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Presbyterian Church In Ireland -- Roll of Honour 1914-1919

Extract for the Congregation of Bangor, Trinity

Surname First Name House Address Rank Regiment, Battalion or Unit Remarks
Beattie Hugh 27 Beatrice Road Private R.I. Rifles Wounded
Beattie (Beatty) John 41 Crosbie Street Private R.I. Rifles
Breeze John 35 Hamilton Road Sergeant 16th R.I. Rifles
Brown David 22 Dufferin Avenue Stoker R.N.
Brown James 46 Albert Street Private R.I. Rifles
Carruthers Andrew 41 Crosbie Street Private R.I. Rifles
Caughey W. F.
Ranfurly Avenue 2nd Lieutenant R.I.R. Wounded
Caulfield J. N. 28 Albert Street Sapper R.I. Regiment
Caulfield R. H. 28 Albert Street Private R.I. Regiment
Chambers Joseph A. 45 Gray's Hill Private 16th R.I. Rifles
Cheyne J. D. E.
Downshire Road Lieutenant Royal Garrison Artillery
Clarke Robert 39 Ballyholme Road Private R.A.M.C. Wounded
Conway James 28 Castle Square Private R.I.R.
Conway Robert 28 Castle Square Private R.I.R.
Conway Wm. C. 28 Castle Square Private 12th R.I.R. Wounded
Crawford James 20 Alfred Street Private 12th R.I.R.
Crawford Samuel 20 Alfred Street Private R.A.F.
Davidson A. F. 39 Victoria Road Driver Motor Transport
Davidson W. F. 39 Victoria Road Driver Motor Transport
Dickson Hugh 34 Church Street Private 16th R.I. Rifles
Dickson Reuben 15 Victoria Road Private R.I.R.
Foster James M. 10 Beatrice Road Corporal Royal Air Force
Fowler Andrew 3 King Street Gunner Royal Navy
Gordon Robert 41 Church Street Lance-Corporal 1st R.I.R. Wounded
Gordon Sandford 41 Church Street Private R.I.R.
Gorman Albert 3 King Street Private 13th R.I.R.
Gorman James 3 King Street Private 13th R.I.R. Wounded
Gorman Samuel 3 King Street Cook A.D.M. Stores
Hanna J. B. 47 Queen's Parade Major R.A.M.C.
Hassan Alex. 1 Brunswick Road Stoker R.N. Drowned
Hassan James 1 Brunswick Road Driver Armoured Car
Hassan Wm. 1 Brunswick Road
Hoppes James 3 Beatrice Avenue Private Garr. Art.
Irwin Norman 6 Ward Avenue 2nd Lieutenant R.I.R.
Legge Norman 7 Southwell Road Private B.M.T.D. Wounded
Lindsay Alex. 15 Victoria Road Mechanic R.A.F.
Lowry Alex. 35 Hamilton Road Corporal 13th R.I.R. Wounded
Lowry George 35 Hamilton Road Private 17th R.I.R.
Lyttle Bertie 56 Seacliff Road Private 13th R.I.R. Died
McAlpine R. A. 36 Church Street Sergt.-Major A.S.C.
McCaw Andrew 10 Castle Street Private 13th R.I.R.
McCaw James 37 Belfast Road Corporal Labour Batt.
McCaw John 37 Church Street Corporal R.I. Regiment Wounded 3 times
Mcclements Samuel 20 Abbey Street Gunner Siege Battery Wounded
McClurg James 4 Beatrice Avenue Private R.A.M.C.
McKee Wm.
Castle Cottages Private R.I.R.
McMahon Hugh 51 Victoria Road Private A.S.C.
McMahon Thos. 4 Primrose Street Lance-Corporal 13th R.I.R.
McNeill H. H.
Springfield Road 2nd Lieutenant R.I.R.
McNeilly Samuel 51 Castle Street Private R.I.R. Wounded
Magowan Wm. 19 Alfred Street Sergeant R.I.R. Wounded
Mansfleld Jas. A.
Dufferin Villas 2nd Lieutenant R.I.R.
Mansfield W. A.
Dufferin Villas Trooper N.I.H.
Marshall Stanley
Princetown Villas P. Officer Armoured Car
Maxwell S. W.
Seacliff Road Private Siege Battery
Milne George 25 Beatrice Road Private R.I.R. Died
Montgomery John 47 Prospect Road Private R.I.R.
Morrow Edward
Seaview 2nd Lieutenant 24th R.I.R.
Newell Hugh 6 Castle Square Private R.I.R. Killed in Action
Newell Leslie 6 Castle Square Private R.I.R. Killed in Action
Newell Thos. 6 Castle Square Sapper R.E.
Nicholson J. C.
Mornington Park Captain R.A.M.C.
Palmer James 17 Holborn Avenue Seaman Mer. Marine Drowned
Patterson Thos. 40 Botanic Road Private 13th R.I.R. Killed in Action
Pollock Clifford 34 Donaghadee Road Lieutenant R.I. Fus.
Ritchie Wm. 11 Crosby Street Sergeant A.S.C.
Rowley John 17 May Avenue

Russell David
Ballymagee Driver A.S.C.
Savage Andrew 16 Castle Square Private R.I.R.
Savage David 16 Castle Square Private King's Liverpool Regt.
Savage Robert 41 Prospect Road 2nd Lieutenant 10th R.I.R
Scott David 21 Crosby Street Private 16th R.I.R. Prisoner of War
Sheldon R. H 51 Castle Street Attendant R.A.M.C.
Skimin Captain 40 Holborn Avenue Captain Transport Service Drowned
Skimin George 29 Crosby Street Private R.I.R. Wounded
Stewart A. Knowles
Baymount Lieutenant Royal Engineers
Storey J. C. 51 Castle Street Private R.I.R.
Todd Thomas 48 Castle Street Private R.I.R. Wounded
Watterson John 46 Castle Square Corporal 13th R.I.R. Wounded
Wightman Jas. 4 Castle Street Corporal A.S.C.
Wright Victor 82 Abbey Street Private 36 T.R. Batt.

Gordon James 3 Broadway, Bangor Private Australian Force
Gordon Mark 3 Broadway, Bangor Private Australian Force
Gorman Alex. 3 Kink Street
Canadian Force Wounded
Harvey Robert 18 Belfast Road Driver 4th Canadian Force
Jordan Robert 39 Beatrice Road Private Australian Force Killed in Action
Legge William 7 Southwell Road Private Canadian Force Wounded
Lindsay Albert 15 Victoria Road Private Canadian Infty.
Lindsay Robert 15 Victoria Road
Canadian F.A.
Neill J. Wilson 1 Windsor Avenue Captain 1st Can. Mounted Rifles
Newell Walter 6 Castle Square Private Canadian Infty.
Oliver Samuel 70 Church Street Private Canadian Infty.

1. Alexander S. Bell is recorded on the church memorial as having died.

2. Recorded on the church memorial but not in the Roll of Honour.

3. Spelling of name recorded on the church memorial as "McCreadie".


Image courtesy of Barry Niblock.

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