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Sixth Generation

911. Eli Coss Johnson2 was born on April 22, 1860 in Floyd Co. KY.2 He died on August 4, 1947. He was buried in Tackett Cemetery, Melvin, Floyd County, Kentucky. He is reference number 535. Creasa Reed writes "I am the greatgrand daughter of Cash and FrankieJohnson. My grandparents were Floyd and Lina Osburne Johnson who livedthere on the property at the cemetry in Johnson holler. My mother MollieJohnson Cesco died on March 12th 1993 (born on March 30, 1918) and isburied there with her two children, Ann Webb and Jerry Sisco. Will youplease add her name to the list of folks buried there."

Kim Vicars, who contributed the information for this family, says "Eli'sname was 'Cash' pronounced 'Coss' this is the spelling he usedapparently and everyone that I interviewed gave the same spelling. In aninterview with Calvin "Much" Johnson on February 16, 2004 he talked aboutCash:

"He (Cash) moved off the Flat Woods in 1922 or 23, I think, built him ahouse up there where Mae lives now. They everyone were drunkards, he wastoo. Carried a gun all his life. Died with that little ol' 32. He diedduring one of the worst thunderstorms you ever saw. Died about 4 o'clockthat morning. He was a mean old man. Him and Grandma separated aboutthe time Poppy was born. Meanest man ever was. Cash lived at Number 1when my daddy was born, he was born around there at Number 1. Cash wasafter any woman there, now I'm a telling you he was and he stayed drunkand he carried a gun all his life he done that but he was honest if hetold you somethin' he would do it, if he owed you a dime and said I'llpay you tomorrow he would if he had to walk to Melvin to do it. He washonest, he wouldn't lie. He was one of the richest men in Floyd Countyat one time, he was. He had it. He had a store up there and money, heclaimed he had money to burn and have money to do him until he died butnow he run out before he died. He did. But his children got it, Joe andGeorge. George would get into somethin' and Cash would have to go pay$200 to get him out of it, he would go back and get into somethin' else.His children mostly broke him up. Now women and liquor, he kept from ahalf a gallon to a gallon of liquor under his bed at all times and hedrunk that liquor and he carried a gun all his life. He was of the mostdangerous men there ever was. Him and some fellow got into it and thatfellow come along down here goin' across the hill. Anyhow he left Number1 and Cash told him that he would go a piece with him and he went. Wellthey heard a gun fire about half way off the hill, and that man was neverseen of no more. Cash killed him. No question about it. He killed him.He was dangerous. He killed him and hid him back there. "

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Frankie Hall2 (daughter of Unknown Hall and Beth) was born on June 10, 1864. She died on February 20, 1936. She was buried in Tackett Cemetery, Melvin, Floyd County, Kentucky. She is reference number 1378. Frankie's Gggranddaughter Kim Vicars says Frankie was the daughter ofBeth Hall from her first marriage. Beth's second marriage was to TommyDavis and Frankie went by Davis until she married.
E-mail Kim Vicars at: Eli Coss Johnson and Frankie Hall had the following children:



Cordelia Johnson.



Dine Johnson.



Dona Johnson.



Lenore "Nora" Johnson.



Sarah Jane Johnson.



Tillie Johnson.



George Johnson.



Taulbee Johnson.



Joe Johnson.



Floyd Johnson.



Evelyn Johnson.