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Lewis Anthony ECKROAT (1854-1935) and wife

Elizabeth "Lizzie" DAUM WINKAMP (1857-1896) had 5 children:


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Lewis Anthony ECKROAT           b: June 21, 1854 Canton (Stark) OH                      

d: June 16, 1935 Santa Ana CA, Buried: Holy Sepulcher Cem, Santa Ana

+Elizabeth Christine "Lizzie" DAUM WINKAMP  b: August 05, 1857 Baltimore MD 

m: June 15, 1878 North Bend? (Dodge Co.) NE  d: September 05, 1896 Snyder (Dodge) NE, Buried: Snyder NE

1. Matilda Caroline "Tillie" ECKROAT   b: January 28, 1879 North Bend (Dodge Co.) NE  d: March 12, 1955 Santa Ana CA, Buried: Holy Sepulcher Cem, Santa Ana

+Peter Paul STURBAUM                 m: February 16, 1898 Snyder (Dodge) NE  (1st cousin once removed)

2. Charlotte Anne "Lottie" ECKROAT  b: January 13, 1881 The Dalles (Wasco) OR  d: July 14, 1903 Boulder CO (per Tillie's letter)

+Barney Leo YOSTEN       m. August 3, 1901 Ridgeley (Dodge Co.) NE          

3. George Joseph ECKROAT      b: March 03, 1883 North Bend (Dodge Co.) NE              

                        d: October 24, 1949 Bremerton (Kitsap) WA, Buried: Forest Lawn Cem.

+Valera Margaret COFFEY b: June 09, 1894 Snohomish (Snohomish) WA   

m: October 12, 1914 Bremerton (Kitsap) WA    d: January 26, 1941 Bremerton (Kitsap) WA, Buried: Forest Lawn Cem.

4. Louisa(e) Frances "Sister Connie" ECKROAT      b: April 28, 1886 North Bend (Dodge Co.) NE   d: January 8, 1974 Denver (or Colo. Springs?) CO   Entered convent May 1, 1905 Columbus (Platte Co.) NE   (Nun - Sr. Maria Constantia II)         

5. Charles Lewis "Charlie" ECKROAT b: October 10, 1890  Near Fleming (Logan Co.?) CO          

                        d: December 22, 1975 Seattle, WA B: Willamette National Cem., Portland (Multnomah Co.) OR          

+Lola M. PEASCCWNY/PIASCCXNY  m. abt. 1920  Valpraise? Chile, South America       

 Text Box: Lewis Anthony ECKROAT   b: June 21, 1854 Canton OH                
d: June 16, 1935 Santa Ana CA, Buried: Holy Sepulcher Cem, Santa Ana
..          +Elizabeth "Lizzie" DAUM WINKAMP     b: August 05, 1857 Baltimore MD        
m: June 15, 1878 North Bend? (Dodge Co.) NE          d: September 05, 1896 Snyder (Dodge) NE, Buried: Snyder NE
........    2          Matilda Caroline "Tillie" ECKROAT         b: January 28, 1879 North Bend (Dodge Co.) NE                               d: March 12, 1955 Santa Ana CA, Buried: Holy Sepulcher Cem, Santa Ana
............                        +Peter Paul STURBAUM                    m: February 16, 1898 Snyder (Dodge) NE                                    
........    2          Charlotte "Lottie" ECKROAT        b: more info...               
........    2          George Joseph ECKROAT  b: March 03, 1883 North Bend (Dodge Co.) NE                      
                        d: October 24, 1949 Bremerton (Kitsap) WA, Buried: Forest Lawn Cem.
............                        +Valera Margaret COFFEY     b: June 09, 1894 Snohomish (Snohomish) WA  
m: October 12, 1914 Bremerton (Kitsap) WA    d: January 26, 1941 Bremerton (Kitsap) WA, Buried: Forest Lawn Cem.
........    2          Louisa(e) Frances "Sister Connie" ECKROAT      b: more info...               
........    2          Charles Lewis "Charlie" ECKROAT          b: October 10, 1890                 
                        d: December 22, 1975 Seattle, WA B:Willamette National Cem., Portland OR             +Lola M.       


Lewis & Elizabeth (DAUM-WINKAMP) ECKROAT Family              George & Louise - 1st Communion

c. 1894                                                                                                          June 13, 1897   St. Francis Academy

Top: (left to right standing)  Matilda and Charlotte;                                                                Columbus, Nebraska
Left to Right: George, Lewis (seated), Charles (center),

Elizabeth (seated), Louise (standing)




More about ECKROATE- KLEIS line



Family Memories and Other Information


Lewis Anthony ECKROAT                               

Letter written to daughter:  The following letter was in Sister Connie’s scrapbook (Louisa became a nun). It was handwritten by her father, L.A. ECKROAT. Note the family history information, apparently Sr. Connie had asked him for the history.  {Haven’t discovered who the Maggie born in Omaha NE on Nov. 1, 1869 (age 58 in 1927). Perhaps a cousin (same year Peter was born) any clues out there??}

April 8, 1927 – Santa Ana, Calif. – 830 E. Wash. Ave.

My Dear Louisa & Sister Constantia,

Your dear letter of Feb. 27th was rec’d all OK. We are all quite well at the present time, only I have some trouble with my teeth. I was to the dentist this forenoon.


Valera got here yesterday with the 2 girls, Patricia & Barbara, or Babs as they call her. They are large girls. Geo & Jimmie are home, they are well. She and the other lady came down with a car. I don’t know how long they will be here.


We were married the 15th of Jan. 1878. Yes, by Father Horn in the church that was close at home. We came out from Geneseo [Illinois]. We landed at North Bend Nov. 3rd, 1869.  Maggie was born in Omaha. She is or will be 58 years old Nov. 1st.  We came out together, all but father, he came a little later.  He was working in Iowa at the time we came out. I tell you we had a hard time the first few years in Neb.  In 1870, I worked on a farm for the 1st time. I was 16 yrs. Old and had to do a man’s work for $10.00 per mo. And if I live, I’ll be 78 years old. It don’t seem like it is nearly 58 years since we came to Nebraska.


We have had some very bad weather here, some rain and the rivers were up in the north part of town it washed 2 houses and 8 lots down the stream.  But none of us lost anything.


Well, I hope this finds you and sisters are well at Easter time. Write when you can.

Good by, Your father, L.A. Eckroat


According to the 1885 Census, Dodge Co., North Bend, NE:

Lewis operated a hotel.  Living with his family were his father, Jacob, and brother, Peter.


From Matilda ECKROAT STURBAUM'S 1954 letter to cousin Fern ECKROAT (Peter's son Carl's wife):  I don't have a family Bible with the family records.  In fact, we never did have one in the early days......My Dad followed a number of different kinds of trades.  I think he tried them all - some farm work, hardware store, general groc.& mds. and even the butcher business and in the cattle & stock business - out in Wyo. & Colo.  About the homestead life - a lot I've forgotten.  My folks moved out from No. Bend, Nebr. on the homestead in Logan Co., Colo. in the spring of 1886 when Sr. [Connie] was only six weeks old.  We lived there and accumulated a whole section of land and lived there for eight years then traded it off on grocery & store at Iliff, Colo.  It was a hard life on the homestead, as they never got much rain in that part of the country for their crops.  Neighbors weren't very close as most of them were living on homesteads


From obituary, January 1935:  He was a pioneer in Kansas and in Basin, Wyoming, and variously throughout the West he had conducted grocery businesses.


From Barbara ECKROAT WILD:  Grandpa Eckroat visited once in Bremerton.  He was a short man who had lost an eye, but was fitted wit ha fascinating glass one. One day he removed it for us kids! I understand he had the idea for the gumball machine, but never patented the idea to receive credit for the invention. Grandpa lived with Aunt Tillie in Santa Ana, CA and died there.


Obituary:  ECKROAT – January 19, 1935, at his home, 460 West Eighth street, Lewis A. Eckroat, age 80 years. He is survived by two daughters, Sister Mary Constantia of Humphry, Neb.; Mrs. Matilda Caroline Sturbaum, of Santa Ana; two sons, George Eckroat, of Bremerton, WA, and Charles Eckroat, of Seattle; two brother, Peter F. Eckroat, of Orange and Jacob V. Eckroat, of Salina, KS; also ten grandchildren and six great grand-children. Funeral services will be held at 9 a.m. tomorrow at St. Joseph’s Catholic church. Friends may call at the Harrell and Brown Funeral home, 116 W. 17th St., at 7:30 o’clock tonight to recite the Rosary. Interment Holy Sepulcher cementery.


Elizabeth "Lizzie" DAUM WINKAMP ECKROAT                       

See Lewis and Sr. Connie's entries.


Tillie Lottie George Sister Connie Charlie


1. Matilda Caroline "Tillie" ECKROAT 

From Matilda ECKROAT STURBAUM'S 1954 letter to cousin Fern ECKROAT (Peter's son Carl's wife): far as my life, I wouldn't know where to start to tell you, it would be so long and such a mixture and such a hard life.  I probably could talk to you better for that part, but I have it so much better in later years.  When I was younger we lived the hard way and not much to do with now they have everything to do with and then some growl and want it better.


From Barbara ECKROAT WILD: Aunt Tillie visited often [in Bremerton, WA] and especially when Dad was ill.  She helped with the cooking, sewing, and would watch Val when I was at college.








2. Charlotte Anne "Lottie" ECKROAT              (Only photo available is the family portrait above.)

b: January 13, 1881 The Dalles (Wasco) OR  - Note: Born in Oregon!!  d: July 14, 1903 Boulder CO (per Tillie's letter)

Spouse: Barney Leo YOSTEN       m. August 3, 1901 Ridgeley (Dodge Co.) NE  

Daughter: Stella YOSTEN   d: July 1902



3. George Joseph ECKROAT    More about George & Valera: ECKROAT- COFFEY Family 

From Barbara ECKROAT WILD: Dad’s mother (Elizabeth) died when he was 13 years old.  In October 1896, his sister Louise and he attended a Catholic boarding school, St. Francis Academy, in Columbus, NE.


Dad was a barber, always maintaining his own shop.  His first barber shop was located outside the main gate of the Bremerton Navy Yard for several years. For 21 years, his three-chair shop was located on Pacific Ave. (Main St.) in the Elks Bldg., Bremerton, WA.  Dad worked six days a week, yet he managed to keep a beautifully landscaped yard.  One year he built a doll house. Mom made curtains for the windows.  It was a real labor of love – wish I still had it.


Dad had been ill for several years before his death at age 66.  His health deteriorated due to an enlarged aorta (the size of a grapefruit).


From Obituary, October 1949:  One of Bremerton’s pioneers, Mr. Eckroat came here in 1907. ECKROAT in Bremerton, Washington

G.J. Eckroat Passes at 66

George Joseph Eckroat, 66, well-known retired barber and member of a prominent Bremerton family, died yesterday at a local hospital.  His death followed an extended illness.

One of Bremerton’s pioneers, Mr. Eckroat came here in 1907. His marriage to Valera Coffey of this city took place Oct. 12, 1914.

For many years Mr. Eckroat operated the barber shop in the Elks Temple and was an active member of  the B.P.O. Elks No 1181.  He also was a member of the local Barber’s union and had been affiliated with Eagles Aerie 192.

Born in Dodge county, Nebraska, March 3, 1883, Mr. Eckroat was educated at schools in Lincoln, Neb.

The family home is at 703 Veneta Ave.

Surviving are his four daughters, all of Bremerton:  Mrs. Patricia Applegate, Mrs. Barbara Wild, Georgia Eckroat and Valerie Eckroat.  Also, three grandchildren; two sisters, Mrs. Matilda Sturbaum, Santa Ana, Cal., and Sister M. Constantia of Lincoln, Neb.; and a brother, Charles L. Eckroat of Seattle.

Rosary will be said at 7:30 o’clock this evening at Our Lady Star of the Sea Catholic church and requiem mass will be held at the church at 9:30 o’clock tomorrow morning.  Interment, under direction of Lewis chapel, will be in the Calvary section of Forest Lawn cemetery.


4. Louisa(e) Frances "Sister Connie" ECKROAT          

From Sister Connie’s Journal:  “My history – born Wednesday, April 28, 1886, at North Bend, Nebraska.  Six weeks later we went to a claim in Colorado, near Fleming. In 1893 we moved to Iliff.  In December 1895 we went to Denver, in June 1896 came back to Iliff.  My mother and I went to Snyder NE in August 1896.  She died there September 5, 1896.  Made our first Holy Communion on June 13, 1897.  Went back to Iliff in the fall of 1897.  We came in a covered wagon back to Nebraska. Lived in Snyder one year and Omaha one year.  Charlie and I went back to Columbus 1899-1905.  I entered the convent May 1, 1905.”


Entries in her journal detail her music studies, service as an organist and school teacher (taught music and choir).  September 16, 1965, she recorded “had my eye removed.”  She had eye problems since childhood.  (Of interest to note that her father, Lewis, also had lost an eye and had a glass replacement made.) There were at least seven nuns in the ECKROAT family – an aunt and five cousins of Louise’s.


From Barbara ECKROAT WILD:  Recalling the first time I saw her without her “habit” on:  seeing her closely cropped, grey hair, I realized her human side – that she was my aunt. (Babs saved her journal and scrapbook – now in possession of M.Valerie ECKROAT DITTMAN.)

From Robert WILD: I remember when she visited us in Olympia in the early 1970’s, she was heavy set, short, and very sweet.


5. Charles Lewis "Charlie" ECKROAT        More about Uncle Charlie and his military service

He was a Corporal in the U.S. Army during WWI. Sister Connie saved his letters and postcards in her scrapbook.  His date of entry in the service was October 3, 1917.  His basic training was at Camp Lewis (now Fort Lewis, near Tacoma WA).


From Barbara ECKROAT WILD:  Uncle Charlie worked in the Bremerton Navy Yard until retirement.  He commuted from Seattle via ferry all those many years!  We had all his wonderful descriptive letters from the front line (fox holes) in France and Germany.  He served under General Pershing.  Poor Lola never really “Americanized” and both had alcohol problems.  He and Lola had one child who died at age 6 mos.


From Robert WILD:  Uncle Charlie was in WWI and kept his old helmet in the basement.  It had a bullet hole all the way through. The bullet grazed the top of his head which left a scar.  Aunt Lola wore long, dark dresses and wore her long, grey hair down.   They lived in a small, dark (drapes closed) house in Seattle.


  From Matilda ECKROAT STURBAUM'S 1954 letter to niece Fern (Peter's son Carl's wife) ECKROAT: Charles married after being out of the world war to a Polish girl down in Valpraise, Chile.



Records: Note copies in Dee March’s compilation. 

*Death record of Lewis Eckroat

*Marriage record of STURBAUM-ECKROAT

*Photos: STURBAUM-ECKROAT family (one with Lewis (sometimes noted as Louis), photo of George Eckroat

*Marriage noted of George ECKROAT to Emma Jane MILES on Feb. 1, 1910 in Salano Co. Calif., divorced, no children.


Puget Sound Naval Shipyard, Bremerton, Washington - This place is prominent in the ECKROAT family.

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