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Presbyterian Church In Ireland -- Roll of Honour 1914-1919

Extract for the Congregation of Moneydig

Surname First Name House Address Rank Regiment, Battalion or Unit Remarks
Adams Thomas
Carnroe Captain 9th R.I. Fus. M.C.
Archibald William A.
Caheney Private 9th Batt. R.I.F. Wounded
Calderwood Hugh
Claggan Driver Transport A.S.C.
Gilmore Alexander
Drumeeme Private 174 Labour Corps
Gilmore William
Drumeeme Private R.I. Fus. Died
Gilmore William
Killyvalley Private R.F.A.
Hogg James
Carnroe Private 10th R.I. Fus. Died
Kennedy William
Caheney Private 8th R.I.R.
Lyttle William McCay
Moyletra Able Seaman S.S. Australia
McIlfatrick Samuel
Cooleyrammer Private 36th R.I. Fus. Killed in Action
McIlroy Robert
Moneydig Private 1/6 A.C.S.H.
Morrison H. Rankin
Moneydig Private 36th Div. A.S.C.
Morrison Jos. Dickey
Moneydig Lance-Corporal 9th R.I. Fus. Killed in Action
Orr Adam
No. 1 Tech. Advisor
Stewart Rev. Wm. H.
Moneydig Captain C.F.
Stewart David
Moneydig Private R.I. Fus.
Stewart James
Gorton Private R.I. Fus. Killed in Action
Stewart John
Moneydig Private 10th R.I. Fus.
Stewart Thomas
Moneydig Sergeant 27th Black Watch Thrice Wounded
Stewart William
Moneydig Private 10th R.I. Fus. Wounded
Torrens David
Carnroe Lance-Corporal M.T. R.A.S.C.
Torrens James
Tamlaght Private 9th R.I. Fus. Twice Wounded
Toye Robert Ernest
Cooleyrammer Co. Q.M. Sergt. 15th R.I.R. Killed in Action
Toye William
Cooleyrammer Chief P. Officer R.N.
Warwick J. Alexander
Drogheda Private 13th Batt. Tank Corps

Archibald Matthew
Caheney Private A.I.F. Killed in Action
Archibald William H.
Hazlett Jos. Bamford
Moneydig Private 2nd Otago Batt., N.Z. Killed in Action
Hogg Archibald
Carnroe Private Col. Force Killed in Action
Hogg Sandy
Tamlaght Private A.I.F.
McAtamney James
Moneydig Private S.S.U. 506
McLaughlin John
Mayoughill Sergeant 27th Batt. 2nd Can.
Peden James
Mayoughill Sergeant American A.C.
Peden Robert William
Canadian Engineers
Stewart John
Culnaman Private N.Z.F.
Toye David A. Wilson
Cooleyrammer Co. Sergt.-Major N.Z.F. Twice Wounded, Gassed
Toye Samuel Perry
Cooleyrammer Private N.Z.F. Severely Wounded


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