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Presbyterian Church In Ireland -- Roll of Honour 1914-1919

Extract for the Congregation of Cloughwater

Surname First Name House Address Rank Regiment, Battalion or Unit Remarks
Adams Robert
Lisnacrogher Private R.I.R.
Baird Alex.
Lisnacrogher Private R.I.R.
Bell Rev. John
Bally Lieutenant Seaforth Highlanders
Bell Samuel
Bally Captain R.I.R.
Black James
Cllnty Private R.I.R.
Boyd Samuel
Ballyreagh Private R.E. Wounded
Cherry Alex.
Craigywarren Corporal Argyle & Suth. Highlanders
Dickson James
Craigywarren Private R.I.R.
Dickson John
Craigywarren Private R.I.R. Killed in Action
Dickson Wm.
Cracgywarren Private R.I.R. Wounded
Donly Speers Jack
Clinty Signaller R.I.R.
Hamilton Robert
Kirkinriola Private Argyle & Suth. Highlanders Killed in Action
Hamilton Tom
Kirkinriola Private R.I.R. Killed in Action
Hamilton Wm.
Kirkinriola Private R.I.R.
Herbison Alex.
Derneveagh Private R. Irish Fus. Wounded
Herbison Robert C.
Drumfin Private N.I.H.
Kelly David
Craigywarren Corporal N I.H.
McBurney John
Drumfin Private R.I.R.
McCay Samuel
Inchamph 2nd Lieutenant R.I.R. Wounded
McClintock Joseph
Killygore Private N.I.H.
McCullough Thomas
Craigywarren Private R.L.R.
McFall Daniel
Dunfane Private R.I.R. Killed in Action
McFall Denny
Craigywarren Private R.I.R. Killed in Action
McFall James
Dunfane Private R.I.R. Killed in Action
McFall John
Dunfane Private R.A.F.
McFall Robert
Craigywarren Private R.I.R.
McKelvey John
Rathkenny Private R.I.R. Wounded
Marcus Wm. Jas.
Carncoagh Sapper R.E. Wounded
Patterson James
Carncoagh Private R.I.R. Killed in Action
Patterson Robert
Carncoagh Private R.I.R.
Patton Ernest
Cloughwater Manse Lieutensnt London Regiment
Patton Noel W.
Cloughwater Manse Lieutenant 19th R.I.R.
Patton T. W., B.A.
Cloughwater Manse 2nd Lieutenant 5th R. Ir. F. Invalided
Richmond W. John
Rathkenny Private N.I.H.
Shaw James
Killygore Private R.I.R. Killed in Action
Smith Josias
Dungall Private R. Inn. Fus.
Smith Robert
Carncoagh Private R.I.R. Wounded
Smith Tom
Dungall Private Seaforth Highlanders Killed in Action
Smith William
Carncoagh Private R.I.R. Invalided
Smyth John
Dungall 2nd Lieutenant R.I.R. Killed in Action
Smyth Wm. T.
Dungali Lieutenant R. Inn. Fus. Wounded
Taggart W. Jas.
Craigywarren Rifleman King's R. Rifles Killed in Action
Wallace James
Bally Sergeant London Regiment Wounded
Whiteside James
Craigywarren Corporal Dragoon Guards Twice Wounded
Whiteside Thomas
Craigywarren Corporal R.F.A. Wounded
Whlteside Wm.
Eglish Private R.I.R. Killed in Action
Wisner John
Lisnacrogher Private R.I.R.

Adams David
Lisnacrogher Private Canadians
Black Joslas
Clinty Driver Aust. Mtd. Div.
Donly Robt. J.
Clinty Corporal U.S. Inft.
Donly Wm.
Clinty Corporal U.S. Inft.
McCay John
Inchamph Bombardier Canadians
McCay Robert
N.Z. Force
McKay James
Aust. Transport Coy.
McNeill John
N.Z. Force
Ritchie John
N.Z. Force Killed in Action
Ritchie Wm. John
Can. Engineers
Strahan Robt.
N.Z. Force
Strahan Thos.
N.Z. Force
Wallace Richard
Bally Bombardier Can. Am. Column
Wallace Robert
Bally Driver Can. Am. Column


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