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Presbyterian Church In Ireland -- Roll of Honour 1914-1919

Extract for the Congregation of Maghera

Surname First Name House Address Rank Regiment, Battalion or Unit Remarks
Anderson S. C.
Fallagloon Private M.T. A.S.C.
Bolton S. E.
Maghera Trooper N.I.H.
Boyd Christie
Carrickakielt Private 10th R. Inn. Fus. M.M., Died of Wounds
Brady T. G.
Knocknakielt Private 9th R. Inn. Fus.
Brownlow George
Maghera Private 9th R. Inn. Fus.
Brownlow Hugh
Maghera Private 6th R. Inn. Fus.
Brownlow John
Maghera Gunner R.F.A.
Dunlop Thomas
Tullyheron Rifleman 20th R.I.R.
Fleming John
Carrickakielt Sergeant 10th A. & S. H.
Grogan Wm.
Maghera Sergeant 13th R.I.R. Wounded
Houston Arthur
Maghera 2nd Lieutenant
Killed in Action
Houston Gerald
Maghera 2nd Lieutenant

Houston T. H.
Maghera Private 8th R.I. Fus.
Kelly John
Slatiebogie Driver 14th Bgde. A.F.A.
Kelly William
Slatiebogie Private C.A.S.C.
Kissick James L.
Craigmore Private 106th Canadians
McCracken Thomas
Knocknakielt Gunner 265th S. Battery Wounded
McCracken W. J., M.B.
Knocknakielt Lieut. Commander R.N. M.C., 2 bars, D.S.O.
McCracken Wm.
Tamneymullen Private 10th R.I. Fus.
McGowan Cecil
Maghera Captain Hon. Artillery Co. Twice Wounded
McIlroy T. G.
Upperlands Lance-Corporal 10th R.I. Fus. M.M., Killed
McKeown A.
Maghera Private 6th Leinster Regt.
McKinney Joseph
Maghera 2nd Lieutenant R.I.R. Killed in Action
Mason James
Maghera Gunner 283rd S. Battery
Moore W. J.
Maghera Signaller 6th R. Inn. Fus.
Nelson R. J.
Maghera Private A.O. Corps
Nelson Samuel
Maghera Private 11th R.I. Fus.
Paul David
Creive 2nd Lieutenant A.S.C. Killed in Action
Paul Joshua
Creive Trooper N.I.H. Wounded
Paul Robert
Mullagh Private R.A.M.C.
Paul Wm. G.

Porter Henry J.
Knocknakielt Private 3rd R.E.
Porter Smyth
Knocknakielt Private 6th N.F. Brigade
Porter W. J.
Knocknakielt Lance-Corporal 11th R.I. Fus.
Porter Thomas
Beagh Private 2nd Garrison Fus.
Shiels John
Mullagh Lance-Corporal 11th R.I. Fus. Died of Wounds
Sloss Joseph
Creive Private 10th R.I. Fus.
Stockman R. J.
Maghera Private 10th R.I. Fus. Wounded
Young Samuel
Maghera Private R.I. Regt.


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