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Sixth Generation

1405. James "Jim" Johnson2 was born on February 13, 1893 in Hartley, KY. He died on January 27, 1926 in Osborne Creek, Wales, Pike Co., KY. He was buried in Osborne Cemetary, Abner Fork, Melvin, KY. He is reference number 3431. Was in the Military service: December 06, 1918, U. S. Army / DepotBrigade / Discharge in 1918

Death_Info: January 27, 1926, Killed/Gunshot/shooting
Rumors of different perpertrators.
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James "Jim" Johnson and Tina Mae "Tiney" Johnson were married on September 13, 1923 in Floyd Co. KY. Tina Mae "Tiney" Johnson31 (daughter of Daniel R. Johnson and Sarah Johnson) was born on April 3, 1904 in Floyd Co., KY.2 She died on April 28, 1932 in Pike Co. Kentucky. She was buried in Osborne Cemetary, KY, Rt. 122, Abner Fork, Melvin, KY. She is reference number 2098. Tiney shot and killed her second husband John Smith, saying he was tryingto hang her. She was sentenced to 5 years in prison, but 2 days beforeshe was to be taken, her father shot and killed her.
There was mention of her young daughter in the papers, who some think mayhave been a stepchild, as Tiney had only 1 child, her son Arlen Johnson,who lived with an aunt afterwards. James "Jim" Johnson and Tina Mae "Tiney" Johnson had the following children:



Arlen Johnson.