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Descendants of James Warren

Diane L. Jones

                      Generation No. 1
  1.  MAJ. JAMES1 WARREN was born October 14, 1771, and died May 23, 1854.
  He married SALLY.
  Notes for MAJ. JAMES WARREN:
  Major James Warren and his wife, Sarah, are buried in the Steep Falls 
  Cemetery, Steep Falls, Maine.  Their gravestones are gray slate and are 
  among the earliest stones in the cemetery.
  There is a War of 1812 marker beside his gravestone.  (This was here in 
  Children of MAJ. WARREN and SALLY are:
                    i.   WILLIAM2 WARREN, b. December 12, 1794.
                   ii.   SALLY WARREN, b. October 02, 1796.
                  iii.   JOSEPH WARREN, b. October 14, 1798.
                   iv.   DARLING WARREN, b. September 08, 1800.
          2.           v.  ABNER C. WARREN, b. July 14, 1802.
                   vi.   SOPHIA WARREN, b. July 04, 1804.
          3.         vii.  JAMES WARREN, JR., b. May 16, 1806; d. April 03, 1889.
                 viii.   CLARISSA WARREN, b. November 01, 1809.
                   ix.   BENJAMIN WARREN, b. January 20, 1811.
                    x.   CHARLES F. WARREN, b. February 01, 1813; d. December 
                         15, 1861.
                      Generation No. 2
  2.  ABNER C.2 WARREN (MAJ. JAMES1) was born July 14, 1802.
  Child of ABNER C. WARREN is:
          4.           i.  HENRY A.3 WARREN, b. November 1833, Limimgton, 
                           Maine; d. March 16, 1914.
  3.  JAMES2 WARREN, JR. (MAJ. JAMES1) was born May 16, 1806, and died
  April 03, 1889.  He married SALLY GILMAN.
  Children of JAMES WARREN and SALLY GILMAN are:
          5.           i.  BENJAMIN3 WARREN, b. March 14, 1838; d. June 23, 1905.
                   ii.   GEORGE W. WARREN, b. September 13, 1839.
                  iii.   GEORGE F. WARREN, b. August 20, 1841; d. November
                         27, 1892.
                   iv.   JEROME WARREN, b. October 08, 1849.
                    v.   ADELAIDE WARREN, b. January 20, 1856.
                      Generation No. 3
  4.  HENRY A.3 WARREN (ABNER C.2, MAJ. JAMES1) was born November 1833 in
  Limimgton, Maine,  and died in March 16, 1914.  He married ABBIE E. 
  THOMPSON 1865.
  Notes for HENRY A. WARREN:
  Conway::  Our veterans are one by one answering the call which bids them
   enter the life beyond the grave. The latest member of Custer Post to 
  respond to the summons Henry A. Warren, who died at his home  March 16,
  1914, after a long period of failing health, during which he was
  faithfully cared for by his  devoted wife.  Mr. Warren was born in 
  Limington, Maine in November 1833, the son of Abner C. Warren and his
  wife, who was Miss Zylpha Dyer of Hollis.
  In his youth he learned the mason's trade and worked at the business in
  Portland and vicinity.  In  September 1862, when a call came for troops 
  he volunteered and enlisted in Gorham in Company K. of the 25th Maine
  under Col. Dow.  The company to which he belonged was detailed for guard
  duty around Washington.  The  most of his nine months of service was
  passed at Arlington Heights.  In July 1863 he was honorably discharged 
  and returned to Maine, working at his trade in Saco.  In 1865 he married
  Miss Abbie Thompson of Cornish, who survives him after almost fifty years 
  of wedded life.  The couple lived in Limington for a  few years, moving to New
  Hampshire in 1873.  Finding the work of bricklaying injurious to his 
  eyes, Mr.  Warren gave up that business and was employed upon the railroad
  for several years while living in Madison.
  Six children were born to the couple of whom four survive besides one 
  adopted daughter.  Thirty-two years ago the family came to Conway 
  Village where Mr. Warren was employed by Henry Metcalf of the spool
  Here he has made many friends who have a high regard for the many
  sterling qualities of character which have made of him so worthy a
  citizen, so obliging a neighbor and so excellent a husband and father.
  About ten years ago failing eyesight compelled him to retire from active 
  life and during that time he has been nearly blind.  His patience under
  that affliction has been unfailing and his cheerful acceptance of the
  inevitable made him a worth  example for others.  For many months
  a gradual breaking up of his powers both mental and physical has 
  been taking place and the end when it came was a release from a 
  bondage of ills.
  Funeral services were held at his home Wednesday of last week, with 
  the Rev. A.T. Hillman in  attendance. Miss Irene Hammond and the
  Congregational choir sang.  The services were closed by the simple and
  impressive burial service with which the Grand Army honors their departed
  comrades.  The remains were taken to Cornish, Maine for interment in the 
  family lot.
  1880 Madison, New Hampshire census:  
  Henry A. Warren,  45
  Abbie E.,  34
  Lucy E.,  13
  Chase A.,  10
  Harry W.,  5
  Children of HENRY WARREN and ABBIE THOMPSON are:
                    i.   LUCY E.4 WARREN.
                   ii.   CHASE A. WARREN.
                  iii.   MATTIE F. WARREN.
                   iv.   HARRY W WARREN, b. Madison, New Hampshire; d. 
           January 06, 1941, Ossipee, New Hampshire.
           Notes for HARRY W WARREN:
           Harry Warren was 65 years old when he died.  Notes from J. Keith
           Henney card file at the Fryeburg Historical Society.
          Obituary-North Conway Reporter, January 24, 1941--Funeral 
          services were held Saturday at the undertaking parlors in 
          Wolfeboro for Harry Warren formerly of Conway who died in the
          Wolfeboro hospital after an illness following a fall down a flight
          of stairs in Ossipee where he was boarding.  He  was a well
          known in Conway being the son of Henry and Abbie Thompson 
          Warren who for years were residents of the village.  He spent 
          several years in the West and later in Boston.
          Since failing health forced his retirement from business activity
          he has been in Conway much of the time.  He leaves one 
          sister, Mrs. Mattie Taylor of Dedham and one brother, Arthur 
          Warren of Reading and an adopted sister, Mrs. Agnes Rich of
          Interment was in the family lot in Cornish, Maine.
            v. AGNES WARREN, b. May 03, 1888; Adopted child.
          Notes for AGNES WARREN:
          Taken from the card file compiled by J. Keith Henney owned by the
          Fryeburg Historical Society:
          On July 25, Mrs. Henry Warren adopted Agnes Thurston, 3rd child
          of Jerome S. and Agnes A. Thurston, and changed the girl's name 
          to Warren.  The adopted child was born May 3, 1888;  her  mother
         died in June 1888.
          Appears in 1878 Madison town register. (Jesse Harmon)
          1875, Feb. 20, appears in Madison check list
          1876, Feb. 26, appears in Madison check list
  5.  BENJAMIN3 WARREN (JAMES2, MAJ. JAMES1) was born March 14, 1838, and
  died June 23,  1905.  He married EMMA M..
  Children of BENJAMIN WARREN and EMMA M. are:
                    i.   SAMUEL4 WARREN.
                   ii.   LILLA WARREN.
          6.         iii.  JAMES HENRY WARREN, b. 1868, Standish, Maine; d.
   March 21, 1944, Standish, Maine.
                      Generation No. 4
  6.  JAMES HENRY4 WARREN (BENJAMIN3, JAMES2, MAJ. JAMES1) was born 1868 in
  Standish, Maine, and died  March 21, 1944 in Standish, Maine.  He married LENORA
  James Henry Warren was a cook on the railroad trains and then was a carpenter.
  Medical Information: James Henry Warren had asthma. He was also deaf in old age.
  Lenora had an operation years before (abdomen, probably hysterectomy). She 
  had a maid and was recovering from a stroke when she got up and walked over
  to a tree and dropped dead.
  *Notes made by Eva Warren one day she visited my grandmother (Clara
  Louise Bauckman Warren).

  Medical Information: Lenora had a previous operation, possibly a hysterectomy.  
  She had a stroke and dropped dead.
                    i.   ALLEN5 WARREN, b. May 30, 1890; d. February 11, 1894.
          7.       ii.  JAMES ARTHUR WARREN, b. December 04, 1891; d. 
  February 06, 1965.
                  iii.   EMMA LOUISE WARREN, b. September 13, 1893.
          8.      iv.  NEIL CLIFFORD WARREN, b. October 06, 1895, Standish,
   Maine; d. September 12, 1976, Portland,  Maine.
                    v.   ALICE WARREN, b. January 31, 1897.
                   vi.   CURTIS ALTON WARREN, b. November 16, 1900.
                  vii.   SALLIE IRENE WARREN, b. March 16, 1902.
                 viii.   BENJAMIN WARREN, b. 1904.
          Notes for BENJAMIN WARREN:
          Benjamin was married a short time to a girl that worked for his 
          father. She left him and went to Texas. 
          She told my grandmother ( Clara Louise Bauckman Warren) "I 
          believe in treating them rough and telling them nothing".  It
          turned out that she was leaving him, but nobody knew it at the
          More About BENJAMIN WARREN:
          Medical Information: Benjamin Warren had asthma and diabetes.
                      Generation No. 5
   was born December 04, 1891, and died February 06, 1965.  He married GERTRUDE
  FLORENCE BOOTHBY March 06, 1911.
                    i.   WINONA GERTRUDE6 WARREN, b. March 23, 1912; m. PAUL GEORGE 
 CHAPMAN MORTON,  September 25, 1940.
          9.          ii.  ROLAND ELMORE WARREN, b. June 16, 1914; d. 
  February 1999, Fryeburg, Maine.
                  iii.   ALTON BOOTHBY WARREN, b. June 06, 1917; d. 
  December 20, 1945.
          10.         iv.  JAMES GORDON WARREN, b. July 05, 1926; d. 
  November 05, 1984.
          11.          v.  CHARLES RODNEY WARREN, b. October 06, 1926.
          12.         vi.  DONALD ARTHUR WARREN, b. February 27, 1931.
                  vii.   BEVERLY ELAINE WARREN, b. February 05, 1932; d.
   February 09, 1932.
          13.       viii.  HAROLD WENDALL WARREN, b. June 18, 1933.
          14.         ix.  RITA DAWN WARREN, b. April 21, 1936.
  was born  October 06, 1895 in Standish, Maine, and died September 12, 
  1976 in Portland, Maine.  He married (1) CLARA LOUISE BAUCKMAN December
  31, 1919 in Baldwin, Maine, daughter of HARRIET L. RICHARDSON.  He 
  married (2) CLARA LOUISE BAUCKMAN December 31, 1919 in Baldwin, 
  Steep Falls, Maine
  Enlistment Record
  Scale of Marks: 0,Bad; 1, Indifferent; 2, Good; 4, Very Good; 5, Excellent
  Name:  Neil C. Warren
  Rate:  F3c
  Enlisted:  February 9, 1918 at Portland, Maine
  For:  DW years
  Total Naval Service:  1 yr 8 months
  Served apprenticeship
  Gun Captain Certificate
  Certificate of Graduation P.O. School
  Seamen Gunner
  Citizenship:  US
  Ratings held during enlistment:  F3c, F2c, F1c
  Proficiency in Rating:  3.4
  Sobriety:  4
  Obedience:  4
  Average standing for term of enlistment:  3.8
  Signed:  E. J. Damon, Lieutenant, U.S.N.
  Discharged:  October 17, 1919 at Hingham, Massachusetts (certificate No. 
   (button delivered:  yes)
  War Service Certificate, United States Navy #169491
  "This certifies that Neil Clifford Warren, U.S.N. performed honorable 
  active service in the United States Navy from February 9, 1918 to 
  October 17, 1919 on board the following ships and stations:  NTS,
  Newport, R.I.; R/S at NY;  USS Bali;  USN Base 18;  USS Pastores;
  R/S at Boston.
  STATES AND  ALLIES IN THE WORLD WAR, 1917 - 1919, Vol. II Army N - Z, 
  published under the direction of James  W. Hanson, Adjutant General by Authority 
  of the State Legislature, 1929, Augusta, Maine, 1929 (Page  1192)
  Warren, Neil C.    162-98-53
  Born in Steep Falls, Maine, October 6, 1895
  Residence:  Steep Falls, Maine
  Enl:  USN, Portland, February 9, 1918
  F3c 173 days;  F2c 102 days;  F1c
  Served at:  NTS Newport, R.I. February 14, 1918 to March 24, 1918;  
  R/S NY March 24, 1918 to March  28, 1918;  USS Bali March 28, 
  1918 to November 11, 1918. Discharged R/S Boston, Massachusetts 
  October 17, 1919.
  Clara L. Warren
  East Baldwin--Clara L. Warren, 86, widow of Neil C. Warren, died Saturday
  at a Portland hospital.
  She was born in Boston, Massachusetts, the daughter of Ernest and Harriet
  Richardson Bauckman, and came to Maine at an early age.  She has lived in 
  the Baldwin area most of her life.  She attended Baldwin schools and 
  graduated from the former Cornish High School.
  Mr. Warren died in 1976.
  She was a member of the East Baldwin Congregational Church, a life
  member of the Mt. Etna Grange in North Baldwin and a former member
  of the Standish American Legion Auxiliary.
  Surviving are two sons, Carl D. Warren of Fryeburg and Ernest C. Warren 
  of East Baldwin;  a niece, Jean  Darling of Cumberland;  a brother, Harry 
  Bauckman of Zephyrhills, Florida;  a sister, Helen Merritt of  Westbrook; 
  six grandchildren and several great grandchildren.
  A funeral srvice will be held at 2 P.M. Wednesday at the East Baldwin
  Congregational Church with the Rev. Vesta Thompson officiating. Interment
  will be in the Steep Falls Cemetery.  Arrangements are by the Wood
  Funeral Home, Fryeburg.
  __________________________________________________________________________ __________
  WARREN--In Portland, December 6, Clara L., widow of Neil C. Warren of
  East Baldwin. Funeral Wednesday afternoon at 2 o'clock at the East 
  Baldwin Congregational Church.  Relatives and friends may call at the 
  Wood Funeral Home, Fryeburg, Tuesday afternoon and evening from 2 to 4 
  and 7 to  9.
  Marriage Notes for NEIL WARREN and CLARA BAUCKMAN:
  STEEP FALLS, Jan. 5, 1920
  Neil Clifford Warren is receiving congratulations upon his marriage last
  Wednesday to Miss Clara Louise Bauckman.  The home of Mr. and
  Mrs. Ernest Bauckman was prettily decorated in green and white and
  under an arch of the same decorations, their oldest daughter, Clara
  Louise was united in marriage to Mr. Warren.  The double ring service
  was used.  Rev. L.D. Tibbetts of the Free Baptist Church performed the
  ceremony.  Lohengrin's Wedding March was played by  Miss Mabel 
  The Bride was becomingly gowned in Copenhagen blue taffeta.  Mr. and
  Mrs. Warren are spending their  honeymoon in Portland.  Miss 
  Bauckman is the oldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Bauckman of East
  Baldwin, Maine. She attended the East Baldwin School and Cornish High 
  Mr. Warren is a son of Mr. and Mrs. James Henry Warren.  After finishing
  in the village schools he was employed by the Androscoggin Pulp 
  Company and 21 months ago enlisted in the navy.  He made nine trips 
  across the Atlantic on freighters and transports.
  Those attending the wedding were:  Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Richardson and 
  famly, Howard Richardson, D.T.  Richardson, Mrs. Mabel Richardson of
  East Baldwin, Mr. J.H. Warren and family of Steep Falls, Miss Harriet
  Ray of Hiram and Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Warren of Steep Falls.
  Children of NEIL WARREN and CLARA BAUCKMAN are:
          15.     i.  CARL DOUGLAS6 WARREN, b. February 13, 1923, East 
  Baldwin, Maine.
                   ii.   ERNEST CLIFFORD WARREN, b. March 13, 1924.

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