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- Updated a number of changes in the status of individuals that have changed over the last years.
05/13/07 - Added Biographical Vignette for Vincenzo Giagnorio
- Added Biographical Vignette for Mose Kiser, Sr.
- Updated e-mail address.
- Corrected mistake - Lucy Belle Webster is 2nd wife of John Benjamin Spann.
- Added information from Alita (nee McHugh) Beck for children of Joel Crenshaw.
- Added information from Malinda for descendants of Loyd Bolinger.
- Added a number of photos and obituaries from Alita (nee McHugh) Beck for relatives (mostly descendants) of William Nelson Crenshaw.
- Added Digital Documents Page with scanned images of difficult to find documents.
02/07/02 - Added mouseOver commands to Fayette Co., AL map to place explanations of geographical features in the status window.
- Added Family Group Sheet submission form.
-Added Biographical Vignette of Ilese Kiser Bolinger.
-Added Joseph Crenshaw (d. 1792), father of James Crenshaw (~1746-~1813).
08/30/01 -Added information on descendants of Nelson Crenshaw, particularly those of his sons Nelson and John Clarence, from several sources.
07/21/01 -Added information on Mary Mullen Gryder's family and her husband's relatives from Ray Gryder II.
07/21/01 -Added information on James. M. Spann's Civil War service record from Sue Stokes.
07/15/01 -Added information on James Clark Roberts family, including his Civil War Service and that of his brothers, as well as information about his children from Sue Stokes.
07/05/01 -Added information on S.L. Bolinger's birth and death dates from a baby book diary kept by Ilese Kiser Bolinger. The diary also mentions funeral date of David Augustus (Gus) Stroup.
07/04/01 -Added information on Paul Froneberger's family, including info from Carpenters A Plenty book, his sons' civil war records, and a newspaper clipping of his wife's 86th birthday/family reunion.
06/23/01 -Added information on Georgia Stroup Kincaid & children from Carpenters A Plenty book
06/17/01 -Added additional section of "Oral History" web page, "Sue Roberts Stokes Remembers"
-Added new section of "Oral History"
-Original content of Oral History section is audio of Ilese Kiser Bolinger reading poems and telling jokes
06/07/01 -Added information on Susan Coon Hovis Stroup children from Carpenters A Plenty book
05/30/01 -Added map of Lincoln & surrounding counties, NC, labeled with genealogically relevant geographic names (made clickable 06/05/01)
-Confirmed burial cemetery for E. Bryan Crenshaw, Sr. is Winfield City Cemetery, Marion Co., AL as recorded on video by EBC, Jr.
-Added note that Emory University Archivist was unable to confirm that William Caswell Kiser earned M.D. at Emory University or the predecessors of its medical school
05/25/01 -Added corrections from Robert William Bolinger regarding his family and parents
05/17/01 -Added additional gravestones from Musgrove Methodist Chapel Cemetery, Russell's Chapel Cemetery, and Star Hope Cemetery
03/18/01 -Corrected spelling of first names: Donato Scinto and Holley Roberts
03/18/01 -Added information on Charles & Catherine Leonard's eldest children, Charles, Jan & Michael, from Christmas card in Ilese and Belvis Bolinger photo collection
-Added information from the following Social Security (SS-5) records: Ralph Mullen, Vincent Giagnorio, Anthony Rachinsky
02/10/01 -Added information on Ralph Mullen's children, Roger and Billie from correspondence with Jody Hill
02/10/01 -Added information from the following Social Security (SS-5) records: Isabel Vaccaro Rachinsky, Mary Herka Rachinsky, Jennie Scinto Giagnorio
02/01/01 -Added "Useful Links" to the Home Page
-Added "More Links" as an additional page, so Home Page would not get too busy
01/08/01 -Added information from Walter Lee Robert's Family Sheet, including more information on children and grandchildren
-Added entries from True/Crenshaw family bible that belongs to Bonnie Blocker Dybalski, including birthdates of Abner True's children
-Added info from Star Hope Cemetery video, including info on Artemessia True Alloway and husband
-Added info from Lorena Kiser Harrelson's obituary, including children and grandchildren
-Added biographical vignette series to site and bios folder
-Added biographical vignette of S.L. Bolinger
-Added information from obituary of Richard Mike Kiser, including wife, child, grandchild
01/06/01 -Added information from obituary of Sarah Kiser Farris including correcting father's name, adding mother's middle name, correcting husband's name, adding sons names, correcting sister's names and adding sisters husband's last names
01/05/01 -Added gravestones directory and gravestones.htm for listing
-Added several gravestone photos from Crenshaw Cemetery
-Altered index.htm to include hyperlinks to maps and gravestones directories
01/03/00 -Added Map Index to website in new maps directory
-Added map of Cherryville/Bessemer City, Gaston Co., NC
-Added map/aerial photos of Bolinger Residence, Reepsville, Lincoln Co., NC
12/29/00 -Fixed Note of William B Spann & wife Mary - 1970 census should have been 1870 census
12/27/00 -J.C. Roberts Notes changed to indicate that "sofning of the brane" refers to a stroke
-Elizabeth A. Murphy Roberts middle initial changed from L. to A. to match initial found on her gravestone-
Charlot Grant first name spelling changed to match spelling on her gravestone
-Nancy Roberts birth and death date added - information obtained from gravestone
12/16/00 -Updated Mary Crenshaw death and birth info, as well as husband's first name
-Added notes about information from Corinth Cemetery, Foley, MO to Joel Vertrees Crenshaw and Willie Albert Crenshaw
-v1.5.0 of website implemented
-Index page converted to columns with masthead to reorganize for expansion
-implemented record of changes made - copies of previous versions of website kept, but no record kept here of changes
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