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Presbyterian Church In Ireland -- Roll of Honour 1914-1919

Extract for the Congregation of Holywood, First

Surname First Name House Address Rank Regiment, Battalion or Unit Remarks
Allan Jack
The Kinnegar, Holywood 2nd Lieutenant R.F.C. Awarded D.C.M.
Anderson Albert
High Street, Holywood 2nd Lieutenant R.I. Rifles Killed in Action
Anderson Cecil
The Kinnegar, Holywood Private R.I. Rifles
Anderson Samuel
Newtownards 2nd Lieutenant R.I. Rifles
Buck Samuel
Redburn Lodge Q.M. Sergeant 10th R.I. Rifles Mentioned in Despatches
Bukllty John
Trevor Street Private 35th M.G.C.
Boyd Hugh
Downshire Road Sergeant 18th R.I. Rifles
Brown Robert L. G.
Bellvue Private A.S.C.
Brown Nathaniel
Bellvue Trooper N.I.H.
Burrows W. F.
Belfast Road Private A.S.C.
Calwell Theo. L.
Spafield Lieutenant R.F. Awarded M.C. Killed in Action
Calwell Walter H.
Spafield 2nd Lieutenant 5th R.I. Rifles Killed in Action
Calwell William
Spafield Captain Doctor R.A.M.C.
Caughey James
Downshire Road Pioneer Sergeant 20th R.I. Rifles
Caughey Samuel
Downshire Road Private R.I. Rifles
Chambers James
Belfast Road Private R.I. Regt.
Cowan Alex.
Marino, Co. Down Trooper N.I.H.
Cowan James
Marino, Co. Down Driver Motor Transport
Dickson Roland
High Street 2nd Airman R.F.C.
Dougan John
Victoria Road Gunner R.E. M.G.C.
Dougan W. J. H.
Victoria Road Sapper 121 Field Co. R.E.
Emerson Samuel
The Kinnegar Corporal R.I. Rifles
Ferguson R. H.
High Street Lieutenant 9th K.O.V.L.I.
Fitzsimmons Henry
Hill Street A 13 R.N.
Fitzsimmons William
Hill Street Private R.I. Rifles
Forsyrhe Jack
Plasmerdyn Cadet R.I. Rifles
Forsythe William
Plasmerdyn 2nd Lieutenant R.I. Rifles
Francis Dick
Shore Street Private R.F.C.
Galbraith George
Ballykeel, Holywood Private A.S.C.
Graham Henry
Spencer Street Sapper R.E.
Graham Hugh
Spencer Street Private R.I. Rifles Killed in Action
Graham Sam
Spencer Street Leading Seaman H.M.S. Leander
Grauam John
Spencer Street Rifleman R.I. Rifles
Greenlees John
Ballycultra Private R.E.
Hunter John D.
Botanic Av., Belfast Q.M. Sergt.-Major R.I. Rifles
Hunter Robert
Marine Parade Private King's Liverpool Regt.
Johnston James
Church View 2nd Lieutenant R.I. Rifles
Kenney Robert
Ballymiscaw Private R.I. Rifles
Lynch Thos. A.
Church Avenue Private 11th Royal Scottish Fusillers
McBride William
Seacliffe Road, Bangor Driver A.S.C.
McCall William
Downshire Road 2nd Lieutenant R.I. Rifles
McDowell William
Whinny Hill
McFadden David
Knocknagoney Sapper 121 R.E.
McKeag Harry
Trevor Street Private 13th Middlesex Reg!.
McKibbin Henry
Spencer Street Private R.I. Rifles
McKibbin Joseph
Spencer Street Private 14th R.I. Rifles Missing, believed killed
McKibbin William
Spencer Street Gunner H.M.S. Emperor of India
McLarty Duncan
Spencer Street Sapper 11th R.E.
McLintie F. J.
Spencer Street Sergt.-Major Battery
McMurray David
Bath Terrace Private M.T. A.S.C.
MaCartney William
Plasmerdyn Private Irish Guard
Mackey John J.
The Kinnegar Co. Sergt.-Major 14th R.I. Rifles
Magill Edgar
Marino, Co. Down Gunner Tank Corps
Magill Joseph
Marino, Co. Down Petty Officer H.M.S. Coiossus
Magill Thomas S.
Marino, Co. Down Gunner H.M.S.Q. 26
Magill William
Marino, Co. Down Stoker H.M.S. Sutlej
Malcolm Samuel
High Street Rifleman 13th R.I. Rifles
Malcolm Walter
High Street Rifteman 8th R.I. Rifles Prisoner of War
Megaw David
The Strand Sergeant K.O.S.B. Awarded M.M.
Mulholland John
Trevor Street Rifleman R.I. Rifles
Murdock Alex.
Spencer Street Rifleman R.I. Rifles
Murdock Henry
Spencer Street Rifleman R.I. Rifles Killed in Action
Murdock Samuel
Spencer Street Rifleman R.I. Rifles Died of Wounds
Murray James
Glenside Private Armoured Cars
Nelson Tom
Stewart's Place Driver R.I. Rifles
Nelson James
Stewart's Place Private K.O. Roy. Lancashire Regt.
Pettigrew George
Ballymenoch Private R.I. Rifles
Pettgrew Robert
Ballymenoch Private R.I. Rifles
Purdy David 36 Camden St., Belfast Private R.E.
Purdy Hugh 36 Camden St., Belfast Private R.I. Rifles
Purdy W. M. 36 Camden St., Belfast Private A.F.C.
Rea Thomas
Ballykeel Private Royal Navy Prisoner of War
Richardson Sam
Church Road Gunner

Richardson Thomas
Church Road Private M.G.C. Killed in Action
Rollins Harold E.
Brook Street Private R.I. Rifles
Simpson John
Shore Road Rifleman R.I. Rifles
Smyth Harry P.
The Kinnegar Sergeant R.I. Rifles
Tait Douglas
Bellevue Sergeant R.I. Rifles
Tait Joseph S.
Bellevue Sergeant School of Instruction
Templeton James
Trevor Street Lance-Corporal R.I. Rifles
Templeton Robert
Trevor Street Private M.G.C.
Thompson Alfred
Churchfield Trooper N.I.H.
Waterfield James
Spencer Street Acting Bombardier H.M.S. Dreadnought
Whitz Alex.
Bath Terrace Stoker Royal Navy
White James
The Strand Rifleman R.I. Rifles Prisoner of War
White Robert J.
The Strand Private R.I. Rifles
Wilson Hugh
Downshire Road Rifleman R.I. Rifles
Wilson William C.
Downshire Road Rifleman R.I. Rifles Killed in Action
Woods Jack
Churchfield Lieutenant R.N.R.
Woods Norman H.
Churchfield Lieutenant Innis. Fus. Awarded M.C. Killed in Action
Woods W. E. G.
Churchfield Signaller Black Watch

Erskine Clifford
Hih Street. Holywood Corporal 1st N.Z. Rifles
Gray Thompson
Moorpark. Holywood Private Canadians Died of Wounds
Keating David
Mertoun Hall Private Canadians
Legate Charles M.
Spafield. Holywood Private Australians Killed in Action
Legate Harry H.
Spafield. Holywood Private Canadian Scottish
Magill Isaac
Marino, Co. Down Private Canadians
Orr Robert
The Hill Private 6th Canadian M.G.C.
Russell Wm.
Ballymenoch Private Canadian Batt.


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