James Weise, Trow Directory Printing and Bookbinding Co., 1899, pg. 651).


Alanson F. Edgerton  (1858 –     ) of Rensselaer County, New York.  Alanson was born November 1858 in New York State.  He was married on March 30, 1889 at Petersburg, Rensselaer County, New York to Caroline L. Livingston of Berlin, New York.  Alanson and Caroline resided in Berlin and had three children:  Cora Belle, b. July 1889; Clifford Deloyd, b. July 16, 1891; and Julia, b. February 1895.  Alanson Edgerton was listed as a head of household in the 1900 Federal Census of Stephentown, Rensselaer County, New York and in the 1905 New York State Census of Hoosick, Rensselaer County, New York.  Mrs. Caroline (Livingston) Edgerton was remarried circa 1906 to Henry Edward Horton (1868 – 1937) and removed with him to North Adams, Berkshire County, Massachusetts, where she died on April 10, 1938.  She was buried at the Presbyterian Cemetery in Stephentown, New York.  Alanson F. Edgerton may have been the “Alsen F. Edgerton, aged 70, widower, b. NY” who was enumerated in the 1930 Federal Census of Poughkeepsie, Dutchess County, New York residing as a patient at the Hudson River State Hospital.  This Alsen F. Edgerton died at Poughkeepsie on April 22, 1935 (Death Certificate; New York State Dept. of Health; cert. #24801).


Andrew Edgerton (~1768 – 1832) of Yates County, New York.  Please see the biography of Andrew Edgerton, born March 24, 1768, son of John and Elizabeth (Prentice) Edgerton.  This is the most likely connection, and is supported by much circumstantial evidence, as compiled by Richard W. Edgerton, a descendant of this Edgerton family.


Anna Edgerton (1769 – 1846) of Canton, Hartford County, Connecticut.  Anna Edgerton was married first to Daniel Moses, who died on September 9, 1805, aged 47 years, and was buried at North Canton, Connecticut (see “North Canton Cemetery Inscriptions, 1754 – 1855”; The Connecticut Historical Society Bulletin; Vol. 31, No. 2; April 1966; p. 61).  The distribution of Daniel’s estate (recorded April 5, 1811) was made to his widow, Anna, and children Daniel, Festus, Norman, Anna and Auria.  Mrs. Anna (Edgerton) Moses was remarried circa 1811 to William Wilcox (~1756 – 1827), a veteran of the American Revolution.  Mrs. Anna Wilcox died on February 7, 1846, aged 76, and was buried at the North Canton Cemetery (see “North Canton Cemetery Inscriptions, 1754 – 1855”; The Connecticut Historical Society Bulletin; Vol. 31, No. 3; July 1966; p. 98).  It is probable that Anna was a daughter of Ebenezer Edgerton Sr. (1732/3 – 1826) of Granby, Connecticut and his wife, Desire Granger.


Candace Edgerton (~1780? –     ) of Hartford County, Connecticut.  Candace Edgerton was married on January 31, 1804 at Suffield, Hartford County, Connecticut to Moses Sikes (Suffield VR NB1:283).  Moses and Candace had at least two children born at Suffield:  Adelia, b. October 14, 1804; and Hiram, b. February 21, 1808.  Beyond this, there is no further record of the couple.  It is speculated that Candace was a younger daughter of Ebenezer Edgerton Sr. (1732/3 – 1826) of Granby, Connecticut, and his wife, Desire Granger.  Census records indicate that Ebenezer and Desire had at least two daughters, neither of whom have been yet identified.


Catherine Edgerton (~1814 – 1866) of Westmoreland, Oneida County, New York.  Catherine was born circa 1814, in either New Jersey (as reported in the 1850 Federal Census) or New York (as reported in the 1860 Federal Census).  She was married to William Stillman Jr. (~1804 – 1875), son of William and Betsey Stillman of Clark Mills, Oneida County, New York.  William and Catherine resided in Westmoreland, New York, where census records show that that had at least two children:  Josephine L. (b. circa 1846) and Charles A. (born circa 1849).  The family was recorded in the 1850 Federal Census of Westmoreland, Oneida County, New York (pg. 96, dwelling #180, family #203; enum. August 1, 1850) and in the 1860 Federal Census of Westmoreland, Oneida County, New York (pg. 107; dwelling #5; family #5; enum. July 30, 1860).  Mrs. Catherine (Edgerton) Stillman died on February 3, 1866, aged 52 years, and her husband on July 8, 1875, aged 71 years.  William and Catherine were buried at the Westmoreland Union Cemetery (aka. New Westmoreland Cemetery), in Westmoreland, New York.


Clifford Lewis Edgerton  (1893 – 1987) of Hampden County, Massachusetts.  Clifford Lewis Edgerton was born in Windsor, Hartford Co., Connecticut on December 6, 1893 (WWI DRC, SSDI), and died at Holyoke, Hampden County, Massachusetts on July 12, 1987 (SSDI).  He was married to Mary J. --- (b. February 8, 1897, Massachusetts; d. December 1975, Holyoke, Hampden County, Massachusetts).  Clifford and Mary had least three children:  Rita O., Clifford L., and Mary T.  According to various census enumerations, Clifford was born in Connecticut, as were both his parents; he resided in Springfield and Holyoke, Massachusetts.


Cynthia Edgerton (~1771 –     ) of Lebanon, Connecticut.  Cynthia was married on March 2, 1794 at the First Congregational Church of Lebanon to Jeremiah Snow (ChR 7:29).  Jeremiah was born in Ashford, Connecticut circa 1767.  Cynthia and Jeremiah did not have any known children.  Jeremiah fought in the American Revolution.  Following the war, he made his living as a sailor and preacher.  In 1812, Jeremiah and Cynthia settled in Braintree, Orange County, Vermont, where he ran a sawmill and gristmill for several years.  He died at Brookfield, Vermont on June 2, 1848, and 61 years.  His widow, “Cynthia Snow”, subsequently applied for a Revolutionary Pension.  Cynthia was still living as of 1850 when she was recorded in the Federal Census of Braintree as “Cynthia Snow, aged 79, born in Connecticut”.  Most of the current information regarding Jeremiah and Cynthia (Edgerton) Snow is derived from his Revolutionary Pension File (#W15362) as well as The History of Braintree, Vermont, Including A Memorial of Families that have resided in Town (H. Royce Bass; Rutland, Vermont: Tuttle & Co., State Printers; 1883).


Cyrus Edgerton (~1789 –     ) of Sugar Creek Township, Vigo County, Indiana.  Cyrus Edgerton was born circa 1789, probably in the state of Connecticut, as reported in a number of census enumerations.  He may have removed to New York State with his parents at a young age.  In the mid-1820’s, Cyrus settled in Sugar Creek Township, Vigo County, Indiana, where he was listed as a head of household in the Federal Censuses of 1830, 1840 and 1850.  He later removed to Wabash Township, Clark County, Illinois – just west of Vigo County across the Illinois/Indiana border.  Cyrus Edgerton was married to Roxana Wilson and had a family of six children:  John Dalton, Patience, Sarah Ceseptia, Margaret L., Drusilla and Leander.


Daniel Edgerton (1819 – 1904) of Herkimer, Jefferson, Oneida and Lewis Counties, New York.  According to state and federal census records, Daniel Edgerton was born in Herkimer County, New York in September 1819.  Unfortunately, Daniel’s death certificate lists his father’s name only as “Edgerton”.  However, his mother’s full name was listed, ie. “Polly Newman Edgerton”.  Subsequent research has established that Polly Newman’s husband was Lewis Edgerton, of Mannheim, Herkimer County, New York.  The ancestry of Lewis Edgerton remains a mystery at this time (see below).  Daniel Edgerton was married on March 19, 1842 at Salisbury, Herkimer Co., New York to Sophronia Johnson (1823 – 1909), daughter of  Lysander and Diana (Van Steenburg) Johnson.  Following his marriage, Daniel lived for a few years in Leray Township, Jefferson County, New York.  In 1850, he removed to Boonville, Oneida County, New York where the family was recorded in the 1850 Federal Census and the 1855 New York State Census.  By 1860, he had settled finally in Leyden, Lewis County, New York (just north over the Oneida County border), where he apparently resided for the remainder of his life.  According to the 1900 Census, Daniel and Sophronia had seven children, five of whom are currently known:  Lora Hannah, who married Earl J. Talcott; Loami, who married first Almina Roath and second Lois E. ----; Diana; Letti S., who married Orville Hall; and Lillian, who married David Daniels.


David E. Edgerton (~1834 –     ) of Blue River, Wisconsin.  David E. Edgerton was listed as a head of household in the 1860 Federal Census of Blue River, Grant County, Wisconsin (pg. 43; dwelling #1094; family #1044; enum. July 27, 1860), his household consisting of himself, aged 26, b. NY; wife Sarah E., aged 21 b. NY; and daughter, Eva E., aged 1, b. WI.  His occupation was listed as “carpenter”.  There is no further record of this family.


Edwin Edgerton (~1798 –     ) of China, New York, Waukesha County, Wisconsin and Mendon, Iowa.  According to census records, Edwin was born in the state of Connecticut circa 1798.  Edwin was married to Mary Lewis, a native of Vermont, and had at least four children: one son, Lucius (who married Thankful Stewart); and three daughters, Sevilla (who married Joseph M. Brown), Dorleski (who married George Prindle) and Frances (who married Walter Birdsey).  The family resided successively in China, Genesee County, New York, Summit and Oconomowoc, both in Waukesha County, Wisconsin, and finally in Mendon, Clayton County, Iowa.  Edwin may have been one of the elder sons of John Edgerton, of Simsbury, Connecticut, and his second wife, Wealthy Graham.   Census records indicate that John and Wealthy probably had at least two sons born circa 1794 – 1800, neither of whom have been yet identified.  Further credence is given to this theory by the fact that both John and Edwin named their eldest daughters Sevilla – a fairly uncommon name.


Elizabeth Edgerton (~1730? –     ) was married at Farmington, Hartford County, Connecticut on November 10, 1751 to “Dr. Elisha Lord” (VR book “LR8”, pg. 10).  Elisha was probably the Dr. Elisha Lord who died “March 15, 1768, aged 39 years”, and was buried at the Old Norwich Town Cemetery in Norwich, Connecticut.  Given this Norwich connection, it seems certain that Mrs. Elizabeth (Edgerton) Lord must belong to the Richard Edgerton line, the most likely “link” being to Elizabeth Edgerton, daughter of Joseph and Elizabeth (Haskins) Edgerton.  This latter Elizabeth was born in Norwich on April 13, 1729 and baptized at the First Congregational Church of Norwich the same day, after which there is no further record of her.


Elizabeth Edgerton (~1825? –     ) was married at Hartford, Connecticut on December 16, 1847 to Lewis Keith.  A notice of the marriage was published in the Hartford Courant on December 18, 1847.  At present, no further record of this couple has been found.


Emeline Clarinda Edgerton (~1808? –     ) was married in Granby, Connecticut on May 4, 1828 to Samuel H. Granger (1806 – 1885), son of David Granger of Granby.  Emeline was probably born in Granby circa 1808-1810, and is thus almost certainly connected with the extended family of Ebenezer and Desire (Granger) Edgerton of Granby, possibly through one of their three sons, Ebenezer Jr., Jacob or Joshua.  For further information on the family of Samuel and Emeline (Edgerton) Granger, consult, Launcelot Granger of Newberry, Mass. and Suffield, Conn.; James N. Granger; American Genealogical Historical Society, Hartford, Connecticut, 1893; pg. 165.


Experience Edgerton (1787 – 1863) was born June 1787 in Connecticut (probably Franklin, New London County).  She was married in Tolland, Connecticut on November 28, 1815 to Ralph Dimock (VR 3:151), the record of which states that she was “of Tolland”.  Experience was very likely the daughter of Abel and Mehitable (Tracy) Edgerton.  Abel Edgerton (1760 – 1833), originally of Norwich, had settled in Tolland by the year 1800 and census records indicate that he had a number of children, including a daughter who would have been in the same age range as Experience.  It is worth noting that Abel Edgerton had a sister and grandmother both named Experience.  Also, the fact that Experience’s husband, Ralph Dimock, later served as administrator of Abel Edgerton’s estate provides stong, albeit circumstantial, evidence of Experience’s parentage.


Flora Edgerton (1805 – 1876) was born in the year 1805, probably in Connecticut or Oneida County, New York.  She was married in Florence, Oneida County, New York in the year 1823 to Pliny Putnam and later removed to Minnesota.  Flora was probably a daughter of Isaac Edgerton (~1767 – 1848) of Torringford, Connecticut and Florence, New York.   Isaac removed with his family from Torringford, Litchfield Co., Connecticut to Florence, New York probably circa 1810.  By his wife, Sarah, he had a large family, including a daughter, “Florence”, who may be identical with this Flora Edgerton Putnam.  A further clue is found in the fact that Flora (Edgerton) Putnam had sons named Alvis Zebina Putnam and Isaac Edgerton Putnam, who were probably named after Flora’s eldest brother, Zebina, and father, Isaac.  The juxtaposition of these names (particularly such an uncommon name as Zebina) seems to definitely imply a connection between the two families.


Frank E. Edgerton  (1852 – 1927) of Savanna, Illinois and Flint, Michigan.  Per his obituary in the Flint Journal (Tuesday, February 15, 1927), Frank was born at Smith’s Crossing, Michigan on August16, 1852, the son of Mr. and Mrs. John Edgerton.  He was married at Chicago, Illinois on May 26, 1900 to Sarah Miles and had two sons with her:  Ross Miles, born at Savanna, Illinois on September 16, 1901; and VanDyke M., born at Flint, Michigan on March 20, 1904.  Frank and Sarah “Egerton” were enumerated together in the 1900 Federal Census of Savanna City (Ward 3), Carroll County, Illinois, but removed within a few years to Flint, Genesse County, Michigan where the family was enumerated in the Federal Censuses of 1910 and 1920.  Mrs. Sarah (Miles) Edgerton died prior to April 1910, when Frank was listed as a widower in the Federal Census of that year.


George Earl Edgerton  (1891 –     ) of Ellington, Connecticut.  According to his World War I Draft Registration Card, George Earl Edgerton was born on January 10, 1891, probably in Ellington, Tolland County, Connecticut.  His mother was Rhoda Jennie Edgerton (b. July 1860, Connecticut) who married Andrew Griswold (b. September 1866, Connecticut) circa 1892.  At the time of the 1900 Federal Census, George and Rhoda were enumerated in Andrew’s household in Ellington, Tolland County, Connecticut.


Harriet Edgerton (1799 – 1849), of Norwich, Connecticut.  Harriet was married on September 9, 1833 to Rev. Ezra Withey (1808 – 1891), of Griswold, Connecticut.  According to a marriage announcement printed in the Norwich Republican on September 25, 1833, Harriet was “of Norwich”.  Ezra and Harriet resided in New London, Connecticut, where Ezra was pastor of the Sailors’ Bethel Church.  Mrs. Harriet (Edgerton) Withey died in New York City, New York on February 13, 1849.  According to her death record (New York City Vital Records, Register of Deaths, Volume 16, unnumbered), she was aged 49 years, 6 months, 7 days, and had been born in Connecticut.  Harriet reportedly left no children; her husband was remarried on June 12, 1855 to Mary E. Robinson.  Harriet (Edgerton) Withey was probably the younger sister of Abel Tracy Edgerton (see above), in whose lot she was buried at Greenwood Cemetery (Brooklyn, New York).  This would make Harriet one of the younger daughters of Abel Edgerton (1760 – 1833), of Norwich, Coventry and Tolland, Connecticut.  For further information on the family and ancestry of Ezra Withey see The Genealogical and Biographical History of the Manning Families of New England (Manning, William H.; The Salem Press Co., Salem, Massachusetts, 1902; pg. 361).


Irene Edgerton  (~1725? –     ) of New London, Connecticut.  Irene was married to John Ward at the First Church of New London on February 18, 1747.  No further record of this couple has been found.


Jabez Edgerton (1788 – 1857), of Hudson, Columbia County, New York.  According to the precise age at death recorded on his tombstone, Jabez was born on December 16, 1788, probably at Franklin, Connecticut.  At the time of his marriage in 1813, Jabez was reported to be “of Coventry, Conn.”.  It is very probable that Jabez was the eldest surviving son of Abel and Mehitable (Tracy) Edgerton, who settled in Coventry, Connecticut around the turn of the century.  Jabez was married at Hudson, Columbia County, New York on June 8, 1813 to Eliza Bradley (see The Northern Whig, June 22, 1813).  Jabez and Eliza had four children:  Charles B., Jane M., Horatio Nelson and William M.  Jabez’ wife, “Eliza Edgerton”, was listed as the head of household when the 1830 Federal Census of Livington, Columbia County, New York was taken.  Jabez Edgerton died on August 2, 1857, “aged 68 years, 7 months, and 17 days” and was buried at the Canaan Center Cemetery (aka. Austerlitz Cemetery) in Canaan Center, New York (see Old Gravestones of Columbia Co., NY; Arthur C. M. Kelly; Kinship, Rhinebeck, New York, 1996; pg. 3).


James G. Edgerton (~1809 – 1862) of New York City, New York.  James G. Edgerton was born circa 1809 in Connecticut or New York.  He was married on June 30, 1829 in New York City to Sarah Ann Higby (see New York City Methodist Marriages 1785 – 1893; William Scott Fisher, comp.; Picton Press, Camden, Maine).  James and Sarah had at least two children – daughters, Maria, born circa 1832 and Sarah, born circa 1841.  James’ household was recorded in the 1860 Federal Census of New York City (Ward 19, Division 1), New York County, New York (pg. 785; dwelling #1469; family #2825; enum. July 11, 1860).  At that time, his household consisted of himself, his wife and his younger daughter.  Mrs. Sarah A. Edgerton died on May 18, 1861 and James died the following year, September 6, 1862.  Their deaths were both recorded in the New York City Registers of Death (volumes 34 and 36, respectively).  James and Sarah were buried at the Greenwood Cemetery in Brooklyn, New York.  It is speculated that James G. Edgerton may have been a son of Giles and Chloe (Olcott) Edgerton, who removed to New York City from Hartford, Connecticut circa 1810 – 1820.  Census records indicate that Giles and Chloe had a number of children, none of whom have been positively identified.


John A. Edgerton (1849 – 1889) of Manchester, Illinois and Hanover, Wisconsin.  According to the age at death recorded on his gravestone, John A. Edgerton was born in June 1849.  His parentage has not been established.  According to the 1880 Federal Census (Hanover, Rock Co., WI), he was born in the state of New York, as were both his parents.  The LDS International Genealogical Index states that John was born in Onondaga County, New York, the son of Henry S. Edgerton and Margaret Winters; however, this has not yet been corroborated by any known documentation.  John A. Edgerton removed to Manchester, Boone County, Illinois, where he was married on February 13, 1878 to Emma Jane Blake, daughter of Thomas C. and Mary (Rexford) Blake.  Emma was born circa 1857 in Black Hawk County, Iowa.  Shortly after their marriage, John and Emma settled in Hanover, Rock County, Wisconsin, where three daughters were born to them:  Grace (b. January 16, 1880), who married Frank Thomad Ball, Evelyn (b. December 1881) and May (b. October 28, 1883).  Mrs. Emma J. (Blake) Edgerton died on August 28, 1888, aged 30 years, and John died the next year, January 27, 1889, aged 39 years, 7 months.  John and Emma were buried at the Livingston Cemetery in Manchester, Illinois (along with daughter, Grace and son-in-law, Frank Ball).  At the time of the 1900 Federal Census, John and Emma’s two younger daughters were recorded in the household of their grandmother, Mary Blake, in Manchester, Boone County, Illinois.


John Giles Edgerton  (~1800 –     ) of Ohio, West Virginia and Kentucky.  According to census and marriage records, John G. Edgerton was born in Vermont circa 1800.  He was married (as “Giles Edgerton”) on March 27, 1821 at Washington County, Ohio to Dorcas Ross (see “Ohio Marriages” extracted from The Old Northwest Genealogical Quarterly, Genealogical Publishing Company, Baltimore, Maryland; 1980).  He was probably the Giles Edgerton who was listed in the 1825 Tyler County, West Virginia Personal Property Tax List.  John G. and Dorcas (Ross) Edgerton are known to have had at least four children:  Mary Ross, b. circa 1824 (married William Meeks); Statira M., b. circa 1826 (m. Sanford K. Gist); Susan, b. circa 1828; and James W., b. April 5, 1833 (married first Hannah Mariah Phillips and second Martha E. Lee).  “Jno G. Edgerton” was recorded as a head of household in the 1840 Federal Census of Simpson County, Kentucky.  John was also listed as a head of household in the 1850 Federal Census of Washington County, at which time he was enumerated as “John G. Eggerton, aged 50, school teacher, b. Vermont”.  The household consisted of his wife, “Dracus A.”, his two unmarried children (daughter Susan and son James) and the family of his eldest daughter, Mary (Edgerton) Meeks.  John G. Edgerton was married a second time on May 13, 1855 at Washington County, Kentucky to Mary Ellen Seay.  According to the marriage record, John was aged 56, a widower and gave his birthplace as Vermont.  “Mary Ellen Edgerton” was listed as a legatee in the will of her father, Edmund B. Seay, which was dated September 2, 1858 and proved at Washington County on October 18, 1858 (see Kentucky Wills, Book K, #126).  John G. Edgerton had at least six children with his second wife:  Charles, b. circa 1856; Josephine, b. circa 1858; John, c. circa 1860; William Edgar, b. July 24, 1863; Lizzie, b. circa 1865; and Sallie, b. December 1869.  The entire family was enumerated in the 1870 Federal Census of Raywick Precinct, Marion County, Kentucky.  By his two wives, John Giles Edgerton had an extensive family of descendants that are later found throughout central Kentucky, as well as in Floyd Co., Indiana, Coleman Co., Texas and Cass Co., Missouri.


John Myers Edgerton (1858 –     ) of Negaunee, Marquette County, Michigan.  According to the 1900 Federal Census, John was born in New York on August 14, 1858, and both his parents were born in New York State as well.  (The 1910 Federal Census reports that John’s parents were born in Ireland.)  John Myers Edgerton was married on July 6, 1892 in Rock Island County, Illinois to Carrie Alice Blakeslee, who was born in Ohio on May 13, 1863.  Carrie was the daughter of Charles and Emily (Flint) Blakeslee of Braintree, Orange County, Vermont.  John and Carrie settled in Negaunee, Marquette County, Michigan, where their family was recorded in the Federal Censuses of 1900 and 1910.  According to the 1900 census enumeration, they had three children (all born in Michigan):  Marcia J., born June 25, 1893; Avis Emily, born September 20, 1894, and Kenneth Blakeslee, born January 20, 1896.


Lewis Edgerton (~1790 –     ) of Mannheim, Herkimer County, New York.  The ancestry of Lewis Edgerton remains a mystery.  According to the 1880 and 1900 Federal Census enumerations of his son, Daniel Edgerton (1819 – 1904), Lewis was born in the state of Connecticut – probably circa 1790 – 1795.  Lewis was married to Polly (“Mary) Newman, daughter of John and Deborah (Williams) Newman, and resided in the town of Mannheim, in Herkimer County, New York.  Lewis and Polly had two sons:  Joshua, born March 24, 1815, and Daniel, born September 1819.  The elder son was baptized on July 4, 1815 at the Old Yellow Church in Mannheim, as “Josua, son of Luwis and Mary  Adgegetenc”.  Lewis Edgerton was listed as “Lewis Adjutant” in the 1820 Federal Census of Mannheim, Herkimer County, New York (pg. 8).  He was residing at this time nearby his in-laws, Mrs. Deborah Newman and Joseph Newman, both of whom were enumerated on the same page of the census roll.  This is currently the last record of Lewis Edgerton.  His younger son, Daniel, was married to Sophronia Johnson, of Salisbury, New York and resided in Jefferson, Oneida and Lewis Counties, New York (see above).


Lucinda Edgerton (1776 – 1831) was born April 18, 1776, probably in Connecticut or Massachusetts.  She was married at Fairfield, Herkimer County, New York on October 20, 1799 to Samuel Gage (1773 – 1860), a native of Amherst, New Hampshire.  Samuel and Lucinda resided in Fairfield, New York, where eight children were born to them:  Phebe, Emily, Ransola Watson, Caroline, Ann M., Cynthia M., John L. and Samuel Addison.  Lucinda died on September 24, 1831, aged 55 years, presumably at Nelson, Madison County, New York.  Samuel was subsequently remarried to Rhoda Griswold.  Samuel, Lucinda and their daughter, Cynthia, are buried at Westcott Cemetery in Nelson, New York.


Lucy Edgerton (          ), wife of Thomas Ash.  Lucy Edgerton was probably born in the early part of the 19th century.  According to the 1880 Federal Census enumeration of her daughter, Lucinda, Lucy was born in the state of New York.  Lucy was married to Thomas Ash and had at least one child, a daughter, Lucinda Mary Ash, born April 1832 in New York State.  Lucinda was married to Judge Joseph H. Budd (1822 – 1902), of Janesville, Wisconsin and Stockton, California.  Joseph and Lucinda’s elder son, James Herbert Budd (1851 – 1908), was governor of California from 1895 – 1899.  For reference, see The Twentieth Century Biographical Dictionary of Notable Americans: Volume II.


Lydia Edgerton (1799 – 1882) of Franklin and Coventry, Connecticut.  According to the precise age at death reported in her death record (Franklin VR 4:272), Lydia was born at Franklin, Connecticut on January 3, 1799.  She was married first, at Coventry, Connecticut on January 6, 1820 to Daniel Woodward, who died December 26, 1827 and was buried at the Strong Cemetery in Coventry.  She was married second, at Coventry on January 4, 1833 (VRp 167), to Orrin Turner (1789 – 1845).  Lydia had one child by her first husband (George Edgerton Woodward), and four children with her second husband (Isaac Turner, Laura Turner, Anna Turner and Orrin Turner Jr.).  Mrs. “Lydia E. Turner, widow”, died at Franklin, Connecticut on October 18, 1882, aged 83 years, 9 months, 15 days.  According to the death record, Lydia had been born at Franklin, Connecticut and was a resident of Coventry.  Lydia and Orrin Turner were buried at the Strong Cemetery in Coventry, Connecticut.


Mary A. Edgerton (1816 – 1893) of Hartford, Connecticut.  Mary was born in New York State on February 19, 1816 and died at Hartford, Connecticut on March 13, 1893.  Her parentage has not been established.  According to the 1880 Federal Census (Hartford, Hartford County, Connecticut), Mary’s parents were both born in New York State.  Mary  was married to James Babcock Crosby in Hartford on January 31, 1839 (VR I: 148).  A notice of the marriage was printed in The Columbian Register on February 2, 1839.  James was born at Hartford on January 18, 1810 and died there on January 4, 1868.  James and Mary had five children:  James M., Mary Elizabeth, Edward H., William W. and Arthur E.  James Babcock Crosby and Mary A. (Edgerton) Crosby were buried at Spring Grove Cemetery in Hartford, Connecticut.  Their gravestones there are inscribed with the aforementioned dates of birth and death.


Nancy Edgerton (1775 – 1864) of Coventry, Connecticut, was born October 3, 1775 and died March 3, 1864.  She was married to Gurdon Fitch, who was born August 15, 1782 and died February 7, 1860.  Nancy and Gurdon are buried at Nathan Hale Cemetery in Coventry – their gravestones there providing the aforementioned dates.  They had at least one daughter, Lucretia Edgerton Fitch (1805 – 1862), wife of Chauncey Ripley, who was buried beside them (along with her husband) at Nathan Hale Cemetery.  Currently there is no apparent “match” for this Nancy (Edgerton) Fitch in the Richard Edgerton line, although it seems unlikely that she was not connected with this family.


Otis Edgerton  (     – 1830) was reportedly born in New York State, probably circa 1795 – 1800.  He removed to Barnwell County, South Carolina, where he was married on December 16, 1824 to Elizabeth H. Wolfe, daughter of Jacob and Ann (Pou) Wolfe of Orangeburg Disctrict, South Carolina.  Otis and Elizabeth had three children:  Henrietta Elizabeth, Edwin Tracy and Otis E.  Otis Edgerton died in August of 1830, and his widow was subsequently remarried to George Washington Muse.  The parentage and ancestry of Otis Edgerton have not been uncovered.  The current research presented in this database has been provided by Mr. Thomas Edgerton Van Ness <>, of Hoover, Alabama, who is descended through Otis’ son, Dr. Edwin Tracy Edgerton.


Pamelia Ann Edgerton (~1807 – 1870) was born circa 1807 in Granby, Hartford County, Connecticut.  She was probably connected with the family of Ebenezer and Desire (Granger) Edgerton of Granby, possibly through their eldest son, Ebenezer Jr.; however, her parentage has not yet been uncovered.  Pamelia was married at Granby on April 3, 1821, to Hezekiah Freeman Goodman of Bloomfield, Connecticut.  They resided in Granby and Hartford, and later removed to New Brunswick, New Jersey, where they both died – Hezekiah on October 15, 1867, and Pamelia on July 7, 1870, aged 63.  For further information on this family, consult The Goodwins of Hartford Connecticut; James Junius Goodwin, 1891 (pp. 484-5).


Phineas Edgerton (~1798 –     ) of Grafton County, New Hampshire.  Phineas Edgerton was born circa 1798 in either New York or New Hampshire.  He was married to Elizabeth “Betsy” ----, who was a native of New Hampshire.  Phineas and Elizabeth were enumerated in the 1850 Federal Census of Holderness, Grafton County, New Hampshire (dwelling #275; family #306; enum. Nov. 9, 1850) and in the 1870 Federal Census of Compton, Grafton County, New Hampshire (pg. 301; dwelling #40; family #38; enum. June 4, 1870).  There is no record of any children born to this couple.


Robert Edgerton (~1810 –    ) of Fond du Lac, Wisconsin.  Robert Edgerton was listed as a head of household in the 1850 Federal Census of Fond du Lac, Fond du Lac County, Wisconsin (pg. 265; dwelling #303; family #304; enum. July 25, 1850).  According to the enumeration, Robert was aged 40, born in New York, and his houshold included five children:  Edward, aged 14, b. NY; Walter, aged 12, b. NY; Ambrose, aged 10, b. NY; Willard, aged 8, b. NY; and Jane, aged 4, b. WI.  Robert’s wife had presumably died prior to this enumeration.  The household also included a Jeremiah Stebbins, aged 24, b. NY.


Samuel Edgerton (1808 – 1834) of Ashtabula County, Ohio, was born April 3, 1808 and died December 1, 1834.  He was married June 3, 1832 to Elizabeth “Betsey” Spear (1814 – 1843), daughter of John and Mary (Osborn) Spear, and had one daughter, Charlotte Amelia, born in Ashtabula County, Ohio on May 24, 1833.  The above data is supplied by Brenda Magee (a descendant of Samuel), obtained from a family Bible in her possession.  Please see the biography of Nathaniel Edgerton Jr. (1778 –     ), for the probable connection to the Richard Edgerton line.


Susan Minna Edgerton (1832 – 1874) was reportedly born at Windham County, Connecticut on September 11, 1832.  She was married to Seneca Sanford Thresher (1832 – 1919) of Swansea, Massachusetts, and had one son, Seneca Howard Thresher, born at Central Falls, Rhode Island on April 12, 1855.  Susan died at Norwich, Connecticut on September 17, 1874.  Her husband survived over three decades, dying at Norwich on March 25, 1919.


William Edgerton (1826 – 1894) of Essex and Herkimer Counties, New York, and later Kent County, Delaware.  According to the precise age at death given on William’s gravestone, he was born July 2, 1826, probably at Essex County, New York as reported on a number of military documents.  William was married to Sophronia Salisbury of Fairfield, New York and had two children:  Emily Mary and William Wallace.  The family resided initially in Herkimer County, New York later removing to Felton, Kent County, Delaware.  Following the death of his wife, William returned to New York State and was residing in the town Sidney (Franklin County) when he applied for a Civil War Invalid Pension in the year 1892.  William Edgerton died on April 14, 1894, “aged 67 years, 9 months and 12 days”, and was buried at the Flax Island Cemetery in Otego, Otsego County, New York (just north of Delaware County).  Extensive research into the family and ancestry of William Edgerton has been compiled by Lynn Carr Sirois, Chandler, Arizona.


William Edgerton (~1861 – 1887) of Connecticut and Westchester County, New York.  William Edgerton was probably born in the state of Connecticut (as reported in the census enumerations of his only son, Albert Henry).  William was married to Anna Louise Kittle (1865 – 1927) and had one son, Albert Henry (born May 19, 1886, Connecticut, d. December 1967, Poughkeepsie, NY).  William was presumably the “William Edgerton” who died at Mount Vernon, New York on July 20, 1887, aged 26 years, and was buried at Saint Paul’s Church Cemetery.  Mrs. Anna Louise (Kittle) Edgerton died at Poughkeepsie on September 20, 1927 (Death Certificate; New York State Dept. of Health; cert. 51210).  An obituary notice was published in The Poughkeepsie Eagle-News on Thursday, September 22, 1927.  William and Anna’s son, Albert Henry, was married to Anna Wolfinger and had one son, Charles Frederick Edgerton, born at Poughkeepsie on June 12, 1907 (Birth Certificate; New York State Dept. of Health; cert. #25776).