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Soldiers Died in the Great War

Royal Irish Regiment - 1st Garrison Battalion

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SURNAME Christian Name(s) Born Place Born County Born Country Enlisted Residence Number Rank Cause Place Date of Death Notes
BALDWIN William Manchester     Burnley, Lancs   20306 Pte. Died Home 20/02/1918 Formerly 18121, Lancs Regt.
BARRON Patrick Drumcliffe, Co. Clare     Tralee, Co. Kerry Lisdoonvarna, Co. Clare 11322 Pte. Died At Sea 11/01/1917 Formerly 6413, R. Mun. Fus.
BRENNAN James St. Mary's, Clonmel, Co. Tipperary     Tipperary Clonmel 2124 Pte. Died Egypt 22/02/1916  
BRENNAN Louis J. St. Thomas, Dublin     Galway Dublin 5586 Sgt. Killed in Action Egypt 04/05/1917 Formerly 732, Conn. Rang., and 19281, R.I. Fus.
BRERETON George S.     Baltinglass, Co. Wicklow Liverpool Baltinglass 5536 Pte. (L/Cpl.) Died At Sea 15/04/1917 Formerly 19313, R.I. Fus.
BURBRIDGE John H. Swindon, Wilts     Birmingham   5895 Pte. Died Egypt 30/05/1918 Formerly G/27311, R. Ir. Fus., and 11122, R. Warwick Regt.
BYRNE Patrick     Little Island, Co. Cork Cork Little Island 3949 Pte. Died of Wounds Gallipoli 12/10/1915 Formerly 9911, R. Mun. Fus.
CALLAN George Letterkenny, Co. Donegal     Glasgow Govan, Lanarkshire 4046 Pte. Died Egypt 24/05/1916 Formerly 23088, R. Innis. Fus.
CARMODY Edward Listowel, Co. Kerry     Tralee, Co. Kerry Listowel 5639 Pte. Died At Sea 04/05/1917 Formerly 3579, R. Mun. Fus.
COLBERT James Kilworth, Co. Cork     Cork Kilworth 5548 Pte. Died At Sea 15/04/1917 Formerly 5364, Leins. Regt.
CONNOR Joseph Kilbride, Co. Wicklow     Kilbride   5550 Pte. Died Egypt 03/07/1917 Formerly 7933, R. Mun. Fus.
CONWAY Patrick       Dublin   5595 Pte. Died At Sea 04/05/1917 Formerly 26722, R.I. Fus.
CORERI Louis St. Ann's, Cork Cork           5640 Pte. Died At Sea 04/05/1917 Formerly 26672, R.I. Fus.
DODSON Fred Kimberworth, Yorks Sheffield     Rotherham, Yorks 3769 Cpl. (A/Sgt.) Died At Sea 25/10/1915 Formerly 2408, Yorks L.I.
DOOLEY Michael Bruree, Co. Limerick     Kilmallock, Co. Limerick   5638 Pte. Died At Sea 04/05/1917 Formerly 6154, R. Mun. Fus.
DORRIS John   Naas, Co. Kildare     Dublin 3771 Pte. Died Gallipoli 21/10/1915 Formerly 3390, R. Mun. Fus.
FINN John Templemore, Co. Derry     Londonderry   9621 Pte. Died Egypt 02/08/1917 Formerly 4576, R. Innis. Fus.
FITZGERALD Thomas Adare, Co. Limerick     Rathkeale, Co. Limerick Newcastlewest, Co. Limerick 5551 Pte. Died At Sea 15/04/1917 Formerly 19682, R.I. Fus.
FURNESS Thomas Rochdale, Lancs     Rochdale   4191 Pte. Died Egypt 22/10/1918 Formerly 17937, R- Dub. Fus.
GANNON John Limerick     Limerick   3773 Pte. Died Egypt 20/11/1917 Formerly 3254, R. Mun. Fus.
GEEHAN Patrick Leinster, Co. Carlow     Atherton, Lancs Tyldesley, Lancs 4380 Pte. Died Egypt 08/11/1917 Formerly 12185, R. Innis. Fus.
GRAY John Dundalk, Co. Louth     Dundalk   4530 Pte. Died Egypt 19/12/1916 Formerly 7/4602, R. Ir. Rifles, and G/74, R. Ir. Fus.
HANLON Patrick Avoca, Co. Wicklow     Wicklow Avoca 5634 Pte. Died At Sea 04/05/1917 Formerly 6686, R. Mun. Fus, and 26683, R.I. Fus.
HARRIS James Oldham, Lancs     Bootle, Lancs Oldham 8782 Pte. Died At Sea 02/06/1916  
HEANEY James Shankill, Armagh     Finner Camp, Co. Donegal Lurgan, Co. Armagh 9624 Pte. Died Home 06/07/1918 Formerly 4934, R.I. Fus., and 203307, R. Scottish Fus.
HOGAN John Aglish, Co. Mayo     Galway Castlebar, Co. Mayo 3910 Pte. Died Gallipoli 05/10/1915 Formerly 5382, Con. Rang.
MAGUIRE John Castlepollard, Co. W. Meath     Naas, Co. Kildare   5561 Pte. Died At Sea 15/04/1917 Formerly 19561, R. Ir. Fus.
McCANN James Dublin     Armagh Newry, Co. Down 5567 Pte. Died Egypt 22/01/1918 Formerly G/19166, R. Ir. Fus.
McCOURT Peter J. Roscommon     Athlone, Co. W. Meath Roscommon 9509 Pte. Died Gallipoli 23/10/1915 Formerly 3/6040, R. Mun. Fusiliers.
McCRANN James Dublin     Stockton-on-Tees, Co. Durham Grimsby 5569 Pte. Died At Sea 15/04/1917 Formerly 5568, Leins. Regt., and G/19410, R.I. Fusiliers.
MOODY Herbert Bermondsey, Surrey     New Cross, Surrey   9467 Pte. Died Home 10/11/1916  
MOORE Hugh St. Mary's, Dublin     Dublin   5583 Pte. Died At Sea 15/04/1917 Formerly 7086, R.I. Rifles.
MORAN Christopher St. Andrew's, Dublin     Dublin   5564 Pte. Died At Sea 15/04/1917 Formerly 5255, R. Mun. Fusiliers.
MULLIGAN Francis Sligo     Mullingar, Co. W. Meath Ballymahon, Co. Longford 5671 Pte. Died Egypt 01/12/1917 Formerly 5622, Leins. Regt.
O'GORMAN Michael St. John's, Kilkenny     Waterford   1758 Pte. Died Gallipoli 08/12/1915  
O'NEILL Michael Middlesbrough, Yorks     Stockton-on-Tees, Co. Durham Middlesbrough 9516 Pte. Died Gallipoli 28/09/1915 Formerly 5025, R. Mun. Fusiliers.
RAFTER Joseph Rathdowney, Queen's Co.     Rathdowney   5580 Pte. Died At Sea 15/04/1917 Formerly G/19668, R.I. Fusiliers, and 4883, Leins. Regt.
REES Gus Merthyr, Glam.     Tonypandy, Glam. Bargoed, Mon. 950 Pte. Died Gallipoli 19/10/1915 Formerly Som. L.I.
REGAN John St. Audian's, Dublin     Dublin   5575 Pte. Died At Sea 15/04/1917 Formerly 7939, R.I. Fusiliers.
THOMPSON James Kilrea, Co. Derry     Ballymoney, Co. Antrim Glenmanus, Co. Derry 5576 Pte. Died At Sea 15/04/1917 Formerly 18816, R.I. Rifles, and 19637, R.I. Fusiliers.
WALSH Daniel Portlaw, Co. Waterford     Limerick Listowel, Co. Kerry 4429 Pte. Died of Wounds Egypt 01/06/1918 Formerly 1773, R. Mun. Fusiliers.
WARD Michael Miltown, Co. Galway     Galway Athlone, Co. W. Meath 9221 Pte. Died Gallipoli 29/10/1915 Formerly 4498, Conn. Rangers.
WHITE Edward Tuam, Co. Galway     St. Helen's, Lancs   20829 Pte. Died Egypt 16/10/1918 Formerly 13165, R. D. Fusiliers.


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