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Asa Edgerton, son of Asa and Eunice (Storrs) Edgerton.



October 4, 1779; Mansfield, Tolland Co., VT.


April 16, 1780; First Church of Mansfield; Mansfield, Tolland Co., CT.  (VRp 398)


October 11, 1815; Albany, Albany Co., NY.  (OB The Albany Register  10/13/1815)


First Presbyterian Church Cemetery; Albany, Albany Co., NY.



March 5, 1805; Randolph, Orange Co., VT.  (VR A:122)


Emilia Morgan, daughter of Justin and Martha (Day) Morgan.



February 16, 1784; West Springfield, Hampden Co., MA. 


June 30, 1828; Randolph, Orange Co., VT.


Randolph Center Cemetery; Randolph, Orange Co., VT.



  1. Albert Mirabeau, b. April 21, 1806; Randolph, Orange Co., VT.
  2. Martha, b. August 3, 1808; Randolph, Orange Co., VT.
  3. Justin Morgan, b. June 22, 1814; Royalton, Windsor Co., VT.


Asa Edgerton Jr. was born at Mansfield, Connecticut on October 4, 1779, the son of Asa Edgerton and his second wife, Eunice Storrs.  He was baptized on April 16, 1780 at the First Church of Mansfield.


Asa Edgerton was raised in Randolph, Vermont, where his father had settled in 1781.  Asa was married there on March 5, 1805 to Emilia (aka “Emily”) Morgan, daughter of Justin and Martha (Day) Morgan, formerly of West Springfield, Massachusetts.  Emilia was born at West Springfield on February 16, 1784.


Asa and Emilia had a family of three children – two sons, Albert Mirabeau and Justin Morgan; and one daughter, Martha.  The births of the two elder children (Albert and Martha) were included with the family record at Randolph (Vital Records, Book A, pg. 122).  The younger son, Justin, was born at Royalton, in neighboring Windsor County, Vermont.  Asa and Emilia Edgerton also had a foster son named Asa Edgerton, whose death noted in the Vermont Chronicle on January 3, 1838, as follows:


“Deaths...In Augusta, Ga., Nov. 12th, at the residence of the Hon. W. W. Holt, Asa Egerton, formerly of Randolph, Vt. aged 27”


Circa 1809 – 1810, Asa removed from Randolph.  At the time of the 1810 Federal Census, he was recorded as a head of household in Stockbridge, Windsor County, Vermont (pg. 568).  The enumeration of his household was as follows:


1 male “of 26 and under 45”  (Asa);

1 male “of 10 and under 16”  (?);

1 male “under 10 years of age”  (son Albert);

1 female “of 26 and under 45”  (wife Emilia);

2 females “of 16 and under 26”  (?);

1 female “of 10 and under 16”  (?); and,

2 females “under 10 years of age”  (daughter Martha and ?).


Soon after this census, the family removed to Royalton, Vermont, where the youngest son, Justin Morgan, was born in 1814.  According to the Windsor County Probate Index (Hartford District, Volumes 5 – 6), Asa was residing in Royalton, Vermont at the time of his death in the year 1815.  He had died intestate.


The following obituary notice for Asa Edgerton was published in The Albany Register on Friday, October 13, 1815:


“DIED, in this city, on Wednesday last, of a pulmonary complaint, Mr. Asa Edgerton, merchant, aged 36.”


Asa’s wife, Emilia, died on June 30, 1828, presumably at Randolph, Vermont.  She was buried at the Randolph Center Cemetery. The eldest son, Albert Mirabeau, was ordained a minister and lived in Methuen, Massachusetts; he was married to Abby Ann Adams, and had one son, Daniel, before his death in 1842.  The only daughter, Martha, was married to Asher Wright, and later removed to Cattaraugus County, New York.  The younger son, Justin Morgan, died in infancy.



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