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History of the Eddleman Family


Editors note: Many of these dates have since been found to be incorrect. The reader has to remember that usually the least reliable way to gather hard information about a family history. Legends, myths and exaggerations by our ancestors often gets passed on as fact. Any place that I can verify as being incorrect will be noted and pointers to correct information will be provided. These questionable or obviously false areas will be marked as blue links. By clicking on these links the reader will be directed to verifiable information.


Early History of the Eddleman Family, as related by David Jones Eddleman, who was born June 2, 1834, as it was told him by his father, James Eddleman, who was born February 22, 1799, the son of Peter Eddleman, Jr., who was born on the ocean August 15, 1762, while his parents were en route to America from Germany. Said parents being named Jacob or Peter Eddleman Sr. and Margaret Sharer Eddleman.

In the year 1762, Eddleman, Sr., his wife, Margaret Sharer and their four sons Jacob, John, Robert, and Rueben, left Germany on an emigrant ship bound for America. Another son, Peter Eddleman Jr., was born on the ocean en route, on August 15, 1762.

During that period it is known that large numbers of Germans arriving in America went first to Pennsylvania and apparently Peter Eddleman, Sr., and his family went there first; from there they went to what is now North Carolina.

Jacob Eddleman, the oldest son remained in North Carolina, and raised twelve sons, many of whom were millwrights. Of them we have no definite knowledge.

John Eddleman died without issue.

Robert Eddleman settled in what is now South Carolina, and raised several sons, but of this family we have no record.

Rueben Eddleman went to Georgia and raised a number of sons and daughters. Of these we know little except that some of them remained in that State, in and near Atlanta; some of his descendants went to Louisiana and some to Texas.

It is not understood that Peter Eddleman (Jr.) ever had any communication with his brothers after the Revolutionary War. Apparently some or all of these older boys served in that war, but as to this we have no definite information.

These older brothers of Peter Eddleman, (Jr.,) having raised families, it is natural to suppose that one or more of them would name a son for their father Peter Eddleman Sr., which might account for the many persons of that name in different localities. Then there might have been others of the Eddleman name coming over from Germany who might also have carried the same name.

At an early age Peter Eddleman (Jr.,) became acquainted with and followed Daniel Boone into Kentucky, where he took up his residence, and at the age of nineteen married Rachel Elrod, his senior by about six months. They made a settlement in a cane brake, about nine miles from where Lexington now stands, improved a farm thereon, where they lived, died and were buried, never leaving this farm during their lifetime. They celebrated their seventy-fifth wedding anniversary, and she preceded him in death by about six months, both having passed their 95th birthday; She died in January, 1856 and he died in Sept. 1856.


To Peter Eddleman, Jr., and Rachel Elrod Eddleman, his wife, were born two sons and four daughters, as follows:

Margaret Eddleman, born May 22,1785, known as "Peggy" in the family; married Turner House. Died Robert Eddleman born October 22, 1786; died August 13, 1872; married Hannah Jones, who died June 5, 1835; he afterwards married Anne Tinsley. After her death he married her sister.

Sarah Eddleman or "Sallie" as she was called, born Dec. 19, 1791; married Jess, Barker; date of her death not recorded.

Mary Eddleman, called "Polly", born April 9, 1792; when she was quite old, after her father’s death, married a man named Forney; date of her death not of record here.

*James Eddleman, born February 22, 1799; died July 7, 1846, in Missouri, near where the town of California now stands; he was born in Kentucky. Married Cynthia Ann Douthitt. She was born Dec. 21, 1801, and died in 1878 or 1879.

Elizabeth Eddleman, or "Betsy" as she was called, was born Oct. 24, 1801. Records are that she never married.

Mary and Elizabeth Eddleman, known as "Polly" and "Betsy", lived with and took care of their parents (Peter and Rachel) until both had passed on, then put in a claim for most of the property, including slaves, cattle, furniture, etc, for their services. This information is contained in a letter from Robert Eddleman to Cynthia Douthitt Eddleman, dated Fayette County, Kentucky, Sept. 12, 1857, original of which is in my possession. From other correspondence, it is learned definitely that the graves of Peter, his wife, Rachel, and these two daughters are on this farm, which in 1922 was owned by descendants of the Barker family.

*James Eddleman and Cynthia Ann Douthitt had six sons and three daughters, as follows:

Robert William Eddleman, born Feb. 10, 1825; died Nov. 13, 1904. Married Elvina Cook Oct. 28, 1851; she died April 18, 1897.

Thomas Jefferson Eddleman, born Nov. 6, 1826; died Aug. 10, 1856. Never married. James Peter Eddleman, born July 15, 1829; died in 1910. Married Evaline A. Shaw, Feb. 14, 1855; married second time to Bettie Crawford.

Mary Eddleman, born Dec. 21, 1831; died April 101 1931; married James H. C. Jones April 3, 1851.

David Jones Eddleman born June 2, 1834; died Nov. 15, 1922.

Married Mary Daugherty April 15, 1865; she was born April 12, 1848. Died Dec.

14, 1942


George Washington Eddleman born April 27, 1836; died April 28, 1850; never married.

Martha Nerissa Eddleman, born Nov. 4, 1838; died_______________ married twice first to Major Walcott, and after his death to a man named Cook.

Marcellus Ford Eddleman, born Oct. 28, 1840; died married twice first wife Lou Denton; second wife Etta Porter.

Eliza Ann Eddleman born Dec. 4, 1843; died Jan. 2, 1928; married J. C. Blake Feb. 24, 1867. We knew him as "Uncle Gabe".

David Jones Eddleman and Mary Daugherty Eddleman had six daughters and three sons, as follows:

Pearl Eddleman, born November 16, 1869, in Denton, Texas.

Sardius George Eddleman, born July 12, 1871; died June 15, 1916. Married to Fannie Small Oct. 6, 1906.

Myrta Eddleman, born June 23, 1873. Married Walter J. Sams Dec. 25, 1897. Died Oct. 8, 1954.

A. Zur Eddleman, born Nov. 18, 1875. Married Ruth New, June 27, 1909.

Ora V. and Cuvier Eddleman, twin girls, born Sept.17, 1880; Cuvier died June 14, 1881. Ora V. Eddleman married Charles L. Reed April 6, 1904.

Mary Lee Eddleman, born May 23, 1882; died May 14, 1884.

Erna Wayne and David William, twins girl and boy, born April 2, 1885. David

William died Oct. 14, 1885. Erna Wayne married Martin Gilbert Miller, Jr., Dec 6, 1911.

All of above children were born in Denton, Texas.

Sardius George Eddleman and Fannie Small Eddleman had two sons, as follows:

Thomas Harold Eddleman, born Oct. 12, 1908; married Claire C. McDermott in Rawlings, Wyoming, March 16, 1936.

S. George Eddleman, Jr., born Jan. 27, 1911. Married Jewel Marie Simmons August 25, 1933 in Wagoner, Oklahoma.

Both born in Oklahoma. Harold in Muskogee, and George (or June) as he is known, in Broken Arrow.


Myrta Eddleman Sams and Walter J. Sams had one son, Ernest Eddleman Sams, born Oct. 24, 1898; he married Delma Millard in Oklahoma City, in June 1928. Ernest born—in Muskogee, I.T.

A. Zur Eddleman and Ruth New Eddleman had five children two girls and three boys, as follows:

Mary Alice Eddleman born May 21, 1910; near Muskogee, Okla.

Myrta Eddleman, born April .12, 1912; married Robert Lee Bowen June 24, 1934, in Muskogee, Oklahoma.

A. Zur Eddleman, Jr., born Nov. 10, 1914, near Muskogee, Okla. Houtz New Eddleman and David Jones Eddleman, twin boys, born July 18, 1915, near Muskogee, Oklahoma.

Ora V. Eddleman Reed and Charles L. Reed had four children, as follows:

Charles Reed, born Nov. 2, 1906; died ten days later.

Unnamed infant daughter born Nov. 4, 1910; died a few days later.

LeRoy Sessler Reed, born June 30, 1912, in Muskogee, Okla.

David Eddleman Reed, born June 19, 1915, in Muskogee, Okla.

Erna Wayne Eddleman Tuller and Martin G. Miller, Jr., had one son, Martin Gilbert Miller, born Dec. 20, 1912, in Muskogee, Okla.

Erna’s husband was killed in an automobile accident in Muskogee, Oklahoma June 27, 1916.

Thomas Harold Eddleman and Claire McDermott Eddleman have one child, a daughter, Marion Claire, born August 20, 1937.

S. George Eddleman Jr. (June) and Jewel Marie Simmons Eddleman have one daughter and one son, as follows: Martha Jean Eddleman, born June 7, 1934; Clifford Wayne Eddleman, born May 27, 1937 in Arizona. The girl was born in Okmulgee, Okla.


Myrta Eddleman Bowen and Robert Lee Bowen have on child, a girl, Kathleen, born May 3, 1935, in Muskogee, Okla.


All of the above is of date February 16, 1939.

Record of Pearl Eddleman, 506 Market Street,

Muskogee, Oklahoma.



(I) The family of Peter Edelman apparently came to America in 1754 as documented by published ship lists.

1754 - 26 Oct. 1754--Brigantine Mary and Sarah, Thomas Aldrich, Captain, from Amsterdam, last from Portsmouth--inhabitants from Franconia, Wirtemberg, and the Palatinate. Passenger list includes Adam Schaffer, Peter Edelman, Johannes Edelmann; Joh. Georg Edelman and Hans Edelman (sick).

(II) Peter Edelman was married to Margaretha Schäfer, not Margaret Sharer. If the name was read from hand written documentation the umlaut over the "a" and the "f" might have been confused with an "af" therefore Schäfer becomes Sharer.

(III) Of these names only John (Johannes) Edelman appears on the ship list. Johann Peter Edelman and Anna Margaretha Schäfer were married on 27 April 1752; it would be difficult for them to have four sons by 1754.

Listed below is a list of children of Peter and Margaret Schäfer as taken from the will of Peter Eddleman. Son Richard and Rueben are not mentioned. I believe that Robert and Rueben if they existed were relatives of Peter Sr. possibly sons of a brother or cousin.

Peter Edelman - Margaret Schäfer


Peter Edelman survived father Peter Sr.

Jacob Edelman survived father Peter Sr.

John Edelman died before father Peter Sr.

daughter Margaret Edelman inherited from grand-father Peter Sr.


Barbary Edelman Gross

Julian Edelman Roberts

Christen Edelman Randolph


Peter and Margaret were married in 1752 in Germany, there is documented that in 1757 in Bucks county Pennsylvania Jost Edelman married Christiana Schaeffer.

Feb. 22, 1757: Jost Edelman m. Christina Schaeffer, Bedminster Twp., Bucks Co., Tohickon. German Reformed Church, Tohickon Union Church. PA German Church Records, Vol II.

Was Christiana a sister of Peter's wife Margaret, there were other Eddleman in Bucks co. at this time as documented below.

June 26, 1760: Birth of Maria Barbara Edelman, d. of Vollentin or Valentine Edelman or Idleman and Elisabeth, bapt. Oct.30, 1760. Bedminster Twp., Bucks Co. Tohickon Union Church. "PA German Church Records, Vol. II." (2nd entry: German Reformed Church.) (3rd entry: Salisbury Twp., Lehigh Co. Jerusalem Reformed Church.)


In 1789 Peter Edelman had a will written in it he acknowledges his heirs and children, there is no mention of any sons other than Peter and Jacob and Margaret Edelman the daughter of his deceased son John. If he had other sons Rueben or Robert then they preceded him in death and left no heirs. This points to someone other than Peter as being the father of my line. Perhaps it is Vollentin or another unnamed Edelman that was related to Peter's family. David Jones Eddleman states that his grandfather was Peter Eddleman born August 15,1762 there was another Peter Edelman born in Bucks county in Nov.14, 1764. He was the son of Boston (Sebastian Eddleman and Sara Pratt.

We know that the mid-18th century in Bucks county Pennsylvania there were several Eddleman families. Peter and Margaret Schafer Eddleman, Valentine and Elizabeth Eddleman, Jost and Christiana Schafer Eddleman and Boston (Sebastian) and Sara Pratt Eddleman. Were they related to one another, were they all from the same region of Germany? It seems likely that they all originated in Beerfelden Parish (North of Eberbach in Odenwald, Germany). There are many links that tie them to this area.

Harold Eddleman has collected a large collection of information from many Eddleman researchers that document this information. This link will take you to this information.


1789 - Will written, as follows (from copy of original)
In the Name of God Amen.
I Peter Edelman being sick and weak of body but of sound and purfect sense and memory thanks be to Almighty God for the same do make and ordain this my last will and testament.
First and formost I Kuommend? by soul into the hand of Almighty God who gave it me and my body to the Earth to be decently buried at the discretion of my Executors hereafter named _____?. What wordly goods its hath pleased Almighty God to ___? upon me I give and bequeath as follows my will and ___? is that all by debts and funeral expenses be first paid and dischearged.
Item I lend to my beloved wife Marget Edelmon all my land and plantation wheare on I now live on Turner's Creek Adjoining Matthias Steelmon & John Jonas' land durin her Neatorl life and at her Decease to ___ unto my two sons Peter Edelman & Jacob Edelman to be Equely Divided betwen Two Peter & Jacob Edelman.
Item I also lend to my wife Marget Edelman one waggon & [5] Horse Critters (to wit) one Black Mare one g! ray Horse one Bay Horse & Two Black Horses together with all the grass belonging to said waggon Durin her natural life and at her Deseas to be Disposed of at the Descresion o her & my Executors herafter menshed.
Item I lend to my Beloved wife Marget Edelman all my Stock of Veal Cattel Hoggs & sheep and House Hole furniture During her Natoral life or widow hoode & Incase she Should Marry or Die to be Equaly Divided Between my Two Sons Peter Edelman Jacob Edelman & my Son John Edelmans Daughter Marget Edelman & my Three Daughters Barbary Grose Julian Roberts & Christen Randolph, and all the Rest & Residue of my wourldly good I levae to my Beloved wife Marget Edelman to pay my Debts & funorel charges and I do hereunto Constistute & Appoint my said wife Marget Edelman my Execuqx(?) & my Trusty Friends Jacob Speer & Henry Speer my Executors of this my last will and testament and I do hereby Revoke and Disallow and make void all former wills by Me heretofore made or Spoken
In Witness Whereof I have herunto set my hand this 7th Day of Jany 1789.
His Witnesses Present:
Georg ______ Jurat mark Peter (X) Edelman
John (I) Bohannon
Patrick (P) Burns
Joseph Rutledge

Recorded Augt. term 1789, Surry County Court 1789 Surry Co. Court, Session of 16 May 1789. Last will and test. of Peter Eddleman, decd. Oa George Rennigar - Henry Speer Execr qualified-Margaret Eddleman, widow and relict of decd. enters her desent to sd Will & prays her thirds & dower may be laid off;
Ord Sheriff summon Jury to premises & lay off her thirds & dower according to law.
[Absher, Mrs. W. O., and Mrs. R. K. Hayes. undated. Surry County, North Carolina Court Minutes (1786-1789). North Wilkesboro, N. Car.]

1793 Surry Co. Land Entries-- page 86, 643. W issd. Dec. 2, 1793 Charles Hunt jr enters 640 ac in Surry Co on waters of Turners Cr; border: Joshua Harbin, Eddleman, & Matthias Steelman desc. Pruitt, A. B. 1988. Abstracts of land entrys: Surry Co. NC 1784-1795.

1795 Surry Co. Land Entries--page 211, 1501 (492). cert. given. Jul. 24, 1795 Isaac Uptegrove enters 50 ac in Surry Co on waters of Turners Cr; border: Peter Eddleman, Henry Renniger, & Charles Hunt. Pruitt, A. B. 1988. Abstr/acts of land entrys: Surry Co. NC 1784-1795. Surry Co., N. Car.



(IV) I have no information on any of these sons. Rueben has been suggested as the possible father of the David Edelman line (1765/1770.) This does not seem feasible to me since any son of Peter and Margaretha would not be old enough to be the father of David Edelman unless his birth date was as late as 1775. There is some documentation that he was born in 1770.