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Daniel Johnson. Parents: David Johnson and Mary (Possibly Mullins).

Daniel Johnson was born on 10 Oct 1870. He is reference number 720. Parents: David D. Johnson and Sarah Caudill.

Daniel Dock Johnson. Parents: Danny Cecil Johnson and Pagie.

Daniel Frank Johnson. Parents: David Columbus Johnson and Susannah Elizabeth Johnson.

Daniel R. Johnson1 was born on 25 Oct 1864 in Pike Co., Kentucky.1 He was born on 25 Oct 1864 in Pike Co., Kentucky. He died on 9 Nov 1948 in Pike Co. Kentucky.1 He is reference number 1380. Shot and killed daughter Tina Ettie "Tiney" in a quarrel over a smallplot of land. claimed self defense. Parents: Elisha 2nd Johnson and Lucy Bryant Austin.

Spouse: Sarah Johnson. Daniel R. Johnson and Sarah Johnson were married in Jul 1882. Children were: Susannah Elizabeth Johnson, Margaret Jane Johnson, Tilitha Cumile Johnson, George Franklin Johnson, Sarah Ellen Johnson, Lucy Angeli Johnson, Eli C.M. Johnson, Mary Josephine Johnson, Frankie Alice Johnson, Roxie Ann Johnson, Tina Ettie "Tiney" Johnson, John Morgan Johnson, Charlie Ellis Johnson.

Danny Johnson died in In a four wheeler accident. Parents: Holbert Johnson and Hester Johnson.

Danny Johnson. Parents: Daniel Van Johnson and Opal Oneida Land.

Spouse: Andrea ?.

Danny Cecil Johnson. Parents: Earnest Johnson and Faye.

Spouse: Pagie. Children were: Daniel Dock Johnson, Daughter Johnson.

Darrel Johnson. Parents: Holbert Johnson and Hester Johnson.

Darthuls Johnson was born in 1893. She died in 1933. She was buried in Johnson-Vaughn cem., Greenup Co. KY. She is reference number 1395. Parents: Elisha 3rd Johnson and Anne Thornsberry.

Spouse: Frank Hall. Children were: Ethel Hall, Ivalene Hall, Opal Hall, Walter Hall, Parrott Hall.

Darvan Johnson. Parents: Lorenzo Dow Johnson and Anna Johnson.

Darwin Johnson. Parents: Edward Johnson and Eva Mae Bradly.

Spouse: Sally Breuer. Children were: Kyle Johnson, Nikki Johnson.

Daughter Johnson.

Spouse: Jeffry Johnson. Children were: Timmy Johnson.

Daughter Johnson. Parents: Harvey G. Johnson and Marinda Johnson.

Spouse: Britton Burkes.

Daughter Johnson. Parents: Bob Johnson and Ollie Johnson.

Spouse: ? Johnson. Children were: Timmy Johnson.

Daughter Johnson. Parents: Billie Virgil Johnson and Billie Ann Lafferty.

Daughter Johnson. Parents: Danny Cecil Johnson and Pagie.

Daughter Johnson. Parents: Frank Johnson and Wanda June Moore.

David Johnson16 was born in 1815. He died in 1896. Cousin Katherine Snider writes that Both David and Mary are buried in thebottom land near where my grandparents used to live. Also grandpa'sbrother, Wiley and one of my cousins were buried

Received word from Rob Martindale e-mail
Rob says Jefferson Hall Johnson was the son of David Johnson andPriscilla "Prit" Hall. David had 2 wives and an affair with Priscilla"Prit" Hall, but was never married to her. I have no proof concerning

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This was written on the Perry County Marriage site about these marriages:
Some grooms may have been married twice resulting in two or more namesfor missing brides
This list does have a few mistakes and problems and will be upgraded inthe future.
David's marriages were listed as follows:
JOHNSON David, married Ann, Mary, ,<artin,on,29/7/1836,

Below that, listed under Brides names, listed thus:
Martin,Ann, Mary,married,David,JOHNSON,on,29/7/1836,

This has posed quite a problem, as close family members believe thatDavid married 1-Anna Hall, 2-Mary Martin, and 3-Mary Miller. Some havethe 3rd marriage as only Mary, last name unknown.
Could it be possible there were only two marriages, one being to Mary,and she was a Martin?
1860 Floyd Co. Census
470 Johnson, David 46 M KY
Polly 26 F KY
Susannah 20 F KY
David 14 M KY
Martha 7 F KY
Mary J. 5 F KY
Rhoda 3 F KY
Rosannah 1 F KY
Jefferson Hall 9 M KY

1870 Floyd Co., KY Census Precinct 9
Johnson, David 55
Mary 35
Martha 17
Mary J 15
Rhoda 13
Daniel 11
Milly 7
Lafayette 5
Susannah 30
Elizabeth 8
Martha 5 Parents: Eli Johnson and Susannah Martin.

Spouse: Anna Hall. Children were: Elisha "Lish" Johnson, Harvey "Panther" Johnson, Susanna Johnson, Sarah "Sallie" Johnson, David D. Johnson, Jefferson Hall Johnson.

Spouse: Mary Martin. David Johnson and Mary Martin were married before 1830 in Perry Co. KY.

Spouse: Mary (Possibly Mullins). David Johnson and Mary (Possibly Mullins) were married after 1840.17 Children were: Wiley (Wylie) Johnson, Vina Johnson, Daniel Johnson, Lafayette Johnson, Rosannah Johnson, Martha Johnson, Mary Jane "Curly" Johnson, Rhoda Johnson, David " Dock" Johnson.

David Johnson was born about 1851 in Johnson Co., KY.. He was born in 1851. He was buried in Melvin, Floyd Co., KY. He is reference number 2548. Parents: Peyton Johnson and Elizabeth Hammonds.

Spouse: Hulda Tackett. David Johnson and Hulda Tackett were married on 24 Mar 1874 in Pike Co., KY. Children were: Martha Johnson, Kendrick Johnson, Hiram Johnson, Lourena Johnson, Sheridan Johnson, Anzaline Johnson.

David Johnson was born in 1858. He was born about 1858. He is reference number 2553. Parents: Harvey "Panther" Johnson and Louisa "Liza" Cook.

Spouse: ? Caudill.

Spouse: ?Jones.

David Johnson was born in 1859. He is reference number 2458. Parents: Elisha "Lish" Johnson and Marilda Justice.

David " Dock" Johnson was born in 1873 in Floyd Co., KY. Information on this family given by "Dock's" grandaughter KatherineSnider, e-mail Parents: David Johnson and Mary (Possibly Mullins).

Spouse: Lourena Hall. David " Dock" Johnson and Lourena Hall were married about 1898 in Pikeville, Pike Co. KY. Children were: Albert Johnson, Willie "Bill" Johnson, Earnest Johnson, Earl Johnson, Elizabeth Johnson, June Johnson, Della Johnson, Lillie Mae Johnson, Sarah Johnson, Ellis Johnson, Little David Johnson, Virgie Johnson, Bertha Johnson.

David "Cool" Johnson.

Spouse: Katy Jane Johnson. Children were: Louise Johnson, K-Boy Johnson.

David Columbus Johnson1,18 was born on 7 Mar 1873 in Weeksbury, Floyd Co. KY.1 He died on 15 Sep 1947 in LongFork, Pike Co. KY.1 He is reference number 138. My grandfather Columbus Johnson has one daughter,still living in 2003,Myrtle Johnson Gooden, by his second marriage to Rosa Bell Burke, whogave me her family information, in 1998. We have always been very close.I love her very dearly and thank her for sharing this with me.

Cousin James Hall states. Columbus is buried in the gap betweek SkullBranch and Longfork of Pike
County. Parents: Jefferson Hall Johnson and Abigail Johnson.

Spouse: Susannah Elizabeth Johnson. David Columbus Johnson and Susannah Elizabeth Johnson were married in Floyd Co. KY.1 Children were: Burinda Calve Johnson, Daniel Frank Johnson, Sarah Elsie Johnson.

Spouse: Rosabell Burke. Children were: Jeff Johnson, John L. Johnson, Myrtle Johnson, William Johnson, Charlie Johnson, Iolene Johnson.

David D. Johnson19 was born in 1848. He is reference number 231. 1870 Floyd Co., KY Census Precinct 9
Johnson, David D 23
Sarah 25
Mahala 3
Jefferson 1 Parents: David Johnson and Anna Hall.

Spouse: Sarah Caudill. David D. Johnson and Sarah Caudill were married on 27 May 1867 in Floyd Co., KY.. Children were: Sylvania Johnson, James J. Johnson, Andrew Johnson, Mahala Johnson, Jefferson Johnson, Eli Johnson, Daniel Johnson, Amy or Anna Johnson, Rhoda Johnson.

David James Johnson. Parents: John Marvin Johnson and Rose Marie ?.

David Samuel Johnson. Parents: Quiller Johnson and Florence Birtenia Osborn.

David T. Johnson was born on 14 Jun 1846. Parents: Elisha "Lish" Johnson and Elizabeth Mullins.

Debbie Johnson.

Spouse: Zachary Lee Napper.

Debra Johnson. Parents: Onsby Johnson and Marie Harris.

Spouse: Richard McHenry.

Della Johnson. Parents: David " Dock" Johnson and Lourena Hall.

Spouse: Chester Smith. Children were: Katherine Smith, James Chester Smith, Marjorie Smith, Madge Smith.

Spouse: Noah Cole.

Della Johnson. Parents: Benjamin Franklin "Buddy" Johnson and Sarah Ellen Johnson.

Spouse: Milton Hall.

Della Johnson was buried on 14 May 1977. Parents: Benjamin "Sonny" Johnson and Lucy Angeli Johnson.

Spouse: Harve Slone. Children were: Foster Slone, Chester Slone, Sterling Slone.

Della Johnson1 was born on 23 Dec 1890. She died on 8 Jan 1925. She is reference number 369. Parents: Uriah Johnson and Rebecca Ison.

Spouse: Benjamin Vanover.

Della Wise Johnson. Parents: Andrew Johnson and Hannah Caudill.

Spouse: Andrew Erasthus Arthur. Andrew Erasthus Arthur and Della Wise Johnson were married on 10 Feb 1934 in Russell, Greenup Co. KY.1 Children were: Billy Gene Arthur, Bobby Ray Arthur, Kathlene Arthur.

Delmer Leroy Johnson died in 1927. He was born in Gates, Linn, Oregon. He is reference number 828. Parents: Clarence Davis Johnson and Frankie Susan Taylor.

Deloris Johnson. Parents: Keenis Johnson and Caldonia Johnson.

Spouse: Sol Fleming.

Delpha Johnson. Parents: Blaine Johnson and Tilda Little.

Delzie Johnson. Parents: Martin Luther Johnson and Linna Johnson.

Dennis Ray Johnson. Parents: Walker Johnson and Hazel Hobbs.

Spouse: Betty Lou Williams. Children were: Heather Johnson.

Denver Johnson. Parents: Banford Johnson and Elizabeth Bessie Gariott.

Denver Harrison Johnson. Parents: Charles Harrison Johnson and June Olympia Thomas.

Deremia Kaye Johnson. Parents: Arsley Johnson and Hazel Mae Bentley.

Spouse: William Osborne.

Dessie Johnson1 was born on 1 Aug 1916 in Speight, Pike Co., KY.1 She was born on 1 Aug 1916. She died on 14 Feb 1997 in At home in River Rouge, MI..1 She is reference number 1263. Parents: Lorenzo Dow Johnson and Anna Johnson.

Spouse: Hassell Hampton. Hassell Hampton and Dessie Johnson were married on 30 Nov 1932.1 Children were: Lee Hampton, Pauline Hampton, Ruby Hampton, Robert Lee Hampton, Ola Mae Hampton.

Dewey Johnson. Parents: William Jefferson Johnson and Ruby Riddle.

Spouse: Virgie Johnson.

Dewey Johnson. Parents: Arsley Johnson and Viola Ola Johnson.

Diana Lynn Johnson. Parents: Charles Harrison Johnson and June Olympia Thomas.

Children were: Son Johnson, Son Johnson, Son Johnson.

Diane Johnson. Parents: Luther Johnson and Edna Carpenter.

Dicy Johnson. Parents: George Johnson and Cora Bell Johnson.

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