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Moses Pearson's Petition

     "To the Honorable Spencer Phips, Esq., Lieutenant Governor 
and Commanader in Chief in and over His majesty's Province of
Massachusetts Bay in New England, and to the Honorable, the
Council and House of Representatives in General Court Assembled,
January, A.D., 1749;
     "The petition of us the subscribers humbly sheweth, That
whereas we were in the expedition against Louisburg and the
settlement adjacent, then under command of the French King, being
in said service, not only until, but for some considerable time
after the reduction thereof to the obedience of the King of Great
Britain, and some of us detained there for the defense of
Louisburg until relieved by His Majesty's troops from Gibraltar,
being about 16 months from the time of entrance into said
service, to our arrival to our respective homes, the fatigue of
which service your Excellency and Honors are well knowing to, and
our wages but low while in said service, and as (many of us) were
put out of our usual way of business, it terminated very
detrimental to us, and as many of us have no lands for
settlement, nor wherewith to purchase any; therefore, we pray
your honors to grant us a township of the contents of six miles
square of some of the unappropriated lands of said Province,
somewhere in the County of York, to be settled by your
petitioners in such time and under such restrictions as your
Excellency and Honours, in your known wisdom shall see meet, to
enjoin us, and as your petitioners in duty bound will ever pray."
     Moses Pearson, George Knight, Isaac Ilsley, Jacob Clefford,
James Springer, Jeremiah Springer, Jeremiah Springer, Jr.;
Gamaliel Pote, Nathaniel Ingersoll, Samuel Graves, Ebenezar
Gustin, James Gilkey, David Dowty, Benjamin Sweetsir, Jeremiah
Pote, Samuel Clark, Thomas Brackett, Elisha Pote, Samuel Lunt,
Jr., Job Lunt, Samuel Hodgskins, John Clark, John Anderson, Moses
Hodgskins, Joshua Brackett, Phillip Hodgskins, John Fowle, John
Robison, Richard Temple, Stephen Clark, John Clark, Jacob True,
Josiah Huniwel, Samuel Lowell, John Owen, Jr., Jacob Graffam,
Joshua Moody, John Irish, William Reed, Abraham Sawyer, John
Roberts, Penivel Berton, George Williams, Willliam Pitman, John
Ayer, and Samuel Atwood.

Source: History of Portland, Maine 1632-1864, by William Willis,
Somersworth Publishing Company, Somersworth, NH, 1864, part 2, page 83.

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