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Mordecai Price
"of Benjamin"
(1749-Aug 1799)

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Mordecai Price was born near Baltimore, Maryland and named in homage of his Quaker ancestors of the same name who settled in Maryland in the mid 17th Century. Mordecai's only published date of birth, 1749 was unreferenced in Harry L. Ausmus' 1963 book, Ausmus Family History, 1711-1962 [35]. The book also stated that Mordecai was born in Virginia and the Price's and Borens [sic] moved from the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia to Tennessee in 1777 - the date is definitely and error and there is no evidence that Mordecai had ever lived in Virginia - although some of his relatives did for a short time.

Mordecai Price was one of nine children born to Capt. Benjamin  Price (8 Mar 1732/33 - 1794) and Millicent or Millison Vaughn (1734/35 - 26 May 1787) who married c1752 [21]. The Price's were wealthy planters and slaveholders who farmed in Baltimore County. Benjamin was captain of the Maryland Militia in August of 1780 [14; pg 416]. Millicent was the daughter of Abraham Vaughn (1707 - 1767) and Edith Gist (1708/9 - ?) of Baltimore County, Maryland. Edith was the sister of the famous explorer and surveyor, Christopher Gist (1706 -1759) who saved George Washington's life twice and survived Braddock's Defeat.

In at least one occurrence, Mordecai went by the name, "Harden" (See 1793 Wash Co., TN Tax List listed with the same 400 acres as subsequent lists). It may be a coincidence, but Mordecai's father, Benjamin was listed under the Virginia Muster of Captain John Hardin in Frederick County Court, 1758 [15].

Mordecai married Rachael Boreing  (1758- aft 1830) [2] 9 Aug 1777. Rachael was the youngest child of James Boreing (16 Nov 1714 - 14 Oct 1795) and Martha Wheeler (28 Feb 1718 - bef 1760). Rachael's mother died either during or shortly after Rachael's birth. James married second, Sarah (Boston) Tipton (7 Feb 1729 -aft 1795) widow of Luke Tipton (24 Jan 1728 - c1773)

Mordecai and Rachael's place of marriage as stated by some erroneous tradition was not Tennessee. Mordecai did not settle in Tennessee until 1792.

Mordecai and Rachael gave birth to at least eight children, two of which settled in Powell's Valley, present day, Claiborne County. According to the descendants of Mordecai's daughter, Linda (Price) Ausmus. She was jolly and always had something funny to tell:

In her latter days, she would tell about riding along Brush Creek (now Johnson City) and seeing deer on the other side. She would tell about going to see horse racing as a girl. She enjoyed telling about slipping up on a deer, catching and holding on to it until someone came and killed the deer. She shot at three Indians trying to steal something or perhaps trying to kidnap her while the men were in the field working. She evidently shot one, as the other two picked up the one Indian and carried him away. She never knew what happened to the one she shot. [35]

According to tradition [35], the Price family were Welsh and wealthy having imported, feather beds, looking glasses, silver, chests, much stock, such as cattle and horses, sheep, guns and all kinds of things that they had brought from their old homestead.

Mordecai died in August of 1799 in Washington County, Tennessee and his estate was inventoried in the November Term of the County Court.


Mordecai's Timeline

1767 (age  18)
Mordecai's grandfather, Abraham Vaughn, father of Millicent Vaughn dies in Baltimore County, Maryland.

1767 (age  18)
Back River Upper Hundred: Mordecai's relatives, Mordecai Price , Aquilla Price, William Price Sr., William Price Jr. Stephen Price and John Price are listed as security for others in the accounting of Jeremiah Johnson, deputy sheriff under Aquilla Hall, listed under "Items, not very many, run from the year 1764-1771". The people requiring security are likely relatives and are, John Jones and Joseph Cumley. The Tiptons and Talbots are also on the list.

1768 (age  19)
Partial list of petitioners for and against the removal of the county seat of Baltimore County from Joppa to Baltimore Town in 1768 [13]

John Price, Jr.,
Mordecai Price  [
((27 Feb, 1731/2 -5 Sep 1807) s/o John (c1690/2 - c1790) and Rebecca Merryman]
Solomon Wheeler
Thomas Gist, Jr.
William Bosley
Salathiel Cole
William Wheeler, Sr. [father of Martha who marries James Boring]
William Coale
Absalom Price
Benjamin Price [
c1702 - aft 1734] son of Mordecai II and Elizabeth White]
Aquila Price
Samuel Price
Benjamin Price (son John) [
(5 Jan 1747 - ?), about age 20 at this time]
John Price, Sr.
Mordecai Price  - [Mordecai Price III
(28 Nov 1733/4 - 1796) son of Mordecai II]
John Bosley, Jr.
Benjamin Price - [
c1709 - 10 Jun 1786 son of Mordecai I & Mary Parsons] 19-year old Mordecai assumed living with father, Benjamin.
Vincent Bosley (petition endorsed by Samuel Price)
Absalom Boreing
Samuel Coale
William Boreing
James Boreing -
[Mordecai's future father-in-law later moves to Washington County, TN]
Gist Vaughn [Mordecai's uncle and son of Abraham Vaughn and Edith Gist]
John Tipton [later Colonel and moves to Washington County, TN]
Morde. Tipton
Samuel Tipton

16 May 1771 (age 22)
Price's Chance Addition 19 acres, Baltimore County; Located near Gunpowder Falls.

1773 (age 24)
A partial list of Taxables in Back River Upper Hundred in 1773 taken by William Hutson

Stephen Price
Mordecai Price (of John) [1731-1807];  [This cousin of Mordecai m. Tabitha Tipton 1772 [20] This reference again explicitly states, of John and Rebecca.
William Price: Negroes: Bramo, Farmer
John Price Sr.; Benjamin Price; Negroes: York, Tony, Coray, Hannah, Fanch
Samuel Worthington: Thomas Groves; John Price; George Miller; Roger Bulmore; Negores: ...
James Boring [Mordecai later marries Rachael, dau of James]
Jonathan Tipton [Mordecai later purchases land from Tipton in Washington County, TN]
Aquila Tipton
William Tipton; Joshua Tipton; Nicholas Tipton
John Tipton: Tobias Tipton
Thomas Tipton

24 Feb 1775 (age 26)
Mordecai's widowed mother, Millicent (Vaughn) Price purchases "Widow's Lot" in Baltimore County.

24 Jan 1775 (age 26)
Prior to the Declaration of Independence, Mordecai's brother, Thomas Price is found in Fredericktown Hundred, Frederick County appointed by the Continental Congress to promote subscriptions in order to raise funds for the purchase arms and ammunition [29].

1776 (age 27)
Mordecai's brother, Thomas Price is listed in the Maryland Colonial Census during the year 1776. He can be found in the Sugar Land Parish of Frederick County and living in the household of Alex. Whitaker. Thomas' age is listed as 23. Alexander (1746 -?) owner of 6 negro slaves can also be found in 1778 taking a "fidelity oath" in Montgomery County.


Malinda who married William Wheeler


Name: William Wheeler
State: TN
County: Washington County
Township: No Township Listed
Year: 1819
Record Type: Tax list
Database: TN Early Census Index

The War

Letter from Maryland Council to Brigadier General Hooper

Since our last [correspondence]  we have had advice from Major [Benjamin] Price our Commanding officer in Saint Mary's, that the British Fleet lay near the mouth of Smith's creek in Potowmack [sic], that they were very weak in Land-forces not exceeding 300 men, that they were so sickly that 50 dead bodies had appeared on the shores, chiefly negroes, and that having gone up the River Potowmack to take in water & returned, he imagined they would soon sail from that Quarter.

There are no records that Mordecai Price participated in the Revolutionary war.


Baltimore County Settlers of  Washington County, North Carolina

1782 (age 33)
Mordecai's relatives from Baltimore County, Maryland, many of which who served in Virginia during the war begin to settle in (then) Washington County, North Carolina. This area would be later changed to Tennessee (same county). These veterans received bounty warrants for the land due to their service to their country.

  1. Capt. Jonathan Tipton

  2. Col. John Tipton

  3. James Wheeler

  4. John Wheeler

  5. William White

  6. Col. Joseph Hardin

  7. Richard White

  8. Joseph Guest [Gist?]

1784 (age 34)
John Ford is listed on tax lists for Washington County, North Carolina (later TN). [This is probably John Ford (c1750 - 1838) son of Llyod Ford (10 Nov 1727 - 1816)] or less likely John Ford (1720 1784) son of Thomas Ford and Leah Price.

9 Dec 1784 (age 35)
Mordecai's mother-in-law, Millicent (Vaughn) Price who married Benjamin Price writes her will. She mentions children [8] [9]
Baltimore County Wills Liber 4, folios 243-244:
 A.     Mordecai (1749 - Aug 1799) who married Rachael Boren
 B.      Christopher (c1750-1833) born in Baltimore County, MD. He was named after his uncle, merchant and explorer, Christopher Gist. He married Mary Hatfield c1774 [22] . She was born in London England, daughter of John Hatfield, a bell-founder of London England. She was also sister of John Hatfield, of London, who went to Bombay, India and died in 1768, leaving a fortune of $L42,000 which was not recovered by his heirs until 1868. Christopher and Mary moved to Newark, Licking County, Ohio where he died. Their Children were [23].
                    1. Thomas (twin) 11 Apr 1775 - 1856
                    2. Melinda (twin) 11 Apr 1775 - ?) m. 17 May 1796 to William Stewart (b28 Oct 1765-66 -9 Oct 1853)
                    3. Benjamin, (1777 -1833) m. Mary Rippeth in 1799. They had at least nine children
                    4. Rachael (1778 - ?) m. David McCarty in Licking County in 1808, KY and Greenup Co. KY
                    5. Mary Ann (1781 - ?) m. Charles William Stewart (brother of William) moved to Harrison County
                    6. Christopher (c1782 - ?) m. Nancy Hatfield on 1 Apr 1809
                    7. Mordecai (c1787 - 1837) born in Kentucky and died in South Bend Indiana. He m. Ruth (__).
                    8. Joshua (c1791 - ?) m. c1813 Mary Hatfield, dau of Adam Hatfield
                    9. James (c1793 - ?) died young.
                    10. Elizabeth (20 Jan 1795 - ?) m. Thomas Hatfield (1 Nov 1785 - Dec 1846) on 5 Jul 1811. He was son of Adam Hatfield, brother of Mary. He d. South Bend Indian
                    11. John married Sarah Berkett in Kentucky
C.     Rachael m. Aquilla Carr
D.    Thomas (1753 -?) wife unknown. Probably the Thomas Price who settled Carter County, TN before 1796.
                    1. Ruth m1. ___ Cole m2. Joshua Bond
                    2. Matilda m. John Gooding
                    3. Thomas
                    4.. Mary m. Mordecai Ford  -see 1790 tax list for Washington County, TN. Son Horatio Ford would witness Mordecai's will in 1799 Wash Cnty, TN.
                    5. Jared
                    6. Charlotte m. William Murray
                    7. John who resided in Virginia
                    8. Mordecai
                    9. Horatio
E.    Edith m. John Busby
F.    Benjamin m. Nancy Ann Wheeler
G.    Malinda who m. William Wheeler - William is listed in Mordecai's will 1799
H.    Gist
I.      John, youngest son of Millison and executor of will dated 9 Dec 1784

1 Jul 1779 (age 30)

A list of Officers in the Continental Army of the Revolution, who were either killed in service, became supernumerary, or served to the end of the war, and acquired the right to half-pay, commutation, and bounty land undder the receding acts of congress

3rd Regmtn from Maryland Captain Benjamin Price [28]
Captain Henry Dobson

2nd Regmnt from Maryland  [28]
Thomas Price, Jr. Feb 11, 1780


1782-1784 (age 34)
Names mentioned in various military accounts for the years 1782, 1783 and 1784 in the bound of my company.
    Thomas Price, Benj. Price, Michael Price,

2 Nov 1783
General George Washington gives his "Farewell Address to the Army" at Rocky Hill, New Jersey

6 Nov 1783
Chickasaw Treaty at French Lick on the Cumberland River with Virginia (now Nashville, Tennessee).

25 Nov 1783
British forces evacuate New York as British has signed for peace with the United States

1784 Summer
One hundred settlers are killed by Indians along the Wilderness Road

23 Aug 1784
John Sevier and his follwers meet at Jonesboro, TN to create the independent State of Franklin. By December 14, he elected governor.

8 May 1785
Congress passes the Land Ordinance of 1785. A rectangular survey would divide the northwest territories into six-mile square townships which would be further subdivided into thirty-six lots of 640 acres each. Lots would be sold for $640. The the summer, 1,000 boat loads of immigrants travel the Ohio River.

Spring 1786
John Sevier destroys Cherokee Valley towns (tennessee) in response to increased Indian raids on settlers.

Summer 1768
Cherokee's offensive on southern frontier intensifies

July 1786
Colonel John Hardin's expedition to aid Americans at Vincennes.

August 1787
Creeks join Cherokees in Cumberland settlement raids

February 1788
Battle between Governor John Sevier and Tipton forces in State of Franklin

Summer 1788
Year of the Great Immigration West

June 1788
Governor John Sevier attacks Cherokees in defiance of North Carolina's restrictions

September 1788
Governor John Sevier raids Cherokee country. He provides relief to Sherrill's Station

10 Jan 1789
Governor John Sevier defeats Cherokees at Flint's Creek and takes North Carolina's oath of allegiance


The Move to Washington County, Tennessee

Land speculation toward the end of the Revolutionary war was an ever increasingly popular investment especially due to settlements from service in the military and new large-scale Indian treaties in which large swaths of land was annexed by the infant states of the newly created union. 

18 May 1789 (age 40)
In 1788, Mordecai's father-in-law, James Boring paid one hundred and eighty pounds for Thomas Talbott's five hundred and twenty six acres at the head of Brush Creek, in present day Johnson City, Tennessee. Nearly one year later after the purchase, Mordecai made an offer to James Boring on the Eighteenth of May of 1789, for 400 acres of land adjacent to James Boring's land on Brush Creek in Washington County, NC (later TN). The government issued deed stated that Mordecai had one year to register the deed in the County and pay his fees for the land, otherwise the registrar would void the sale.

 The adjacent parcel was owned by Jonathan Tipton, another relative to Mordecai. Mordecai's older cousin with the same name, Mordecai [27 Feb 1731- 5 Sep 1807] had married Tabitha Tipton in Gunpowder, Baltimore County, MD [10]. Jonathan was born in Frederick County, Virginia and was a Major in Revolutionary war.

26 May 1787 (age 38)
Moredecai's mother's will is proven in court. Her 86 acre plantation is given to her youngest son, John Price. Her slaves,
Zingo, Dick, Peter, Paschence, and Elizabeth are sold and the money divided equally amongst her heirs.

State of North Carolina No. 862
To all to Whom These presents Shall Come Greeting. Know ye that we for and in Consideration of the Sum of fifty Shillings for every hundred acres of Land Hereby Granted paid into our treasury by Mordicai Price have given and granted and by these presents do give and grant unto the Said Mordicai Price a tract of Land containing four hundred acres lying and being in our County of Washington on Sinking Creek watters of the Wattauga river Begining at two little white oaks a Corner in James Boirngs line Surveyed by Mathew Tolbott Running South Sixteen..Provided always that the said Mordicai Price Shall Cause this Grant to be Registered in the Registers office of our Said County of Washington within twelve months from the date hereof otherswise the Same Shall be void and of no effect. In testimony we have caused these our Letters to be made Pattent and our Great Seal to be hereunto affixed Witness Samuel Johnston Esquire our Governor Captain General and Command in Chief at Edenton the Eighteenth day of May in the xii? year of our independence and in the year of our Lord one thousand Seven hundred & Eighty nine By his Excellency Commd.
Samuel Johnston
W. William & Lee

6 April 1789
George Washington is elected President of the United States

20 May 1789
Congress establishes southwest Territory (Tennessee), formerly the State of Franklin. Willial Blount is appointed Governor

December 1789
1,500 travelers in Kentucky are documented as massacred or captured between 1783-1790.

1790 US Federal Census for Back River Upper Hundred, Baltimore, County, MD

NameFree White Males of sixteen years & upwards including heads of familiesFree white males under sixteen years Free White Fee Males [sic] including head of families All other persons Slaves
Benjamin Price10 3 4 7
Mordecai Price 2 4 5 0 1
Thomas Gist (of William) 1 2 1 0 5
Thomas C. Deye Ford 2 1 5 0 0
Elizabeth Ford 1 1 4 0 3
John Wheeler 1 2 1 0 0
Joshua Tipton 1 1 1 0 1
Nehemiah Price 1 0 3 0 1
Philip Cole 1 0 1 0 2
Nathan Wheelor 1 2 2 0 0
William Price 1 4 4 0 3
Stephen Price 2 0 3 0 11
John Ford 1 2 6 0 1
Mary Tipton 1 0 1 0 0
William Bosley 1 4 3 0 5
Shadrach Tipton 1 3 4 0 2
Thomas Gist 2 0 0 0 8
Aquila Tipton 1 1 7 0 0
William Tipton 2 0 4 0 0
William Wheelor 1 1 3 0 0
Nicholas Merryman 2 3 2 0 12

1790 US Federal Census for Patapsco Lower Hundred, Baltimore, County, MD

NameFree White Males of sixteen years & upwards including heads of familiesFree white males under sixteen years Free White Fee Males [sic] including head of families All other persons Slaves
Wilson Wheeler22 3 0 0
William Wheeler 1 0 5 0 4
Joshua Lemmon 3 2 5 0 1
Abraham Coal [sic] 2 1 4 0 6
Abraham Coal Jr. 1 1 2 0 5
Caleb? Bowsley 1 1 3 0 6
Daniel Price 2 3 3 0 0
Thomas Coal 3 0 2 0 19
Samuel Price 3 4 4 0 0
Mordecai Price 2 2 4 0 0
John Price 1 1 2 0 0
Nathan Wheeler 2 0 5 0 6
Samuel Coal 1 1 2 0 0
John Wheeler 1 0 1 0 1
Benjamin Wheeler 2 0 1 0 3
Benjamin Wheeler Jr. 1 2 3 0 8
James Wheeler 1 0 0 0 4
Li?? Tipton 1 1 2 0 0
Garniod? Tipton 2 0 1 0 7
Bryon Tipton 1 2 5 0 0
William Tipton 1 2 3 0 0
Jonathan Tipton 2 0 2 0 0
Jonathan Tipton Jr. 2 5 5 0 0
Samuel Tipton 1 4 6 0 0


1790 Washington County, TN List of Taxables

Capt. Shipley's Company

NameWhite PolesBlack Poles Acres
Mordecai Foord [20 May 1768 - 1828]

[s/o Mordecai Ford Sr. & Ruth Barney]

10 100

Mordecai Price appeared on the Washington County Tax List returned by E. Williams for the years 1790 and 1791 [unverified]

1791 Washington County List of Taxables

Capt. Shipley's Company

NameWhite PolesBlack Poles Acres
[s/o Mordecai Ford 1768-1825 & Ruth Barney m. Mary Price]10 100

1791 (age 42)
Only Mordecai's father in law, James Boring can be seen on the tax lists collected by Captain North for North Carolina (later Tennessee). It wasn't until the following year in 1792 when the tax collector paid Mordecai a visit near Sinking Creek.

1792 (age 43)
Mordecai and Rachael give birth to Christopher Price

A Christopher Price should not be confused with the person with the same name of One Leg, Tuscarawas, Ohio who m. Elizabeth Guygar in Tuscarawas Co. Ohio on 4-3-1817

A Christopher Price can be seen in the 1800 Census for Harrison County, Kentucky

This Christopher Price can be seen in the 1819 Tax List for Washington County, TN

Christopher Price, Carter County, TN 1840 US Census age 50-60. His brother-in-law, Thomas McInturff and Father-in-law, John are neighbors.

24 Oct 1791 (age 42)
General Arthur St. Clair marches into the frontiers. His army of 3,000 poorly trained soldiers are defeated by the Indians as now known as one of the worst defeats in frontier Indian wars.

1791 (age 42)
Mordecai must have made a payment to Washington County Registers office because his 400 acres were still available for him. However, he and Rachael did not yet move to Washington County, Tennessee as shown in the tax list below.

1791 Washington County List of Taxables

Capt. North's Company
*nearly complete list*

NameLandWhite polls
Cpt. George North-1
John North100-
John Fine2501
Phillip Ozemus 200-
John Hunter8501
Jacob Hunter11
Charles Hedrick 1401
Jeremiah Horn Compton-1
Soloman Goodpasture 621
David Hufman2501
John Leman Jr. -1
Hosea Rose 320-
John Bales 3001
John Got 1001
Solomon  Goodpasture 621
Jonathan Tipton 1501
John Leman sr. 4501
Frederick Andis 750 [could be 950]1
Daniel McCree 1001
Robert Rodgers 2001
Thomas Rodgers -1
John Rodgers -1
Ezekill Boring 701
Abslam Boring -1
James Moor -1
James Boring 750-
Chene Boring [Son of James [11]] -1
Joseph Caper 692
Isaac Goodpasture -1
Jonathan Watson 115-
Charles young 3201 (with 1 black)
Thomas young 3201 (with 2 black polls)
James Allison 11001 (with 2 black polls)
Edward Smith 2181 (with 2 black polls)

Feb 1792
Cherokee Indians raid settlers traveling on Kentucky and Tennessee roads.

5 Mar 1792
Congress authorizes a new army for the Indian war.

April 1792
Indian Chief Bench raids Holston River settlements and the U.S. forbids the Tennessee militia to pursue Indians across treatly lines.

1 Jun 1792
Kentucky becomes a state with Isaac Shelby as first governor


1792 Washington County List of Taxables

Capt. North's Company
Taken by Chas Robinson

A List of the Taxable property in Capt North's Company*
made out by Js Sevier

NameLand White polls
Cpt. George North- 1
John North100 -
John Fine250 1
Petter Ozmus    [Peter's brother later marries Linda Price, d/o Mordecai]200-
John Hunter [Senior]624 -
Charles Hedrick 1401
Jeremiah Horn Compton180 1
Soloman Goodpasture 62 -
David Hofman250 1
John Rubel [former Augusta County resident]200 1
John Leman Jr. - 1
Abraham Leman -1
James Boring -1
Willes Gray -1
Hosea Rose 320-
John Bell [Bales] 2001
John Grant Gaut -1
Ise? Goodpasture -1
James Iruin? - disputed 200-
Jonathan Tipton 1501
John Leman sr. 450-
Frederick Andis [former Augusta County resident] 1501
John Goodpasture -1
Daniel McCray -1
Robert Rodgers 200-
Thomas Rodgers -1
Barbara Boss (widow) 100-
Mordekie Price 4011
Ezedkiel Boring 701
Chenia Boring 7501
Dansey Baring 001
Robert Irwirt? [Irwin?] 180-
Joseph Cooper 69-
Adam Rader [seen living next to Philip Ausmus in Virginia] 840-
Abraham Goodpasture 200 
Jonathan Walson [Watson?] 105-
James Moor 1051
Charls young 6401
Thomas young 001 (with 3 black polls)
Edward Smith 2181 (with 2 black polls)
Barbrah Walker widow 2740
Gabrell Walker 1001
Jesse Bowers 00 (with 2 black polls)
William Green 1001
Thomas Embree 3501


20 Aug 1792
The wilderness road has its first postal service established.

Dec 1792
200 settlers are killed by Indian raids on settlers around Nashville.

5 Dec 1792
George Washington is re-elected for a second term


   1793 Washington County List of Taxables

Capt. North's Company
*Partial List shown only*

NameWhite PolesLand (acres)
Adam Rader 1540
John Ruble [Served with Mordecai and Absalam Price and John Ruble in 1793 militia]1 200
Ezekiel Borin -70
Henery Hunter [Served with Mordecai and John Ruble in 1793 militia]- -
Philip Ozemas [1728 - 1809] 1 [Henry Ausmus h/o Linda Price]200
Harden Price [likely Mordecai age 44] 1 400
Cheney Boren [son of James Boring]1 750
James Moore 1 105
Jonathon Tipton 1 -
John Hunter [1737 - 1823, Father of Henry]- 619

1 Feb 1793
King Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette are executed in Paris after France is declared a republic. France declares war on Great Britain. On 9 Mar France declares war on Spain. Washington declares neutrality. France orders seizure of neutral shipping. This is followed by Great Britain.

April 1793
New atrocities by Indians on Holston settlements.

17 Oct 1793
Governor John Sevier embarks on the Etowah campaign

31 Dec 1793
Thomas Jefferson resigns as Secretary of State

Jan-Sept 1794
More Indian raids on settlers in the Holston-Cumberland frontiers

Chief Doublehead raids settlers along the Wilderness Road

The British build Fort Miami at Maumee Rapids. Congress resolves to break commercial relations with England.

Washington County, TN tax lists

1793 - Dossey Barron (No Land), Ezkl Barron (70 Acres), James Barron (No Land), Absolam Boring (No Land), Cheney Boring (75 Acres), Mordeca
(400 Acres)

1794 - Absalam Boring (No Land), James Boring Jr. (No land), James Boring Sr (75 Acres), Zecall Boring (70 Acres)

14 Oct 1793 (age 44)
Washington County, Southwest Territory (Tennessee)
Colonel Landon Carter's Regiment
Captain Joseph Morison's Company
	Sergeant Abraham Moore
	Absolom Boron, pvt
	John Ruble, pvt [married into the Hunter family]
	Henry Hunter, pvt [1768 - 1826 s/o John Hunter and Barbara Bowman of Washington County, TN]
	Mordecai Price, pvt
	Peter McIntosh - Drummer
Captain Nathaniel Taylor's Company
	Soloman Price
	Thomas Tipton
	Joseph Sevier
	John McIntire - unable to perform duty
	John McIntire, Jr
	Absalom Moore
	Daniel Moore
	Jesse Moor

5 Jun 1794
Congress passes the neutrality Act. American citizens are forbidden to join the military service of foreign powers or to outfit armed vessels in American ports.


Assignment of land from Horatio Ford to Joshua Price of Baltimore County  25 
September 1794
	Witness:  Joshua Lemmon

1795 - Ezekiel Boran (70 Acres Cherokee Creek), James Boran Jr (No Land), James Boran Sr. (750 Acres Head of Brush Creek), and Absolam
Borin (No Land), Mordicka Price (400 Acres Sinking Creek)

1795 (age 46)
Mordecai and Rachael give birth to Dorsey Price (1795 - bef 1880) who was born in Washington County, Tennessee. He married to Mary A. Swanger b. 1795 TN
Children per 1850 US Census for Subdivision 22, Meigs, TN:

  1. John b. 1819 m Rebecca

  2. Rachael b. 1827

  3. Henry b. 1825

  4. Martha b. 1837

  5. James b. 1838

  6. Betty Ann b. 1848

Summer 1795
Indian attacks and atrocities on the Virginia frontier

Fall of 1795
Indian raids on Cumberland frontier

Oct 14, 1795 (age 46)
Washington County Wills, Vol 1 pg 42 [19; pg 47]

Will of James Boren
 Oct 14, 1795

Wife Sarah; son William, son John Dopon Boren. son Absolem; son Chaney; son James dau Rachel Price, wife of Mordiciai [sic] Price; dau Abbrrodla Moore; dau Tempereace Boren; dau Martha Ball dau Frances Downing. Teste Horatio Ford [Horatio also Teste to Mordecai's will in 1799]

1 Jun 1796
Tennessee admitted into the Union

1796 Washington County, Tennessee Tax list
Chana Boren - (750 Acres),
Absalom Borin (No Land),
Nicholas Boren (149 Acres)
Mordica Price
(400 Acres)

Summer 1796
Mordecai's father-in-law, James Boreing dies in Washington County, Tennessee. His will is proven in the August Court Session 1796

1797 - Capt Joseph Young's List: Mordica Price (451 acres)

Tennessee Census, 1810-91
about Thomas Price

Name: Thomas Price
State: TN
County: Carter County
Township: No Township Listed
Year: 1796
Record Type: Tax list
Database: TN Early Census Index



Nov Term 1798 Washington County List of Taxables

Capt. Joseph Young's Company
All had one poll - no land acreage was documented

David Bayles [name Daniel written next to it]
Malicas Herby
Joel Pewet
George North
James Moor
James Wiett
Ares Wiett
John Francis
Frederick Miers
George Fitzgerald
Chane Boring
Araham Hunt?
Joshua Boring
Absolem Boring
Edward Smith
John Swangor
David Huffman
Frederick Anderson [probably Andrews]
Elisha Roads
John Caseday
John Bubb
David Grate
Mordicai Price
Abraham Hartsell
Charles Headrick
John Fine
John Chrisilles [Cresilius]
Joseph Young
Benjamin Erwene
Robert Erwine
Jacob Hunter
John Petner
John Parker
Robert Caseday
Jacob Ruble
Adam Rader
Willias Gray
Peter Boman
Henery Taylor
Nichael Pilner
Nicholes Boring
Ephraim Murry
Giles Brooks
Henery Osimas - h/o Linda Price


16 February 1799 (age 50)
Mordecai's daughter, Malinda "Linda" marries her neighbor, Henry Ausmus, eldest son of Phillip Ausmus.

August 1799 (age 50)
Mordecai Price passes away in Washington County, Tennessee.


Mordecai Price's Estate [partial list: estimated value of each given but not listed here]

Raice? Tipton
Joseph Young
Rachael Price our brush [probably horse brush]
Raice Tipton to rifle gun
Rachael [Boring] Price tacklings & washing bars
Chany Boring, raw hide
Henry Ausmis to our shovel plough [plow]
James Moore to our plough
Rachael Price one plow
Nathan Davis to our hand saw
John Parker to our skillet
Samuel Blythe to ? & sundreys
John Boring to our ??
Rachael Price to our ax
William Wheeler to our sprouting hoe [h/o Elanor (Tracey) Tipton, dau of William Tracy]
Henry Ousmas to our oven? & sundries
William Wheeler to saddle bags & sundries
Robert Price to our cutting box
Robert Price to sixteen head of hogs
John Boring to head sows
John Tipton to a sow & 4 pigs
Jonathan Tipton to our sow
George Nelson to our sow
Jonathan Tipton to our sow
John Tipton to pig in the pen
Rachael Price to five sheep
John Jr?in to four sheep
Rachael Price to our goats?






INVENTORY: Washington Co., Tennessee; Inventory Book 00, pgs. 126-127; November Sessions 1799; Mordecai Price An account of the property of Mordecai Price, deceased. Seven head of hoges, five cows & three calves, two 2 year old & five yearlings, nine Sheep, twenty four head of hogs, fifteen geese. One Rifle gun, one still & three tubs, one waggon and geers, one straw knife and bone, one anvil, Two feather beds & furniture, Two pewter dishes & eleven plates, four basons, Five knives & forks, Fifteen Spoons, eight tin cups, Six cups & seven saucers, Two bowles & one coffee pot. One bottle, one mug and Six crocks. Two pails & one bucket. One tub, three iron pots, two ovens, one skillet, one frying pan. Seven chairs, one chest, One looking glass, one pair of fire tongs, two smoothing irons, one pair of --, one table, one wheel, one pair of wool cards, one brush, Three saddles & one bridle, one p. of bridle bits, three books, Two kegs, one Ladle & flesh fork, one razor, one pair of presses, one log chain, one loom, two slays & a pair of gears. Three axes, one wedge, one mattock, Three Bells, one auger, two handsaws, five ploughs , six ?, one seythe, four reaf hooks, two pot racks, one branding iron, one pair of stirrup irons, one drawing knife, one half bushell, one ? box, Two baskets, a quantity of flax-sixteen pound, & one quarter of wool, one pound of cotton, three clevises, seven ?, one pair of saddle bags, one pair of hinges.

ESTATE SETTLEMENT: Washington Co., Tennessee; Receipts belonging to the settlement of the Estate of Mordecai Price, dec'd. 1815 thru 1818 pgs. 127-128;

Where as I Benjamin Price Legatee of the Estate of Mordecai Price deceased received of Rachael Price forty two dollars & eighty four cents, it being part of my fathers estate as our of the Legatees rec. by me Feb 11th day 1815.

Benjamin Price ( his seal). James Robinson.

Where as I Henry Ausmus [neighbor who married Malinda Price] Legatee of the estate of Mordecai Price deceased, received of Rachel Price forty three dollars it being the money of my fathers estate as one of the Legatees

Rec. by me February the ? day 1815. Henry (X ) his mark Ausmus. (his seal).

Where as I Thomas Price Legatee of the Estate of Mordecai Price deceased received of Rachael Price forty two dollars & eighty four cents, it being the money of my fathers estate as one of the Legatees rec. by me April 4th day 1815.

Thomas Price (his seal) Test. James Robinson.

Where as I Christopher Price Legatee of the Estate of Mordecai Price deceased received of Rachael Price forty two dollars & eighty four cents, it being the money of my fathers estate as one of the Legatees rec. by me February 11th day 1815.

Christopher (X) his mark Price. (his seal). Test James Robinson.

Where as I James Price Legatee of the Estate of Mordecai Price deceased received of Rachael Price forty two dollars & eighty four cents, it being the money of my fathers estate as one of the Legatees rec. by me February 11th day 1815.

James (X) his mark (his seal). Test James Robinson.

Where as I Mordecai Price Legatee of the Estate of Mordecai Price deceased received of Rachael Price forty two dollars & eighty four cents, it being the money of my fathers estate as one of the Legatees rec. by me February the 25th day 1818.

Mordecai Price (his seal).

Where as I Dolphin Price Legatee of the Estate of Mordecai Price deceased received of Rachael Price forty two dollars & eighty four cents, it being the money of my fathers estate as one of the Legatees February the 25th day 1818.

Rec. by me Dolphin (X) his mark Price. (his seal). Test. James Robinson.

Where as I Sarah Price Legatee of the Estate of Mordecai Price deceased received of Rachael Price forty two dollars & eighty four cents, it being the money of my fathers estate as one of the Legatees rec. by me February the ? day 1818.

Sarah (X) her mark Price


4 Aug 1800
Old Book J, Page 2
Washington County, TN Register of Deeds

This indenture made this fourth day of August in the Year of our Lord one thousand Eight hundred Between the Administrators of Mordicai Price Deceas'd of the County of Washington and State of Tennessee of the one part and John Francis of the County and State afforsaid of the other part Witnesseth that the said Administrators of said Price for and in consideration of two hundred acres of land given in Exchange to the said Price before he Deceased before the insealing and Delivering of these presents we the administrators doth hereby acknowlege ourselves fully satisfied Contented and paid doth give grant sell Convey and Confirm unto the Said John Francis his heirs and assign forever a certain Tract of land beginning on three chesnut trees Corner to Chainy Boran (Boring) and ...containing one hundred and four acres with all rights ...
Signed sealed and Delivered in the presence of
Chainey Boran
[Boring] Price
Horatio Ford

Washington County, TN tax lists
1801 - Absolem Borin (No Land), Absolem Borin Sr (150 Acres), Chaney Borin (300 Acres), Ezekiel Borin (70 Acres), Joshua Borin (No Land)

Name: Christopher Price
State: KY
County: Harrison County
Township: No Township Listed
Year: 1800
Record Type: Tax list
Database: KY Early Census Index


Name: Christopher Price
State: TN
County: Washington County
Township: No Township Listed
Year: 1819
Record Type: Tax list
Database: TN Early Census Index


New York Times 5 Mar 1910

Youngstown Ohio, March 4. With seven other Ohioans, four residing in Canton, one in Fremont, one in Coshocton, and one in Norwalk, J.V. Price and ex Mayor W.J. Lawthers of this city are heirs to the estate of Thomas Price [Mordecai's brother, Thomas died in New Philadelphia, Ohio], consisting of land in the heart of the City of Baltimore valued at $400,000,000. [1910 dollars], the title to which they will attempt to prove in courts.

A fifteen years' search for the original title from Lord Baltimore to Thomas Price has been rewarded with the finding of the document in the posession of Harry V. Alexander of New Philadelphia, Ohio. The deed, dated June 25, 1733, conveys the property to Price for a consideration of approxamately $30. A ninety-nine years lease on the land expired fifteen years ago.


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Misc Abstracts



Baltimore County, Maryland Deed Records: 1727-1757
By John David Davis; pg 102

1721 Baltimore City was to be called Jones' Town. One of the comissioners, Maj. Sheredine had taken up land in the county as early as 1721, and in 1734 purchased the Kingsbury lands at the head of Back River, where the iron furnace was afterwards erected, and Gen. Smith built a mill. [6; pg 55]

Mr Boring was a merchant, whose father had bought several tracts of land in Pataposco Neck in 1679 [6; pg 55].

15 Jan 1729
Memorandum that the above named Mordecai Price conveyed his right and title to the above lott No. 56 to Capt. Robt. Gordon of Annapolis and his heirs forever, who complied with the requisites mentioned in the Act of Assembly for Baltemore Town, James Jackson also conveyed his right to ye lott No. 38, unto Mr. Samuel Peel and his heirs, who duly complyed with sd. requisites. On Thursday the 15th of January 1729 '30 the three following lotts were taken up by the underwritten gentlemen, but they forfeited their right thereto by not building
thereupon as required by Act of Assembly. Thomas Sheredine, No, 44, William Buckner, No, 53, James Powell, No. 26.

14 Jan 1730; the first lots within the city of Baltimore were taken up. Mordecai Price took lot No. 55 (afterwards transferred to Catp. Robert Gordon) midway between South and Holliday Streets on the water front; and Christopher Gist No. 56. next to that of Mr. Price, on the east. All tese gentlemen secured their title to these lots by beginning and finishing on them houses that covered at least four hundred square feet of ground within less than eighteen months after taking them up.

2 May 1732, John & Pretioi Boreing, planter, of Baltimore Co., MD to Thomas Hines, of same L50, 257 acres...North West Branch River...line of the brother of said John, Thomas Boreing. Signed John Boreing. Wit: Thomas Sheredine and Richard Gist.

On Oct 28, 1732 four of the commissioners, Capt Thomas Sheredine, capt Robert North, Thomas Todd, and John Cockey, met and after appointing George Walker as their clerk, issued their warrants to the sheriff of the county commanding him to summon a jury of substatial freholders to assess the value of the ten acres to be apportioned for the town and inquire as to the ownership of the land

1737 - There are two James Boring on the 1737 Tax List - One on the Back River Lower Hundred and one on the Back River Upper Hundred - - They could be the same or different James Borings' owing two different properties.

Aug 1738: John Boreing, age about 53...; John Harryman, age about 42 years...;

Aug 1739: Luke Stansbury, age about 50 years...; Thomas Franklin, age about 35 years...; John Wilmot, age about 54 years...; Capt John Boreing, age about 57 years...; John Crouch, age about 48 years...; William Groves, age about 50 years...; Mathew Beck, age about 50 years...; John Dawney, age about 48 years....;

6 Sep 1739, John & Sarah Boreing, Planter, of Baltimore County, Maryland to Stephen Price, (son and heir of Stephen Price, late of Baltimore Co., Maryland), L25, 150 acres...south side of main falls of Gunpowder River. Signed John Boreing. Wit: Thomas Sheredine and Chris Grindall.

30 Aug 1740, William & Margaret Merryman, Planter of Baltimore, Co. MD to James Boreing, of same, L30. Signed William Merryman and Margaret Merryman. With Thomas Sheredine & George Buchanan.

6 Aug 1740; Thomas Price, planter Baltimore, Co. To sons Samuel and Thomas and unborn child dwell. plan. In case they should all die without issue, plan. afsd to pass to son Benjamin Price. proven 5 Aug 1741.

20 Jan 1742, John Boreing, gentleman, of Baltimore Co., MD to his son-in-law Dulton Lane, planter, of same, for love and affection, 100 acres. Signed John Boreing. Wit: Robert North John Risteau and Neal Haile.

31 Jan 1744, Robert Burgan, planter, of Baltimore Co., MD to William Chidwynd, Samuel and Osgood Gee and Thomas Russell, merchants and Mary Wrightwick, John Price and Lawrence Washington, L16, 50 acres...between Patapsco River and the head of Back River. Signed Robert Burgan. Wit: Thomas Sheredine and William Fell.

1743, Thomas Brerewood Sr., of Balt Co., MD leases to John Hooper, (John is 45 years, Mary Fugall, now Mary Knowles, is 21 years, Ann Fugall, dau of James Fugall, is 8 years), planter, of same, 50 acres...line of Luke Wiley, formerly Edward Fawley's plantation...32 acres...line Benjamin Anderson and Nathaniel of Thomas Fisher. Signed Thomas Brerewood. Wit: Mordeca Price and Cornelius (x) Stewart.

17 Jun 1745, Sarah Knight, widow, of Baltimore Co., Maryland to Sarah Boreing, of same, L42.5, 100 acres...north branch of herring Run...2nd tract 85 acres, adjoining. Signed Sarah (x) Knigh. Wit:____

22 Jul 1745, Solomon Wheeler, of Baltimore Co., Maryland married Rachael Taylor, of same. Signed J. Taylor. Wit: Elizabeth Goll, Sarah Mathews, Hallwick Parish, Mary Bowen, Hannah Wheeler, Joseph Price, Ruth Haile, Ann Cromwell, Edward Talbot, John Parish, Benjamin Benson, Samuel Hopkins, Thomas Cookey Dye, Samuel Gott, Richard Cross, Richard Gott, Thomas Mathews, John Clansy, Rees Bowen, Benjamin Tweedie, Thomas Colegate, Benjamin Hooper, Thomas Hooper, John Green, Solomon Wheeler, Rachel Wheeler, Thomas Wheeler, Moses Wheeler, Samuel Wheeler, Martha Boreing, Martha Murray, Cusiah Morray, William Wheeler, Joseph Taylor, Thomas Cart, Aquila Carr, Mordeci Price, John Price, William Parish Fr. Thomas Mathews. Solomon & Rachel Wheeler entered this certificate on the record as friends of Joseph Taylor.

Mar 1746: John Fuller, age about 68 years...; Thomas Franklin, age about 40 years...; John Boreing, age about 62 years...; Patrick Lynch age about 47 years...;

14 May 1748, Sarah Price, (widow of Thomas Price), of Baltimore Co., MD to Edward Brussbanks Jr. L10, 150 acres. Signed Sarah (x) Price. With: William Young and William Smith

23 Oct 1748 John & Hannah Price, of Baltimore Co., MD to John Chillcoat, of same, L40, 100 acres...line of Thomas Mathews. Signed John (x) Price. Wit. Charles Ridgley and Henry Taylor

31 Oct 1749, Charles Ridgley, gentleman, of Baltimore Co., MD leases to Elizabeth [Cole] Price, of same, 20 acres...line Joseph Merryman. Signed Charles Midgley. Wit: Darby Lux and John heddin.

22 Sep 1750, Stephen & Rebecca Price, planter, of Balt Co. MD to Abraham Raven, gentleman, of same L20 93 acres...Sayters Hill. signed Stephen Price. Wit: Thomas Sheredine and John Hawkins.

1 Nov 1750, John & Jane Hanson, gentleman, of Baltimore County, Maryland to Nicholas Hackitt Carew, Osgood Gee, Mary Wrightwick, Thomas Russell, John Price and Lawrence Washington, all merchants, of Great Britain, L62.75, 291 acres ...northeast branch of Bush River. Signed John Hasson and Jane Hanson. Wit: Richard Harrison and Walter Hanson. Edmund Postens of Charles Co., Maryland.

Liber 28, folio 322
18 Jan. 1751
MILES, ELIZABETH, Prince George's Co. 
     To daus. Sarah, wife of William Cole, &
Elizabeth , wife of Mordeca Price, equ. div., all my wearing appl. 
     To s Sarah Cole, negro man Wappin. 
     To son Samuel, negro man Mingo & a gold ring. 
     To Guy White, s. o. s Saml., negro boy Catto. 
     To dau. Elizabeth Price, negro girl Candis, L 25 sterl, & a bed. 
     To son Benjamin White, negro man Charles. 
     To son John Miles, all my effects in the hands of John Hanbury, mercht., London, negro men Nerro & Paul, negro woman Hague negro girl Flora, & negro boy Dick. 
     The residue of my p. e., equ. div., to dau. Sarah Cole & sons & extrs., Samuel White, Benjamin White, & John Miles. 
     Witn: Turnor Wootton, John Evans, Sr., Joseph Evans Elizabeth Miles 
     16 June 1752, sworn to by all 3 witn.

4 Sep 1751, Charles Carroll, merchant, of Annapolis, Anne Arundel Co., Maryland to Nicholas Hackett Carew, Osgood Gee, Mary Wrightwick, widow, Thomas Russell and John Price, all merchants, of Great Britain and Lawrence Washington, of Virginia L1200, 1250 acres, 600 acres, 350 acres, 50 acres...purchased of Joseph Thomas, 100 acres, 100 acres, 250 acres, 400 acres, 26 acres, 46 acres 200 acres, 150 acres, 150 acres...purchased of Elizabeth Lloyd, of Baltimore Co., Maryland, 691 acres, 2690 acres, 150 acres...purchased of Thomas Sligh, 100 acres, 94 acres, 100 acres...purchased of John Harrtyman, 50 acres...purchased of Charles Crook, 174 acres, 66 acres, 32 acres, 54 acres, 20 of 8,200 acres...agreement with Ralph Faulkner, Edward Neal, John Triplett and Charles Ewell. Signed Charels Carroll. Wit: charles Carroll, John Jacks and Thomas Fleming Bordley.

Aug 1755, Avarilla Allender, wife of Joshua Allender in debt to her father Edward Day's estate and brother Nicholas Day, deceased. Signed Joshua Allender and Avarilla Allender. Wit: Robert Price, Mary Jackson and William (x) Hill.

3 Jun 1756, Elizabeth Price, of Baltimore Co., Maryland to her grandchildren, Mary, Sarah and John Trasher, for love and affection, chattel good and mulatto boy named ned, age 6 years. Signed Elizabeth Price. Wit: Mary helm and Absalom Butler.

Mar 19, 1774 (AL#K pp 167-172) This Indenture between Thomas Tipton of Baltimore co. son & Heir-at-law of Luke Tipton dec'd & James Boreing [1737 - 1795] of the same Co. who intermarried w/Sarah [Boston] [1729-1795] the widow of the said Luke Tipton dec'd & mother of the said Thomas Tipton of the one part & Thomas Cockey Deye of Baltimore Co. afsd Esq. of the other part. Witnesseth that the said Thomas Tipton & James Boreing for & in consideration of the sum of 40 pounds current money of the Province of PA. to him the said Thomas Tipton by him the said Thomas Cockey Deye in hand paid at or upon the said sealing & delivery hereof the receipt whereof the said Thomas Tipton & James Boreing do hereby acknowledge & him the said Thomas Cockey Deye...have granted...all that tract or parcel of land called HOG ISLAND...being in Baltimore Co. afsd beginning at a bounded Red Oak standing on the South West side of a small branch descending into the Great Falls of Gunpowder River & running....containing....50 acres more or less...In witness whereof the said Thomas Tipton & James Boreing have hereunto respectively set their hand & seals the day & year first aforegoing written.
Sealed Signed & Delivered Thomas Tipton (Seal)
in the presence of his
George (?) James X Boreing (Seal)
his mark
Richardson R Roberts
At the same time also came Keziah the wife of the within named Thomas Tipton & Sarah the wife of the within named James Boreing.



Text taken from "BALTIMORE COUNTY FAMILIES 1659 - 1759"

Mary Hyatt; she d. 2 d, 9, 1770; he m. 2nd, on I Jan. 1772 Tabitha Tipton, b. 5 July 1747. d. 14 8ept. 1827, dau. of William and Angelica Tipton; had 1ss.: (by 1st w.): ESTHER, b. 28 Nov. 1755, 
a. (---) Tipton; ~, b. 2 Feb. 1758, d. 8 Feb. 1775; JOHN, b. 26 Feb. 1760, d. 28 June 1786; MARY, b. 2 May 1762, a. (--) Underwood; JESSE, b. 14 Feb. 1763; 
PHOEBE, b. 12 Oct. 1765, d. 30 July 1813; ANN, b. 27 Feb. 1768: (by 2nd w.): ISABEL, b. 22 Oct. 1772, d. 1843; 
JOSIWA, b. 2 July 1774, d. 1804;                       REBECCA, b. 9 Oct. 1776, d. 1785; AQUILA, b. 24 Oct. 1778, d. 27 Aug. 1797; WILLIAM, b. 22 Oct. 1780, d. 1857; ECHEL, b. 9 July 1782, d. 1800; BENJAMIN, b. 23 Aug. 1784; ELIZABETH, b. 25 Aug. 1786; JOHN, b. 23 May 1791, d. 1831; KETURA b. 2 June 1792 (136)."-
Children of MORDECAI PRICE and MARY HYATT are:
	i.	ESTHER6 PRICE, b. 28 Nov 1755; m. TIPTON.
	ii.	RUTH PRICE, b. 02 Feb 1758.
	iii.	JOHN PRICE, b. 26 Feb 1760.
	iv.	MARY PRICE, b. 02 May 1762.
	v.	JESSE PRICE, b. 14 Feb 1763.
	vi.	PHOEBE PRICE, b. 12 Oct 1765.
	vii.	ANN PRICE, b. 27 Feb 1768.
	viii.	ISABEL6 PRICE, b. 22 Oct 1772.
	ix.	JOSHUA PRICE, b. 02 Jul 1774.
	x.	REBECCA PRICE, b. 09 Oct 1776.
	xi.	AQUILA PRICE, b. 24 Oct 1778.
	xii.	BENJAMIN PRICE, b. 23 Aug 1784.
	xiii.	ELIZABETH PRICE, b. 25 Aug 1786.
	xiv.	JOHN PRICE, b. 23 May 1791.
	xv.	KETURA PRICE, b. 02 Jun 1792.


4.  MORDECAI3 PRICE (THOMAS2, THOMAS1)2 was born 1660 in Anne Arundel, MD, and died 08 May 1715 in Anne Arundel, MD.  He married MARY PARSONS, daughter of THOMAS PARSONS and ISABELLA.

"Baltimore County Families, 1659-1759," Pg 520,:

     "PRICE, Mordecai (4), s. of Thomas (2), is said to have been b. c1660, and is known to have d. c1715; m. Mary Parsons, dau. of Thomas and Isabella Parsons; c1707 he held 116 a. Locust Neck in his own right and 18 a. for the orphans of Anthony Holland; also owned 50 a. Papa Ridge and 50 a. Greenwood; his wid. Mary d. leaving a will, 8 May 1718 - 15 June 1718, naming ch. John, Thomas, Benjamin, Stephen, Mordecai, Rachel, Hannah, Elizabeth, w. of Thomas Carr, Leah Ford, Mary, and Sarah Price, and granddau. Mary Carr; est. was admin. 4 Nov. 1726 by Thomas Carr and named dec.'s dau. Mary w. of Jonathan Hanson; est. was admin. 10 Nov. 1729 naming William Wheeler as the husband of Constant, wid. and admnx of Stephen Price, and a dau. who m. Thomas Taylor; est. was admin. 25 May 1728; Mordecai and Mary had iss.; ELIZABETH, b. c1685, m. Thomas Carr on 22 Oct 1705 at West River Meeting; STEPHEN, b. c1687; MARY b. c1688/9, m. 1st on 29 Aug. 1718, Jonathan Hanson, and 2nd Dr. George Walker; JOHN, b. c1690; LEAH, m. 1 Jan. 1711 at All Hallows Par., in A. A. Co. to Thomas Ford; HANNAH, m. 1st William Tipton, and 2nd John Bosley; ISABELLA, m. William Wheeler; MORDECAI, b. c1702; SARAH, b. April 1705, m. Thomas Taylor in Oct. 1725; RACHEL, b. c1706, m. Dennis Garrett Cole; BENJAMIN, b. c1709, m. Elizabeth Hewett on 22 June 1730; THOMAS, b. 1 Jan 1711; SAMUEL, b. c1713 (2:303, 307, 315; 210-14:628; 211)."-----
	iii.	ELIZABETH PRICE, b. Abt. 1685; m. THOMAS CARR, 22 Oct 1705, West River Meeting.
5.	iv.	STEPHEN PRICE, b. Abt. 1687; d. Abt. 1727, Baltimore Co., MD.
	v.	MARY PRICE, b. Abt. 1688; m. (1) GEORGE WALKER, DR.; m. (2) JONATHAN HANSON, 29 Aug 1718.
6.	vi.	JOHN PRICE, b. Abt. 1690; d. Abt. 1790.
7.	vii.	LEAH PRICE, b. Abt. 1690, West River, Anne Arundel Co., MD; d. 1760.
8.	viii.	MORDECAI PRICE, b. Abt. 1702; d. Aft. 1750.
	ix.	SARAH PRICE, b. Apr 1705; m. THOMAS TAYLOR, Oct 1725.
9.	x.	RACHEL PRICE, b. Abt. 1706.
	xi.	BENJAMIN PRICE2, b. Abt. 1709; m. ELIZABETH HEWETT, 22 Jun 1730.


Baltimore County Families, 1659-1759

Thomas Ford, the progenitor He was in Ann Arundel County by 1662 when he surveyed Dinah Ford's Beaver Dam; Surveyed 300 acres in Rockford, MD 1679; Surveyed 600 acres called Goury Banks, and 120 acres called Fordstone; He may also be the Thomas Ford, servant, who was transported to Md. by 1652; in Dec 1670 he was conveyed 300 acres called Repulta by Henry Stockett.

Thomas Ford had issue

  1. Elizabeth m1. Job Barnes m2 Mathias Clark m3 John or William Norton
  2. John (? - 1737) m. Jane
  3. James m. Elizabeth
    1. Thomas Ford (28 Feb 1692 - c1748) born in Ann Arundel County, Maryland and died in Baltimore County, Maryland. he m. Leah Price on 1 Jan 1711. Leah was the daughter of Mordecai Price and Mary Parsons. He acquired 202 acres of land called Selsed (now called Ford's Chance) from John Boreing and his wife Pretosia in Jan 1718. Thomas will was written on 18 Nov 1748 and was proven 4 jan 1748/9, named children:
      1. Thomas (15 Apr 1714 - bef 1787) in 1750 owned 50a which was a part of Selsed
        1. Son killed in accident in Feb 1753, age 12
        2. Thomas Cockey Deye (26 Jul 1752 -?)
        3. Caroline (27 Jun 1759 -?) m. Samuel Hale
        4. Possibly Frederick who m. by lic. of 4 Jun 1782 to Margaret Benjamin
        5. Possibly a dau who married John Ford of William
        6. Possibly a dau Anne who m. James Bond
        7. Possibly a dau Priscilla who m. by lic of 3 Mar 1787 Charles Gill
        8. Possibly a dau Penelope who m. Francis neale
      2. John (5 Nov 1720 - bef 1784) m. Ruth (or Ruhama) dau of Edmond Howard in 1750. John owned 100a called Gist's Search
        1. Thomas (20 Feb 1744 - ?)
        2. Belinda (4 Nov 1748 -?) m. (__) Simmons
        3. Rebecca (6 Mar 1750 - ?)
        4. John Howard (30 Jul 1753 - ?)
        5. Joshua (23 Feb 1756 - ?)
        6. Eleanor (13 Apr 1758 - ?) m. by lic. of 10 Dec 1781 to Benjamin Todd
        7. Edmund (2 Aug 1760 - ?) m. Catherine Bond
        8. Charles (2 Aug 1760 - ?) by 1807 was in Bourbon County Ky
        9. Cassandra m. by lic. of 9 Jan 1786 to Elias Harding
      3. William (28 Feb 1721 - ?)
        1. Possibly John
        2. Possibly Benjamin
      4. Benjamin (18 Dec 1723 - ?)
      5. Mary (6 Feb 1725) who m. Absolom Barney
      6. Lloyd (10 Nov 1727 - 1816) b. in St. Paul's Parish  and died in Washington County, Tennessee m. Mary dau of Alexander Grant in Feb 1778
        1. Lloyd Jr. (1748 - 1843)
        2. James (? - 1845)
        3. John (?  - 1838)
        4. Thomas (? - ?) m. Nancy Wood
        5. Alexander
      7. Mordecai (19 Dec 1729 - ?) b. in St. Paul's Parish and in 1752 m. Ruth Barney, (1732 - ?) dau of William Barney and Mary (__). He gave his age as 52 in Feb 1781
        1. Barney (? - 1807) m. Mary Cole in 1783
        2. Horatio m. 16 Mar 1787 Elizabeth dau of John Gill and Sarah Gorsuch on 25 Sep 1794 Horatio Ford of Baltimore County to Josuhua Price of Baltimore County [26]
          1. Horatio Ford, Jr. m. Jane Careathers on 1 Nov 1810 in Washington County, TN [37].
        3. Mordecai (20 May 1768 m. Mary Price)
        4. Thomas
      8. Stephen (15 Oct 1731 - bef 15 Apr 1778) b. in St. Paul's Parish, Baltimore County, MD. He married Mary (__). On 24 Jun 1773 he conveyed 101 acres, Ford's Choice to Archibald Buchannan.
        1. Stephen (1 Jan 1762 -13 Mar 1848) "the saddle maker" m. Ruth Stevenson in Fredericksburg, Maryland. She was the daughter of an English gentleman and thus was disinherited upon her marriage to a saddle maker. They had thirteen children. He was representative to Ohio's general assembly bet 1808 -1818. He died in Salem Township, Jefferson County, Ohio.
        2. Joseph (c1763- 1790)
        3. Leah
    2. John Ford (6 Jul 1695 - ?) in 1720 he and James Ford of P.G. Co. sold Dr. William Lock of Ann Arundel County the tract Rockford, which they had inherited from their father.
    3. James (3 Mar 1696 - ?) possibly had the following children
      1. Joshua (2 Mar 1721 - ?)
      2. Eleanor (2 Oct 1722 - ?)

The county court note-book
 By Milnor Ljungstedt
9 July 1708; i-388
Mordecai Price; inventory Mary [Parsons] Price of Ann Arundel county;

Mordecai Price I (? - c1715) planter and Mary Parsons (1660 - 8 May 1715), dau of Thomas Parsons and Isabella (__). 2 Jan 1702 Her Majesty vs. Sarah Dyamond, was present for a Mullato Bastard...declaring that one Daniel a Negroe belonging to Mordecai Price was the begetter of the said Mallatto Child...this 13 Jan 1702/3 that the said Sarah Dyamond...fifteen lashes...master deliver her up to the Court after expiration of her term to serve as the law directs. Sarah Dimant having had a Mullattoe bastard girle and being thereby obliged to serve the county seven years in compliance with the act of assembly providing against such unnaturall copulations is by her former master Mordecai Price now surrendered to the court ... serve Wm Bladen Planter from the 24th day of this instant ... sold for three thousand pounds of tobacco[38]. Circa 1707 Mordecai held 116 acres of land called Locust Neck in his own right and 18 acres for the orphans of Anthony Holland; He also owned 50 acres called Papa Ridge and 50 acres called Greenwood. On 9 Jul 1708, Mordecai Price: inventory Mary [Parsons] Price of Ann Arundel County [40]. On 16 Oct 1710, Henry Ridgely (? - 1710), deceased listed inventory which stated Mordecai owed him a debt of L10. Mordecai died c1715. His widow, Mary d. leaving a will 8 May 1718 proven 15 June 1718 naming the following children: Benjamin, Stephen, Mordecai, Rachel, Hannah, Elizabeth w. of Thomas Carr, Leah Ford, Mary, and Sarah Price and grand daughter Mary Carr. Mordecai's estate was administered 4 Nov 1726 by Thomas Carr and named dec."s dau Mary w. of Jonathan Hanson; est was admin 10 Nov 1729 naming William Wheeler as the husband of Constant, widow and admx of Stephen Price, and a dau who m. Thomas Taylor; est. was admin 25 may 1728; Mordecai and Mary had issue:

  1. Elizabeth (c1685 -?) m. Thomas Carr on 22 Oct 1705 at West River Meeting [house]
  2. Stephen (c1687 -1726/7) m. in May 1716 to Constant Horne, dau of William Horne and Sarah Franklin; Constant m2 William Wheeler
    1. Elizabeth
    2. Stephen Jr. m. Rebecca Hicks on 20 Apr 1749
    3. Sarah
    4. Mary possibly the Mary who m. John Gorsuch
  3. Mary (c1688/9 -?) m1 on 29 Aug 1718 to Jonathan Hanson, m2 Dr. George Walker
  4. John (c1690/2 - c1790) m. Rebecca Merryman, dau of Samuel Merryman. They m. 1729. He Left will written 12 Dec 1784, proven 8 May 1790
    1. Mary (20d of 1 - ?) m. John Parrish on 30d of 1, 1744
    2. John (26 Mar 1729 - 14 Apr 1809) m1 Mary Parrish on 26 Aug 1748 m2 Urith Cole (1728 - ?) on 26 Jan 1753. She was dau of Dennis Cole and Rachael (Price) Cole
      1. Leah (1 Sep 1749 - ?)
      2. By Second Wife, Rececca (25 Nov 1753 - ?)
      3. By Second Wife, Rachel (13 Jun 1758 - 1761)
      4. By Second Wife Possibly Mary
    3. Mordecai "of John" (27 Feb, 1731/2 -5 Sep 1807) died at age 76 years 6 mos.  6 days m1 Mary Hyatt on 30 Aug 1754 m2. Tabitha Tipton (5 Jul 1747 - 14 Sep 1827) dau of William Tipton and Anglica (__).
      1. Esther (28 Nov 1755 - ?) she m. a Tipton
      2. Ruth (2 Feb 1758 - 8 Feb 1775)
      3. John (26 Feb 1760 - 28 Jun 1786)
      4. Mary (2 May 1762 - ?) m. an Underwood
      5. Jesse (14 Feb 1763)
      6. Phoebe (12 Oct 1765 - d 30 July 1813)
      7. Ann (27 Feb 1768 - ?)
      8. By second wife: Isabel (22 Oct 1772 - 1843)
      9. By second wife: Joshua (2 Jul 1774 - 1804)
      10. By second wife: Rebecca (9 Oct 1776 - 1785)
      11. By second wife: Aquila (24 Oct 1778 - 27 Aug 1797)
      12. By second wife: William (22 Oct 1780 - 1857)
      13. By second wife: Rachel (9 Jul 1782 - 1800)
      14. By second wife: Benjamin (23 Aug 1784 - ?)
      15. By second wife: Elizabeth (25 Aug 1786 - ?)
      16. By second wife: John (23 may 1791 - 1831)
      17. Ketura (2 Jun 1792 - ?)
    4. Leah (7 Oct 1733 - ?)
    5. Aquila (27 Nov 1735 - 8 Feb 1773) m. Ann Griffith (c1752 - ?) dau of Isaac Griffith and Ann (__) on 27 Feb 1772. Ann m2 William Matthews
      1. Leah (10 Dec 1772 - ?) m. John Matthews
    6. Elizabeth (25 Feb 1737/8 - ?)
    7. Ketura (21 Apr 1739 - ?) m. Richard Belt
    8. Isabella (4 Aug 1742 - 11d 5, 1836)
    9. Agnes (28 Jan 1745 - ?)
    10. Benjamin (5 Jan 1747 - ?)
    11. Rachael (2 Apr 1751 - ?) m. (__) Wooden
    12. Ann (?-?) m. (__) Stevenson
    13. Possibly Rebecca
  5. Leah (?-?) m 1 Jan 1711 at Hallows Parish in Ann Arundel County to Thomas Ford
    1. Thomas Ford (15 Apr 1714 - bef 1787) in 1750 owned 50a which was a part of Selsed
    2. John Ford (5 Nov 1720 - bef 1784) m. Ruth (or Ruhama) dau of Edmond Howard in 1750. John owned 100a called Gist's Search. He was a Sergt. in 1754 in the Maryland Line Militia
    3. William Ford (28 Feb 1721 - ?)
    4. Benjamin Ford (18 Dec 1723 - ?). Enlisted as private in 1760 in the Maryland Militia
    5. Mary Ford (6 Feb 1725) who m. Absolom Barney
    6. Lloyd Ford (10 Nov 1727 - 1816) b. in St. Paul's Parish  and died in Washington County, Tennessee m. Mary dau of Alexander Grant in Feb 1778
    7. Mordecai Ford (19 Dec 1729 - c1807) b. in St. Paul's Parish and in 1752 m. Ruth Barney, (1732 - ?) dau of William Barney and Mary (__). He gave his age as 52 in Feb 1781
      1. Barney Ford (c1753 - 1807) m. Mary Cole in 1783
      2. Horatio Ford (c1766 - ?) m. 16 Mar 1787 Elizabeth Gill dau of John Gill and Sarah Gorsuch. He enlisted in the Maryland Militia - signed Mordecai Price's will in Washington County, TN 1799
        1. Horatio Ford, Jr. m. Jane Careathers on 1 Nov 1810 in Washington County, TN [37].
      3. Mordecai Ford (20 May 1768 - ?)  m. Mary Price 20 May 1804
      4. Thomas Ford
    8. Stephen Ford (15 Oct 1731 - bef 15 Apr 1778) b. in St. Paul's Parish. On 24 Jun 1773 conveyed 101 acres Ford's Choice to Archibal Buchanan
      1. Stephen (1 Jan 1765 - ?) m. Ruth Stevenson
      2. Joseph (? - 1790)
      3. Leah
  6. Hannah m1 William Tipton (27 Jul 1696 - 6 May 1736) m2 John Bosley
  7. Isabella (1698 -1728) m. William Wheeler (8 Mar 1694 - 3 Mar 1766) c1723 in Baltimore County, MD. He m2 Contant (Horne) Price on 9 Jun 1729 who first married Isabella's older brother, Stephen Price (c1687 -1726/7) in May 1716. Isabella and William had the following children:
    1. Benjamin Wheeler
    2. Elizabeth Wheeler
    3. Nathan
  8. Mordecai II (c1702 - c1764), was a Quaker an was probably the Mordecai Price living in 1750 as owner of 300 acres called Price's Claim, 100 acres Price's outlet, 150 acres Goodwill, and 100acres Price's Delight. He m. Elizabeth White (1708 -1765) on 28 Apr 1724. She was dau of Guy White and Elizabeth Griffin (? - 1752) and was from Cool Springs Manor, Price George County. 1 Jan 1731 Mordecai and Elizabeth Price, planter of Baltimore County, Maryland to Aquila Carr, planter of the same L10, 200 acres west side of great falls of Gunpowder River, wit. Francis Hinckley. Elizabeth was the grandaughter of Samuel Griffin, immigrant to Clavert County, Maryland from Wales [33]. Mordecai's Estate Inventory was dated 8 Aug 1764. [33]. Elizabeth's mother, Elizabeth Griffin also married (__) Miles and had a son named, John as stated in her will 1751 [34].
    1. Sarah (1 Sep 1730 -?) m. Thomas Cole, Jr. on 23d, 2 1747
    2. Rachel (11 Jun ? - ?) m. Thomas Matthews on 25 Oct 1751
    3. Mordecai III (28 Nov 1733/4 - 5 May 1796) m. Rachel Moore (1741 - ?) on 27d, 12, 1759 at Gunpowder [meetinghouse]. He died in Baltimore County. She was dau of Walter Moore and Ann (__).  Mordecai left  a will written on 1 Mar 1796 and proven 8 Jun 1796;
      1. Ann (?-?) m. William Matthews on 4/22/1774
      2. Mordecai IV m. Charity Ann Comly
      3. Rachael (22 Fe 1767 - ?) m. Amos Scott by lic 18 April 1789
      4. Sarah (17 Feb 1769 - ?) m. Jesse Morgan by lic 19 Aug 1795
      5. Elizabeth (2 Dec 1771 - 16 Oct 1831) m. James Benson
      6. Joseph (28 Oct 1774 - 6 May 1861) m. unknown [33]
      7. Elijah (26 April 1780 - ?)
    4. Benjamin (7 Feb 1734 - 3 Dec 1794) m. Temperance Bosley (1735 - ?). Benjamin Price and Thomas Gist witnessed will of Joseph Bosley 12 Apr 1772. Know all men that we Greenbury Bosley, Thomas Gist, Juror and Benjamin Price bound unto the State of Maryland in sum of forth thousand pounds current money 25 February 1780. Greensboro Bosley, Executor of Last Will and Testament of Joseph Bosley, of Baltimore County, Maryland. 25 Feb 1780, Know all men that we Greenbury Bosley, Thomas Gist, Junior and Benjamin Price bound unto the State of Maryland in sum of forth thousand pounds current money 25 February 1780. Greensboro Bosley, Executor of Last Will and Testament of Joseph Bosley, lof Baltimore County, Maryland Administratorís Bonds Book 5 1760-1779 page 4 and 5.
      1. Thomas (1 Dec 1755 - 1847)
      2. James (14 Jan 1757 - ?)
      3. Joshua (15 Jan 1759 - ?) m. Martha (__) purchased 21.75 acres Cole's Venture from Thomas Cole on 29 Dec 1789 [39].
        1. Benjamin
        2. Temperance
        3. Elizabeth
        4. Mary
        5. John
        6. Joshua
        7. Elanor
        8. Hannah
      4. Jarrett (27 Dec 1760 - ?)
      5. Keturah (1762 - ?)
      6. Elizabeth (1764 - ?)
      7. Rebecca (18 Nov 1769)
      8. Beale (4 Oct 1772 - )
    5. Leah
    6. Sophia (28d, 12 1736 -?) m. Nathan Haines on 23d, 10, 1755
    7. Samuel (28d, 12, 1739 - ?) m. Anne Moore
    8. Elizabeth (22d, 6, 1741 -?) m. Warwick Miller
    9. Mary (9d, 12, 1744 - ?) m. Daniel Haines on 25d, 3, 1762
    10. Stephen (? - 1809) m1Rebecca Hicks in 1749 m2 Susannah Rolls in 1783 [33].
  9. Sarah (Apr 1705 - ?) Thomas Taylor in Oct 1725
  10. Rachael (c1706 - ?) m. Levin Scott in 1729 [33]
  11. Benjamin (c1709 - 10 Jun 1786) m. Elizabeth Thomas wid. of Richard Hewett on 22 Jun 1730. On 17 Feb 1737 They admin estate of Richard Hewett; 9 July 1730 he received land Price's Delight originally patented 1 Jan 1728 near branch of water called Buck's Branch tributary to Gunpowder Falls: MD LW&P 1730-1732. On 17 Jun 1738 They sold 150a called Land in Kind to Thomas Taylor. According to Oneworld tree, he died in Lincoln County, KY.
    1. William (1733 - aft 1790) owned 60 acres William's Lott sold 24 acres to Jonathan Tipton 15 Oct 1790.
    2. Abraham (c1735 - ?)
    3. Samuel (1737 - ?)

    Benjamin married second, Millicent Vaughn circa 1748 in Baltimore County, Maryland and had the following children

    1. Mordecai "of Benjamin" (1749 - 1799)
    2. Christopher (1751 - ?)
    3. Benjamin (1753 - ?) married Lydia Tipton and assigned Baltimore County lots Piney Hills, Tipton's Desire and Williams Lot to Jonathan Tipton.
    4. John (1753 - ?)
    5. Thomas (1 Dec 1755 - ?)
    6. Rachel (1760 - ?)
    7. Edith (1766 - ?) m. John Busby c1771
    8. Millicent (1772 - ?)
    9. Gist (1774 - ?)
  12. Thomas (1 Jan 1711 - c1740/1) was a planter and b. at St. James Parish in Anne Arundel County; He. m1 Mary Irvine in 1734. He m2 Keturah Merryman dau of Samuel Merryman and Mary (__) on 1 July 1732 in St. Paul's Parish. Thomas will was written on 6 Aug 1740 "To sons Samuel, Thomas and unborn Child [Rebecca] dwelling, plantation. In case they should all die without issue, plantation aforesaid to pass to son Benjamin." His will was test: brother Mordecai (Quaker), William Sinkley, Samuel Hynson. His will was probated 5 Aug 1741 when admin bond was posted by Keturah Price; she admin his estate on 19 Nov 1742 and m2 William Parrish on 25 Feb 1743; In Aug 1744 William Parrish posted bond he would pay the orphans of Thomas Price (Benjamin, Samuel, Thomas and Rebecca) their share of their father's estate; in 1750 Keturah owned 200 acres part Executors Management;
    1. Benjamin (8 Mar 1732/3 - ?).
    2. Samuel
    3. Thomas
    4. Rebecca
  13. Samuel (c1713 - ?) died young not mentioned in mother's will 1718.