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Presbyterian Church In Ireland -- Roll of Honour 1914-1919

Extract for the Congregation of Shankill Road Mission, Belfast

Surname First Name House Address Rank Regiment, Battalion or Unit Remarks
Adams Andrew 95 Bellevue Street

Alister Wm. 30 Matchett Street Private
Alister David 30 Matchett Street Private Res. Army Signal Coy. Killed in Action
Allen Wm. 27 Northumberland Street Rifleman R.I. Rifles
Allen James 50 Paris Street Private A.S.C.
Alexander T. J. 14 Woodvale Street Bombardier R.F.A.
Anderson James 38 Flax Street Private R.I.R.
Anderson Louis 38 Flax Street Private M.T. A.S.C.
Anderson Edward 24 Crosby Street Private R.I.R. Wounded
Anderson Wm. 24 Crosby Street Corporal R.I.R. Wounded
Anderson Francis 1b Malvern Street

Arnold Thos. 24 Glenwood Street Corporal R.I.R.
Armstrong Samuel 23 Acton Street Lance-Corporal 16th Cheshires Wounded
Armstrong David 74 Hopeton Street

Bell Samuel 28 Glentilt Street Private R.I. Fus. Wounded
Bell James 28 Glentilt Street Private M.T.
Bell Wm. 2 Paris Street Driver A.S.C. Prisoner of War
Belshaw Hugh 34 Derry Street Private Innis. Dragoons
Blakely Herbert 22 Ninth Street Rifleman R.I.R. Wounded
Black George 76 N. Howard Street Stoker Navy
Boyd Frank 29 Up. Charleville Street Stoker Navy
Boyd J. A. 9 Dunn Street Private R.I.R.
Boyd R. B. 9 Dunn Street Staff-Sergt. Transport Supply Corps
Boyd William 41 James Street

Killed in Action
Boyd Edwin 53 Hopeton Street

Boyd Wm.
Craven St. R.I.C. Barracks Sergeant Irish Guards Killed in Action
Boyd Alexander 63 Lawnbrook Avenue
R.I.R. Killed in Action
Boyd Wm. 67 Downing Street

Bell J. K. 25 Carlow Street Sergeant
Killed in Action
Beattie R. J. 20 Aberdeen Street

Killed in Action
Bell R. J. 51 Langford Street

Died of Wounds
Bowden James 69 Sugarfield Street Private R.A.M.C.
Boyce Thomas 96 Agnes Street Rifleman R.I.R.
Briggs R. J. 44 Beresford Street Driver R.E.
Briggs Ralph 44 Beresford Street Sapper R.E.
Brown David 28 Westmoreland Street Cyclist Cyclist Corps
Browne T. 41 James Street
50th Batty., 34th Brig.
Burch Thomas
Raleigh Street Lance-Corporal R.I.R. Wounded
Calderwood Bill 32 Beverley Street
Navy Killed in Action
Calderwood Thomas 32 Beverley Street Trooper 6th I. Dragoons
Calderwood Samuel 32 Beverley Street Private R.I.R.
Callen David 24 Ardmoulin Avenue Sapper R.E.
Campbell William
Killarney Street Sergeant R.I.R. Wounded
Campbell John 7 Tenth Street Private R.I.R. Wounded
Campbell Wm.
Glenwood Street Private R.I.R.
Campbell T. J. 3 Kitchener Street Private Salvage Corps, Canadians
Campbell Charles 18 Haddow Street

Campbell Chas., Jun. 18 Haddow Street
Campbell John M. 18 Haddow Street

Cathcart William 51 Israel Street Gunner R.F.A.
Chambers J. A. 27 Hopewell Street Lance-Corporal R.I. Fus.
Chambers John
Riversdale Street Sapper R.E.
Chestnutt A. 68 Silvio Street Private R. Dublin Fus. Prisoner of War
Clare James 27 Coniston Street Rifleman R.I.R. Killed in Action
Connolly Alex. 170 Agnes Street
Irish Guards Died of Wounds
Connolly Wm. J. 26 Sixth Street Stoker Navy
Connolly Thomas
Sugarfield Street

2 Chichester Avenue Private M.T.
Craig John 7 Springmount Street Stoker Navy
Crothers John

Navy Killed in Action
Crozier J. J. A. 90 Chief Street Sergeant A.V.C.
Crymble Charles
Mountjoy Street
R.I.R. Killed in Action
Cunningham James 92 N. Howard Street Rifleman R.I.R. Wounded
Cush James 10 Ceylon Street Rifleman R.I.R.
Cummins John 175 Canmore Street Private Inn. Fus.
Dalzell Bertie 32 University Avenue Private Canadian F.A.
Dempster Boyd 82 Sugarfield Street Private Irish Guards
Dickson Wm.
Shore Road Driver R.E.
Douglas George 43 Lawnbrook Avenue Staff Sergeant R.G.A.
Drennan Wm. 40 Carnan Street Corporal Overseas Batt., Canada
Dalton T. J.
Hopeton Street Private R.I.R. Killed in Action
Esler David 193 Crimea Street Rifleman R.I. Rifles Wounded
Forde Samuel L.
Rutherglen Street Sergeant R.I. Fus.
Ferguson Wm. 37 Lorton Street Petty Officer Navy
Finlay James 56 Dundee Street

Fleming John 63 Lawnbrook Avenue Lance-Corporal R.I.R.
Foster Wm.
Cambrai Street Corporal R.I.R.
Foster Andrew
Westmoreland Street Private N.Z.R.B.
Fletcher Robert

Navy Killed in Action
French David 25 Foreman Street Private R.I.R.
Gault Samuel H. 120 Oldpark Avenue Lieutenant King's African Rifles
Gault Ernest 120 Oldpark Avenue Sergeant R.I.R.

Hopewell Street Sergt.-Major R.E.
Gibson Alexander 42 Tennent Street Private R.H., Canada
Gibson John 60 Wilton Street

Gilmour R. J. 30 Oldpark Avenue Private R.A.M.C.
Gilmour Scott 30 Oldpark Avenue Lance-Corporal 27th Training Reserve Batt.
Gowan Samuel 28 Harrybrook Street Private R. Innis. Fus. Killed in Action
Gould George
Dover Street Driver R.G.A.
Gould Richard
Conway Street
Gould Samuel
Conway Street
Graham Thomas
Beverley Street
Graham Wm. 66 Tennent Street Rifleman R.I.R.
Graham R. 66 Tennent Street Sapper R.E.
Hamilton W. T. 90 Old Lodge Road Warrant Telegraphist Navy
Hamilton Joseph 44 Raleigh Street Stoker Navy
Hall Wm. 48 Wilton Street Rifleman R.I.R. Wounded
Hanna Daniel
Disraeli Street Sergeant R.I.R.
Harkness James
Beresford Street Private (Drums) Duke of Wellington Regt.
Haire J. Martin
Sixth Street Private R.I. Fus.
Harris Albert 9 Brennan Street

Hastings James 25 Sixth Street Rifleman R.I.R. Prisoner of War
Henderson Wm.

Killed in Action
Henry Alexander
Snugville Street Private R.I.R.
Henry Samuel
Seventh Street Private R.I.R.
Henry John
Byron Street Private R.I.R. Prisoner of War
Hislop T. W. 18 Landscape Terrace Private R.I.R.
Hill John
Byron Street Rifleman R.I.R. Prisoner of War
Hill Samuel
Byron Street Private R.I.R.
Hooks Joshua 4 Elswick Street Sergeant Headquarters
Hooks James 4 Elswick Street Rifleman R.I.R.
Hooks John

Killed in Action
Hosick Alfred 66 Aberdeen Street Private R.I.R.
Hosick Alfred, Sen. 66 Aberdeen Street Private R. Irish Regt.
Holywood Wm. 166 Silvio Street

Hughes James

R.E. Killed in Action
Hunter T. J. 1 Kinnaird Terrace Sergt.-Major A.S.C.
Hunter David 39 Moscow Street Private Ulster Field Bakery
Hunter John
Agnes Street Private R.I.R.
Hutchinson D. 3 Lawnbrook Avenue Rifleman King's Royal Rifles
Harper Robert 31 Ghent Street
R.I. Rifles Prisoner of War
Irwin Charles
Sixth Street Rifleman R.I.R.
Jardine David 10 Alloa Street Rifleman R.I.R.
Johnston W. J. 9 Up. Charleville Street

Killed in Action
Johnston Thomas
Huss Street Private I. Fusiliers Died of Wounds
Johnston W. J. 104 Ainsworth Avenue Sergeant R.I.R. Wounded
Johnston Wm.
Glentilt Street Rifleman R.I.R.
Johnston Thomas
Glentilt Street Private R. Inn. Fus.
Johnston R. G. 38 Wigton Street Sapper R.E.
Johnston R. J.

Johnston Wm. James

Johnston Wm. 35 Cumberland Street
Canadians Killed in Action
Johnston John 35 Cumberland Street
Inn. Fus. Missing
Kane Archibald 84 Bray Street Rifleman R.I.R.
Kane David
Crosby Street Driver Transport
Kernaghan Robert 158 Agnes Street Sergeant R.I.R.
Kernaghan Wm. 158 Agnes Street Private R.I.R. Wounded
Kernaghan David 159 Agnes Street Sapper 127 Batt. (O.S.) Rail. Con.
Keenan Hugh
Lorton Street Rifleman R.I.R. Prisoner of War
Keenan Frank
Lorton Street Rifleman R.I.R.
Keenan George
Lorton Street
Kidd John H.
Daisyfield Street Gunner R.F.A.
Kinkaid Robert
Sugarfield Street

Kinkaid James
Sugarfield Street

Kinkaid Andrew
Sugarfield Street

Kinkaid John
Sugarfield Street

Kirkwood George
Sixth Street Saddler A.S.C., Canadians
Kirkpatrick Thomas 41 Enfield Street Private 1st Cheshire Regt.
Kitson David
Crosby Street Driver R.E.
Lewis Wm.
N. Howard Street P.O. Navy
Lewis Andrew
N. Howard Street Private R.I. Fus. Prisoner of War
Lyons John 27 Morpeth Street Private R.I.R.
McBride Kirker 41 Up. Charleville Street Sergeant R.I.R. Killed in Action
McBride T. J. 41 Up. Charleville Street Lance-Corporal R.I.R.
McBride John 41 Up. Charleville Street Corporal Navy
McCauley James
Weir Street Driver A.S.C.
McCallen Wm. 58 Fifth Street
Inn. Fus. Killed in Action
McCleery Austin 44 Arkwright Street Private R.I.R. Killed in Action
McClean J. A. 44 Arkwright Street Rifleman R.I.R.
McClung Wm. 31 Cumberland Street Rifleman R.I.R.
McClung James 31 Cumberland Street Private R.I.R. Wounded, Prisoner of War
McClure H. 227 Mayo Street Private B.M.L.C.
McClurg James 107 Canmore Street Private H.L.I. Died of Wounds
McCleave Edward 51 Langford Street

Killed in Action
McConaghy John

Private Inn. Fus. Killed in Action
McComich Chas.
Bracken Street
McCoubrey Jack 81 Springfield Village Private R.I.R. Killed in Action
McCluney John 34 Mountjoy Street Private Training Res. Batt. Wounded
McCluney W. J. 34 Mountjoy Street
McCreary James 7 Dunmoyle Street Private R.A.F.
McCreary John 7 Dunmoyle Street
McCreedy Albert 32 University Avenue Sapper A.S.C. C.E. Died
McCreedy Robert
Mayo Street Gunner M.G.C. Prisoner of War
McCreedy Joseph 20 Caledon Street Sergeant R.I.F.
McCullough Wm. 27 Springmount Street Private R. Inn. Fus.
McCullough Wm., Jun. 27 Springmount Street Private R.I.R.
McCurdy R. 107 Palmer Street Sergeant R.A.M.C.
McCurry Thos. 67 Wall Street Private R.I.F. Prisoner of War
McDonald George 45 Emerson Street Private Canadians
McDonald S. G. 45 Emerson Street
McDowell Wm. 26 Matlock Street Rifleman R.I.R.
McEvoy W. J. 14 Sydney Street W. Private R.I.R. Killed in Action
McEvoy Thomas 14 Sydney Street W. Sapper R.E.
McGready John
Glencairn Street Private R.I.R.
McFarlane Wm.
Beresford Street Rifleman R.I.R.
McKee Joseph
Westmoreland Street Q.M. Sergeant Inf. Detail, Base Depot
McKeown Robert 87 Glenwood Street Lance-Corporal R.I.R.
McKibbin Edward 24 Dewey Street
McKibbin James 24 Dewey Street Private Australians
McKinley Joseph 19 Downing Street Private R.A.M.C.
McMullan D.

McIlroy Wm. 31 Aberdeen Street

Killed in Action
McKnight James 236 Cupar Street Private R.I.R. Killed in Action
McAnally John 1 Linen Street
Navy Killed in Action
McAnally W. 13 Tennent Street Sergeant R.I.R.
McNabney George 21 Klondyke Street Gunner R.F.A.
McTear James
Sixth Street Rifleman R.I.R.
McQuillan Wm. 39 Tenth Street
Navy Killed in Action
Mailey John H.
Cupar Street Private R.I.R. Killed in Action
Martin Wm.

Killed in Action
Matier Samuel 171 Ainsworth Avenue Rifleman R.I.R. Killed in Action
Matthews James 6 Wimbledon Street

Matthews W. J. 42 Lorton Street Rifleman R.I.R. Wounded
Majury John 82 N. Howard Street Sergeant R. Inn. Fus.
Mills Sam. 21 Arkwright Street Sapper Canadian Div. Engineers
Millar W.

Miles Alexander 44 Mountjoy Street Private R.A.M.C.
Montgomery Noel 5 Lower Crescent Captain R.A.M.C.
Montgomery F. P. 5 Lower Crescent Captain R.A.M.C. M.C.
Montgomery W. E. 5 Lower Crescent Lieutenant Chinese Labour Corps
Montgomery Wm. 98 Boundary Street Private R.E.
Montgomery Richard 98 Boundary Street Corporal Irish Guards
Montgomery Stephen 98 Boundary Street Rifleman R.I.R.
Montgomery Alex.
Mayfair Street Private Seaforth Highlanders Killed in Action
Montgomery David
Conway Street Private Seaforth Highlanders Wounded, Prisoner of War
Moreland James 34 Daisyfield Street Private R.I. Fus.
Moreland H. 34 Daisyfield Street Sergeant R.I.R.
Morrison W. J. 55 M'Tier Street Lieutenant 16th Officers' Cadet Batt.
Morrison R. 55 M'Tier Street Driver R.G.A.
Morrison Irvine 55 M'Tier Street Driver A.S.C.
Morrow John
Carlow Street

Murphy Thomas
Bellevue Private Field Amb.
Neilly Wm. 123 Agnes Street Lance-Corporal R.E. D.C.M.
Neilly Wm. 18 Warkworth Street Sapper R.E.
Neilly Robert 21 Morpeth Street Driver A.S.C. Wounded
Neilly D. C. 21 Morpeth Street Private R. Inn. Fus.
Neill John
Westmoreland Street Sapper R.E.
Nelson Robert 13 Canmore Street Private A.S.C.
Nesbitt Henry 25 Ballycarry Street Private R.I.R.
Neville Robert 46 Snugville Street
Nimick John 8 Bromley Street Private R.I. Fus.
Nugent Arthur 57 Beverley Street Sapper R.E.
Orr Joseph 30 Tyne Street

Playfair Wm.
Percy Street Sergeant R.I. Fus.
Porter Thomas

Inn. Fus. Killed in Action
Porter Wm.

R.I. Rifles Killed in Action
Penman Carl 3 Craig's Terrace Sergeant R.I.R. Killed in Action
Pattenden Wm.

Killed in Action
Purdy Richard 4 Ottawa Street
Navy Killed in Action
Quigg Samuel J. 23 Northumberland Street
Reid James 51 Bellevue Street Private R.I.R.
Reid Thomas 51 Bellevue Street Private R.I.R. Killed in Action
Reid Samuel 44 Raleigh Street Rifleman R.I.R. Killed in Action
Reilly James 41 Sugarfield Street Private Inn. Fus. Killed in Action
Richmond Wm. 159 Canmore Street Private Inn. Fus.
Rice James 53 Fairview Street Private R.E.
Rice Wm. 53 Fairview Street Private R.I.R.
Riddell F. W. 44 Beresford Street Gunner Navy
Robinson R. J. 63 Crosby Street Private Scottish Rifles Killed in Action
Robinson Thomas 63 Crosby Street Private Inn. Fus. Prisoner of War
Robinson Wm. 32 Roe Street
South Lancashire Killed in Action
Robinson Albert 32 Roe Street
King's Own Liverpool Regt. Killed in Action
Robinson Herbert 32 Roe Street
Russell W. L. 30 Westland Street Sergeant R.I.R.
Russell Fred. 159 Agnes Street Sapper General Base Depot
Sanders Thomas 26 Bristol Street P.O. Navy Died
Sands Edward 63 Aberdeen Street Private R.I.R. Wounded
Scott Stewart 65 Aberdeen Street Rifleman R.I.R. Died of Wounds
Scott Robert 180 Sugarfield Street

Seeds Thomas 13 Crosby Street Private Innis. Fus. Killed in Action
Shields T. J. 62 Lonsdale Street Private Seaforth Highlanders
Shortt Robert 54 Dundee Street Private R.I.R. Killed in Action
Silvey Robert 224 Cupar Street Sergt.-Major R.I.R.
Smith Arthur 2b Aberdeen Street Rifleman R.I.R.
Smith Arthur, Jun. 2b Aberdeen Street Gunner R.F.A.
Smith J. C. 2b Aberdeen Street Rifleman R.I.R. Killed in Action
Smith Wm. 2b Aberdeen Street Rifleman R.I.R.
Smith Joseph 58 Aberdeen Street Sergeant M.G.C.
Smith Isaac 54 Beverley Street Private R.I.R.
Smith Robert 20 Elswick Street

Stevenson J. 18 Warkworth Street Private Canadians
Stevenson W. H. 18 Warkworth Street Corporal Canadian Forestry Corps
Stevenson Thomas 19 Ballycastle Street Sergeant C.E. Canadians Wounded
Stephens Henry 18 Eccles Street Sergeant A.S.C.
Stewart John 44 Hopeton Street Lance-Corporal R.I.R.
Thomas George 97 Broom Street Gunner M.G.C. Wounded
Thompson Samuel 68 Percy Street Private R.I.R.
Thompson Wm. 43 Percy Street Sapper R.E.
Thompson W. 15 Huss Street Rifleman R.I.R.
Thornton R. 14 Sydney Street W. Private Inn. Fus.
Topping W. 125 Agnes Street Driver A.S.C.
Torrens J. B. 2 Collingwood Avenue Private Life Guards
Warnock Robert 7 Diamond Street Sergeant North Irish Horse
Watson Wm. 38 Seventh Street Private A.S.C.
West John 70 Sugarfield Street
Whiteside Melvin 103 Conlig Street Rifleman R.I.R. Wd., Pris. Of War
Whiteside Thomas 103 Conlig Street Private A.S.C.
Wilson R. J. 221 Mayo Street Lance-Corporal C.C.S.
Wilson Hugh 16 Springmount Street Pioneer R.E.
Wilson Frank 16 Springmount Street Rifleman R.I.R.
Wilson J. E. 16 Springmount Street
R.I. Fus. Prisoner of War
Wilson Hugh, Jun. 16 Springmount Street

Wilson John 16 Springmount Street Private R.G.A.
Wilkinson R. J. 51 Bray Street Sergeant R.I. Fus.
Wood Henry 13 Riga Street

Wright J. 89 Snugville Street Sergeant R.I.R.
Wright Robert 7 Herron's Row Lance-Corporal R.I.R.


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