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Meyer Family History

Associated families: Eddleman, Parker, Hull, Cline, Shuford, Crosby, Scoville

This page is constantly under construction Last Modified 10-OCT-1998

This is a first attempt at compiling a web based document for all the descendants of our original Meyer ancestors that immigrated to America in the 19th century and the associated families that they and their descendants joined. There is no new information here for now, just information that I have gathered from a variety of sources from with in the family. Robert S. Meyer, Ruby Parker Skrabanek, and Clyde Hull.

Our first Meyer ancestors to come to America were Simon and Genovefa Maier entered the United States in 1883, at this time I do not know which port they entered or on when they entered. That information will be added as soon as I locate it. Simon and Genovefa first settled in the large German community around St. Paul Minnesota and stayed there at least 2 years. Sometime after 1884 they migrated to Lavaca County Texas. When they entered the United States they brought with them their son Johann Maier with them they also took the minor daughter of Franz Wagner, Anna Wagner age 12 years.


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