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Presbyterian Church In Ireland -- Roll of Honour 1914-1919

Extract for the Congregation of Donegall Road, Belfast

Surname First Name House Address Rank Regiment, Battalion or Unit Remarks
Adamson Wm. 4 Coolmore Street Corporal R.I.R.
Bailie J. H. 366 Donegal Road Lance-Corporal R.I.R. Wounded
Bateson Hugh 34 Thalia Street Driver A.S.C. Killed in Action
Beattie Wm. 30 Gaffikin Street Private R.I.R. Killed in Action
Black Robert 41 Teutonic Street Private R.I. Fus.
Boyd James 97 Ormeau Road Corporal R.I.R.
Boyd Thomas 97 Ormeau Road Private R.I.R. Wounded
Brennan Willie 254 Donegal Road Private N.I.H.
Brown Fred. 31 City Street Private R.E.
Brown Samuel 31 City Street
Brush James 61 Eureka Street Private R.I.R.
Burns Robert 25 Coolbeg Street Rifleman R.I.R. Prisoner
Campbell Wm. 31 Lisburn Avenue Private R.I. Regt.
Campbell Willie 203 Springfield Road
Carlisle Herbert 24 Dorchester Street Private I.G. Killed in Action
Carlisle Thos. 10 Utility Street Private R.I.R.
Caswell John 99 Abingdon Street Private R.I.R.
Caswell Joseph 99 Abingdon Street Bugler R.I.R. Prisoner
Caswell William 99 Abingdon Street Sergeant R.I.R. Missing
Cassells Sam. 117 Donegall Avenue Rifleman R.I.R. Killed in Action
Chambers Joseph 11 Renfrew Street Sergeant R.F.A. Died
Clarke John 13 Egeria Street Rifleman R.I.R. Prisoner
Clarke Sam. 13 Egeria Street Private R.I. Fus.
Clarke Wm. 29 Blythe Street Sergeant R.E. M.M. and Cert.
Connor James 131 Blythe Street Private Lanc. Fus.
Coote James 245 Roden Street Private R. Inn. Fus.
Corry Thos. 28 Barrington Street Corporal A.S.C.
Creelman Willie 217 Roden Street Sapper R.E.
Crooks David 30 Utility Street Rifleman R.I.R.
Culbert Robert
Buckingham Street Private R.I.R. Killed in Action
Davis William 103 Charles Street South Private R.I.R. Died
Donaghy Adam 22 Lower Rockview Street Private R.I.R. Wounded & Discharged
Dalzell Robert 99 Donegal Road Private R.I. Fus. Killed in Action
Donald William 168 Utility Street Lance-Corporal R.I. Fus.
Donald Sam. 168 Utility Street Private R.I. Fus. Wounded
Dawson John 356 Donegal Road Seaman R.N. Lost at Sea
Dawson Henry 356 Donegal Road Private R.I.R. Wounded
Dawson Charles 356 Donegal Road Rifleman R.I.R. Wounded
Dawson Robert J. 356 Donegal Road Signaller R.I.R. Wounded
Dawson George 356 Donegal Road Driver Machine G. Corps Wounded
Dron William 8 Donegall Avenue Gunner R.G.A.
Eakins Richard 42 Lindsay Street Private R.A.M.C.
Eakins Fred. 42 Lindsay Street Private
Prisoner of War
Fuller Harry 65 Devonshire Street Sergeant R.S. Regt.
Ferris Fred. 7 Symons Street Private R.F.A. Wounded
Ferguson George A. 25 Wolseley Street
Flying Corps
Gray John 94 Donegal Road Private Royal Marines Killed in Action
Grahame James 17 Magnetic Street Rifleman R.I.R.
Greer Hugh 19 Madrid Street Private A.S.C. Wounded
Gamble James 50 Burnaby Street Rifleman R.I.R.
Greer Willie 59 Donegall Avenue Private R.I.R.
Howard David 21 Sandymount Street Sergeant R.I.R. Twice Wounded, Cert.
Hannah Robert 47 Abingdon Street Lance-Corporal R.I.R. Wounded
Houston Robert 44 Auburn Street Private R.I.R. Wounded
Howie Richard 68 Lindsay Street Sergeant Machine G. Corps
Howie Walter 68 Lindsay Street Private Irish Guards Killed in Action
Hill Sam. 26 Symons Street Driver Salonica, R.F.A.
Hoy George 84 Utility Street Private R.I. Fus. Prisoner
Howard J. A.
Norfolk Drive 2nd Engineer H.M.S. Transport
Henry Samuel 147 Blythe Street Sergeant R.I.R.
Johnston Willie 34 Coolbeg Street Private Rifles
Johnston Joseph 34 Coolbeg Street Private R.I.R. Wounded
Johnston Hugh 34 Coolbeg Street Rifleman R.I.R.
Johnston George 7 Euterpe Street Sergeant R.I.R.
Johnston John 20 Thalia Street Driver A.S.C.
Jameson Sam. 123 Sandy Row Corporal R. Inn. Fus.
Keep Francis 42 Coolfin Street Private R.A.M.C.
Kilpatrick James 247 Donegal Road Private R.A.M.C.
Kenning John 39 Sandhurst Drive Q.M. Sergeant R.I.R.
Kirkpatrick John 207 Matilda Street Sergeant R.I. Fus.
Kennedy John 43 Virginia Street Trooper N.I.H.
Lambert William 143 Blythe Street Corporal R.I.R.
Lovell Joe 20 Barrington Street Bombardier R.I.R.
Lowry Willie 81 Donegal Road A.B. R.N.
Leathem Jas. Edward 1 Westminster Street
Leitch William 5 Matilda Street Private R.I.R. Killed in Action
Lamont J. 39 Coolfin Street Rifleman R.I.R.
Leslie Alex. 48 Boyne Square
Maxwell R. J. 178 Blythe Street Rifleman R.I.R.
McCurdy John 15 Charleville Avenue A.B. R.N.
McGreggor Duncan 32 Boyd Street A.B. R.N.
McCarthy Wm. J. 13 Coolfin Street Private R.I. Fus. Wounded
McCarthy Andrew 13 Coolfin Street Sapper R.E. Wounded
McKeown James 34 Coolfin Street Sapper R.E. Killed in Action
MacQuiston Samuel 91 Clementine Street Rifleman R.I.R. Killed in Action
McCrory Joseph 63 Utility Street Corporal R.I.R.
Martin John A. 133 Blythe Street Sapper R.E.
Magee Alexander 123 Sandy Row Private A. Ord. Corps Killed in Action
McClean William 42 Turin Street Seaman R.N. Drowned
McClean Thomas 42 Turin Street Private R.I.R.
Molyneux John 32 Tavanagh Street Stoker R.N.
Mateer Robert 9 Aughrim Street Rifleman R.I.R. Prisoner
McBride David 91 Clementine Street Sapper R.I. Fus. Killed in Action
Murray Willie 8 Drew Street Private Innis. Dragoons
McAllum Sam 71 Excise Street Private Motor Transport
Nutt John 34 Rockview Street Lance-Corporal R.I.R. Military Medal
Potts James 61 Lindsay Street Private R.I.R.
Pollock Isaac 10 Lawyer Street Stoker R.N.
Pollock Henry 30 Albion Street A.B. R.N.
Pollock Frederick 30 Albion Street
Air Service
Pollock Thomas 40 Auburn Street Rifleman R.I.R.
Parker Isaac 201 Donegal Road Gunner R.I.R. Killed in Action
Patterson Sam 29 Beit Street Boy Cook R.N.
Redpath John 89 Roden Street Private R.I. Fus.
Redpath William 89 Roden Street Rifleman R.I.R.
Reid Robert 18 Electric Street Sergeant A. & S. Highlanders
Reid William 31 Britannic Street Private R.I.R.
Reid Charles 13 Matilda Street Rifleman R.I.R.
Reid Robert 13 Matilda Street Rifleman R.I.R. Died of Wounds
Reid Andrew 13 Matilda Street Lance-Corporal R.I.R. Certificate
Ross Jack 4 Donegal Road Gunner R.F.A.
Smyth Samuel J. 79 Lindsay Street Private A. & S. Highlanders Killed
Stewart Sam 133 Dunluce Avenue Sergeant R.I.R.
Stewart Matthew 133 Dunluce Avenue Staff-Sergeant A.P.O.
Shaw John 34 Donegall Avenue Private R.I.R. Wounded
Smyth Willie 101 Donegall Pass Private R.I.R.
Stewart George 16 Egeria Street Corporal R.I.R.
Stirling James 38 Fourth Street Driver R.F.A.
Shirlow Alex. 47 Majestic Street Private R.I.R.
Service Robert 54 Rockview Street Sergeant R.I.R. Wounded
Scott Reginald 33 Donegall Avenue Gunner R.F.A. Wounded
Scott John C. 33 Donegall Avenue Driver A.S.C. Wounded
Stoddart William 76 Roden Street Gunner R.N.
Stevens R. J. 178 Blythe Street Private A.S.C.
Scott Thomas 14 Pandora Street Stoker R.N.
Smyth David 10 Balmoral Street Private Seaforth Highlanders
Thompson John 14 Divis Drive Private R.I. Rifles
Turner William 40 Electric Street Sapper R.E.
Watt Robert 70 Coolfin Street Private R.I. Fus. Killed in Action
Watt David 143 Kitchener Street Private A. & S. Highlanders Killed in Action
Watt Joseph 81 Hunter Street Sergeant R.I.R. Wounded
Wilson Thomas
Ashley Avenue Private R. Inn. Fus.
Wilson Willie
Utility Street Rifleman R.I.R. Prisoner
Wilkinson Abie 58 Selby Street Rifleman R.I.R. Prisoner
Wilkinson John 58 Selby Street Private A.S.C.
Wilkinson Robert 10 Symons Street Lance-Corporal R.I. Fus. Prisoner of War
Woods John 135 McClure Street Lance-Corporal R.I. Fus.
Woods Willie 135 McClure Street Private R.I. Fus.
Wilkinson Francis G. 190 Donegall Avenue Private Irish Guards
Withers John 69 Blythe Street A.M. R.F.C.
Wilkinson Robert J. 60 Egmont Street Private A.M. Corps
Wilson Charles 31 Ulsterville Avenue Captain K.S.L.I.

Bailie Thomas 155 Donegal Road
Canadian F. Amb.
Boyd Alex.

Private Canadian Div.
Boyd John

Sapper Australians
Eakins James

Gunner Canadian Div.
Eakins John

Sapper Canadian Eng.
Lamont Wm. 39 Coolfin Street Lance-Corporal Australian I.F.
Sloan Wm. 170 Donegal Road Private Canadian Cont. Killed in Action
Smylie Hugh 31 Maryville Street Private Australian I.F.


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