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Fourth Generation

131. Rebecca Johnson2 was born in 1823 in MO.2 She died after 1880 in Pike Co., Kentucky. She was buried in Wm. Payne Johnson Cemetary, Long Fork, Pike Co. KY. She is reference number 1469. Listed as head of household, age 58 in Pike County, KY 1880 Census-See096-20.gif at

Rebecca Johnson and Bailey Johnson were married on August 14, 1841 in Pike Co., KY. They were married on August 19, 1841 in Pike Co., KY. Bailey Johnson11,12 (son of William Payne Sr. Johnson and Lucy Ayers) was born on February 10, 1821 in Pike Co., KY.2 He died on August 6, 1876 in Pike Co. KY.2 He was buried in Wm. Payne Johnson Cemetary, Long Fork, Pike Co. KY. He is reference number 24. Bailey Johnson's Descendancy outline comes from Beverly Newman familysent May 14, 2002 e-mail

04-16-1844- Deed Book B, pg. 376- Samuel Hamilton, of County of Floyd,sold to Bailey Johnson, a tract of 12 acres of land on the Long Fork ofShelby Creek- " a quarter of a mile above Samuel Hamilton's old house-thence running down the creek......the conditional line between SamuelHamilton and Peter Leadingham..... Also, an additional Survey of landcontaining 30 acres "beginning on a white oak at the upper end of IsaacBun___, a conditional line between Samuel Hamilton, Sr and PeterLeadingham, etc.

In 1850 Pike Co. KY Census
340 Johnson Bailey 29 M Farmer 1,000 KY
Rebecca 27 F KY
Abigal 7 F KY
Martha 6 F KY
Sebastian C 3 M KY
Humphrey M 1 M KY
Thadeous S 3/12 M KY Rebecca Johnson and Bailey Johnson had the following children:



Abigail Johnson.



Martha Johnson.



Sebastian C. Johnson.



Humphrey Johnson.



William Payne "Doc" Johnson.



Thadeus Salisky Johnson.



Bailey "Bail" Jr. Johnson.