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Philip Ausemus Jr.

Born March 19 1788 Washington County, Tennessee
Died December 30, 1856 Morgan Co., Illinois

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Philip Ausemus [Jr.] was the youngest child of Philip Ausemus and Catharine Bollinger, widow of Isaac Bollinger. Philip's father was nearing the age of 60 when Philip was born near Sinking Creek in Washington County, Tennessee, just one mile south of present day, Johnson City.† According to tradition, [4] Philip Jr. was a primitive Baptist minister, however this author has not found a single reference that he preached. When the 1850 census was taken Philip and his wife listed their assets that were far above the average and Philip listed his occupation as farmer. Philip purchased tens of thousands of acres of land in Bond, Morgan and Brown County, Illinois and even purchased some land in Van Buren County, Iowa. Philip, like most early pioneers along the frontiers purchased land and subdivided and resold for a profit.

Philip died in December 1856 and at the age of 68. He lies buried next to his lifelong wife, Deida in Walnut Grove Cemetery (Moss Cemetery), not far from Concord in Morgan County, Illinois where they lived most of their lives. 

Much of the information within comes from Harry L. Ausmus' book, Ausmus Family History; 1963; This book compiled information on Philip Jr. from from Grace Ann Klein, Lloyd Andrew Ausemus and John Franklin Valentine who contributed stories, research and photos.

1799 (age 11)
When Philip was 11, his family moved to Powell's Valley in what would become Speedwell, Tennessee, where Philip and his older brothers helped their father build a log home near his relatives adjacent to the Davis Creek Baptist Church.

November 6, 1802 (age 14)
Philip's older brother, John Ausemus was admitted to the Davis Creek Baptist Church by experience.

c1809 (age 21)
Before Philip reached the age of 21 in 1809, Philip's father dies in Powell Valley, Claiborne County, Tennessee at about the age of 81.


Philip moves to Bedford Tennessee

c1811 (age 23)
Philip leaves Powell Valley and moves with his brothers and their families west to Bedford County, Tennessee. Bedford was created in 1807. At one point it was the most populous county in the State of Tennessee but has progressively lost population since its peak in 1809 [5].

According to [3], there were six or seven Hill families in Bedford County, Tennessee. Cross referencing the families within the two areas it is possible to estimate the families that traveled together.

Brattain or Bratton


Feb 1, 1815 (age 26)
Philip married Deidamiah Bratton (15 Jan 1800 - 1 Mar 1853) in Bedford County, Tennessee. "Deida" was the daughter of Benjamin Franklin†Bratton, and Mary Hill, from Randolph County, North Carolina.Benjamin was born about 1767 and died about 1820 in Bond County, Illinois, where the Ausmuses settled. He was the son of Robert and Mary (Millikan) Bratton. Their fist child, Mary Hill Brattain (1771 - 18 Jan 1849) Traveled with the Ausmus family to Morgan County, Illinois. She was buried besideDeidaand Philip Ausemus in Moss Cemetery in Morgan County, Illinois. Their oldest daughter, Rachael Brattain (b. 1796)married William Moss. Their second daughter Delilia Brattain (b. 1798) married John Box, a Davis Creek Baptist Church member. According to Deida's daughters, Jane Ausemus and Rachael (Ausemus) Standley in the 1880 census, Deida was born in South Carolina. This could be true as there was a very large contingent of South Carolinians that settled in Powell Valley, Tennessee.

Philip and his wife left Powell's Valley and moved to Bedford, Tennessee where Philip's older brother, John had recently moved. Philip's older brother, Peter Ausemus moved nearby to Williamson County, Tennessee.

2 Dec 1815 (age 27)
Philip and Deida had their first child, Margaret Ausemus who was born in Bedford County, Tennessee. She married Madison Clayton on August 27, 1832, in Morgan County, Illinois just after his return from fighting in the Black Hawk War (Arnett's Company). Madison was born c1807 in Tennessee. Madison and Margaret can be seen living next to Philip and Deida when the 1850 census was taken for Morgan County. They left issue.

15 Feb 1817 (age 28)
Philip & Deida give birth to Catherine Ausemus was born in Bedford County, TN [3]. She was named after Philip's mother but died in Bond County, Illinois sometime before 1818 Census was taken [3].


Philip moves to Illinois

From the time emigration poured into this golden land [Madison County, Illinois circa 1820] of promise, the wild praries were fenced, plowed and sown, rank wild grass yielded corn, wheat, oats, etc. Homes were established, fruit trees planted, live stock imported and the savages, hunting grounding converted into as charming a farming region as beautifies the earth. [7]

1817 (age 29)
Philip, his wife and two young daughters move with the Ausmus brothers and their families to Bond County, Illinois.

3 Jan 1818 (age 29)
Philip Ausmas "of Bond County", youngest of the Ausmus brothers,  becomes the first Ausmus to purchase land in Illinois [1]. He pays $150 for 320 acres. No description of land was given in index.

6 Jan 1819 (age 30)
Philip and Deida give birth to Susannah Ausemus in Bond County, Illinois. According to the 1820 she died the same year.

24 Apr 1820 (age 32)
The act of Congress reducing the price of the public lands from $2.00 to $1.25 per acre was passed on the 24th day of April and took effect on the first day of July thereafter Very little land, if any, had been sold in Morgan county before this time. In a book entitled the "Annals of the West" we learn that there were in 1823 in Morgan County about seventy-two families. In 1821 there were but twenty families in (now) Morgan, Cass and Scott Counties [7].

1820 Census
Philip Osmus is engaged in agriculture and is listed in the US census for Powers Township, Bond County, Illinois.
Philip Osmus age 26-45 [age 32]
daughter under ten: [Margaret Ausemus; age 5]
Deidamiah age 16-26 [age 20]


13 Mar 1821 (age 32)
Philip & Deida give birth to Mary Ann (Polly) Ausemus who was born in Bond County, Illinois and married John B. Liles on August 1, 1839 in Morgan County, Illinois. On 5 Nov 1832 John B. Liles, who was born in Rutherford, North Carolina can be seen enlisting in the US Army in Vandalia, Illios, Capt. Duncan. John served with his older brother, James E. Liles. They were both likely to fight in Illinois' Black Hawk war. He was discharged Aug 14, 1833 [9].  A Mary Liles can be found as head of household when the 1830 State Census was taken for Morgan County.

4 Nov 1822 (age 34)
Philip & Deida give birth to Sarah Ausemus who was born†in Bond County, Illinois. She was named after Philip's sister. She died on February 12, 1916 in Morgan County, Illinois. She married Isaac Moss on December 2, 1841 in Morgan County. Isaac Moss (Senior) can be seen listed next to Philip when the 1835 State Census was taken for Morgan County. At this point, Sarah was age 13. A look of enlistments into the military reveal an Isaac W. Moss enlisting in Company F within the first regiment out of Alton, Illinois on June 27, 1846 [11]. According to's Oneworld Tree, and [3], they had three sons and one daughter before he died circa 1848.  She married James Solomon two years later.

21 April 1824 (age 36)
Philip & Deida give birth to Matilda Ausemus [pictured at right]. She was born†in Bond County, Illinois. She died on October 11, 1906 and married Dr. William Stanley on June 24, 1842 in Morgan County Illinois. He was born October 21, 1821 in Bedford or Robertson County, TN but a search of names in the censuses reveals Powell Valley, Claiborne County roots. He died on March 4, 1905. Dr. Standley was the first child of Noble and Nancy (Smart) Stanley, born in Henrico County, Virginia. They can be seen living next to each of their parents in the 1840 census for Morgan County, Illinois. When the 1850 census was taken, their two oldest daughters have the name, Nancy and Deida, in homage to each of their beloved mothers. Matilda, at age 24 is attending school and William is a farmer. The 1870 census for Albany, Miller Township, Gentry County, Missouri shows William as a physician. The 1900 census explicitly states her dob at April 1824. They'd been married 61 years and had 15 children, 10 of which were living in 1900.

11 Feb 1827 (age 39)
Philip & Deida give birth to Rachael Ausmus who was born in Morgan County, Illinois. She died on July 25, 1916 and married Richard Stanley  October 1, 1846 in Morgan County, Illinois. Richard was born February 4, 1828 and accumulated above average wealth. He died June 28, 1919. They are buried in Walnut Grove (Moss) Cemetery in Morgan County, Illinois. Richard's oldest brother, William married Matilda Ausmemus, Rachel's sister. More can be read about this line in the book "
Historical encyclopedia of Illinois and History of Morgan County", pg 950.

1 Aug 1827 (age 39)
Philip and Deida use cash to purchase 80 acres of land [see certificate below] in Morgan County, Illinois.

8 Jun 1827 (age 39)
Philip Ausemus and Deida paid $10,000 to purchase 8,000 acres of land in Illinois.

c1828 (age 37)
Philip and Deida give birth to son, Thomas Ausmus. Tradition [3] has confused the birth date of Thomas with two other Thomases of the same era and location. One was born in 1837 and married Martha A. and the other had the occupation of a cooper (b 1825). Philip's son was a farmer as shown New Berlin Township, Sangamon County, Illinois when the 1880 census was taken who stated his age as 52, giving a birth date of 1828. He states that he is married but his wife is not in the household. There is another Thomas  (c1825 - ?) who was a cooper (barrel maker) and can be seen living next to his father, Philip Ausmus (1804 - 2 Feb 1877) who was also a cooper. This Thomas was married to a Sarah (__) born in 1841. Thomas "the farmer" has two children: William T. and Joyce A. Ausmus.

Reference #3 states that Thomas Bond Ausmus

        FHL microfilm #1311549; Schuyler County Courthouse Book D, 1877-1907, Pages 11 - 20 License No.: 7087 Huntsville - 14 Jan. 1879 - John Young, Mattie Young - Thos. B. Ausmus, M. G.

6 Apr 1829 (age 41)
Philip and Deida use cash to purchase 80 acres of land in Morgan County, Illinois.

1830 (age 42)
Sometime before June of 1830, Philip and Dieda gave birth to Henry Ausmus in Morgan County, Illinois.†He is listed in the 1850 census at age 20 living with his father. Henry first married Milly Holliday on 14 Mar 1853 then married, Hannah Ann Holliday (1836-?) in Morgan County, Illinois on 4 Jan 1855 [6]. They can be found in the 1860 census for Bethel in Morgan County, Illinois. Hannah was born in Illinois and was the daughter of Joseph and Milly (__) Holliday. Joseph was born in England and Milly was born in Tennessee. Henry and Hannah had at least one son whose name was Charles.

June 1830 (age 42)
US  Federal Census for Morgan County, Illinois: 200010100000+3210010000000. This family is expected to be:

Age 40-50 born 1780-1790 - Philip born 1788
Age 20-30 born 1800-1810 - [Joseph b. c1808]
Under 5 -son [Thomas b. c1828]
Under 5  - son [Henry, newborn]

Margaret (15)
Mary/Polly (9)
Sarah (8)
Matilda (6)
Rachael (3)
daughter (1)

They are living next to†Philip Ausamus and John Ausamus (both sons of Philip's older brother, Peter).†Their neighbors also include Samuel Huddleston, William J. Huddleston, Bennet Huddleston,John and Robert Box, and Philip's mother in law, Mary Bratton, and also Isaac Hammer.


The Black Hawk War

In April 1831 (age 43)
A petition was sent to the Governor John Reynolds to defend the settlers of Rock River from depredations caused by 600-700 Indians who raided the live stock and crops of the settlers. By April of the following year, five brigades were mustered at Beardstown, Illinois. By mid-May fighting began.

c1833 (age 45)
Martha Jane Ausemus was born in Morgan County, Illinois. She can be found listed in the 1850 census living at home with her family. Ausmus tradition [3] has erroneously stated her birth year as 1837, which is clearly not correct. She can be found in the 1860 census working as a border in a cabinet shop making cabinets. She is listed as deaf dumb or blind and is being taken care of by her older sister, Rachael and her husband, Richard Standley in the 1880 census and has never married. She died on November 4, 1897 in Jacksonville, Illinois. She lived with her father at the time of his death [3].

27 Nov 1834 (age 46)
 Philip & Deida give birth to Benjamin Franklin Ausmus who was born. He died in 1903 and was buried in Burns, Oregon. It is not known who he married, but he had one daughter named Maida Katherine Ausmus. Before going to Oregon, he went to San Francisco and invested $1,500 in a gold mine. He lost it all. He went into business with his nephew, Charles Benjamin Ausmus, in Burn, Oregon. Ben Ausmus and William Moss were appointed administrator of Philip Ausmus [Jr's.] estate before going west. B.F. Osimus "of Illinois" can be found in East Portland Oregon when the 1870 census was taken. He was working in the home of a border, Jno Kenworthy, superintendent of an asylum. Ben states his age as 34.

1835 (age 47)
Ausmus is listed in the 1835 Morgan County, Illinois State Census. He is listed as being from age 40-50. He has three boys under age 10 [Thomas (9); Henry (5); Ben (1)]. Deida is listed from age 30-40 [age 35]; one daughter 10-20 [Sarah age 13]; 3 under ten [Martha Jane (2); Rachael (8); Matilda (11*possibly error in age).

18 Sep 1835 (age 47)
Philip and Deida use cash to purchase 51.36 acres of land in Edwardsville, Brown County, Illinois.

25 Sep 1836 (age 48)
Philip & Deida give birth to , Philip Ausmus [III] (*See Photo*) was born who later married Jane Bradshaw in Morgan County, Illinois. Jane was two years his junior and born in Illinois. They moved to Gentry County, Missouri and had two sons.

6 Aug 1838 (age 50)
Philip & Deida use cash to purchase 80 acres of land in Brown County, Illinois.

25 Jul 25 1840 (age 51)
Philip & Deida give birth to John Bratton Ausmus who was born in Morgan County, Illinois and married Louisa "Harriett" Richardson on March 10, 1859. John B. died at Chandler, Lincoln County, Oklahoma in December of 1924. They had four daughters and three sons. When the 1860 census was taken, John can be seen living next to his brother, Philip.

August 1, 1839 (age 51)
Philip and Deida's second oldest daughter, Mary Ann (Polly) Ausemus marries John B. Liles on in Morgan County, Illinois [10].

28 Oct 1840, †52-year old Philip Oseamus can be seen living next to his brother, John Ausmus in Morgan County, Illinois with a large family: 202010201+0121101. Philip's date of birth is not listed correctly as there are no males in the household in the 50-60 age range. Comparing this census with the previous, it is easy to conclude that another family has joined the Ausemus household. Philip and Deida's daughter, Margaret can be seen as a young wife in the home of Madison Clayton nearby.


  1. Age 60-70 born 1770-1780

  2. Age 40-50 born 1790-1800 - self, Philip Ausemus born 1788

  3. Age 40-50 born 1790-1800

  4. Age 20-30 born 1810-1820

  5. Age 10-15 born 1825-1830 -son, [Henry b. c1829]

  6. Age 10-15 born 1825-1830 - son, [Benjamin F.]

  7. Under 5 born bet 1835 and 1840 -son, [Phillip]

  8. Under 5 born after 1835 and 1840 - son, [John B.]


  1. Age 40-50 born 1790-1800 - [Deidamiah b. 1800]

  2. Age 20-30 born 1810-1820 -female, [Mary Ann recently married but possibly still living at home]

  3. Age 15-20 born 1820-1825 - daughter, [Sarah b. 1822]

  4. Age 10-15 born 1825-1830 -daughter, [Matilda b. 1824]

  5. Age 10-15 born 1825-1830 - daughter [Rachael b. 1827]

  6. Age 5-10 born 1830-1835 - daughter, [Jane b. 1833]


25 May 1841 (age 53)
Philip & Deida use cash to purchase 80 acres of land in Brown County, Illinois.

1 Dec 1841 (age 53)
Philip Ausemus "of Morgan County Illinois" purchases 80 acres of land near Burlington, Van Buren County, Iowa.

Name: Philip Ausemus
Issue Date: 1 Dec 1841
State of Record: Iowa
Acres: 80
Accession Number: IA1730__.229
Metes and Bounds: No
Land Office: Burlington
Canceled: No
US Reservations: No
Mineral Reservations: No
Authority: April 24, 1820: Sale-Cash Entry (3 Stat. 566)
Document Number: 733
Legal Land Description:
Section Twp Range Meridian Counties
15 70-N 8-W 5th PM Van Buren

30 Dec 1842 (age 54)
Philip and Deida give birth to their last child who was named after the former president who ended his presidency five years prior. Naming a child after a president who has been out of office for five years can reveal that Philip and/or Deida had admired "Old Hickory's and had agreed with his policies and legacy. President Jackson was pro-settler expansion and was tough on Indians and opposed a national bank. Between 1782 and 1799, Philip had grown up in Washington County near the town of Jonesboro - a one-time home of then young Andrew Jackson. Andrew Jackson Ausemus was born (*see photo*) in Morgan County, Illinois. he died April 12, 1914 and married Lucinda E. Henderson who was born on February 22, 1843 in Arcadia, Illinois and died on October 3, 1925. They were married March 11, 1862 in Jacksonville, Illinois and the name was stated as Ausmus. It is said that he traded a farm for a team of good horses and his wife became so angry that she made him move to Cherokee, Kansas... They had five children; all went by the name Ausemus. A.J. Ausemus is mentioned in Historic Morgan and Classic Jacksonville; compiled 1884-85; Charles M. Eames, pg 243, which states that his birth year is 1842 and he has lived in Morgan County since birth.

Jan 1849 (age 60)
Philip's mother-in-law, Mary (Hill) Brattain age 78y passes away and is burried in the
Walnut Grove (Moss) cemetery.

23 Sep 1850 (age 62)
The U.S. census was taken in† Morgan County, Illinois, 63-year old Philip and his wife Deida can be seen with a large family. Philip lists his place of birth as Virginia which isn't correct; his older brothers were born in Virginia but he was born in Washington County, Tennessee. Philip's assets in 1850 are relatively high due to his avid land speculation during the prior two decades. Dieda lists her place of birth as North Carolina.

Henry, age 26 born in Illinois and helping his father on the farm
Jane, age 17 and attending school
Benjamin, age 16 and attending school
Philip, age 14 attending school
Johnny, age 10 attending school
Andrew, age 7 attending school

1 Mar 1853 (age 64)
Philip's wife of 38 years passes away and is buried in the Walnut Grove (Moss) cemetery. Her grave states she was aged 53Y 1m 15d.

1855 (age 67)
Philip is listed in the 1855 State Census for Morgan County, Illinois manufacturing, "Loom" along with all his neighbors. He, now widowed, lists the following children:

    males: 3, ages 10 -20: [Phillip III, age 19 [in the militia];  John B. Ausmus, age 16; A.J. Ausmus, age 13]
    daughter age 10-20: [Mary "Polly" Ausmus, age 16]

Philip's son, Henry Ausmus is living nearby.

December of 1856 (age 68)
At the age of 68, Philip Ausmus Jr. died. He was being nursed at home by his youngest daughter, Jane [3]. He lies buried next to his lifelong wife, Deida in Walnut Grove Cemetery (Moss Cemetery), not far from Concord in Morgan County, Illinois.†His graves states he aged 68y 9m 11d. According to [3] Philip's tomb stated his last name was spelled Ausemus but his wife's name was spelled Ausmus.

When the 1860 census was taken for Indian Creek in Morgan County, Illinois, Philip's 25-year old son, Benjamin Ausmus can be seen as head of household married to a 27-year old Martha. Also living in the home is his younger brother, Andrew at age 18. Also living near by are both Benjamin and Philp [III]. Both are farming. Andrew remained in Philip's house in Morgan County at least until 1885 [7].


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