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Presbyterian Church In Ireland -- Roll of Honour 1914-1919

Extract for the Congregation of Second Ray Presbyterian Church, Armagh

I have compared the entries in the Roll of Honour with the names recorded on the Memorial installed in the church. I have added those names not recorded in the Roll and noted any differences etc. I found either as a footnote or in brackets. For those fallen, where possible, I have also added a link to the relevant entry on the Commonwealth War Graves Commission website ( and/or Soldiers Died in the Great War I have transcribed.

Surname First Name House Address Rank Regiment, Battalion or Unit Remarks
Barnhill David
Ballylawn Sergeant 11th In. Fus. M.M., Killed. (CWGC)
Chambers William
Moneyhaughley Sapper 108th Div. R.E.
Clarke John A. W.
Coalfield Private N.I.H. Wounded
Hay William King
Trimragh Signaller 27th R.F.A.
Hughes Robert
Finvoy, Co. Antrim Private N.I.H.
Hutchinson John
Manorcunningham Corporal R.F.A. Killed in Action
Irwin George L.
Errity House Captain R.A.M.C.
Kilgore Robert J.
Magherabeg Private N.I.H. Wounded
McClean Francis G.
Rossbrakin Sergeant N.I.H.
McConnell Alexander
Errity Sergeant N.I.H. Invalided
McConnell Frederick
Errity Private N.I.H. Died
McConnell James A.
Manorcunningham Private N.I.H.
McElhinney Charles
Ray Private N.I.H.
McElhinney William
Manorcunningham Private N.I.H.
McKinley Robert
Moneyhaughley Private 6th In. Dragoons
McKinley Robert W.
Woodside Captain 11th & 9th In. Fus. M.C., Wounded.
McLaughlin Samuel
Dromore, Letterkenny Private 3rd In. Fus. Killed in Action (CWGC)
Moore John
Labadish Private 11th In. Fus. Wounded
Phillips Robert J.
Pluck Corporal 10th In. Fus. Prisoner of War in Germany
Phillips Samuel
Pluck Private N.I.H.
Phillips William J.
Pluck Private R.M. Artillery
Rainey William J.
Beragh Corporal I.G. Killed in Action (CWGC)
Ramsay [2] [3] Archibald
Manorcunningham Major A.S.C.
Ramsay [2] [4] James A.
Corkey Corporal N.I.H. Wounded
Rodgers James
Mondooey Private N.I.H. Prisoner of War in Germany
Russell Samuel N.
Ballylawn Private Home Defence, London
Stevenson Henry
Aughliard Sergeant 9th R. In. Fus. Killed in Action (CWGC)
Wallace George
Galdonagh Private 11th R. In. Fus. Invalided

Arthur Samuel
Pluck Private 14th Can. Batt. Wounded
Barnhill James
Ballylawn Private 27th Can. Batt. Died (CWGC)
Barnhill John
Ballylawn Corporal 2nd Batt. N.Z. E.F. Wounded
Stevenson David
Aughliard Private Aviation, U.S.A.

Clarke [1] Elizabeth Leckey

Platt [1] Mary Matilda


1. Recorded on the church memorial but not in the Roll of Honour. It can be assumed they served as nurses or with the VAD.

2. Surname recorded as "Ramsey"in the Roll of Honour but "Ramsay" on the church memorial.

3. Recorded in the Roll of Honour as Staff-Sergeant but on church memorial as Major.

3. Recorded in the Roll of Honour as Private but on church memorial as Corporal.


Second Ray Presbyterian Church War Memorial
Original image courtesy of Hilary Roulston.

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