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Presbyterian Church In Ireland -- Roll of Honour 1914-1919

Extract for the Congregation of Strabane

Surname First Name House Address Rank Regiment, Battalion or Unit Remarks
Anderson Robert
Strabane Gunner R.F.A.
Anderson Samuel
Strabane P.S.M. 1/4 York and Lancaster
Baird James
Strabane Private 11th R. Inn. Fus. Killed in Action
Barr Samuel
Strabane Private 12th R. Inn. Fus.
Bates William
Strabane Private R. Inn. Fus.
Blair Noel W.
Strabane Private R. Irish Fus.
Blair Wm. Wallace
Strabane Captain R.A.M.C.
Britton T. C.
Hazelwood Captain R.A.M.C.
Britton W. K. M.
Hazelwood 2nd Lieutenant R.F.C. Killed
Burke John
Drumboy Private R.I.R. Died
Clarke John Kinghan
The Manse Lieutenant R.A.F. Killed in Action
Clarke Thomas Veitch
The Manse Lieutenant Indian Army
Craig George
Strabane Private 1st R. Inn. Fus. Wounded 6 times
Craig John
Strabane Gunner R.F.A.
Doherty James
Strabane Aircraftsman R.A.F.
Donnell John
Strabane Gunner R.F.A.
Elliott Alfred
Strabane Colonel R.A.M.C.
Elliott Cecil Moore
Strabane Private 7th R. Dub. Fus. Killed, Sulva Bay
Gordon James
Strabane Gunner R.F.A. Died of Wounds
Gormley W. J.
Flushtown Private R. Inn. Fus. Died in Hospital
Harpur H. P.
Milltown Captain R.A.M.C.
Hill J. McAdam
Castle Street Captain R.A.M.C.
Hill J. Rowland
Castle Street Lt.-Colonel R.A.M.C.
Hoy Alfred
Ulster Bank House Private 9th R. Irish Fus.
Hunter James
Lifford Private 12th R. Inn. Fus.
Ingram Ernest
Strabane 2nd Lieutenant R.E.
Ingram Wm. H.
Strabane Corporal 9th R. Inn. Fus.
Kinkaid David
Strabane 2nd Lieutenant R. Inn. Fus.
McClements George
Strabane Private 13th A. & S. Highlanders
McCorkell Robert
Lifford Private 2nd R. Inn. Fus. Killed in Action
McGonigle James
Ballindrait Trooper N.I.H.
Nickle Alex.
Strabane Private 12th R. Inn. Fus.
Orr Charles
Strabane Despatch Rider R.A.F.
Pollock John
Strabane Private 9th R. Inn. Fus.
Porter Robert
Strabane Private R. Inn. Fus.
Porter William
Strabane Private M.T. A.S.C.
Porterfield David A.
Lifford Private R. Inn. Fus. Killed in Action
Roulston A. W.
Strabane Air Mechanic R.A.F.
Roulston James
Strabane Private 9th R. Inn. Fus.
Semple Robert
Strabane Private N.I.H.
Smith David
Strabane Private 1st R. Irish Fus.
Smyth W. B.
Strathfoyle Lieutenant N.I.H.
Snodgrass James
Strabane Private 12th R. Inn. Fus.
Stuart John A. G.
Strabane Lieutenant R.G.A.
Taylor T.
Lifford Captain School of Musketry
Taylor W. John
Strabane Gunner R.F.A.
Walls Thomas A.
Strabane Officer R.N. D.S.O., Killed Jutland Battle
Walls Wm. D.
Strabane Mechanic Anti-Aircraft Ser.
Weir John
Drumbuoy Captain 9th R. Inn. Fus. Killed in Action
White George A.
Strabane Trooper SS. 6th Inn. Dragoons
White Samuel E.
Strabane Trooper SS. 6th Inn. Dragoons
Young James
Strabane Private R. Inn. Fus.

Blair G. W.
Strabane Sapper 20th Batt. Canadians
Blair Ross
Strabane Driver Can. H. Artillery
Doherty Harry
Strabane Lance-Corporal Can. Infantry
Doherty William
Strabane Private Can. Infantry
Fyffe J. J.
Strabane Gunner Can. Artillery
McClements R. J.
Bowling Green Private Canadians
McCorkell Joseph
Lifford Sergeant Canadians
Porterfield John
Lifford Private Canadians Died of Wounds
Porterfield Sam. A.
Lifford Private Canadian Cameron Highlanders
Thompson Stanley
Strabane Driver Con. A.S.C. M.M.


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