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Edmund Rice (b. 1594)

“Edmund Rice arrived in the Massachusetts Bay Colony about 1638. Our first record of his presence is in Township Book of the Town of Sudbury in the year 1639. Regrettably, no ship's passenger list has survived and we have no record of Edmund Rice and his family before 1639 so we can not be certain when or where he and his family arrived in the New World.”

- from The Edmund Rice (1638) Association, Inc.

Edmund Rice (1638) Association An association of the descendants of Edmund Rice who arrived in the Massachusetts Bay Colony about 1638 and settled in Sudbury. The Association also offers a selection of Rice genealogy books.

Click here for a 12 generation pedigree showing Dual descent from Edmund Rice - Acrobat® reader required.

Royal connection?

Many have speculated that there is a connection from Edmund Rice to the Royal family of Great Britain and, therefore, the royal families of all Europe. There is no concrete evidence for this, however.  Therefore the Edmund Rice (1638) Associaion declares that "Until someone can cite such a record, the association must state emphatically that Edmund Rice's parents and ancestry are not known and that Edmund Rice's descendants can not claim royal ancestry."

If you'd like to read the Edmund Rice (1638) Association position, follow this link:


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