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Do you have anything you think might be useful to a family historian - old church histories, almanacks, newspapers etc - pertaining to Belfast or Northern Ireland (Ulster) in particular or Ireland in general. Can you supply them as digital images and/or a transcription.


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Research Services

Do you need help with your family history?

One of the things I've often heard in genealogy lists etc is about the need for a researcher to obtain copies of documents or undertake a small bit of research which cannot be done otherwise due to distance and cost.

While there are a number of excellent professional genealogists available many people have expressed the need of a good amateur who can assist with records when it comes to Belfast and the North of Ireland.

I have been approached many times for advice and help with obtaining records from PRONI and specific searches in regards to newspaper archives etc and could easily spend all my time there.

It may be all you need is a copy of a document you've already researched or it may be something more substantial as trying to find a possible location from a street directory or census record. You may have a date of death and want to find if there was a death notice placed in a newspaper or check a cemetery record or a obtain a photo of a grave.

Fortunately with the expansion of records online at sites such as, and (to name but a few) obtaining information is not as hard as it once was.

Many Street Directories are now online at the site of my friend Mary Lennon and PRONI and the 1901 and 1911 Irish Census can be found at National Archives of ireland

Maybe I could help!

If you feel I could help you with obtaining a copy of a newspaper obituary or look up some records at PRONI then drop me a line.

I do not claim to be a professional genealogist or be all knowing but will offer my time and expertise to help you complete your family's story.

I charge a basic fee of 20 per hour which includes most expenses.

Any substantial expenses such as a certified copy of a record entry where available would be charged separately but would only be done so with prior agreement.

To see if I could help email me at

with all the information you have and what you hope to find and I'll see what I can offer.


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