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Presbyterian Church In Ireland -- Roll of Honour 1914-1919

Extract for the Congregation of Windsor, Belfast

Surname First Name House Address Rank Regiment, Battalion or Unit Remarks
Adams Thomas
Kilrea, Co. Derry Captain R. Inn. Fus. M. Cross
Anderson Harry 18 Meadowbank Street Corporal 10th R.I.R.
Ayer George
Ballyclare Private Army Reserve Killed in Action
Bailie John
Windsor Avenue Captain R.A.S.C.
Beattie Norman
Bangor Sergeant R.I.R. Died of Wounds
Beatty Robert L.
Eglantine Avenue Cadet R.I.R.
Beattie Wm. H.
Bangor Lieutenant R.I.R.
Beveridge John R.
Balmoral Avenue Lieutenant R.N.T.S.
Blair Alex.
Stranmillis Road Private N.I.H. Died of Wounds
Blair W. W.
Strabane Captain R.A.M.C.
Cocks Robert
Lisburn Road Lieutenant R.I.R. Wounded
Connor Bertie
Lisburn Road Lieutenant R.I.R. Prisoner
Curley Frank
Lisburn Road Lieutenant R.E. Killed in Action
Curley James
Lisburn Road Lieutenant R. Inn. Fus. M. Cross
Ervine George
Derryvolgie Avenue Corporal R.F.A.
Ferris Willie
Knock 2nd Lieutenant R.I.R. Killed in Action
Gillespie H. A.
Newry Captain R.A.M.C.
Hanna Henry
Adelaide Avenue Sergeant R.I.R.
Henderson James
Windsor Park Lieutenant R.A.S.C.
Henderson Lilburn
Windsor Park Captain R.I.R. Wounded
Henderson Oscar
Windsor Park Lieutenant R.N. Croix-de-Guerre, D.S.O.
Henderson Yorke
Windsor Park Lieutenant R.I.R. M.C., Killed in Action
Irwin Fred.
Castleblayney Corporal R.I.R. Killed in Action
Latham Edward
Bawnmore Road Captain E. Yorkshire Regt.
Lyttle George
Lisburn Road Captain R.A.M.C.
MacArthur W. P.
Arnside, Windsor Park Lieut.-Colonel R.A.M.C. D.S.O., O.B.E., Wounded
McCaughey Don
Derryvolgie Avenue Lieutenant M.G. Corps Wounded
McCaughey Jack
Derryvolgie Avenue Sub-Lieutenant R.N.
McCaughey Wm.
Bawnmore Road Lieutenant R.G.A.
McCaul Charles
Lisburn Road Captain R.I.R.
McConkey Ernest
Ethel Street Private R.I. Fus. Died
McConnell John D.
College Green House Lieutenant M.G. Corps
McIldowie Jim
Deramore Drive 2nd Lieutenant 3rd R.I. Fus.
McKane Robert
Osborne Park Lieutenant R.A.
McKinney J. Colville
Wellington Park Lieutenant R.I.R. Wounded
McKinney Thomas
Wellington Park Captain 17th Batt. Tank Corps
McNeill Arthur 37 Ashley Avenue Lieutenant R.I. Fus.
MacNeill Norman 37 Ashley Avenue Lieutenant K.O.S.B. Wounded
Martin John
Derryvolgie Avenue Lieutenant R.A.F. Wounded
Montgomery Edward
Eglantine Avenue Lieutenant Manchester Regt.
Nevin Wm. 14 Chadwick Street Co. Sergt.-Major 14th R.I.R. Killed in Action
Nicholson Howard
Myrtlefield Park Lieutenant R.I.R. Wounded
Patterson D. Knox
Lisburn Road Captain A.S.C.
Phillips Thomas
Mount Charles Captain R.I.R. Killed in Action
Pring Esau
Rathdrum Street Petty Officer R.N.
Pring Joseph
Rathdrum Street Sergeant R.I.R.
Pring Walter
Rathdrum Street Seaman R.N.
Proctor David
Thalia Street
Proctor John
Thalia Street
Robertson Ernest
Dunluce Avenue 2nd Lieutenant R.I.R. Wounded
Rogers Robert
Marlborough Avenue Corporal R.E. Signals, R.F.A. Died
Shaw Martin
Chlorine Gardens Lieutenant R.I.R.
Shaw William
Chlorine Gardens Major R.E. M.C., Killed in Action
Stewart Lewis
Wellesley Avenue Major R.I.R. D.S.O., Killed in Action
Strain Albert
Windsor Park Lieutenant R.I.R.
Strain Eric
Windsor Park 2nd Lieutenant R.I. Fus.
Strain Ernest
Windsor Park Lieutenant M.G.C. Wounded
Thomson Bertie
Eglantine Avenue Lieutenant Welsh Fus.
Thomson Hugh
Ashley Avenue Private R.A.F.
Thompson William
Ashley Avenue Private R.I.R.
Whyte Stanley
Gortin, Strabane Lieutenant R.E.
Wright Samuel
Derryvolgie Avenue Captain R.A.M.C.

Blair Arthur
Stranmillis Staff Sergeant N.Z. Force Wounded
Dalzell Bertie
Wellington Park Avenue Private Canadians
Doran Harry
Dunluce Avenue Driver Can. A.S.C.
Doran Joe
Dunluce Avenue Private Canadians Wounded
Glover Geoffrey
Lisburn Road Private 196 Batt. Canadians
McConnell John D.
College Green House Private Canadians
McNeill Howard 37 Ashley Avenue Major Canadian For. Corps
Nelson John 1 Surrey Street Corporal Canadian Dragoons
Shannon John
Chichester Terrace
Canadians Killed in Action


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