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Presbyterian Church In Ireland -- Roll of Honour 1914-1919

Extract for the Congregation of Holywood, High Street

Surname First Name House Address Rank Regiment, Battalion or Unit Remarks
Allan Lowry B.
Holywood Lieutenant 10th R. Dub. Fus.
Anderson Albert S.
Holywood 2nd Lieutenant 13th R. Inn. Fus Killed in Action
Bell Alex.
Holywood Private R.E.
Bradshawe J. M.
Holywood Private R.F.A.
Brown Robert
Holywood Private 6th Black Watch
Brown Samuel
Holywood Private R.A.Y.
Brown William
Holywood Surgeon R.N.
Burnside Fred. W.
Holywood 2nd Lieutenant 19th R.I.R.
Carpenter C. H. V.
Holywood Corporal Rifle Brigade
Curley Robert
Holywood 2nd Lieutenant 6th R. Highlanders
Dunn Hubert
Holywood Surgeon R.N.
Elliott W. Terence
Holywood 2nd Lieutenant 6th R. Highlanders
Ferguson James
Holywood Private 2nd R. Irish Fus.
Ferguson Samuel
Holywood Private 13th R.I.R. Killed in Action
Galway Wm.
Holywood Private 13th R.I.R. Killed in Action
Galway Wm.
Holywood Private 13th R. Ir. R.
Green Wm.

Sergeant 20th R. Ir. R.
Hanna Robert
Holywood Private 5th R. Ir. R.
Hume George
Cultra Captain 5th R. Ir. R.
Kemp Jas. W. L.
Holywood 2nd Lieutenant 16th R. Irish R.
Kemp William F.

Lieutenant R. Naval Air Force
Long John
Holywood Captain 14th R. Ir. R.
McIldowie George
Craigavad Captain R.E.
McIldowie John D.
Craigavad Lieutenant 11th R. Ir. Fus.
Mackie James
Holywood Private Black Watch
Malcolm Hugh
Holywood Private 13th R. Ir. R. Prisoner of War
Martin Donald, M.D.
Holywood Private M.T. A.S.C.
Megaw Wm.
Holywood Sergeant 13th R. Ir. R.
Osborough W. T.
Holywood Lance-Corporal 10th R. Ir. F.
Parke J. Beatty
Holywood 2nd Lieutenant 18th R. Ir. R.
Parkhill J. Stillwell
Holywood Sapper R.E.
Patterson Adam
Holywood Sergeant 13th R. Ir. R.
Patterson J. W.
Holywood 2nd Lieutenant R.E.
Perry Wm. R.
Holywood Captain King's Liverpool
Pollock John
Marino Lieutenant 13th R. Ir. R. Killed in Action
Robb John
Cultra Private R.N.R.
Shannon James
Holywood Private R.E.
Shannon Wm.
Holywood Private R. Ir. R.
Steele James
Holywood Private 51st Queen's W. Surrey Killed in Action
Thompson W. J.
Holywood Lieutenant A.S.C.
Todd Alex.
Holywood Private 9th R. Ir. F. Wounded
White W. Brownlow
Workman Arthur
Cultra Lieutenant 5th R. Ir. R.

Hanne Samuel

Private Canadian Highlanders
Kemp Walter F.

Colonel 16th Canadians


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