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Updates from June 2008 visit to Bucksport, Maine!!  BUCKLEY family home on Buckley Lane!

See new BUCKLEY photo page and Bucksport, Maine page.



Our family's line is through Josie May BUCKLEY



Center photo with sister, Abbie BUCKLEY


These photos may be taken in front of the family home.




Right photo taken in 1910



Patrick COFFEY & Josie May BUCKLEY had 2 children:  See COFFEY-BUCKLEY Family

            1.       Edwin Forrest COFFEY

2.       Valera Margaret COFFEY ECKROAT







Descendants of Dennis BUCKLEY

1 Dennis BUCKLEY b: July 01, 1838 in Ireland d: 1911 in Bucksport (Hancock) ME, Buried Silver Lake Cem, Bucksport
. +Catherine M. McCARTY b: August 15, 1837 in Ireland m: October 24, 1864 in Bucksport (Hancock) ME d: September 11, 1904 in Bucksport (Hancock) ME, Buried Catholic Cem, Bucksport
........... 2 Abigal "Abbie" A. BUCKLEY b: September 01, 1865 in Bucksport (Hancock) ME d: 1942 in Bucksport (Hancock) ME, Buried Silver Lake Cem, Bucksport
........... 2 Julia A. BUCKLEY b: October 18, 1866 in Bucksport (Hancock) ME d: April 04, 1896 in Bucksport (Hancock) ME, Buried Catholic Cem, Bucksport
........... 2 Josie May BUCKLEY b: July 04, 1868 in Bucksport (Hancock) ME d: January 18, 1918 in Bellingham WA, Buried Bremerton WA
............... +Patrick COFFEY b: March 20, 1865 in ME m: May 29, 1890 in Bucksport (Hancock) ME?? d: August 27, 1923 in Lowell WA, Buried G.A.R. Cem, Snohomish WA
......................... 3 [1] Edwin Forrest COFFEY b: November 22, 1890 in Snohomish WA d: October 14, 1929 in Everett (Snohomish) WA, Buried ??
............................. +Irene Goldie BASIN m: in WA
......................... *2nd Wife of [1] Edwin Forrest COFFEY:
............................. +Tracie LAMP m: in WA
......................... 3 Valera Margaret COFFEY b: June 09, 1894 in Snohomish (Snohomish Co.) WA d: January 26, 1941 in Bremerton (Kitsap) WA, Buried Forest Lawn Cem
............................. +George Joseph ECKROAT b: March 03, 1883 in Dodge County NE m: October 12, 1914 in Bremerton (Kitsap) WA d: October 24, 1949 in Bremerton (Kitsap) WA, Buried Forest Lawn Cem
........... 2 James E. BUCKLEY b: March 21, 1870 in Bucksport (Hancock) ME
............... +Elizabeth J. WALSH
........... 2 Dennis H. BUCKLEY b: September 16, 1872 in Bucksport (Hancock) ME d: Abt. January 1963 in New Haven CT
............... +Nettie B. SCRIBNER
......................... 3 Lucille BUCKLEY
......................... 3 Richard BUCKLEY d: Abt. 1961 in New Haven CT
........... 2 Kathleen L. BUCKLEY b: August 07, 1877 in Bucksport (Hancock) ME d: 1950 in Bucksport (Hancock) ME, Buried Silver Lake Cem, Bucksport


1870 Bucksport Maine (Dennis-laborer, “Kate”, Abbie, Julia, Joanna, James)

1880 Bucksport Maine (Dennis-laborer, “Kate”, Abbie, Julia, Josie, James, Dennis, Kathleen)

1900 Bucksport Maine (Dennis, Catherine, Abbie-dressmaker & Kathleen-student teacher)

1910 Census  (Abbie-design florist?-green house & Kathleen-teacher-public school)

1920 Census  (Abbie-florist-home & Kathleen “Katherine?”-teacher)

1930 residing on Franklin St.

1873 Bucksport Deed Book 145, Page 521 (Margorie Bradley of Mass. to Dennis Buckley)

1909 Bucksport Deed Book 455, Page 306 (Dennis to Abbie & Kathleen Buckley)

1943 Bucksport Deed Book 690, Page 167 (Abstract of Abbie’s Will to Kathleen Buckley)

1913 Bucksport Deed Book 498, Page 376-377; Book 515, Page 533-34 (wife Mary E. Buckley??)

1881 Bucksport map, notes Buckley property off Franklin St. (currently named Buckley Ln.)

1890 Surviving Soldiers (Dennis “Burkley”-misspelled, Enlistment: April 1861-April 1863

Company E Regiment (6th) Sixth Maine)

1893 East Maine Conference Seminary, spring roll of students – Kathleen Buckley

Bucksport Vital Records (1926 Records - Buckley-McCarty family births – page 43 in white book)

  marriage - (James Coffey/Margaret Knox, Patrick Coffey & Johanna Buckley)

Buck Memorial Library, Bucksport ME (vital records books)

1907 Town Register – Bucksport, Orland, Orrington & Verona Civil War, pg. 162  “BURKLEY”

Silver Lake Cem, Bucksport ME (plot map) Buckleys at both Protestant & Catholic Cemeteries

St. Vincent de Paul Catholic Church, Bucksport ME (Catherine & Julia only)


Mt. Hope Cemetery, Bangor, ME (Dennis H, Nettie, Lucy (Mrs. James) Buckley) -


Notice the names of Catherine McCarty Buckley and

her daughter Kathleen L. Buckley were frequently mistaken.


BUCKLEY Family Memories


From Gerry M. Spooner, Librarian, Buck Memorial Library: I had heard over the years, that there had been a fire in part of house and rebuilt.  Your photos very well may have been in front of original porch. 


Abigal A. Buckley

From Barbara Eckroat Wild:  Aunt Abbie knitted lovely sweaters for all of us girls.  She wrote often, but we never met.  My sister, Pat, visited in Maine though.  Aunt Abbie never married.  When she died she left us girls $100 each in her will.


Julia A. Buckley


Josie May Buckley Coffey

Married Patrick Coffey in Bucksport. Moved to Washington state. See Coffey family.

From Tammy Wild: The Bucksport ("Down East") area is very similar to the Puget Sound/Seattle area of the NW.  No doubt our relatives felt at home when they moved across country. The rhodies were in bloom when we were there in June 2008 (a little later than our blooms). We would love to come back again. It's such a great part of our country...if you can take the harsh winter!


James E. Buckley


Dennis H. Buckley

From Mary Valerie Eckroat Dittman: I do remember meeting our cousin Richard (Dennis’ son).  He must have died soon after Babs and I saw him in 1959.  (We both took the train from NY to Conn. just before I transferred from Philadelphia to Seattle in 1959.  Babs had flown to NY with Dave's boss’s and wife, Martha Kay.) 


Kathleen L. Buckley

From Melissa Chipman (caretaker Silver Lake Cem, Bucksport ME):  Kathleen was my school teacher in the 1st grade.  She taught in the Luman Warren school for years.  Abbie, I knew of her, but not that well.


From Barbara Eckroat Wild:  In 1948, Aunt Kathleen came to Bremerton, WA and stayed with us for three months.  She was able to spend Thanksgiving and Christmas with us that year.  Aunt Kathleen never married.  She was a finely dressed, proper lady who adored Dave Wild.  She rode in Dave's bakery van (only vehicle we had) even though she had to sit on the engine cover.  She loved the ride -- giggling all the way!


From Gerry M. Spooner, Librarian, Buck Memorial Library: The story was that she, I believe Kathleen, was engaged and went on a trip.  When she returned he had married.  How true I can't really say, but at time thought it sad. 


From Mary Valerie "Val" Eckroat Dittman: I remembered Great Aunt Kathleen being on some TV show ("What's My Line"?) - she had done some science projects with baby chicks??  Wonder if there was a write-up in the paper. Aunt Kathleen gave me a pearl necklace.

From Betsy (Elizabeth) Buckley Brawner Pittman: I knew my grandfather, James E. Buckley’s wonderful youngest sister, (great) Aunt Kath (Kathleen) very well when I was a child. I think my brother Jim probably remembers Aunt Abbie too. Aunt Kath used to visit us in Atlanta, and sometimes she'd winter in SC, and we would drive over to see her. (I remember eating the best spoonbread I ever tasted in Clemson, SC.)  She had the gorgeous diamond and sapphire ring that my Mother eventually inherited which was stolen along with her wedding rings one day when she went to Mass.  Aunt Kath never married, and was so sweet and lovely. I adored her. She loved to travel and would bring Mother interesting things from afar. She was the youngest of all the Buckleys of her generation.

Other Notes:

The family of Josie Buckley-Coffey was endeared to their Buckley aunts and stayed close to their family despite the distance from Maine & Washington State. Patricia Eckroat Applegate named her son Dennis and he goes by the nickname "Buck".  Barbara Eckroat Wild named her first daughter Kathleen after her Great Aunt. All of the Eckroat sisters visited Bucksport at various times.  The eldest Pat visited when her Great Aunt Kathleen was living. Bob & Tammy Wild visited Bucksport in June 2008.

Betsy is the first Buckley cousin we have connected with and we learn that their family also has treasured memories of Aunt Kath. (Distant cousins Val and Betsy are the same age!)


Records for Bucksport and BUCKLEY Family (town map, census, veteran, marriage, births, school, cemetery):

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