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Presbyterian Church In Ireland -- Roll of Honour 1914-1919

Extract for the Congregation of Bangor, First

Surname First Name House Address Rank Regiment, Battalion or Unit Remarks
Agnew Alex.
Castle Lodge Rifleman 13th R.I. Rifles Wounded
Agnew Edward
Demesne Lance-Corporal R. Irish Rifles Wounded
Agnew Harry
Demesne A.C.M. R.A.F.
Agnew John 26 Victoria Road C.Q.M.S. R. Irish Rifles
Anderson Robert
Albert Street Private R.I. Rifles Killed in Action
Angus Samuel 28 Gray's Hill C. Sgt.-Major 13th R.I. Rifles
Austin Harry 92 University St., Belfast A.B. Royal Navy
Austin William
College Avenue A.B. Royal Navy
Barbour Wm. 54 Ballymagee Street Driver 2nd Co. R.A.M.C.
Beattie W. H. 120 Seacliff Road 2nd Lieutenant 3rd R.I. Rifles
Bell P. S.
Farnham Road Captain A.S.C.
Bell Wm. R.
College Avenue Captain 12th R.I. Rifles M.C.
Black A. M.
Bryansburn Road Corporal R.E. Signals
Black Hugh
Bryansburn Road Private M.T. A.S.C.
Black James
Bryansburn Road C.Q.M.S. The Black Watch
Blair A. E.
Seacliff Road 2/Lieutenant 3rd Leinster Regt.
Brand Norman
The Bungalow, Ballyholme Road A/Capt. 4th Hussars (Res.)
Brown A. V. L. 8 Belfast Terrace Lieutenant 6th R.I. Rifles Wounded
Brown Francis 8 Beuast Terrace 2/Lieutenant
Killed in Action
Brown Fred. A. J. 8 Belfast Terrace L. Seaman Royal Navy
Brown Leo
Demesne Private 10th Corps Cyclists' Bn.
Burns Bertie
Waverley Drive Driver R.A.S.C., M.T.
Burns David McC.
Waverley Drive Lance-Corporal R.I. Rifles
Campbell Alex.
Abbey Street Rifleman R. Irish Rifles Killed in Action
Campbell Archibald
Dufferin Avenue Corporal R.A.S.C., M.T.
Campbell J. D.
Hamilton Road Lt.-Commander R.N.V.R. Ment. In Despatches
Campbell John 14 Sunbury Avenue, Bloomfield, Belfast Sergeant 14th R.I. Rilles Twice Wounded
Cooke Wm. 25 Albert Street Sapper R.E., 89th Field Co. Wounded
Corbett Wm. 45 Prospect Road Sapper R.E. Twice Wounded
Cosgrove H. H.
Daisy Hill, Banbridge Captain 4th R. Irish Fus.
Dobbs Walter
Downshire Road Cadet A.S.C.
Dudgeon John E. 16 Ward Avenue Sub-Lieutenant R.N.V.R.
Fairbairn Alex. 19 Victoria Road 1st Class Petty Officer Royal Navy
Freeman Wm.
Brunswick Road C.S.M. R.G.A.
Gilmore Robt. 14 Lr. Cargill St, Belfast Lance-Corporal 2nd R.I. Rifles
Girvan C.
Ward Avenue M. Mariner Mercantile Marine Meritorious Service Medal
Graham Chas.
The Lodge, Northland House, Dungannon S.S. Major 5th R.I. Lancers Twice Wounded. D.C.M. & M.M.
Graham Robt. 72 Church Street Lance-Corporal R.I. Rifles Wounded
Gray Alex. 9 Railwayview Street Corporal 18th R.I. Rifles Wounded
Gray Arthur 9 Railwayview Street Gunner E. Bn. 7th Res. Bgde. R.F.A.
Gray James 9 Railwayview Street Rifleman 13th R.I. Rifles
Gray John, Sen. 16a Church Street Driver R.A.S.C.
Gray John, Jun. 16a Church Street Private R.A.S.C.
Gray Robt. 16a Church Street Private R. Irish Rifles Killed in Action
Greenwood A. V. 59 Main Street Private R.A.M.C.
Greenwood J. E. 59 Main Street Corporal R.A.M.C. M.M. Killed in Action
Hannay Herbert 37 Prospect Hoad Driver A.S.C.
Hanna Robert 23 Victoria Road Private 18th R.I. Rifles
Hardy Frank 98 Castle Street Private R.A.F.
Henderson Walter
Downshire Road Corporal R.E.
Henry Thomas
Southwell Road Gunner 13th Tanks Twice Wounded
Hollywood Arthur
"Bayswater" Lieutenant 9th R. Irish Fus. Killed in Action
Hollywood Gerald
Princetown Road Lieutenant 8th R. Irish Regt.
Hollywood James
"Bayswater" 2nd Lieutenant 12th R.I. Rifles Killed in Action
Holmes John M.
Hamilton Road Lieutenant R.N.R.
Holmes Wm.
Downshire Road, H'wood Chief E.R.A. Royal Navy Died
Houston Henry 26 Holborn Avenue Rifleman 13th R.I. Rifles Wounded
Houston Thos.
Castlemount Rifleman R.I. Rifles
Houston Wm. 26 Holborn Avenue Private M.T R.A.S.C.
Hutchinson J. 29 Brunswick Road A.B. Royal Navy
Irvine Duncan
Brisbane 2/Lieutenant M.M.G. Wounded
Johnston Albert
Ballymagee Street Rifleman 17th R.I. Rifles
Keenan Wm. H. 10 Bingham Street Captain Machine Gun Corps Ment. In Despatches
Lawson W. J. 41 Belfast Road, Bangor Corporal 10th R.I. Rifles Twice Wounded
Legge Robert 14 Beatrice Road Sapper R.E.
Lightbody John
Ballymaconnell Private Royal Marines
Lindsay Hugh 47 & 49 Ballymagee St. Driver 8th Aux. Horse Trans. R.A.S.C
Lindsay Wm.
Beatrice Road Private 13th R.I. Rifles Wounded
Lowry Alex.
Bingham Street Rifleman 18th R.I. Rifles
Lowry Herbert
Orlock Private 13th R.I. Rifles Wounded
Lowry Samuel
Bingham Street Rifleman 10th R.I. Rifles Wounded
McAlpine Geo. T.
Beatrice Avenue Rifleman R. Irish Rifles Killed in Action
McCauley Wm. R. 94 Castle Street Private 13th R.I. Rifles
McClure Samuel 46 Abbey Street Rifleman 2nd R.I. Rifles Twice Wounded
McCready Andrew
Castle Square Rifleman 13th R.I. Rifles Killed in Action
McCready Nathaniel
The Windmill, B'home Rifleman 13th R.I. Rifles Killed in Action
McCready Robert N.
Donaghadee Road 2nd Lieutenant R. Irish Rifles
McFeeters Jack
College Avenue L/bombdr. 65 Siege Battery R.G.A.
McGilton David John 71 Railwayview Street Lieutenant R.I. Rifles
McGilton James 71 Railwayview Street 2/Lieutenant 8/9 R.I. Rifles Killed in Action
McCletchie Wm. B.
Clifton Road Sergeant 13th R.I. Rifles
McMurray Alex. 28 Dufferin Avenue 1st Class Stoker Royal Navy Killed in Action
McMurray Robert 28 Dufferin Avenue 1st Class Stoker Royal Navy
McMurray Robert G.
Clifton Road 2/Lieutenant R.F.C.
McMurray Thomas
Clifton Road Private 13th R.I. Rifles Three times Wounded
McNair Robert
Primacy Corporal 13th R.I. Rifles Killed in Action
McQuoid Jim 102 Seacliff Road Lieutenant R. Irish Rifles
McQuoid Louis 102 Seacliff Road A. L.-Sergeant 21st Glamorgan Yeomanry Wounded
McQuoid Urell 102 Seacliff Road

Killed in Action
Maginnis Andrew F. 3 Victoria Road Lieutenant Royal Navy
Maginnis Alex. 3 Victoria Road Sergeant 7th M.G.C.
Major A. 80 Castle Street A.C. 2 R.A.F.
Major James 13 Beatrice Avenue Driver 2nd Co. R.A.S.C.
Major Wm. 80 Castle Street Driver M.T. R.A.S.C.
Major Wm. J. 60 Abbey Street Rifleman 6th R.I. Rifles Twice Wounded
Malcolm Wm.
The Hill, Groomsport Driver A.S.C. Killed in Action
Mann Frazer
Railwayview Street Sergeant 13th R.I. Rifles Killed in Action
Manning F. E. B.
Ballyholme Road Lieutenant M.G.C., Army Of Occupation, Egypt Wounded
Martin Wm.
Clandeboye, Co. Down Private R.I. Rifles Wounded
Martin Wm. Herbert
Princetown Road Sergeant N. Irish Horse
Mathers Samuel 84 Castle Street 3rd Air Mechanic R.A.F.
Meek Jack 71 Clifton Road Midshipman R.N.V.R.
Meek Wm. J. 71 Clifton Road Lieutenant R.N.V.R.
Milliken Jas., Jun 8 Farnham Road Lieutenant R.I. Rifles M.C.
Mitchell Marcus
Queen's Parade Lieutenant 11th R.I. Rifles M.C. Wounded
Miskelly Thos.
King Street Rifleman 13th R.I. Rifles Killed in Action
Miskelly W. J.
Castle Square Private R. Scottish Fus.
Moag Charles
Rathgael Trooper N. Irish Horse
Moorehead J. F.
Princetown Road Captain R.A.S.C.
Morrison Fred. W.
Windsor Avenue Lieutenant M.G.C. Wounded
Morrison Saml. M'G.
Windsor Avenue Lieutenant 8th Cheshire Wounded
Mulholland John
Ballymagee Street Corporal R.A.S.C.
Orr John
Castle Street Rifleman 11th R.I. Rifles Killed in Action
Orr Norman 39 Castlemount Gunner 119 Siege Batt. R.G.A. Wounded
Orr Samuel 16 Hopefield Ave., Belfast Private Army Ord. Corps
Patterson John W. 5 Prospect Road Major R.E. D.S.O.
Patterson Thos.
Castle Street Private 13th R.I.R., attd. M.G.C. Killed in Action
Patton Graham
Downshire Road Major R.A.M.C. T.F.
Polson John D. 68 Southwell Road Telegraphist Royal Navy
Pollock Clifford
Donaghadee Road Lieutenant R. Irish Fus.
Rea S. P.
Esplanade, Bangor Captain R.A.M.C. Ment. In Despatches
Reid Thomas J. 43 Queen's Parade Private R. Irish Rifles
Ritchie Hugh 48 William St., N'ards Private R.F.A. Twice Wounded
Ritchie John 19 Railwayview Street Private R.A.M.C.
Ritchie Thomas 10 Central Avenue Private Royal Marines
Rogan Patrick 55 Victoria Road Seaman Royal Navy
Rowley Thomas
Clandeboye Rifleman R.I. Rifles
Savage Alex., Sen. 17 Crosbie Street Private R. Marine Labour Corps
Scott Geo. B. 9 Bingham Street Corporal R.A.F.
Scott Harden
Station Ho., B'hinch Lieutenant R.F.C. M.C. Killed in Action
Scott John
Bryansburn Road Captain R.A.M.C.
Scott Wm.
Croft Street
R.N. Killed in Action
Seeton A.
Mercantile Marine
Shanks John
Ballymagee Street Lieutenant R.I. Rifles Wounded
Small Thomas
Ballyholme Road R.Q.M.S. 13th R.I. Rifles Ment. In Despatches
Smiley Harry 8 Albert Street Private R.A.F.
Smiley Wm. 29 May Avenue Corporal R.A.S.C.
Smith Herbert
Farnham Park Captain R.A.M.C.
Smith S. A. 21 Beatrice Road Sergeant R.E. M.M.
Stevenson James
Gray's Hill Private R. Irish Rifles
Stitt Robert P. 5 Beatrice Road A.B. Royal Navy
Stockman Saml. 88 Chamberlayne Road, London Major R.A.M.C.
Thompson Stafford
Downshire Hoad Private M.T. A.S.C.
Thompson Stewart
Abbey Street Private R.A.M.C.
Trotter Chas.
Castle Street Driver R.A.M.C.
Tyrrell John Marcus
The Cairn, Ballyholme Captain R.A.F. M.C. Killed in Action
Tyrrell Walter Alex.
The Cairn, Ballyholme Captain H.A.F. M.C. Killed in Action
Tyrrell Wm. Ross
The Cairn, Ballyholme Lt.áColonel R.A.M.C. D.S.O. and Bar, Croix-de-Guerre, M.C.
Walkington Tony 3 Belgravia 2nd Lieutenant R.F.C.
Wilson Jack A.
Strathmona Lance-Corporal 12th R.I. Rifles
Wilson Jas. M.
Strathmona Corporal R.E. (Signals)
Wilson Nial
Groomsport Road L.A.C Wireless Op. R.A.F.

Agnew George
Demesne Private 1st Can. Motor Transport
Alexander Louis
Edmonton Sergeant 49th Bn. C.E.F.
Anderson David
Albert Street, Bangor Private C.E.F. Killed in Action
Brown J. Birch
Prospect Road, Bangor 2nd Lieutenant Indian Army
Dobbs Jack
Downshire Road Lieutenant S.A. Remounts
Francis A. W. 3 Victoria Road Private N.Z.E.F.
Graham A.
Kansas, U.S.A. 1st Sergeant N.Y. Scottish Highldrs,
Graham Samuel
Pittsburg, U.S.A. Gunnery Sergeant U.S. Marines
Hanna Robert B.
Queen's Parade Private Austr. E. Force Killed in Action
Harden James
Ballynahinch Sergeant U.S.A. Army Croix-de-Guerre
Hessessy James
Donaghadee Road R.S.M. 24th Bn. Canadians M.M. Killed in Action
Homles A. M.
Auckland, N.Z. Private N.Z. R.A.M.C.
Homles D. G.
Victoria, B.C. Sergeant 7th Canadians
Houston James
Canterbury, N.Z. Private N.L. Rifles
Jackson George
Toronto. Can. Sergeant 13th R.I.R.
Kennedy Robert Foster
New York Major R.A.M.C.
McBride Wm. A.
Brunswick Rd., Bangor Signaller 39th Battery C.F.A. Wounded
McCoy Rev. William 80 Princetown Road
U.S. Navy
McMillan Hugh 59 Gray's Hill Corporal N.Z. Engineers M.M. Wounded
McMillan Robt. J.
N.S. Wales Private 18th Bn. Aust. Infantry Killed in Action
Matthews Charles
Ballygrainey Corporal N.Z. Force M.M. Twice Wounded
Ritchie John 48 William St., N'ards Private N.Z. Force Wounded
Robinson J. Scott 64 Dufferin Avenue Private S.A. L. Inft.
Scott Daniel
Bingham Street Private P.P Can. L. Inft. Killed in Action
Scott Wm.
Bryansburn Road Lieutenant 52nd Sikhs F.F.
Stevenson Harry
Groomsport Road Sapper 2nd Can. Engineers Wounded
Stewart Jas. 2 Central Avenue Private 31st Can. Inft. Killed in Action
Wright David S.
Ballyholme Sergt.-Major 8th Can. M.G.C.
Wright Robert
Ballyholme Private N.Z.E.F.


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