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Seventh Generation

1747. Thomas Johnson.

Thomas Johnson and Linda Potter were married on October 29, 1915 in Greenup Co., KY..2 Linda Potter2 was born on September 27, 1899 in Greenup Co., KY..2 She died on May 28, 1979 in Coal Branch Rd., Greenup Co., KY..2 She is reference number 1877. Thomas Johnson and Linda Potter had the following children:



Andrew Johnson.



James Johnson.



Elizabeth Johnson.



Perry Johnson.



Frank Johnson.



William "Bill" Johnson.



John Morgan Johnson.



Clair Edward Johnson2 was born on January 29, 1931 in Euclid, Greenup Co. KY..2 He died on March 14, 1947.2 He is reference number 1935. Kathy Johnson writes Clare Edward Johnson, is the spelling on his birthcertificate. Clare Edward was born Jan 29, 1931, died April 14, 1947 atthe family home of Heart Dropsy. Clare Edward also had Down Syndrome, wasnever able to speak, only able to make a few mumbling sounds, also losthis sight shortly before he died. Buried in Warnock Cemetery.



Mary Ann Johnson2 was born on February 8, 1939.2 She died on June 12, 1983.2 She is reference number 1936. Kathy Johnson says Mary Ann was born Feb 8, 1939, died Jun 12, 1983 inLizzie's home on Lick Run Road, Load, Greenup Co., KY, buried in WarnockCemetery. At the age of 2 or 3, Mary Ann got too close to an openfireplace, her clothes caught on fire, she was left with bad scars on herthighs. Mary Ann had Down Syndrome, she lost her sight several yearsbefore her death. It is suspected she also had diabetes, but the causeof death was listed as natural causes.