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               4. William Bernard Haggerty  m: Irene Bundrock  
                    1915-1969                    1914-2010 

                    He owned "Bill's Place", a tavern in Hillhead 
                    SD, w/his sister Catherine, m: Irene Bundrock
                    out of HS 28JUNE1938 at St John's Ch, Britton 
                    SD , 11 kids, she was b: 14OCT1914 in Kidder SD
                     ... he later was a baker in his brother Dick's 
                    bakery in nearby Britton SD ... later, still, 
                    1940, moved to Hoquiam WA &  work at the Harbor 
                    Plywood Co which provided material for PT boats 
                    ... later still, 1952, owned/operated the Haggerty 
                    Construction Co hauling dirt, sand & gravel... 
                    d: of cancer, 15May1969, b: 15May1915, interred: 
                    Hoquiam Cem 
Family Profile 

                    5. Janice Fay Haggerty  m: Ron Ragan 

                         Ron, from Hoquiam: 20 years in the USNavy: 
                         Guam, Hawaii, TX & CA; m: Jan b: 4Oct1938,
                         3 kids, reside Aberdeen WA

                         6. Michael Ragan, Capt USA, m: Candy ____
                         6. Twins: Karen & David Ragan (a carpenter)
                    5. Betty Ann Haggerty  m: James Hale 

                         Betty: attended BusCol, employ: McCleary Pharm,
                         b: 8Nov1939, Britton SD; James: hvy equip

                         6. James Hale Jr  m: Sue Boster (dissolved)
                              7. Maiya Hale

                                 Hi there, this is Maiya Hale, daughter of James            
                                 Hale Jr. and grand daughter of James Hale Sr.
                                 and Elizabeth Haggerty. Interestingly enough, 
                                 I was browsing the internet and put in my name
                                 under a search engine and pulled this all up.
                                 I believe this was updated in 2002, and that's
                                 about right because Uncle Merle 
                                 (Larry Merle Haggerty) is               
                                 divorced, my grandma Betty (Elizabeth Haggerty)
                                 has died, and my parents are now divorced as well.
                                 In addition, cousin Mike was working over at                  
                                 Weyerhauser but is currently changing jobs. I      
                                 don't even know exactly who this is though the 
                                 website says Ed Costello, my dad is at work and 
                                 I am not sure who you are? Apparently it looks like
                                 you're from North Carolina... that would explain 
                                 why I've never met you now wouldn't it? Well,
                                 I hope you still have this email address and you 
                                 get this soon! Feel free to email me back at 
                                 Maiya Hale
                                 20 April 2006

                              7. Rick Clark
                              7. Randi Clark
                         6. Jesse Dean Hale  m: Kathy McMillan
                    5. William Bernard Haggerty Jr  m: Mary Foster 

                         Bill: 4 years USAF, employ Grays Harbor Paper,
                         b: 8Mar1941, Aberdeen SD; Mary employ Duane De 
                         Wees Chupler Inc; reside Hoquiam WA

                         6. Will Haggerty, b: 20Oct1965, m: Tomalene Kearns
                              7. one son 
                         6. Paula Kathleen Haggerty, b: 16Apr1968, 
                            m: Kevin Nations
                         6. Kenneth Haggerty, b: 16Oct1970 

                    5. Carmella Ruth Haggerty  m: Terry Raymond 

                          She: attended GHCol & Modeling School,
                          Seattle, employ Trans Coastal Mort, b:
                          4Sep1942, Aberdeen WA; Terry: sales rep

                         6. Todd Raymond, UW attendee, ALSteward
                         6. Scott Raymond, UW grad, med student
                         6. Chad Raymond, UW attendee

                    5. Richard Frank Haggerty  

                         m: Judy Hansmeir
                         6. Connie, works for Sears
                              7. Jamie
                              7. Scott
                         6. Kim, a twin, m: Mike Lisle, a logger
                         6. Rick, a twin, works for Hayes Dairy
                            m: Sue Hickman, works for Ocean Spray, 
                            2 kids
                         6. Jodee Haggerty, dental tech, 
                            m: Kevin _____

                         m: Arlene Sundvor

                         Dick b: 7Apr1944, Aberdeen WA, works for Nelson 
                         Concrete, Portland OR, resides: Stevenson WA

                    5. Catherine/Kay Irene Haggerty  m: Robert Duncan 

                         She, a homemaker, green house gardener, 
                         doting Gm to Justin, b: 27Sep1945 Aberdeen
                         WA; he: works for Grey Harbor Paper; reside 
                         Hoquiam WA

                         6. James Duncan, works in AK
                         6. Jackie Duncan
                              7. Justin ____

                    5. Clara/Twinkle Mae Haggerty  m: Michael Ellis 

                         They enjoy traveling & boating; he works 
                         for Loop Cabinet, Seattle; she works for
                         Blue Cross, b: 12Feb1952, Hoquiam WA;
                         reside: Edmonds WA
                    5. Steven Edward Haggerty (a twin) m: Kelly Butler 

                       Studied law, worked for Seattle First Bank, 
                       Daves Kem Dry, b: 4May1954, resides: Federal 
                       Way WA

                       Carol Mary Haggerty (a twin) m: Dale Spears,
                       attended DeWitts Beauty School, works in a 
                       Beauty Salon, b: 5May 1954; he attended Grays
                       Harbor Col, works for Gray Harbor Wood Mill, 
                       active in union affairs; resides: Hoquaim WA

                    5. Jeraldine/Jeri Lynn Haggerty  m: James Baker 

                         Attended Central Col, worked in secretarial
                         positions at Ellensburg HS & Congdon Cannery,
                         b: 11Nov1955, m: her HS sweetheart who works
                         for the East Valley School Distr; resides in
                         Naches WA                          

                    5. Larry Merle Haggerty m: Tammy Johnson (dissolved) 
                         South Sound CC grad , works for Rayionier 
                         Wood, b: 15Aug1957; she works for the State
                         Patrol; reside in Olympia WA

               4. Genevieve Maude/Tack Haggerty m: Hank Abraham
                    1918-1993                        1912-1975 

                    He was an independent businessman most of his
                    life, logged, had building material stores at 
                    a number of locations in WA & SD, flooded out
                    twice, recessioned out once, sent her money 
                    so she could come to WA from Veblen SD to 
                    marry him ... she m: him against the wishes of
                    her family, 3 kids, a devoted wife & mother,
                    active in Sioux Falls Catholic Daughters ... 
                    she b: 11Jun1918, d: 14Oct1993; he b:10Apr1912,
                    d: 8Oct1975, heart attack.

                    5. Larry Abraham 
                         Conservative writer, editor, speaker & 
                         publicist for the "Insider", has lived in
                         Chile, b: 29Oct1937; died 9July2008 Gig
                         Harbor WA. Active in the John Birch Society,
                         wrote "None Dare Call It Conspiracy"
                         Pix: Profile
                         m: Afton Pedusen

                         6. Beik Abraham 
                         6. Kye Abraham 
                         6. Kelley Abraham 
                         6. Karey Abraham 
                         6. Birch Abraham 
                         6. Larry Abraham 
                         6. Joe Abraham 
                         6. Pat Abraham 
                         6. Ginny Abraham

                         m: _______ _______
                         6. Josh Abraham 
                         6. Lauren Abraham 

                    5. Connie Abraham 

                    5. Beverly Abraham m: Ted Pins 

                         They have a commercial kitchen cab 
                         & counter top bus in Sioux City IA 
                         & in Sioux Falls SD; she: b: 28Feb1944

                         6. Jeslyn Pins
                         6. Jud Pins m: Lori ___ 
                              7. Ashley Pins
                              7. Justin Pins
                         6. Treva Pins m: Brad Dixon
                              7. Vanessa Dixon
                              7. Kayla Dixon
           3. Maude Haggerty m: Robert Pearson
               1878-1930         ??   

               He, an attorney

               4. Harry Pearson

                    Also an attorney associated w/his father, 
                    d: young, ~40, heart attack, not married

               4. Arnold Pearson

                    5. Eileen Pearson
                    5. Robert Pearson

                         d: ~60 years old, heart attack, a lawyer

                         6. Eileen Pearson
                         6. Robert Pearson
                              a lawyer in Denver CO
          3. Mary Haggerty
          3. Peter Haggerty 
               1883-1883   {return}
          3. Alice Haggerty m: Wilford Holland
               1884-1962         1880-1962   

               4. William Holland  m: Alyce Hagen 

                    He: an outstanding public citizen, educator, 
                    lawyer, philanthropist, b:8Dec1910, Stanley
                    ND; d:31Jan1983, Sisseton SD, no kids


          3. Frank (Francis, Leo)Haggerty m: Lottie Welsh
               1886-1959         1897-1996   
            Lottie b: Christmas day, 1897, Long Prairie MN...
            m: 1920... Frank in 1930 drove his family in a 
            new used car, swapped for some farm machinery, 
            to CA; enroute they had 13 flat tires + many nr
            accidents. d: 26August1959, Grays Harbor WA. 

            WA Death Certif#1.
            WA Death Certif#2
               4. Dorothy/Dode Haggerty m: Arne Jensen 

                    she, b: 1Feb1922, m:24Jul1943, no kids, 
                            lives in St Paul MN
               4. James Francis Haggerty  
                    m: Barbara _____ 
                    m: Edna _____ 

                    James, an inveterate Democrat, lifes
                    accomplishment: big JFK supporter in OR
                    ... Was Director of Ambulance Service, 
                    Devine Redeemer Hosp, ST Paul MN, 
                    received Founders Award ... Helped 
                    develop an ambulance coronary response 
                    technique used world-wide ... In 
                    sheetmetal trade as worker & union mem.
                    for 50 years, retired from Thermo Electron 
                    Co, 1989 ...  b: 4Sep1923, Hillhead SD;
                    d: 4May2000 Duluth MN, cancer, interred 
                    Gethsemane Cem Portland OR, preceded in 
                    death by first wife, Barbara. 
                    5. Kathleen Haggerty (b:1944)  m: John Dolyniuk 
                         6. Todd Dolyniuk m: Shelli _______
                              7. Brittany _______ & son Mikah ________ 
                                     (previous m:)
                         6. Kristen Dolyniuk (b:1970) m: Tracy Terry
                              7. Noah & Isaiah Terry
                         6. Carey Dolyniuk, unmarried, lives in NYC 

                    5. Linda Haggerty  m: _____ Deutsch?
                    5. James Allen Haggerty 
                    ***Living in OR, <2007***   
                       m: Martha ________ (dissolved)
                         6. Scott (b:1974), Brian (b:1976), Tommy (b:1978)
                       m: Patsy Thompson, m:1999
                       |Pix: SonnyPatsy NZ Christmas 2006|
                         6. Steve (b:1969) (previous m:)
                    5. John/Dale Nylen, Gary Nylen, Jeffrey Nylen 
                      (Edna Haggerty previous) 

               4. John Calvin Haggerty m: Donna Mae Seitz 

                    He: lives in Rainier WA within view of
                        MT Rainier, b: 20Dec1924

                    5. John Patrick Haggerty>

4. Rosemary/Peggy Haggerty
2July1926-24January2007 m: Walter Sokolowski m: Roger Bahls She: lived in South St Paul MN, b: 2Jul1926, d: 24Jan2007

4. Lois Catherine Haggerty
1930- m: _____ Furubotten m: _____ Hughes She, worked for the WA Liquor Control Board, retired, b: 22Apr1930 4. Shirley/Pat Jean Haggerty 1932- m?: ___Vander Veer m?: ___Judge so: Bill Holman b: 19Oct1932 ... her son d: 1998 4. Robert/Sam Wayne Haggerty m: Sharon Wickham 1934-1998 He, Army MP in Germany, 1956-58 ... Moved from So St Paul, w/Sharon & Sheryl to Zimmerman MN, 1980 ... Mem. of St Pius RCCh, VFW, Moose ... Enjoyed singing w/the "oldies"... b: 22Feb1934, Duluth MN, d: 7Nov1998 Zimmerman MN, cancer. 5. Sheryl Haggerty m: Vince Wendt 6. Angela Ann Wendt 6. Tony? 6. Jerry? 4. Lottie/Bea Vera Haggerty m: Frank Keller 1936- ?-2000 She, lives in Tacoma WA, b: 2Aug1936, Frank d: 29Dec2000. 3. Clara Haggerty m: ____ Wells 1888-1965    no kids


Ed Costello