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Presbyterian Church In Ireland -- Roll of Honour 1914-1919

Extract for the Congregation of Newry, Downshire Road

Surname First Name House Address Rank Regiment, Battalion or Unit Remarks
Barnes John
Altnaveigh Stoker R.N. Torpedoed 3 times
Beatty John
Carnegat Private 5th R.I.F. Died of Wounds
Bothwell William
Commons Sergeant 6th R.B. Wounded
Boyd Harry
Damolly Private R.G.A.
Brown D. Alexander
Canal Street Private 1st Manchesters
Campbell Jack
Canal Street Private 19th R.I.R.
Carter James
Sandy's Street Private 5th R.I.F.
Carter Joseph
Sandy's Street Corporal A.O.C.
Cartmill Robert W.
Corrinshego Private 18th R.I.R.
Chambers Jack
Penguin Place Private 13th R.I.R. Wounded
Chambers Robert
Penguin Place Cook's Boy R.N.
Chambers Thomas
Commons Private R.E.
Chapman James
Erskine Street Private A.S.C.
Chapman William
Damolly Private 13th R.I.R.
Clydesdale Hugh
Cowan Street Private R.I.R. Wounded
Copeland Alfred
Sheeptown Sergeant R.I.R. D.C.M., Killed
Copeland Harrold
Sheeptown Private R.I.R.
Copeland James
Erskine Street Sergeant 3rd R.I.R. Wounded
Copeland Thomas
Sheeptown Private 9th R.I.R.
Copeland William J.
Sheeptown Private 10th R.I.R.
Crozier John
Sugar Island Private 13th R.I.R.
Crozier Robert
Sugar Island Lance-Corporal 13th R.I.R.
Davenport David
Penguin Place Private

Davenport Emmet
Penguin Place Private 2nd R.I.R. Killed in Action
Davenport Joseph
Penguin Place Private

Davenport Robert
Penguin Place Private 1st R.I.R. Killed in Action
Davenport Samuel
Penguin Place
157th Brigade 52nd Div.
Dodds George

Dodds James
Mullaglass Corporal R.I.R. Wounded, Prisoner
Dodds James
Stream Street Lance-Corporal 2nd R.I.F.
Dodds Joseph
Stream Street Private R.A.M.C.
Dodds William
Pound Street Private 13th R.I.R.
Fegan William
Cowan Street Private 5th R.I.R.
Ferris D. Harry
Windsor Hill Surgeon Prob. R.N. Killed
Ferris Joe
Talbot Street Private N.I.H. Wounded
Fleming Ben
Corneyhaugh Private I.G.
Gamble James
Talbot Street Private

Gamble Robert
Talbot Street Private

Gamble William John
Talbot Street Private 5th R.I.R.
Grant Harry
Crobane Private 13th R.I.R. Wounded
Grant John H.
Talbot Street Private 10th R.I.R. Gassed
Gray Thomas
Cowan Street Private 13th R.I.R.
Hanna Bob
Creive Private N.I.H.
Hanna Boyd
Creive Private 13th R.I.R. Wounded
Hanna Herbert
Aileen Terrace Captain 14th R.I.R.
Hanna Joe
Creive Private 13th R.I.R. Wounded
Hanna Willie
Creive Private R.I.R.
Hegan Herbert
Damolly Park Private 1st R.I.R. Killed in Action
Hegan John
Talbot Street Sergeant N.I.H.
Hendren James
The Mall Sergeant 15th R.I.R. Wounded
Hendren William John
The Mall Corporal 16th R.I.R.
Johnston Jack
Cowan Street Private I.G. Wounded
Jones James
Stream Street Private 13th R.I.R. Killed in Action
Kennedy George
Barrack Street Sergeant R.H.A.
Kerr Charles E.
Badentoy Lance-Corporal 6th Black Watch Killed in Action
Kerr John N.
Altnaveigh Private N.I.H.
Kerr R. D.
Badentoy Private A.S.C.
Kinlay Joseph
Canal Street Private A.S.C.
Lambe John
Canal Street Private A.S.C.
Livingston William
Sugar Island E.R.A. H.M.S. Barham
McAnuff Bertie
Canal Street Sergeant 2nd R.I.R. Wounded
McConnell Dr. George
Trevor Hill Captain R.A.M.C.
McCracken Samuel
Sheeptown Private 8th R.I.R. Killed in Action
McCrum G. Albert
Chequer Hill Private 2nd R.I.R. Wounded
McCrum Joe
Chequer Hill Private R.G.A.
McCutcheon Robert
Edward Street Private 13th R.I.R.
McGladdery Thomas
Crobane Private I.G. Killed in Action
McGladdery William
Crobane Private R.I.R.
McKinley John R.
Damolly Private R.F.
McMullan Daniel
Canal Street Private A.S.C.
McNeill Bob
Hill Street Private A.S.C.
McNeill Joseph S.
Needham Street E.R.A. H.M.S. Titania
Magowan Thomas
Canal Street Private I.F. Wounded
Maitland William
Turmore Private 17th R.I.R.
Martin Joseph
Corrinshego Private

Masson Harry
Kiln Street Private A.O.C. Wounded
Masson William
Kiln Street
Mitchell Albert
Commons Private Scotch Rifles
Morrow James
James Street Private 2nd I.F.
Morrow John
James Street Private A.G.C.
Morrow Thomas
James Street Private 2nd I.F.
Morrow William
James Street Private 4th R.I.F. Killed in Action
Murphy Isaac
Sandys Street Private 10th R.I.F.
Murphy John
Sandys Street Private N.I.H.
Murphy John
Cowan Street Private 13th R.I.R. Wounded
Murray Richard
Edward Street Private 2nd R.I.R. Wounded
O'Neill Joseph
Downshire Road Sergeant I.D.G.
Preston David
Talbot Street Private R.A.M.C.
Preston W. J.
Sinclair Street Sergeant R.F.A.
Scott James
New Street A.B. H.M.S. Rifleman
Scott R. J. H.
New Street 2nd Lieutenant 17th R.I.R. Wounded
Scott William H.
New Street Private 17th R.I.R. Prisoner
Sheppardson Samuel
Millvale Sergeant
Died on Service
Smith William T.
Sugar Island 2nd Lieutenant Con. Rangers Wounded
Sterritt William
Canal Street Corporal A.S.C.
Sturgeon Samuel
Millvale Lieutenant H.A.C. Wounded
Todd Fred.
Sugar Island Private

Truesdale Albert
Downshire Road Private 13th R.I.R. Wounded
Truesdale Andrew
New Street Private 3rd Cam. High
Truesdale William
Corneyhaugh Private R.I.R. Wounded
Tweedie Samuel
Damolly Private 2nd R.I.R.
Wheelan Alec.
Commons Private R.G.A. Killed in Action
Wylie William J.
Canal Street Private A.S.C. Gassed

Aiken Matthew
Damolly Private Canadians
Beggs George
Lisdrumiska Private Canadians
Beggs Thomas
Lisdrumiska Private Canadians
Brown George
Canal Street Private Canadians Killed in Action
Copeland John
Erskine Street Private Canadians
Hamilton Robert E.

Australians Wounded
Hegan Walter
Damolly Park Private Canadians Killed in Action
Kerr Alec.
Badenstoy Private Canadians
Mathers Henry
Canal Street Private

Masson James
Kiln Street Private Canadians
Mehaffy Hugh
Edward Street Private Canadians


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