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Presbyterian Church In Ireland -- Roll of Honour 1914-1919

Extract for Congregations in the Connaught Presbytery


Surname First Name House Address Rank Regiment, Battalion or Unit Remarks
Hamilton Cecil C.
Ballina 2nd Lieutenant 3rd Con. Rangers Killed in Action
Hamilton Hector M.
Ballina 2nd Lieutenant 1st Inniskillings Killed in Action
Hamilton William
Ballina 2nd Lieutenant 3rd Connaughts Killed in Action
Laing St. Clair. K.N.
Ballina 2nd Lieutenant Royal Munsters Died of Disease
Petrie Norman
Rosserk Cadet O.T.C.
Reid William
Ballina Private 3rd Lancashire Fus. Prisoner of War
Shannon John J.
Cloona Captain, R.A.M.C. Lincoln Yeomanry Killed in Action
Stevenson Thomas
Coolcronan Private 12th Inniskillings

Irwin Bertie

Canadian Army
Irwin David

Canadian Army
Laing Cecil
Ballina Private Canadian A.S.C.
Petrie Frederick
Ballina Private Canadian Army


Surname First Name House Address Rank Regiment, Battalion or Unit Remarks
Ashmore Richard
Manse, Creevelea Lieutenant Can. E.F. Killed in Action
Boreland H.
Bricklieve Private I.G. Killed in Action
Gamble David
Ballymore 2nd Lieutenant R.I.R Wounded
Gamble George
Gamble John
R.N. Torpedoed
Gamble Thomas
R.N. Torpedoed

Gurteen A.B. R.N.
Gorman Richard
Ballymore Captain R. Vet. Corps
Hunter James
Riverstown 2nd Lieutenant H.L. Inft. Wounded
Hunter John A.
Riverstown Lieutenant R. Inn. Fus Wounded
Kerr-Taylor John M.
Castlebaldwin Corporal I.G. Wounded
Knox Thos. Witherow
The Manse Lieutenant R.I.R Wounded
Knox W. H.
The Manse Captain R. Inn. Fus M.C., Mentioned in Despatches
Knox H. Watt
The Manse Cadet R.A.F. Torpedoed
McComb H.
Ballymore Lieutenant, A.B. R.N. Killed in Action
Morrison H. N.
Ballymore Instructor R.N.
Orr James F.
Greyfield Bombardier R.F.A.
Smith E. Wm.
Ballymore Bombardier R.F.A.
Stuart James
Temple House, B'more

Stuart John Robt.
Temple House, B'more

Killed in Action
Stuart Wm.
Temple House, B'more

Smith John Robt.
Ballymore Lieutenant U.S. E.F.
Wilson Robert
Bricklieve Private Can. Force Died

Boyle and Clougher

Surname First Name House Address Rank Regiment, Battalion or Unit Remarks
Connolly Jack

Private R.I.R.
Garland Willie

Private S.I.H.
McDonald Henry

Private Con. Rangers
Poynton Basil

Lieutenant Dub. Fusiliers
Smith F. F. S. Smith

Captain I.M.S.
Smith Henry


Smith Melville J.

Lieutenant R.A.
Smith W. A.

Captain A.V.C.
Stewart Herbert

Sergeant Canadians
Watson John H.

Sergeant Royal Scots
Watson Wm. T.

Private S.A. Rifles


Surname First Name House Address Rank Regiment, Battalion or Unit Remarks
Andrews Robert
Banbridge 2nd Lieutenant N.I. Horse Killed in Action
McHolmes James
Ellison Street, Castlebar Sergeant 6th Conn. Rangers Killed in Action
Morrison John Alex.
Castlebar 2nd Lieutenant Dub. Fus. 4 Years' Service


Surname First Name House Address Rank Regiment, Battalion or Unit Remarks
Coupar A. B.
Ashford Private Army Service Corps
Coupar R.
Scotland Private 16th H.L. Inft.
McIntosh Alex.
Ashford Private I.G. Wounded
McIntosh John
Ashford Private I.G. Killed in Action
Ireland Thomas
Creagh Private Can. H.L. Inft. Wounded


Surname First Name House Address Rank Regiment, Battalion or Unit Remarks
Boyle Robert M.
The Manse, Killala Captain 2nd Royal Inn. Fus. M.C., Twice Wounded
Carson Robert John
Killala Private I.G. Killed in Action
Carson John
Newtonwhite, Killala Private R. Inn. Fus. Twice Wounded
Carson Thomas E.
Ballintean, Killala Private I.G. Twice Wounded
Carson Charles W.
Ballintean, Killala Private R. Inn. Fus.
Leitch Charles A.
Ballysakeery, Killala Pilot Royal Flying Corps Killed in Action
Leitch Henry B. J.
Ballysakeery, Killala Sergt.-Major R. Irish Regt.
Leitch Oswald J.
Ballysakeery, Killala Corporal 8th Royal Hussars
Leitch Wm. L.
Ballysakeery, Killala Corporal I.G. Killed in Action
Massey T. H.
Court Hill, Killala Capt. Surgeon King's African Rifles M.C.
Robertson F. W.
Killala Surg. Probationer R.N.V.R.

Alexander Wm.
Lisglennon, Killala Corporal 3rd Aust. Light Horse Wounded, Died
Carson S. G.
Newtonwhite, Killala Captain C.E.F. M.C.
Sharpe R. Paton
Mullafarry, Killala Corporal C.E.F. Killed in Action
Sharpe Thomas
Mullafarry, Killala Sergeant C.E.F. Wounded


Surname First Name House Address Rank Regiment, Battalion or Unit Remarks
Acheson John
Keady, Armagh Lieutenant R.A.F.
Blackwood Arthur
Stephen Street, Sligo Private 36th (Ulster) Div. R.I.R. Wounded, Prisoner
Bryce Wm. 753 Pollockshaws, G'gow. 2nd Lieutenant Machine Gun Corps
Clarke Alex.
Bridge Street, Sligo Corporal R.S.F. 4 times Wounded
Clarke John
Bridge Street, Sligo Lance-Corporal 2nd Batt. S.R. M.M. and Bar
Clarke Richard
Bridge Street, Sligo Gunner R.F.A. Wounded
Crozier Samuel 7 Ratcliffe Street, Sligo Private R.I.F.
Cruickshank Wm.
Gray's Inn, Sligo Sergeant R.A.V.C. 26th A.F.A. M.S.
Cunningham Robert
Fermoyle, Sligo Co. Sergt.-Major 1/8th London Regt. Killed in Action
Kerr Harold
Thornhill, Sligo 2nd Lieutenant 36th (Ulster) R.I.R.
Lougheed Alfred
Albert Street, Sligo Captain Wiltshire Regt.
MacArthur James
Knox Street, Sligo Lieut.-Colonel Essex Yeomanry
McLean James
Priestland, Co. Antrim Lieutenant R.F.A. M.C., Killed
McMeekin Robert
Finnisklin, Sligo Sub.-Lieutenant R.N.R. Twice Torpedoed
McMeekin Wm. J.
Finnisklin, Sligo Lance-Corporal R.I.F. Prisoner of War
Meldrum Cosmo
John Street, Sligo Private Army O. Corps 1914 Star
Meldrum Gordon
John Street, Sligo Driver R.F.A.
Meldrum James
John Street, Sligo Sergeant A.O.C.
Meldrum John
John Street, Sligo Private A.O.C.
Meldrum Thomas
John Street, Sligo Rifleman 6th Batt. R.I.R.
Morrison Fredk.
Cyprus Park, Belfast 2nd Lieutenant North Staff. Regt. Wounded
Murrow Stuart
Albert Street, Sligo Trooper N.I.H.
Perry Wm. 1 William Street, Sligo Driver 5th Aux. Bus. Co.
Quin James
Ulster Bank House, Sligo Captain R.A.M.C.
Quin Joseph
Ulster Bank House, Sligo Surg. Prob. R.N.
Rankin W. J.
Coleraine, Co. Derry Private R.A.F.
Robertson A. Linton
Kiltycooley, Sligo M.R.C.V.S. Royal Army Vet. Corps Wounded
Robertson J. Gilfillen
Kiltycooley, Sligo 2nd Lieutenant R.I.F. Killed in Action
Robertson N. Alistair
Kiltycooley, Sligo Private 2nd Royal Scots Killed in Action
Robertson Walter O. D.
Kiltycooley, Sligo Private R.G.A.
Reid Robert
William Street, Sligo Private N.I.H.
Reid William
William Street, Sligo Private R.I.R. Killed in Action
Sinclair Cadzow
The Mall, Sligo Surgeon R.N.
Sinclair James
The Mall, Sligo 2nd Lieutenant R.G.A.
Sinclair Roy
The Mall, Sligo Lieutenant R.A.F. Wounded
Sinclair Hugh Reid
The Mall, Sligo Private R.A.F.

Blackwood John McNeill
Stephen Street, Sligo Private 3rd B. Australians Wounded
Blackwood Wm.
Stephen Street, Sligo Sergeant Australian E.F.
Paul John McNeill
Wine Street, Sligo Private R.F.A., Canada Died
Robertson James
Lynn's Place, Sligo Private Nairobi D.C., Brit. E. Africa
Watters James
The Manse, Sligo Private S.A. Heavy Artillery Killed
Thompson David R. 6 Union Place, Sligo Trooper 4th Garry Horse, Canada

Westport and Newport

Surname First Name House Address Rank Regiment, Battalion or Unit Remarks
Aitken W. J. L.
Newport Sub.-Lt. R.N.V.R.
Davidson John
Westport 1st Engineer R.N. Transport
Girvin James
Westport Private S. Lancashire Prisoner in Germany
Newell John
Rossmoney. Westport Coastguard Stoker, R.N.
Simpson James
Skene House, Ballyglass Corporal H.L.I.
Simpson William
Royculla, Westport Lieutenant H.L.I.


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