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Henry Clay Ellison

Born July 1831 Speedwell, Tennessee

Died April 17, 1895


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Henry Clay Ellison was born in Claiborne County, Tennessee as the second child and eldest son to farmer, James Ellison Jr and his wife Eliza Ausmus in July 1831. James was born in 1809 in South Carolina to James Ellison Senior and Elizabeth (__). Henry's mother was born in Claiborne County, to Henry Ausmus who was born in Maryland.

When the 1840 census was taken for Claiborne County, 9-year old Henry can be seen living with his parents, although his name is not explicity stated, his age does match.


Ten year later, when the 1850 census was taken for Claiborne County on the 18th day of November, Henry’s father, James (age 41) and Eliza Ellison (age 38) lists their children as:



In March of 1851 when Henry was 19 years old, his father, James Ellison Jr dies at the age of 42.


Sometime after the 1850 census was taken, Henry moves next door to his mother who is now head of the household and marries Elizabeth Mahaley O’dell on the 23rd day of December 1852 by Reverend William Williams in Claiborne County [2].


At age 20 in 1852, Henry and Elizabeth have their first child, Eliza M. Ellison who is named after Henry’s mother and Henry’s new wife.


In March of 1854, they give birth to their second child and first son, William Marshall Ellison. He m1. Catherine "Katie" Ausmus in 1878 when he was 24. She was ten years his junior. They lived in Claiborne nearly all their life. Katie was the daughter of Benjamin Ausmus Jr. and Barbary Hunter.


In 1857, they give birth to their third child, Sarah C. Ellison.


On April 6, 1859 Henry and Elizabeth give birth to their fourth child, Benjamin Wiley Ellison. He married Mary Maria Kivette in 1878. He and Mary can be found in Crosbyton, Texas amongst several Ausmus, Edwards, and Ellison relatives when the 1910 census was taken.


When the 1860 Census for Tazewell in Claiborne County, Tennessee was taken on June 11, 1860, Henry’s mother, Eliza (Ausmus) Ellison, now widowed for the past nine years is now the head of household. Some of Henry’s siblings are still living with their mother and are:


Nancy Ellison 31

Berry Ellison 24

Benjamin Ellison 19


Henry is living next door to his mother and is farming. He lists his age as 27 [1833]


In 1861, the Civil War erupts

In 1862, Henry L. Ellison is born. He can be found at age 8 in the 1870 census. It is likely that he died young as no further information is available.


Just before his 24th birthday, Henry Ellison was enrolled on the 9th day of August 1861 at Tazewell, in Company “C” 1st Regiment of Tenn Volunteers to serve 3 years. Private on the 17th day of August 1861 at Barboursville, KY in Co. “C” Reg. of Tenn

On September 19,1863, Henry and Elizabeth (O'dell) Ellison give birth to Berry Ellison.


Henry Ellison served in the First Regiment Company C Tennessee Volunteer Infantry and was wounded in the left leg below the knee on Dec. 15 or 17, 1863. Henry was 5’-11” tall he had black hair, black eyes and a dark complexion.

In 1865 Paridina Ellison is born. She can be found in the 1870 census at age 8. No further information is availlable.


After the Civil War, Henry and Elizabeth move to Lost Creek in Union County, Tennessee. Henry’s mother also moves her family near her son’s home. Henry’s brother, Berry Ellison can also be found living nearby.

In October of 1868, Henry and Elizabeth gave birth to David McMillan Ellison. He married Susan Edwards on November 14, 1887. He died in Joplin, Jasper, MO on July 26, 1957. He and Susan can be found living next to the Bolingers Hecla Pct, Hooker, Nebraska in 1910.


When the 1870 census for Lost Creek was taken on August 9th, 38 year old [1832] Henry and his wife, who now goes by her middle name, Mahaley (age 38) due to four Elizabeths in the family, list eight children:


  1. Eliza Ellison 17
  2. William M. 14
  3. Sarah 13
  4. Benjamin Ellison 11
  5. Henry L. 8
  6. Berry Ellison 6 dies at age 87 in Crosbyton, TX
  7. Pardina Ellison 5
  8. David Ellison 1


Henry’s mother, Eliza (age 60) is head of household next door and living in the home is Elizabeth Odle [O’dell] (age 70) Its not know who this relative is, most likely a sister. Eliza’s daughter Nancy (age 40 and now married) is living at her mothers home with no husband and several children.



Purchase of land by Berry Ellison from Henry Ellison

By Wilburn Sharp

This indenture made and entered into Oct. 7, 1884 between Berry Ellison on the one part and Henry Ellison on the other. I Berry Ellison do bargain and sell to the said Henry Ellison a certain tract of land in consideration of the sum of two hundred dollars paid to me in hand lying on the north side of Powel River in the County of Union State of Tennessee. In the Henderson & Powel Valley Lange Survey in lot F. Beginning on a double chestnut thence north west to a water oak. Thence to a chestnut oak on or near the old line. Thence with the old line to a double chestnut, thence east following a hollow to a walnut. Thence northward to the beginning corner. I warrant and defend the said Henry Ellison his heirs and assigns forever in law or equity against any person or persons in the above described land and woods, minerals, waters and all appertaining thereto.

Signed sealed and delivered this the 7 day of Oct. 1884.


Jacob Owens Berry Ellison (SEAL)


Wm. J. Ellison Piety X Ellison (SEAL)


On the 17thd ay of April 1895, Henry Ellison dies and is honorably discharged in Nashville, TN. On Aril 20, 1895 Elizabeth files claim as widow. Henry’s son, Berry Ellison attested. According to the drop order and report Department of the Interior recorded Feb 9, 1910 Henry Ellison died January 23, 1910. Elizabeth M. Ellison Widow Pension 420.193. Henry's service was for Claiborne County, TN.

Mothers Claim for Pension

The State of Tennessee, County of Union,, SS. On this __ day of __, A.D. 1864, personally appeared before me Shadich Heninger a Justice of the Peace, a Court of Record within and for said County Eliza Ellison, aged 52 years, a resident of the 2nd District, in the County of Claiborne, and State of Tennessee, who, being first duly sworn according to law doth on her oath make the following declaration, in order to obtain the benefits of the provisions made by the act of Congress approved July 11, 1862, that she is the widow of James Ellison, deceased, and mother of Benjamin Ellison, deceased, who was a Private in Company “C” commanded by Captain Vincent Myers, in the first Regiment of Tennessee Infantry, commanded by Colonel Robert Bird in the war of 1861, who died at Flat Lick in the State of Kentucky of disease contracted in service on the 30th day of April 1862.

She further declares, that her said son, upon whom she was Wholly dependent for support, having left no widow or minor child under sixteen years of age surviving, declarant makes the application for a Pension under the above-mentioned act, and refers to the evidence filed herewith, and that in the proper department to establish her claim.

She also declares, that she has not, in any way, been engaged in , or aided or abetted, the Rebellion in the United States; that she is not in receipt of a pernsion under the second section of the act above mentioned, or under any other act, nor has she again married since the death of her son, the said Benjamin Ellison.

…They further say, that the said, Benjamin Ellison who served and died, as stated in the foregoing declaration, left neither widow nor child surviving him; that he was the son of the said James Ellison and Eliza Ellison, born to them during the continuance of their aforesaid marriage; that the said James Ellison died the __ day of March 1851; that the said Eliza Ellison was Wholly dependent upon the said Benjamin Ellison for support…

Sworn to and subscribed before me this 16 day of September A.D. 1864

Know all men by these presents, that I, Eliza Ellison of the 2nd District in the County of Claibornre and Satate of Tennessee do hereby constitute and appoint R.R. Butter of Knoxville, my true and lawful Agent or Attorney, for me ,a dn in my name to prosecute the claim presented by me for a pension by reason of the service of my late son, Benjamin Ellison.; deceased; and I do hereby authorize my said attorney…

16th day of September 1864

In the presence of

Henry Ellison

James N. Craig

Eliza Ellison

Mother’s Application for Army Pension

State of Tennessee

County of Claiborne

On this 23rd day of December A.D. 1871 personally appeared before the undersigned Clerk of the Chancery Court, a Court of Record within and for the County and State aforesaid, Mrs. Eliza Ellison aged 57 years, a resident of the County of Union in the State of Tennessee…widow of James Ellison deceased and mother of Benjamin Ellison, deceased, who was a private in Company “C” commanded by Captain Vincent Moyers in the first Regiment of Tennessee Infantry Volunteers commanded by Col R. K. Byrd in the war of 1861 who died while in the service aforesaid at Flat Lick in the State of Kentucky on or about the 1st day of June AD 1862 from the effects of Breast [pneumonia]incurred in the service aforesaid and whilst in the line of duty.


Henry C. Harman

Eliza Ellison

Henry Ellison

Personally appeared:

Hiram A. Kivett and Henry Ellison both of Union County.



  1. Department of the Interior Certificate No. 688.651 June 27, 1890 Bureau of Pensions Washington D.C. Jan. 15, 1898