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Very little has been documented and verified on the ancestors of Patrick COFFEY.



Patrick COFFEY & Josie May BUCKLEY had 2 children:  See COFFEY-BUCKLEY Family

            1.       Edwin Forrest COFFEY

2.       Valera Margaret COFFEY ECKROAT


COFFEY Family Memories

Patrick Coffey

Patrick came to WA in 1884.

Appointed policeman for Snohomish City in 1894 resigned in 1895.

(1891-1895 Council Minutes Records)

1901? Patrick & Josie divorced


Edwin Forrest Coffey

From Barbara Eckroat Wild: He was in the service during WW I.

From Patricia "Pat" Coffey Hitch: Edwin was in a motorcycle accident. His second wife, Tracie, was a nurse.

Edwin was in the hospital when she was born and Goldie apparently didn't want the responsibility of a child, so little Valera (named after her aunt) was adopted out. She was given the name Patricia Valera. For some reason Edwin's nickname was "Pat" like his father -- hence her adoptive parents gave the name Patricia in honor of her father whom they knew (she remembers meeting him when she was young and thinking "Coffey, what a funny name -- glad I don't have a name like that").


Valera Margaret Coffey Eckroat

Valera was sent to convent school (boarding school) in Everett. She had dark red hair.

From Barbara Eckroat Wild: Mother attended Washington State College, probably a business major. Her first job as a buyer in a department store brought her to Bremerton. Mother was very involved in church, civic affairs and worked on election boards. She was a big influence in establishing the Catholic school in the original 1926 structure. Mother was instrumental in getting a traffic light installed at the corner of the school. She even convinced her former teacher to come to Bremerton and teach. She was one of very few mothers who drove a car. I always felt she was ahead of her time!

What sorrow my mother must have felt at the times of her parents untimely deaths? Bless her.

[It certainly must have been difficult for her. Josie dying in the motel room and Patrick committing suicide. Valera (along with George) was the only surviving relative living in Washington (Edwin lived in Colorado at the time) to take care of the matter of their funerals.]

Mother had difficult pregnancies and shouldn't have had more children after Jimmy, but she wanted a sister for Patricia and Jimmy. She had three more children! When Val was about 9 mos. old, mother was diagnosed with cancer (abdominal area). She was ill for two years, most of that time she was bedridden. During my senior year in high school she had two surgeries. It's sad that she didn't get to see her children grow up.



Information Sources for Patrick Coffey


Bucksport Vital Records, Marriages 1864-1894 p. 117

Patrick Coffey, Eddington married Johanna Buckley

29 May 1890 by P. J. Gerrity M/G

[Is this the correct Patrick & Josie??]


1900 Census, Snohomish Co. Washington - Living on Avenue "B"

Patrick, head, W, M, March, 1865, 35, 9 [line through], Maine, Ireland, Canada, River Driver

Josie M., wife, W, F, July, 1868, 31, 9 [line through], Maine, Ireland, Ireland

Edwin, son, W, M, Nov, 1891, 8, S, Washington, Maine, Maine, at school

Velera, dau, W, F, June, 1894, 5, S, Washington, Maine, Maine

[Of note in the 1900 Census there are MAHONEY & McCARTY families.]


From Snohomish Catholic census * See notes below

James COFFEY & Brigetta CUNNINGHAM, son William listed.

[Note The James COFFEY & Margaret KNOX family of Eddington ME had a son,

James who married a "Lizzie" CUNNINGHAM who had a son William

(also a son Wesley who died in Oakland CA)

It is noted in Patrick's obituary that he had a brother who lived in Oakland.]


Death Certificate

Patrick Coffy, age 58, 5 mos, 7 days

d. Aug. 27, 1923, near Lowell, Snohomish, Washington

b. March 20, 1865, Maine

Cause of death Suicide - rifle shot thru head

Occupation Laborer


James Coffy, b. New Brunswick

Margaret Mahoney, b. Maine

Informant Mrs. Geo. [Valera Coffey] Eckroat  [Correct info on parents??]

Valera Coffey Eckroat was the informant for her fatherís death certificate.

Did she know the correct info?? Considering that her parents were divorced, Valera was gone to boarding school and apparently no relatives lived close by, how much did she know about her fatherís parents?? (Possibly got some information confused??)


Buried G.A.R. Cemetery, Snohomish, WA on August 30, 1923

5th addition, Block 2, Lot 9, Grave 5


Everett Herald, Aug. 28, 1923, page 1


Widely-Known Resident Said to Have Been Despondent Over Health


Patrick Coffey, 60 [corrected 58], believed to have been despondent over ill health, shot himself at his home at 4902 1/2 Second Street, Lowell, at 8 o'clock this, Tuesday morning Death was instantaneous. The weapon used was a rifle of large caliber.

Mr. Coffey had been in poor health for some time, friends told County Coroner Charles H. Fickle. He had on numerous occasions, it was said by a close friend, mentioned ending his life and had been dissuaded. Coroner Fickel states that letters written to a son in Colorado and a daughter in Bremerton, showed Mr. Coffey's despondency.

Poor health had gradually made it impossible for Mr. Coffey to pursue a vocation, it was related. Early Tuesday morning he was seen by neighbors on the walk adjacent to his two room cottage in which he resided alone. He spoke to one or two and went inside.

Mrs. Emma Downey, sitting on the front steps of her home to the rear of which the Coffey cottage is situated, heard the shot. An ambulance and physicians were summoned and the coroner and sheriff's office notified.

The coroner's investigation disclosed that Coffey had held the muzzle of the rifle beneath his chin, the bullet coming out at the top of his head.

Mr. Coffey is survived by a daughter, Mrs. Valera Eckston [Eckroat] of Bremerton; a son, E. ?. Coffey in Colorado; two brothers in Maine and a brother in Oakland. Funeral arrangements in charge of Challacombe & Fickel will be announced later.

The sheriff's office investigation into the case was conducted by Deputy Sheriffs Walter Beels and James Myrick.


Everett Daily Herald, Aug. 29, 1923


The funeral of Patrick Coffey, who ended his own life in Lowell Tuesday morning, will be held Thursday afternoon at 2 o'clock at C. H. Bakeman's chapel. The Rev. W.L. Killian will officiate. Interment will be in G.A.R. cemetery.

Mr. Coffey removed to Snohomish 39 years ago from Maine, but for the past ten years resided in Lowell. During the early days he worked for Bakeman Brothers in their logging camps and for 20 years was city marshal and policeman in Snohomish. He visited friends in this city Friday of last week.






* NOTE: 

Back in 1998 Tammy Wild was in contact with Barbara COFFEY from New Hampshire.  (Descendant of James COFFEY & Margaret KNOX)

This could possibly be the family of our Patrick.  Their family history states that Patrick went west during the gold rush years with brother, James.  James returned to ME.  Wesley COFFEY, settled in Oakland, CA - see obituary below (note Patrick's obituary states a brother in Oakland).

Not sure exactly how this all fits, but the puzzle pieces seem to be here???


Descendants of Thomas COFFEY
1 Thomas COFFEY
........... 2 James William COFFEY b: Abt. 1836 in Co. Limerick, Ireland (Came to USA 1852, Nat. 8-29-1866) d: February 17, 1897 in Eddington (Penobscot) ME, Buried: Orono (Penobscot) ME
............... +Margaret KNOX b: Aft. 1838 in St.John's or Fredrickton (New Brunswick) Canada (Emig. to USA 1850) m: November 24, 1857 in Penobscot Co. ME d: Bef. 1930
......................... 3 Kate Ellen COFFEY b: Abt. 1861 in Orono (Penobscot) ME
............................. +Joseph O'HARA m: July 21, 1900 in Old Town (Penobscot) ME
......................... 3 James COFFEY b: November 1863 in Eddington (Penobscot) ME
............................. +Lizzie CUNNINGHAM m: Bef. September 1888
......................... 3 Patrick COFFEY b: March 20, 1865 in ME d: August 27, 1923 in Lowell WA, Buried G.A.R. Cem, Snohomish WA
............................. +Josie May BUCKLEY b: July 04, 1868 in Bucksport (Hancock) ME m: May 29, 1890 in Bucksport (Hancock) ME?? d: January 18, 1918 in Bellingham WA, Buried Bremerton WA
......................... 3 William H. COFFEY b: Abt. 1867 in Eddington (Penobscot) ME
............................. +M.J. THOMPSON
......................... 3 Mary COFFEY b: Abt. 1868
............................. +Richard TOZIER m: April 18, 1885 in Penobscot Co. ME
......................... 3 Maggie J. COFFEY b: March 1870 in Eddington (Penobscot) ME
......................... 3 Thomas COFFEY b: 1872 in Eddington (Penobscot) ME
............................. +Maude COFFEY m: Abt. 1930
......................... 3 John Wesley "Wes" COFFEY b: June 22, 1876 in Eddington (Penobscot) ME d: April 1929 in Eddington (Penobscot) ME, Buried: Bangor (Penobscot) ME
............................. +Agnes Margaret DOHERTY m: September 23, 1897 in St. Joseph's Church, Old Town (Penobscot) ME

Obituary for Wesley COFFEY  - Oakland, CA 1971

Wesley James COFFEY of Oakland died at a rest home here, Sunday.  He was 82? [born 1889?].  Mr. Coffey worked for Moore's Business Forms here for 39 years, retiring in 1947.  A veteran of World War I, he was a member of Bill Erwin Post 337 of the American Legion. He was a native of the state of Washington.  He is survived by his widow, Mrs. Marguerite Coffey of Oakland, and a brother William H. Coffey of Chicago. Funeral service will be private, with Grant-Miller mortuary in charge.

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