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    Early ECKROAT lines

Tracing our family back to Germany has proved a challenging task. 

Here are some website entries that other researchers have compiled. 

I have tried to contact each site owner to ask their permission to share on my site.

Thank you for all the diligent search and web production efforts!  ~Tammy Wild

Our line first settled in PA then went westward.

Eckenrode Family 

        The immigrant ancestors of the family whose descendants are 
recorded in the following pages were JOHN ECKROTH, or ECKENROTH, as 
he became known, and his wife ANNA MARGARET.
        Although his birthday is unknown, I believe it was close to 
ANNA MARGARET'S which is 1 Aug 1709, both born in Germany.  He died
28 Apr 1757 in Lynn Twp., Northampton, PA.  She died 6 Sep 1790 in 
Berwick Twp., York, PA and is buries at the Old Catholic Cem., 
Conewago Twp, Adams, PA.
        The earliest American records found mentioning them are dated 
17 Apr 1744 when they acted as sponsors at the Roman Catholic Baptism 
of Margaret Kuhn in John Kuhn's house at Ceder Creek, at that time 
part of Philadelphia Co., PA.  Three months later, on 25 Jul 1744, 
their daughter, MARGARET ECKENROTH, was baptized "in the priest 
house" at Ceder Creek.  To years later, on 17 Nov 1746, CATHERINA, 
their daughter, CATHARINE,  was baptized "in her parents' house."
        In an effort to determine the date of arrival in America, the 
immigration lists for the period prior to April, 1744 were reviewed. 
l Keeping in mind the uncertainties of spelling and transcription, 
only two possibilities have been found:
               1.  On 05 Sep 1743 JOHANNES ICKROTH and HENRICH 
ECKENROTH arrived in the Snow Charlotta, John Mason, Master, from 
Rotterdam, last from Cowes.  Both took the oath of allegiance to the 
government at the Courthouse in Philadelphia, PA.
               2.  Fifteen days later, on 19 Sep 1743, JOHANN WILHELM 
ECKROTH, age 18, arrived in the ship Lydia, James Abercrombie, Master, 
from Rotterdam.  He took the oath of allegiance in Philadelphia the 
next day, 20 Sep 1743.
        The second possibility seems unlikely because of his age: 18.  
Whether he is related to our line has not been determined, nor do we 
know what happened to him after his arrival.
        In addition, in 1927, two sixth-generation descendants 
expressed what appears to have been a family legend: that JOHANN 
WILHELM ECKROTH arrived with one brother and five sisters from 
Germany.  Such a family legend tends to support the possibility that 
JOHANNES ICKROTH and HENRICH ECKENROTH, arriving on the Charlotta, 
were brothers and the ancestors we are seeking.  Nothing has been 
found on the five sister.
        HENRICH ECKENROTH settled almost immediately in Lancaster Co., 
PA where on 26 Feb 1749 he married SUSANNA STREISSEN.  His name 
appeared in the Donegal Township, Lancaster County Tax Lists for 1757.
        A number of HENRICH'S childrens' given names were also the 
given names of JOHANN'S children.  He was instrumental in 
establishing Saint Peter's Roman Catholic Congregation in 
Elizabethtown, having built about 1752 the little log chapel on his 
own farm about two miles east of Elizabethtown.
        HENRICH is believed to have died in 1806.
        In summary, the immigration lists are inconclusive, but full 
of interesting possibilities.  Although we cannot say absolutely that 
JOHANN and his wife arrived on 05 Sep 1743, we know they were a 
sufficient period before April-July, 1744 to establish a home and have 
a child among their friends in northwest Philadelphia Co., PA.
        The location in Philadelphia County where JOHANN and his wife 
settled and lived immediately after their arrival and until 1752 is 
not known.  In 1752, the counties of Berks and Northampton were formed 
from parts of Bucks and Philadelphia counties.  On 1 Nov 1752, JOHANN 
placed the following ad in Christopher Sower's newspaper which was 
published in Germantown from 1743 to 1762:
    "JOHANNES ECKROTH, Allemangel,Berks County, in the Blue Mountains."
        Four years later on 22 Nov 1756, he was living in Linn 
Township, Northampton County.  A report prepared by Conrad Weiser, 
after a conference with Chief Teedyuscung and the Minisink indians at 
Easton, PA from the 8th to the 17th of November, relates that on the 
22nd Weiser set out to inspect Fort Franklin, located over the Blue 
Mountain north of Albany Township, Berks Co., and Linn Township, 
Northampton Co.  On the 24th, Weiser reported the following by letter 
to Governor Denny:
        "I took my leave of (the indians) and they of me very 
canditly.  Capt. Arnd sent an escort with me of 20 men to Fort 
Franklin where we arrived at three o'clock in the afternoon (of the 
22nd) it being about 14 miles distant from Fort Allen (located at 
        "I saw that the fort was not tenable, and the house not 
finished for the soldiers and that it could not be of any service to 
the inhabitant part (of the country (there being a great mountain 
(Blue Mountain) between them.
        "I ordered Lt. (Andreas) Engle (Commander of Fort Franklin, 
previously a member of Capt.Busse's Co. at Fort Henry) to evacuate 
(Fort Franklin) and come to the south side of the hills (Blue 
Mountain) himself with 19 men at John Eberts, Esq. (Fort Everett) 
and the rest being 16 men more at John Eckenroad's both places being 
about 3 miles distant from each other and both in the township of 
Linn, Northampton (now Lehigh) County.
Extensive additional information can be found in the 2-vol. work, the 
published in 1988.  Information about copies may be obtained by 
E-mailing us at
Children listed therein at pg. 13:
        1.  Henry Eckroth.
        2.  Peter Eckroth.  (#12)
        3.  George Eckroth.
        4.  Mary Elizabeth Eckroth.
        5.  Chrispopher Eckroth.
        6.  Anna Margaret Eckroth.
        7.  Catherine Eckroth.
        8.  Mary Elizabeth Eckroth.
12  PETER ECKROTH  (Johann-1)  Peter was born in Germany and 
died in March, 1767 in Lynn Twp., Northampton, PA.  He married 
Elizabeth Margaret whose date and place of birth is not yet known.  
They were marriedabout 1763 in Northampton Co., PA.  Children listed 
in the Eckenrode book at page 145:
        1.  Christian Eckenroth.
        2.  Henry Eckenroth.  (#122)
        3.  Adam Eckenroth.
        4.  Eva Mary/Magdalena Eckenroth.
122  HENRY ECKENRODE  (Johann-1, Peter-12)  He was born c. 
1765 in Germany and died in June, 1817.  He married 
Mary Elizabeth Schimpfessel who was born 22 Sep 1766 in 
Bucks, PA.  She died c. 1792.
More information about the children and descendants of Henry and Mary 
can be found in the Eckenrode book at pg. 174 et seq., and 
on the Schimpfessel Family page shown at the index on the 
Home Page
Additional information about the Eckenrode family may also be found 
in Mary M. Scott's genealogy internet site at
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The following information was provided by to L. J. Dewald by a person believed to be Lawrence Eckenroth in December, 2004.  The source of Eckenroth's information is unknown and is of unknown reliability. 

Johannes Wilhelm Eckenroth was born c.1709 in Kirkberg, Alsace-Lorraine, Germany.  It is unknown at this time exactly when Johannes married Anna Margaretha (unknown maiden name), also of the same town, but it was probably around late 1734 or early 1735.  Anne was born 1 August 1709.  In 1736 their son Henry was born.  No records have been discovered that disclose whether any other children were born during the next several years as Johannes, a farmer, continued to toil the fields, but as future births would indicate, children were usually born in rapid succession.  Their son Peter (from whom we descended) was born in 1739.  Anna was 30 years old when their third son, George, was born in 1740.  Mary Elizabeth, their first daughter, was born in 1741 and another son, Christopher, was born the following year, 1742.


Descendants of Johan Wilhelm ECKENROTH


I wish to thank William ( Kirk) Kirkpatrick for his research on the immigrant ancestor and his descendants. His book the ECKROTH-ECKENROTH-ECKENRODE FAMILY is the basis for my continuing research. His 607 page book published in 1987 is an extremely well researched and well documented book. The Eckenrode family is very fortunate to have been blessed with such a researcher. Genealogy is such a wonderful hobby (addiction). I have met many wonderful cousins, too numerous to list, who have contributed to this printout.. Feel free to download any or part of this printout. My source note were too numerous to add to this list, but will be glad to sent any notes that you are interested in. Hope to meet more new cousins or hear from you if someone in your family married an Eckenrode. If you find any errors, would you please let me know so I can correct them. Another big thanks to my son, Bob Stafford, who put this web page together for me. 
Steve Urwin  Preparer:
 Johann Wilhelm ECKENROTH b. 1709 in Eckenroth, Rhineland, Pfaltz (Germany) 
ECKROTE,ECKENROTH,ECKENROAD,ECKROTH, look for information on Henrich Eckenroth. Brother believed to be 
John Eckenroth, both arrived in US about September 1743. Owned a farm 2 miles east of Elizabethtown. 
Was instumental in the building of St. Peters Roman Catholic church, as he constructed the log chapel on his own farm. Any info please contact me. Please refer to this query in email.
Sharon Rochester, NY USA - Sunday, January 03, 1999

Johannes Eckroth (Eckenroth) ( by  Mark Geesey


Johannes Eckroth was born about 1709 in Bavaria, Germany. Roman Catholic. Johannes married Anna Margaret. Anna was born 1 August 1709 in Bavaria. Brian Cartwright has written the story of Johannes Eckenrode and his family. Johannes "Ickroth" arrived in Philadelphia on the 5th of September, 1743, on the Snow Charlotta, John Mason, Master, from Rotterdam, last from Cowes, and took the oath of allegiance to the government at the courthouse in Philadelphia. Johannes Eckroth settled in what is now Lynn Township in Lehigh County, at the foothills of the Blue Mountain, which formed the extreme northern boundary of the Penn-Indian treaty of 1732. The exact location within Philadelphia County where John and Anna Margaret settled and lived until 1752 is not known.

They had the following children (exact birth order unknown):

  1. Henry Eckroth was born about 1736 in Bucks County, PA. He married Anna Barbara Kuhn about 1763/64 in Berks County, PA. He moved with his mother, family, and sister to York County sometime after 1785. He died 11 July 1813 in York County and was buried at Conewago Chapel, Edge Grove (currently Adams County).
  2. Peter Eckroth was born in Germany and died March 1767 in Lynn Township, Northampton County, PA. He married Elizabeth Margaret about 1763 and they had 4 children.
  3. George Eckroth
  4. Mary Elizabeth Eckroth
  5. Christopher Eckroth was born about 1742. He married Anna Margaret Henrich, daughter of Christian Henrich and widow of John Weibel. They had 3 children. Christopher’s will was written August 15, 1811, and probated on March 8, 1813.
  6. Anna Margaret
  7. Catharine Eckenroth was born about 17 November 1746 in Philadelphia County, PA. Catharine married John Kuhn on 18 January 1767 in Monte Acuto, Spitzenburg Hill, Berks County, PA. Catharine died 29 May 1815 in Mt Pleasant Township, Adams County, PA.

Between April 28 and May 28, 1757, some six months after a detatchment of 16 men under Lt. Engel's command were stationed at John Eckenroad's following an inspection of Fort Franklin, located over the Blue Mountain, John was killed - "shot dead" - by the Indians while he was in the fields plowing. His burial site has not been found, but was probably on his home farm in Lynn Township, Northampton County, PA. Anna Margaret never remarried and continued to live on the family plantation until 1785. Sometime after May 8, 1785, she, with her son Henry, her daughter Mary Elizabeth, and their families moved to Paradise and Berwick Townships in York (now Adams) County, where she died on September 6, 1790, and was buried in the Conewago Catholic Cemetery.

Eastern PA Churches  -- Goshenhoppen Catholic, Bally, Berks Co., PA  by S. Kauffman

21 Feb 1778 (15 Mar 1778) - Adam Margaret [?] to John & Catharine Kuhn; bap. @ Christian Henrich's house; sp. George Eckroth & Anna Margaret Eckenroth, grandmother of child


NOTE: While the research presented on this site is accurate to the best of our knowledge, some of it comes from other researchers and may not be verified.  Please remember that no research taken from the internet should be accepted as authentic until you have backed it up with your own solid research and documentation.

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Our line:  George ECKROAT>Lewis ECKROAT>Jacob ECKROATE>Daniel ECKROATE>George ECKROTH>Johann(es) ECKROTH


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