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The Lina Letters

Gage, Holschuh, Johnston lines of
New York, circa 1909-1911

Researching Holschuh & Ream family lines since 1989.

The Ancestors Of Elizabeth Anne & Abigail Gray Holschuh are 5,000+ individuals, the majority of whom have one of these surnames:  Banes, Bennett, Bentley, Border, Bowman, Braisted, Buchanan, Buechner, Carlisle, Carpenter, Cashman, Chapman, Church, Cornwell, Corson, Cramer, Davis, Dexter, Deyarmond, Drake, Dubois, Dungan, Ehl(er)inger, Emrich, Engel, Felts, Freeborn, Freeman, Gage, Golding, Gray, Haney, Harger, Hartman, Heichold, Holbrook, Hol(z)schuh, Howell, Huddlestone, Johnson, Johnston, Judge, Keely, Kerby, Kirchner, Kraemer, Kuhn, Lake, Lakin, Landers, Latham, Laubach, Law, Lefferts, Maurer, Mackey, Macomber, Makepeace, McMasters, Mellowes, Metzler, Michel, Miller, Molter, Mortimer, Moses, Mullin, Noel, Ohl, Oliver, Osborn, Pauly, Pearsall, Percy, Pollard, Ray, Ream, Rittenhouse, Ruffner, Scheid, Scherrer, Schiffler, Schultz, Schoner, Search, Sedam, Service, Sheen, Staats, Stewart, Styres, Suydam, Van Arsdalen, Vanderbilt, Van Noyse, Weaver, Wheaton, and Wieder...and there are many more...


An Ode
I started out calmly tracing my tree,
to find if I could, the making of me,
and all that I had was a great grandfather's name,
not knowing his wife or from whence he came.
I chased him across a long line of states 
and came up with pages and pages of dates.
When all put together, it made me forlorn, 
I proved that poor grandpa had never been born.
One day I was sure the truth I had found.
Determined to turn this whole thing upside down.
I looked up the record of one uncle John,
but then found the old man was younger than his son.
Then when my hopes were fast growing dim,
I came across records that must have been him.
The facts I collected made me quite sad.
Dear old grandfather was never a dad.
I think maybe someone is pulling my leg.
I'm not at all sure I wasn't hatched from an egg.
After hundreds of dollars I've spent on my tree, 
I can't help wonder if I'm really me.

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MANSFIELD & REAM families of Armstrong, Co., PA (1860s-1900)
I am looking for a connection between 2 families that showed up on the 1900 Census in Oscoda Co. Lewis, 58, & Mary C. (REAM), 54, MANSFIELD (Comins Twp., Vol. 62, ED 137, S7, Line 13) migrated to Biggs Settlement, Oscoda Co., MI from Armstrong Co., PA. James K.P., 36, & Mary E. (DEYARMOND) REAM (Elmer Twp., Vol. 62, ED 138, S2, Line 39) married in Oscoda Co. on August 7, 1895. I believe that James Ream is the nephew of Lewis and Mary Mansfield and that he, too, left Armstrong Co., PA, for MI and was probably living with/near them when the 1890 census was taken (all 3 were found in the 1880 census living in Kittanning, Armstrong Co., PA). I just need proof. If you can help me, please email me directly!

What happened to PARK REAM?
My wife's great-grandfather was born James Keeley Park REAM in 1864 in Kittanning Borough, Armstrong Co., PA. He went by "Park." In 1895, he married Mary E. DEYARMOND in Elmer Township, Oscoda Co., Michigan. They resided in Mio (same county), where she and three children died just after the turn of the century. Park and the remaining two sons, Archie and William, showed up on the January 1920 federal census living in Detroit as borders. Park listed himself as a 55-year old widower. My wife's grandmother (Hulda MOLTER Ream), Archie's widow, told me that Park was in the Detroit area around the time of their wedding in 1925, but dropped out of sight soon after. Park may have lived with his other son, William, in Roseville, Michigan, at some point during the late 1920s/early 1930s. I would very much like to get a copy of Park Ream's death certificate, but I don't know his death date or where he died... My best "guesstimate" is that he died around 1935 (he would have been 70 in 1935), probably in/near Detroit.


E.B. Holschuh, III
Ft. Wayne, Indiana, USA