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Presbyterian Church In Ireland -- Roll of Honour 1914-1919

Extract for the Congregation of Raffrey

Surname First Name House Address Rank Regiment, Battalion or Unit Remarks
Bailie Andrew
Derryboy Driver 108th Machine Gun Corps
Bailie John
Derryboy Private 12th R.I.R. Wounded
Calvert James
Derryboy Private 16th R.I.R.
Calvert Thos. G.
Derryboy Private 88th Lab. Corps
Coates John
Raffrey Signaller 13th R.I.R.
Corbett Hugh
Ballyalgin Private 13th R.I.R. Prisoner of War
Corbett Robert
Ballyalgin Private 13th R.I.R. Killed in Action
Coulter Wm. Robert
Barnamaghery Private 2nd Rifle Brigade Wounded
Crockard James
Carsonstown Private M.T. A.S.C.
Elliott David
Cluntagh Corporal 4th R.I.R.
Elliott James
Cluntagh Private 7th R. Scots Fus. Killed in Action
Elliott Robert
Cluntagh Private 110th Field Amb. R.A.M.C.
Friars Thomas
Killinchy Woods Private 102nd Lab. Co.
Geddes Hans
Ballygoskin Private 9th In. Fus.
Hay John
Derryboy Farrier A.S.C.
Jackson John
Derryboy Private A.S.C. Died
Johnston Richard
Raffrey Driver 251st Co. A.S.C.
Johnston Samuel
Raffrey Driver A. Batt. R.F.A.
Matthews Edward
Killyleagh Driver M.T. A.S.C.
Marshall Morrow Frew
Derryboy Corporal M.T. A.S.C.
Minnis David
Lisbane Sergeant 14th R.I.R. M.M., Twice Wounded
Miskimmin Samuel
Ballybunden Sergeant Machine Gun Corps Killed in Action
Moffett Andrew
Derryboy Private 18th R.I.R.
Murray Andrew
Ballymacashin Private 2nd R.I.F.
Murray David
Ballymacreely Gunner 196th Heavy Batt. R.G.A.
Murray Robert
Ballyminstra Sergt.-Major 147th Heavy Batt. R.G.A. Wounded
Murray Thos. J.
Ballyminstra Lance-Corporal 5th R.I.R.
McBride Robert
Raffrey Private 14th R.I.R.
McIlveen Robert
Derryboy Private M.T. A.S.C.
McWhirter Thomas
Ballyalgin Lance-Corporal 16th R.I.R.
Quinn Alex.
Clea Rifleman 13th R.I.R. Killed in Action
Quinn Robert
Clea Rifleman 9th In. Fus. Prisoner
Quinn Thomas
Clea Rifleman 182nd. Lab. Co.
Quinn Thomas
Raffrey Corporal 12th R.I.R. Wounded
Riley Wm.
Derryboy Private 2nd In. Fus. Killed in Action
Shaw Hans
Derryboy Far. Staff Sergt. 110th Div. Train
Shaw Robert
Derryboy Private 13th R.I.R.
Smyth Andrew
Derryboy Private 13th R.I.R.
Smyth Wellington
Derryboy Private 13th R.I.R.
Thompson John
Barnamaghery Private 12th R.I.R. Prisoner
Woods Robert
Ballyalgin Private


Calvert Hugh
Derryboy Private 2nd Can. L.B.
Cunningham Thomas A.
Ballywoolen Private Australians Killed in Action
Dickson Wm.
Ballyalgin Corporal Toronto Regt. Wounded
Edmons Robert
Ballygigan Private 4th Can. Batt.
Hanna Robert
Carrickmannon Private N.Z.
Kirk Albert
Raffrey Private 1st Can. Killed in Action
McCloy J. L.
Ballyalgin Private 4th Can. Div.
McWhirter Wm.
Ballyalgin Private Aust. Batt. Wounded
Miskimmin Robert
Ballybronden Trooper N.Z. Cont. Wounded


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