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This website is currently under reconstruction.  The site has always had navigation issues but now, after several years of neglect, many objects are out of date. The census images especially need attention.  I will be working on the site as time permits. It took quite a bit of effort just to resurrect the old code and make it work. Please check back from time to time to see the progress.

I am researching the lines listed here.  If you have information to add, corrections to make, or just suggestions, please feel free to email me.  Currently most pages on this site are filled with photos.  I will be adding more photos and other appropriate information as time permits. The last update and recent changes are listed at the bottom of this page.  Please check back frequently.

Thank you,
Mark R. Miller

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Early Census images for Holden & Rutland, Worcester County, Massachusetts

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Update History:
04/11/12: Began adding 1940 Census data and images.
02/08/12: Added photo of MAMiller and made a few more minor changes.
01/30/12: Resurrected site code and made some minor changes.
01/21/06: Added Richard Risley, updated Davis.
01/09/05: Expanded Mizener pages.
09/12/04: Added to Risley census page.
09/03/04: Updated Ferris, Davis, Stein-Husting, Miller, and Mizener census pages.
08/27/04: Added Samuel M. Vickers & Thomas Henry Vickers pages.
08/20/04: Added to Vickers and Mizener pages.
08/16/04: Added some Vickers pages, made corrections to Miller pages.
08/09/04: Added Harry Swartz Famly.
07/19/04: Fixed a few more problems generated by NOF8 & added Swartz Family page.
06/13/04: Began adding Swartz pages.
06/12/04: Fixed problems generated by NOF8.

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