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My 2 x Great Grandparents ROBERT and ISABELLA EDGAR appear to have been from Donaghedy parish in Co Tyrone, although the details are a bit sketchy at present. This couple were certainly based in that area during the early part of the 19th century and had at least 4 children baptised in the local parish church during the 1830's - Mary, ? Jane, Robert and Ann. Robert was born in 1834 and could be by great-grandfather or an older sibling who died as an infant.

I have positively identified the death of my Gt. Gt. Grandmother at 39 Orchard Row, in the city of Derry on 27 March 1884. I know that my Gt Grandfather was living at that address in 1884 with his 2nd wife, Margaret Fleming and the death of Isabella Edgar was reported by Margaret Edgar, her daughter-in-law. Isabella was a widow at the time of her death and I think I may also have identified the death of her husband in 1869, but that has still to be confirmed. The problem is that this Robert Edgar died in Derry Infirmary and the death was registered by the doctor - no address and no family member .

My Great Grandparents
ROBERT EDGAR(c1841-1902) married ELLEN HUEY (c1841-1879)in 1st Donagheady Presbyterian Church in 1861 - Robert was working as a labourer in the townland of Prospect and Ellen was living at Fairview. Ellen's father and Robert Huey.

My grandfather, also ROBERT EDGAR was born in the townland of Eden in 1864,and within the next year or two the family moved to Derry city. In Derry my Gt Grandfather worked as a labourer in William Finlay's pork factory, alongside his brother James, who was a ham curer.

After Ellen died from TB in 1879 at the age of 38, Robert married MARGARET FLEMING from Donegal in Derry Cathedral.There were 6 children from the 2nd marriage, only one of whom, ISABELLA survived - all the others died as children or young adults. Isabella married ALFRED CHARLES HODGE in 1910 and they had at least 5 children.

. Eveline May, born 1910
. Alfred Charles, born 1912
. Robert Maurice, born 1913
. Mary, born 1916
. James Craig, born 1919

My grandfather ROBERT EDGAR married SARAH JANE ROCKS in First Derry Presbyterian Church in 1897. Their two eldest daughters, EVA and BERTHA, were baptised there before the family moved to Scotland in 1900. They settled in Partick, at that time a Police Burgh and now a district of Glasgow. and another 3 children were born there - GRETTA, ROBERT (my father ) and ERNEST.
My father married FLORRIE MULHOLLAND in 1936
My grandfather was in the Merchant Navy and was drowned in 1917 when his ship Ermine was sunk by a German U-boat.

was my grandfather's younger brother and was born in Bishop Street, Derry in 1866. He married ANNIE BURKE in 2nd Glendermott Presbyterian church on November 20, 1884 and they had at least 7 children.

. ELLEN JANE EDGAR, born 1886
. ROBERT EDGAR, born 1887
. THOMAS EDGAR, born 1889
. ROBERT EDGAR, born 1891
. SAMUEL EDGAR born c 1894
. HENRY EDGAR, born c 1897

It is likely that the first Robert died, as it was common practice to give a child the same name as a deceased sibling. The last record of the family in Derry that I have found was the birth of William in 1892. In 1901 the family were in Liverpool and there were another two sons, Samuel and Henry, but there is no mention of William John, so I assume that he had died. At least one of Samuel's sons (Robert) married and remained in Liverpool and has descendants still living in the area today.

appears to have been the only full sister of my grandfather and she married ROBERT AUSTIN, a postman, in St Augustine's Church of Ireland, Derry on July 8 1897. There were at least 5 children from the marriage.

. MATILDA AUSTIN, born 1898
. ROBERT AUSTIN, born 1902
. HUGH AUSTIN, born 1904
. GEORGE AUSTIN, born 1906

The Austins remained in Derry and they were living in McLaughlin's close in the 1911 census and Bessie registered the death of her stepmother in 1918. Bessie herself died in 1922 from TB at the age of 47. She was a widow and her death was registered by her daughter, Tillie Thompson.

Tillie, Hugh and Robert all married and had family, although Tillie and Hugh both died as young adults. Bessie has many descendants living in Co Londonderry and also a number in Canada.

I also have the birth records for 4 other children of Robert Edgar and Ellen Huey, all but one being born in Derry. WILLIAM JOHN EDGAR was born 1869 and there are three separate records for a JAMES EDGAR - 1861,1873 and 1874. I assume that the first two boys named James died, but I have no idea of what happened to the 3rd James or to William John.

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