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Descendants of David Edelmann



These pages originally had several suppositions to the origin of David Edelmann born (1768/69.)  Recently, (November 1999) information was published in the Bulletin of the Genealogical Society of Old Tryon County that cleared up the mystery of David Edelmann’s origin.

The eventual purpose of these pages is to follow the descendants of David Edelmann (1768/69) through their migrations across the United States particularly Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas and points west.

Editors Note:

We know the least about this lineage, but it is the proven source of my line. 

Very recently in a publication of the Bulletin of the Genealogical Society of Old Tryon County  in an article provided by the research of Philip Leonard and Miles Philbeck has proven the line of David Edelmann back to Germany.  Dr. Bill Eddleman provided the new information in an Email sent December 20, 1999.  I have sent for a copy of the publication that lists the research that Mr. Philbeck and Mr. Leonard.

This is the first concrete information that we have found on this line in quite some time.  The marriage of Maria Catharina Edelmann to Leonard Seiffert suggests a connection to Peter Eddleman of Rowan County North Carolina. More Information.


Editors Note:


There was at one time supposition that David Eddleman (1768/69) was related to the family known as Peter of Airlenbach. Johann Peter and Anna Margaretha Schäfer immigrated to America on 26 Oct. 1754 aboard the Brigantine Mary and Sarah, Thomas Aldrich, Captain, from Amsterdam, last from Portsmouth--inhabitants from Franconia, Wirtemberg, and the Palatinate. Passenger list includes Adam Schaffer, Peter Edelman, Johannes Edelmann; Joh. Georg Edelman and Hans Edelman (sick).  The similarity of names between these two families probably caused a great deal of the confusion.

Because of the confusion my family had believed that they were descended from one Rueben Eddleman supposed brother of Peter Eddleman born (August 15, 1762.) We know now that Rueben Eddleman was a descendant of David (born 1768-69) and apparently was not related to the Eddleman’s from Airlenbach.  More information on the Airlenbach family is found at the following link. Peter of Airlenbach. Another document that vaguely supports the Rueben theory was provided by Pearl Eddleman of Muskogee Oklahoma, this document was written in 1939 from information provided by her mother and father Mary Daugherty Eddleman and David Jones Eddleman. The likelihood that David (1768-69) was descended directly from this family is very slight, there might be some collateral relationship (Were they brothers?) between the family of Peter of Airlenbach and my ancestor Johann Peter  Edelmann.


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My Direct Line In Green


(I)Johann Peter Edelmann born 19 March 1715 in one of 3 villages in the Odenwald, Rothenberg, Hortelschutt or Hainbrunn.

+ (Is) Married 14 January 1749 to Maria Elisabetha Heckmann born 30 September 1725, daughter of Sebastian Heckmann

(II1) Johann Sebastian/Boston Edelmann born 1749 Died 18??

+ (II1s) Married 29 September 1797 to Susannah Gwaltney (Second Marriage?) 

(II2)Johannes Edelmann born 23 October 1751

+Married Elizabeth __________

(II3) Maria Catharina Edelmann born 18 September 1753

                                                + Probably Married Leonard Seiffert/Sifford

(II4) Johann Georg Edelmann born 26 March 1756, Baptized St. Paul’s Lutheran Church, Red Hill, Montgomery Co. Pa.

(II5)  Maria Elisabetha Edelmann born 11 March 1758, Baptized New Goshenhoppen, Montgomery Co. Pa.

                                                + Married George Stroup

(II6) Eva M. Edelmann born 8 August 1760, Baptized at Saint Paul’s Lutheran, Red Hill, Montgomery Co. Pa.

                                                + Married John Edwards

(II7) Peter Edelmann born 15 September 1762, Baptized at Saint Paul’s Lutheran, Red Hill, Montgomery Co. Pa.

(II8) Maria Magdalena “Molly” Edelmann born 24 February 1766, Baptized Trinity Lutheran Church, Reading, Bucks Co. Pa.

(II9) David Edelmann (born 1768-1769 died after 1829 in Ga.)

+Married Elisabeth Adams 24 Nov 1795

I also assume that this branch of the Edelman clan was related to the other Edelmann found in Bucks County. Vollentine or Valentine, and Justinian (Jost),  Trudi Edelman's Pennsylvania Time Line provides a great list of available Edelmann records in Pennsylvania with the sources documented in the list.

"Boston" Edelmann Sr. served guard duty at the Salisbury county jail during the Revolutionary War. S. Eddleman and P. Eddleman are listed together in early Rowan County tax roles as poles. Special Notes:

                          (II9)   David Edelman was born about 1768-1769 in Pennsylvania or N.C. died after 1829 in Ga.

                                        + Married Nov 24, 1795 in Lincoln Co. N.C.

                                       (II9s)Elizabeth Adams was born about 1775 in N.C.

(III1)   Moses Eddleman born 1796 in Lincoln Co. N.C. Died after 1861 in Georgia

(III1s) + Married Catherine Mooney 1818 Morgan Co. Georgia


Sara Eddleman, Birth: ? Death ?

+ Marriage: Jan 1, 1854 in Henry Co. GA

Jonathan Owen

Eli G. Eddleman, Birth : About 1821/1822 GA Death ?

+ Marriage: Apr. 4,1847 in Newton Co., GA

Elizabeth Delaney Mabrey


Hamilton Eddleman, Birth: About 1849/1850 Ga. Death: ?

William Reeves Eddleman Birth: 1853 Ga. Death: ?

Mary J. Eddleman Birth: 1859 Ga. Death: ?

George W. Eddleman Birth: 1864/1865 Ga. Death: ?

Henry C. Eddleman Birth: 1864/1865 Ga. Death:?

Mary Ann Eddleman, Birth About 1822 Ga. Death:?

+ Marriage: Nov. 5, 1842 in GA, Newton Co.

Benjamin E. Kitchens


Amanda Kitchens, Birth: About 1848 Ga.

Tabitha S. Eddleman, Birth: About 1821 Ga, maybe Newton Co.

Death: Ga., maybe after 1870 in Butts Co.

+ Marriage: Jan 30, 1845 in GA, Newton Co.

Robert G. Dick


James Moses Dick

William Moses Dick

John Francis Dick

Margarert Dick

Amanda Eddleman, Birth: 1825 Ga. Death ?

+ Marriage: Aug. 16, 1846 in GA, Newton Co.

George Kelly

David J. Eddleman, Birth: About 1831 Ga. Death: Sep. 17, 1862 Sharpsburg, Va.

+ Marriage: Aug. 7, 1851 in Newton Co., Ga.

Martha Elizabeth Carroll


Benjamin F. Eddleman Birth: 1854 Ga.

Williamson B. Eddleman, Birth: About 1832/1833 Newton Co., Ga. Death:?

+ Marriage: Jul. 7, 1853 in Newton Co., Ga.

Martha A. Denham


Martha E. Eddleman Birth: About 1857 Ga.

Frances Eddleman, Birth: About 1858 Ga.

John Calhoun Eddleman, Birth: Sep. 18, 1835 Newton Co., Ga.

Death: Sep. 17, 1911 Cullman, Cullman Co., AL

+ Marriage: Jul. 8, 1855 in Henry Co., Ga.

Sarah Henrietta Peak


Marie F. Eddleman Birth: About 1858 Ga.

Virginia B. Eddleman

Georgia Ann Eddleman

John Henry Eddleman

Laura Lee Eddleman Birth: 1868 Ga.

Rebecca Eddleman Birth: 1870 Ga.

David R. Eddleman

Susan E. Eddleman, Birth: About 1841/1842 Ga. Death: ?

+ Marriage: Apr. 21, 1861 in Butts Co., Ga.

John W. McBride

(III2)   Mary M. Eddleman born 1799 in N.C. Died Dec. 30, 1863 Newton Ga.

(III2s) + Married Archibald E. Laird


Appling M. Laird, Birth 18?? Death Dec. 1860 Newton Co. Ga.

Nancy W. Laird, Birth: About 1824 Ga. Death ?

James M. Laird, Birth Feb. 4, 1824 Newton Co. Ga. Death Feb. 11, 1905

William Parks Laird, Birth: ? Ga. Death ?

Richard M. Laird, Birth: 1829 Ga. Death ?

Franklin M. Laird, Birth: June 7, 1832 Ga. Death Feb. 27, 1864 Ga.

George M. Laird, Birth: 1833 Ga. Death Dec. 29, 1861 Richmond Va.

Thomas C. Laird, Birth: 1835 Ga. Death Apr. 23, 1862

John E. Laird, Birth: 1837 Ga. Death : Jun 2, 1862 Richmond Va.

Cosby Winfield Dawson Laird Birth : May 31, 1839 Newton Co. Ga.

Joseph Laird, Birth: 1848 Ga.

(III3)   John E. Eddleman Born 1801/1804 Lincoln Co. N.C.

Died AFT 1860 GA, Newton Co.                                                                             

(III3s) + Married Elizabeth C. Cruse Dec 16, 1824 in Newton Ga. Died


N. Eddleman, Birth: About 1834 Ga.

S.A. Eddleman, Birth: About 1836 Ga.

L.A. Eddleman, Birth: About 1838 Ga.

John H. Eddleman, Birth: About 1841 Ga.

George H. Eddleman, Birth: About 1845 Ga.

(III4)   Catherine Eddleman, Birth: 1806/1808 Walton Co. Ga.

Death: Oct. 10,1863 Al., near Notasulga

(III4s) + Married James M. Stanfield Mar. 3, 1825 in Newton Co. Ga.


Sarah Ann Elizabeth Stanfield

William Monroe Stanfield

James Madison Stanfield

Irene Emiline Stanfield

Permelia Caroline Stanfield

Nancy Jane Stanfield

John Stanfield Birth: 1840 AL, Dadeville

Death: 1840 AL, Dadeville

Mary Adeline Stanfield

George D. Stanfield Birth: 1847 Al., Dadeville

Death: Sep. 10, 1865 TN, Nashville CSA

(III5)   David Eddleman Jr. Birth: 1810 Licolnton, Lincoln Co, NC.

Death: 1883 Hood County Tx.

(III5s) + Married Elizabeth B. Thompson April 17,1831

Died December 18, 1852 near Little Rock Arkansas

Married: Nancy P. Earnest, Aug. 18, 1853 Died Sept. 3, 1861

Married: C.R. Joiner, July 14, 1867 Died May 5, 1871

Married: T.M.S. Moore Dec. 2, 1872


(III5-1) Alexander Eddleman Birth April 10, 1832 Ga.

Death: 1862/65 Died in Civil War

Married Jane Richardson in 1852 in Little Rock Arkansas

(III5-2) Columbus Eddleman Birth Feb. 4,1834 Ga.

Death: Jan. 9 1863 during Civil War

Married: Mary Earnest Aug. 31, 1854


Nancy E. Eddleman July 1855

James W. Eddleman Apr. 1857

George W. Eddleman Jan. 1859

Asberry W. Eddleman Feb. 1862-1935

Married: 1884, Didama Cox 1866-1932


John Newton Eddleman (? - 1960)

+ Married: Aileen Straub Taylor


Lillian Inez Eddleman (Living)

Charles Allan Eddleman (Living)

Betty Jane Eddleman (Died at 6 months old)

Shirley Mae Eddleman (Living)

James Richard Eddleman (Living)

Will Eddleman

Bessie Eddleman

Earl (Ernest ?) Eddleman

Ruby Eddleman

Thelma Eddleman

(III5-3) Mary Eddleman Birth March 28, 1836 Ga.

Death: Jan. 5, 1869 Bosque County Texas

Married: Frank Earnest Aug. 31, 1854


Martha M. Ann Earnest

John D. Earnest

Harvey Earnest

Franklin Earnest

Asberry Earnest

(III5-4) Sarah A. Eddleman, Birth: Feb. 5, 1838 Ga.

Death: Sept. 1923

Married John Mann


(III5-5) William C. Eddleman (Special Note #1 )

(Who is Tink Eddleman?)

Born in Georgia July 27, 1840

Died Jan. 1, 1917

+ Married Elizabeth LaForce 1-24-1864


Sarah Eddleman

Fannie Eddleman

James Eddleman

+ Married Josie Claybaugh

+ Married Emma McGuire 4-18-1875 in McLennon County Tx


Maudana Eddleman Born about 1876

David Henry Eddleman Born: 9-22-1878 Died 4-24-1943 in Ft. Worth Tx

Wesley Lowery (Larry) Eddleman Born: 10-19-1883 Died: 4-6-1967 Whitney, Hill County Tx

Asbury Frank Eddleman Born 1887

(III5-6) Asberry Franklin Eddleman (Uncle Doc) Born 1-17-1843 in Ga.

Died 3-28-1932 in Joshua Tx.

+ Married 9-10-1868 Millie Ann Warren

Died 2-14-1938 in Joshua Tx.


William D. Eddleman Born: June 15, 1869 Died: July 13, 1869

James Franklin Eddleman Born: Feb. 2, 1871 Died: ??

Thomas W. Eddleman Born: Jan. 2, 1873 Died: ??

Columbus E. Eddleman Born: Apr. 5, 1875 Died: ??

Grace E. Eddleman Born: July 27, 1878

Ettie Z. Eddleman Born: May 24, 1883 Died: ??

Reginald N. Eddleman Born July 10, 1885 Died: ??

Earl H. Eddleman Born: Feb. 24, 1897 Died: ??

(III5-7) David Henry Eddleman Born: March 10, 1845 in Ga.

Died August 22, 1918 in Tolar, Hood County Tx.

+ Married Sara V. Saunders (widow) About 1867 Born About 1842 in Arkansas.

Died 1911 in Hood County Tx.


John Saunders Born: 1862 Died ? (Special Note.)

William Saunders Born: 1864 Died ? (Special Note.)

Sarah Emma Eddleman Born: June 24, 1867 - Died 1948 Possible twin of James W. Eddleman

+ Married Feb. 22, 1885 to David Kelly


Lloyd Kelly

+ Married Lela LNU


Johnnie Kelly

Carl Kelly

James Kelly

Sally Kelly

Virgil D. Kelly

+ Married Thelma LNU


Virgil D. Kelly Jr.

Edward Kelly

Marjorie Kelly

Richard Kelly

Arlu Kelly

+ Married: Chester Graham


Juanita Graham

Hilda Graham

Mary Graham

Bessie Kelly

+ Married: FNU Cheek


Morgan Cheek

Hattie Kelly

+ Married: FNU Gillespie

Vinny Kelly

+ Married: FNU Timmons

Ruby Kelly

+ Married: FNU Thorton

+ Married Marcus Carter


George Carter

Merle Carter (Twin)

Earl Carter (Twin)

James W. Eddleman Born 1867 - Died sometime after 1870 possible twin of Sarah Emma Eddleman

Laura J. Eddleman Born: Nov. 7, 1871

+ Married Nov. 9, 1890 to D.D. Gartrell


Norman Gartrell

Alfred (Alfie) Gartrell

Raymond (Ray) Gartrell

Ola Gartrell

James Asbury Eddleman Born Apr. 22, 1874

Died May 12, 1956 Tolar Tx.

+ Married about 1894 Angelina Madura Mizel

Born: (12-15-1877) Died: (10-8-1918)


Thomas Lee (Dick) Eddleman Born 12-15-1894 Died Aug. 18,1961

+ Married Loretta Hillyard


Thomas Hillyard Eddleman (1925-1992)


Loretta Eddleman Willingham (Living)

Dana Eddleman (Living)

Michael Eddleman (1957-1988)

+ Married Bunn Covey Turner

Lura Eddleman Born 1897 Died 1983

+ Married Edgar Rice Jones about 1917


Virginia Lee Jones (1919-1990)

+ Married Joseph Krosier


William Krosier (Living)

Donald Krosier (Living)

Mary Jo Krosier (Died 1990)

+ Married Gordon Smith

Edgar Rice Jones Jr. (1927-Living)

Ida Eddleman Born ? Died ? (died in her teens)

Lucy Eddleman Born ? Died ? (died in her teens)

Morene (Rena) Eddleman Born 1906 died 1936

Henry Morgan Eddleman Born 1909 died 1985

+ Married Florence Laverne (Pat) Cline about 1936


Veda Darlene Eddleman (10-31- 1939 - living)

+ Married Darrell Burnett (1937-1991)


Morgan Dale Burnett (Living)

Brady Burnett (Living)

Jason Burnett (Living)

Jonathan Burnett (Living)

Patrick Henry Eddleman (1943-1987)

+ Married Jeannie H?


David Eddleman (Living)

Mark Eddleman (Living)

Aurie Eddleman, Born: (4-6-1913 Living)

+ Married Leo V. Laws (1911-1984)


James Gentry Laws (Apr. 1938-living)

+ Married Patsy


Jason Laws (Living)

Marcus Laws (Living)

Ameila Laws (Davis) (Oct. 4, 1941-Living)

+ Married Curtis Davis


Curtis Davis (Living)

+ Married 9-27-1920 Alta Woolard Hufstedler (Widow)

(Born 1-15-1881 Died 12-4-1944)


James Asbury Eddleman Jr. (Dec. 9, 1921-Living)

Photo about 1946

+ Married Dec. 1, 1947 Ft. Worth Tx. Margery Evelyn Meyer

Family Photo James and Margery's 50th Anniversary

James and Margery in the center of photo


Robert Bruce Eddleman (12-23-48 / 01-18-1972)

Wanda Sue Eddleman            (Living)

2nd from left in photo

+ Married David Massey 1980


Justin Massey (Living)

1st from left in photo

Jeremy Massey (Living)

On right in photo

Judy Evelyn Eddleman (Living)

2nd from right in photo

David Harvey Eddleman Born Jan. 31, 1924 Died June 13, 1971

+ Married 1943 San Antonio TX. Gladys Pearl Meyer


Carol Ann Eddleman (Oct. 26, 1947 / Oct. 26, 1995)

+ Married Artis J. Densman 1966


Laurie Ann Densman (Living)

+ Married David R. Rueben (1972)


Kristi Rueben (Living)

Brian Rueben (Living)

+ Married Jerald Marburger (1978)


Jason Marburger (Living)

Alan Marburger (Living)

Stephen G. Eddleman (Jul. 14, 1951 / Living)

+ Married Dec. 4, 1971 Donna Kay Lassmann


Michelle Elish Eddleman (Living )

Eric Ryan Eddleman (Living )

Mary Henrietta (Nettie) Eddleman Born: May 30, 1877 Died: 1960

+ Married: Tillman Young. Hobson Nov. 1, 1892 Born: June 28, 1868 Died: Jun 1, 1925


Rueben (Rube) Hobson

Augustus (Gus) Hobson

Naomi (Omey) Hobson Born: Jan 26, 1894

+ Married: FNU Kelly

Eunice Hobson

Mamie Hobson

Sidney (Sid) Hobson

(III5-8) Rueben Wesley Eddleman (Uncle Rube)

Born March 22, 1847 in Arkansas

Died June 26, 1925 in Cisco Texas.

+ Married Eliza Jane Lovell July 4, 1869


Georgia Elizabeth Eddleman Born: June 17, 1870 Brown County Died: Cisco Tx 1953

+ Married ??? Wilson


Laura Faye Wilson Born: 1905 - Living

+ Married ??? Duncan

William W. Eddleman Feb. 19, 1872 Died: ??

Alice Eddleman Born: Nov. 19, 1873 Died: ??

James David Eddleman Born: Oct. 18, 1875 Died: ??

Martha Ellen Eddleman Born: Nov. 17, 1878 Died: ??

Thomas F. Eddleman Born: Oct 2, 1880 Died: May 27, 188?

Baby Eddleman Born:1883 Died 1883

(III5-9) James M. Eddleman

Born August 17, 1849 in Arkansas Died: Sept. 17, 1925

+Married Lucretia Nichols June 20, 1869 Died: April 18, 1925


John L. Eddleman Born: Dec. 24, 1872 Died: Jan. 4, 1873

Sarah Elizabeth Eddleman Born: Nov. 5, 1874 Died: ??

Millie Ophelia Eddleman Born: Nov. 5, 1876 Died: Jan. 4, 1877

Annie Viola Eddleman Born: Feb. 24, 1880 Died: July 29, 18??

Mary Lucretia Eddleman Born Sept. 3, 1886 Died: ??

Myrtle Eddleman Born: Nov. 29, 1888 Died: ??

(III6) Rueben Augustus Eddleman was born in Walton Co., Ga. 1812. Died 1891 in TX

(III6s) +Married Mary Ann F. (Cruce or Cruse) in Newton Co., Ga., Mar. 18, 1830. Special Note #2

Children: Special Note #3

Columbus A. Eddleman

Born about 1831 in Ga.

Elizabeth Eddleman

Born About 1835 in Ga.

Alfred G. Eddleman

Born About 1840 in Ga.

Zelemna Eddleman

Born about 1842 in AL.

John Eddleman

Born about 1844 in AR.

Mary Eddleman

Born about 1846 in AR.

Willie Eddleman

Born about 1848 in AR.

(III6s2)+Married Francis Stroud (1827-1863)

Children: Special Note

William Harrison Eddleman (Born Ark. 1851-1932)

Eddleman-McFarland House Link

Dudley Eddleman (185? - Abt. 1932 Longview Texas)

(III7) William Eddleman was born in Walton Co., Ga. 1815. William died after 1870 in Bartow Co., Ga.

(III7s) Married Permelia S. Bailey July 15, 1837.


Emry Eddleman

Born about 1839 in Ga.

Fletcher Eddleman

Born about 1841 in Ga.

William H. Eddleman

Born about 1843 in Ga.

(III8) Nancy Ann Eddleman was born in Walton Co., Ga. about 1817.

(III8s) Married Patrick H. Buchanan Jan. 14, 1844.


(III9) Elijah Eddleman was born Walton Co., Ga. about 1819. Died after 1880.

(III9s) Married Malissa ??? in Bartow Co., Ga., about 1840.


Nancy Elizabeth Eddleman

Born about 1841 in AL.

Frances Eddleman

Born about 1843 in AL.

Ophelia H. Eddleman

Born about 1846 in Ga.

William Taylor Eddleman

Born about 1848 in Ga.

Thomas Jefferson Eddleman

Born Feb. 15, 1851 Newton Co. Ga.

Died June 1, 1936 Ft. Worth Tx.

Talulah Eddleman

Born about 1857 in Ga.

Daniel W. Eddleman

Born about 1859 in Ga.

Elijah Oscar Eddleman

Born about 1864 in Ga.



Bastian/Boston Notes: Bastian EDDLEMAN and Peter EDLEMAN also listed as poles. [Linn, Jo White. 1980. Abstracts of wills and estates records of Rowan Co., N.C. 1753-1805, and Tax Lists of 1759 and 1778. Salisbury, N. C.]


David Notes:

There has been a great deal of speculation as when David Edelman was born, speculation runs from 1765 through 1775. I believe that his birth took place in 1774. I think this because of the following documentation from the 1800 Federal Census. Census records show the following:

David Eddleman is listed in the 1800 Federal census for Lincoln County, NC "two males under 10, 1 male 26 and under 45"

Census records usually included the age of the head of household along with the other members of that gender. If the head of household were male he would be listed with the other males. The records show "1 male 26", if he was that male then he would have been born in about 1774.


 Cruse Notes:

Bible records show that her name was Mary Ann F. Cruce, other written records show that the Cruse family was well known and documented in Newton County Georgia at this time. The brother of Rueben Augustus, John E. Eddleman married another Cruse in 1824, it seems likely that the women were sisters and that the name was misspelled "Cruce" in the Bible.

There is also another earlier connection to the Cruce/Cruse family, in the late 18th century other Eddleman in North Carolina and later in Georgia, married into the Cruse/Cruce family.

Rueben Notes:

Rueben Augustus (V6) has been reported to be Methodist Minister that married at least three times and had at least 16 known children. His descendants populated much of Arkansas, Texas and Oklahoma. His son William Harrison Eddleman was one of eight children from his second marriage. He became a highly successful banker, rancher and businessman in the Ft. Worth Texas area. He purchased the Ball mansion in Fort Worth, which became known as the Eddleman-McFarland house. His only child was Caroline Aurelia Eddleman McFarland, wife of well-known rancher and banker F. Hays McFarland.


Tink Notes:

On August 28, 1998 I received a copy of the family record of David Eddleman (1810-1883) written by his son Asberry F. Eddleman. In this document he lists William C. Eddleman born in 1840 in Georgia and Died in 1917 as his brother. I believe that this is truthful but disagrees with the memories of my Uncle James A. Eddleman who was born in 1921. He remembers visting his Uncle Tink in the early 1930's and provided a picture of him and his wife for this web site. Who was Uncle Tink. We have assumed that he was William who lived in Lingleville Texas until his death in the early 1930's. More investigation is needed to sort this out, so for the time being the information on William O'Butler Eddleman while factual doesn't mean that he is a known descendant of David born in 1810. I have recently received an article naming A.W. Eddleman of Bosque County as "Uncle Tink." A.W. Eddleman was the son of Columbus Eddleman who died in 1863 during the Civil War.


Sanders Notes:

John and Will Saunders appear living in the household of David and Sara V. (Eliza?) Eddleman, as documented by Hood County school records in the 1870's. These children are remembered by my Uncle James Eddleman as "Uncle John and Uncle Will." I have recently received a copy of David and Eliza Eddleman's wedding license. On this license Eliza is listed as Mrs. S.V. Saunders, I am at this time unsure if my great-grandmother's name was Eliza or Sara. The license was issued in Bosque County Texas, in the same packet of information I was given a copy of the marriage license of Rueben W. Eddleman (Uncle Rube) who was married to an Eliza Jane Lovell.  

Special Thanks

Thanks to all my Eddleman cousins for the help putting this information together, Spencer Laird, Dr. William Eddleman, James A. Eddleman, Tex Dick, Vernon Drewa, Marshall Wicker, Dr. Harold Eddleman and everyone else on rootsweb . Please join rootsweb and help us with the Eddleman family tree.


Comments about or corrections to this page can be sent to  S. G. Eddleman