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Wild . Kay . Southward  Families

Descendants of Joseph WILD & Jain (Jane) SOUTHWARD

1              Joseph WILD           b: March 16, 1804 Shaw, Lancashire Co. England                                d: August 22, 1866 in England

..              +Jane (Jain) SOUTHWARD     b: July 15, 1812 Rosehill, Kirby Ireleth, Lancashire, England  m: November 26, 1834 in St. Nicholas, Whitehaven, Cumberland, England              d: July 18, 1878 in Parton, Cumberland, England

.......         2              David WILD              b: September 15, 1836 Whitehaven (Cumberland) England, c.10-11-1835? at St. James                     d: August 31, 1920 in Springville (Linn) IA

...........                     +Mary Ann KAY      b: August 07, 1845 Big Patch, Smelser Township (Grant) WI                m: October 02, 1862 in Smeltzen (Grant) WI                d: August 31, 1909 in Brown Twsp, Linn Co IA

.......         2              John WILD               b: April 23, 1838 Irton, Cumberland, England  c.5-14-1837? at St. James, Whitehaven                         d: April 06, 1901 in ? Iowa, Buried Mt. Hope Cemetery, Maquoketa (Jackson) IA

...........                     +Elizabeth ROMANUP              b: September 15, 1841            m: September 23, 1871 in Jackson Co., IA             d: December 05, 1915 in ? Iowa, Buried Mt. Hope Cemetery, Maquoketa (Jackson) IA

.......         2              Bridget WILD I          b: April 03, 1840 Irton, Cumberland, England  c.5-19-1839? at St. James, Whitehaven                         d: May 25, 1855 in England

.......         2              Joshua WILD           b: March 11, 1841 Moresby, Cumberland, England  c.4-11-1841 at St. James, Whitehaven                 d: May 30, 1911 in Whinney Hill, Buried Cleator Moor (Cumbria) England

...........                     +Margaret ARMSTRONG                         m: in Cleator Moor (Cumbria) England     d: May 17, 1936 in Whinney Hill, Buried Cleator Moor (Cumbria) England

.......         2              Robert WILD            b: February 26, 1843 Moresby, Cumberland, England  c.2-26-1843 at St. James, Whitehaven                            d: June 04, 1871 in England

.......         2              Joseph WILD           b: August 03, 1845 England                    d: June 13, 1910 in England

.......         2              James WILD            b: May 16, 1847 Moresby, Cumberland, England  c.5-16-1847 at St. James, Whitehaven                    d: October 11, 1913 in England

.......         2              Ann WILD                b: March 17, 1849 Moresby, Cumberland, England  c.5-20-1849 at St. James, Whitehaven                 d: May 24, 1862 in England

.......         2              Jane (Jain) WILD     b: December 25, 1853 Moresby, Cumberland, England  c.1-22-1854 at St. James, Whitehaven                           d: October 10, 1866 in England

.......         2              Bridget WILD II         b: August 24, 1856 Moresby, Cumberland, England  c.9-21-1856 at St. James, Whitehaven                               d: September 26, 1866 in England



Our WILD-KAY family from Cumberland, England to Grant Co. Wisconsin to Springville (NW of Whittier), Linn Co. Iowa. David's brother, John, also came to Iowa and farmed in Jackson Co.  Our ancestor David WILD returned to the land of his birth in 1904 and 1914. Other family members have traveled to Cumberland Co. as well. The following are some pictures and documents from these travels.


Photos:  WILD-KAY Family photos.   More about the WILD FAMILY.

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David WILD 1836-1920

Mary Ann KAY WILD 1845-1909


by Esther FOX DAWSON (daughter of Rachel WILD FOX)

Letter to SOUTHWARD cousin from Esther DAWSON

Letter to SOUTHWARD cousin from Esther DAWSON - page 2

Page from Joseph Wild's Bible

From the WILD-KAY Family book

1904 Marriage Record of Elizabeth Ann WILD to Henry THOMPSON

From Joan SIMPSON, England

Keswick and Derwentwater

Cumberland Scenic Photos from 1904 Letter by David Wild

Friars Crag

Lake Windermere

Honister Pass

1904 Letter from David Wild - Visit to England

1904 from the ship R.M.S. "Carpathia"

David Wild sailed on this ship for his visit from the USA to England.

1914 Letter from David Wild in Ravenglass

Article about David Wild

Cleator Moor Cemetery

1975 photos from Linda Wild, IA

Welcome Nook - SOUTHWARD family

From Joan SIMPSON, England

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