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Stephen and Anthonette
Grzymala on their
Wedding Day
June 22, 1927

This site is dedicated to my family, for in searching for our past we have grown closer.  With special thanks to my sister, Glor, my partner in research.  My cousins Sandy and Shirley for their information and photographs.  My niece Sheryl for her encouragement.  And my niece, Jill, for her editing of the family album

    Putting together a family history is rather like solving a mystery.  Through the years our family has heard about various relatives; The Tafil's in New Jersey, Pennsylvania Michigan and Seattle.  On my mother's side there are the Krolak's, Michalski's and Matloka's.  The Grzymala's, we heard very little about and although we have a very good lead on these relatives, we are still searching for that definite link. 
    So, if you have heard family stories linking us or recognize the names of mutual ancestors, please send me an e-mail, for just maybe I can supply a link for which you are searching.





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