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KAY-WILD Photo Gallery

David & Mary Ann (Kay) Wild

      (1836-1920)       (1845-1909)

Our WILD family from Cumberland, England to Grant Co. Wisconsin to Springville (NW of Whittier), Linn Co. Iowa.


Descendants of David WILD
1 David WILD b: September 15, 1836 Whitehaven (Cumberland) England, c.10-11-1835? at St. James d: August 31, 1920 in Springville (Linn) IA
.. +Mary Ann KAY b: August 07, 1845 Big Patch, Smelser Township (Grant) WI m: October 02, 1862 Smeltzen (Grant) WI d: August 31, 1909 Brown Twsp, Linn Co IA
....... 2 Sarah "Sade" Maria WILD b: July 13, 1863 Georgetown (Grant) WI d: October 13, 1946 in Springville (Linn) IA
........... +James Miles PEARSON m: March 05, 1885 in Springville (Linn) IA
....... 2 Grace E. WILD b: December 23, 1865 Big Patch WI d: March 30, 1938 in Springville (Linn) IA
........... +George M. CALVERT m: March 16, 1890
....... 2 [1] William K. WILD b: December 24, 1867 Big Patch, Smelser Township (Grant) WI d: April 22, 1938 in Cedar Rapids IA
........... +Lucy Jane DAY m: June 15, 1898
....... *2nd Wife of [1] William K. WILD:
........... +Lydia Wilhelmina "Mina" MUNSTERMANN m: November 28, 1918 in Cedar Rapids IA
....... 2 M. Jennie WILD b: January 08, 1870 Springville (Linn) IA d: April 16, 1909 in Marion IA
........... +Vinton Ellis SMITH m: July 08, 1891
....... 2 John Albert Stanton WILD b: March 09, 1872 Springville (Linn) IA d: December 12, 1941 in Springville (Linn) IA
........... +Ella May BURKETT m: June 25, 1903 in Springville (Linn) IA
....... 2 Charles Sumner WILD b: March 05, 1874 Springville (Linn) IA d: May 17, 1927 in Springville (Linn) IA
........... +Emma R. PENN m: December 31, 1902 in Viola IA
....... 2 Alice A. WILD b: March 21, 1876 Springville (Linn) IA d: June 18, 1955 in Cedar Rapids IA
........... +William L. COOPER m: September 02, 1903
....... 2 George H. WILD b: November 04, 1877 Springville (Linn) IA d: March 07, 1958 in Manchester IA
........... +Hattie LOCKE m: September 07, 1915 in Central City IA
....... 2 Rosa Mae WILD b: May 04, 1879 Springville (Linn) IA d: August 29, 1943 in Highland Park CA
........... +Wilbur "Wid" E. HAKES m: August 28, 1901
....... 2 Edd WILD b: September 24, 1880 Springville (Linn) IA d: December 05, 1963 in Anamosa (Jones) IA
........... +Carrie DICKENSON m: March 02, 1910
....... 2 Leona WILD b: March 08, 1884 Springville (Linn) IA d: May 27, 1936 in Pasadena CA (Buried Springville (Linn) IA)
....... 2 Bertha WILD b: December 31, 1886 Springville (Linn) IA d: August 31, 1962 in Pasadena CA (Buried Springville (Linn) IA)
....... 2 Fred E. WILD b: March 02, 1889 Springville (Linn) IA d: September 13, 1927 in Springville (Linn) IA, Buried Springville Cem.
........... +Edna Leah HARRIS b: May 12, 1897 Martelle (Jones) IA m: June 10, 1918 Springville (Linn) IA d: January 16, 1977 Culver City CA, Buried Springville IA ?Cem


Photos:  David V.WILD & Family and HARRIS Family * WILD in England  More about the WILD FAMILY.

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Wild family farm - Sept. 1903 Iowa

Photo ID

David & Mary Ann Wild and children. I believe this was written by Edna HARRIS WILD (wife of Fred WILD).

Wild family - Sept. 1903 Iowa

David & Mary Ann Wild their children, spouses and grandchildren. This photo and list is included in the KAY-WILD family compilation -1983.

Photo ID

David & Mary Ann Wild their children, spouses and grandchildren. This photo and list is included in the KAY-WILD family compilation -1983.

David WILD 1836-1920

Mary Ann KAY WILD 1845-1909

David WILD 1836-1920

This photo a photocopied picture included in the KAY-WILD family compilation -1983.

Mary Ann KAY WILD 1845-1909

David WILD 1909

This photo is on a postcard. It is stapled to an original copy of Russell Smith's (grandson of David - son of Jennie WILD SMITH) family history compilation (1949?).

WILD cousins Fall 1930

WILD cousins 1930 - back of photo

WILD Men - Then & Now

WILD Men - Then & Now (Bob & Ric)

From KAY Family Bible

From KAY Family Bible

Unidentified....David Wild??

John A. Wild & family (son of David & Mary WILD)

David Wild, son John A., grandchildren and unidentified man

David's brother, John WILD

Mt. Hope Cemetery, Jackson Co., Iowa

Tombstones for David & Mary, Fred & Leona WILD

Springville Cemetery, Springville, Iowa

Home of James & Sade (WILD) PEARSON (1st child of David & Mary WILD)

James Pearson was born in this house as was Alma B. Pearson, their first born. The farm was located north of Springville, IA.

Sade (WILD) PEARSON with 5 surviving children

Sade is seated, standing behind her is Helen Pearson, Alma B. Pearson and in the back row is Arthur Pearson, Ethel Pearson Clark and Ralph Pearson.

Harley Grimes, Alma B. Pearson (Wild) Grimes, Ted Strait, Beth Strait, and our mom, Edith L. Grimes Strait. Taken in 1955.

Cousins Edith GRIMES (d/o A. PEARSON GRIMES) & Caryll WILD (s/o Fred WILD)

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